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411s TNA Lockdown Report 3.09.14
Posted by Larry Csonka on 03.09.2014

 photo lockdownmain_zps23cb5a17.jpg


  • Match times are not exact.

  • We see Magnus and Samoa Joe arriving earlier today.

  • Opening video package.

  • Bad Influence come to the ring, dressed at the Great Muta from the 80s NWA era.

    STEEL CAGE MATCH: Bad Influence (Daniels and Kaz) & Chris Sabin vs. The Great Muta, Sanada and Yasu

    Sabin and Sanada to begin things. Lock up, Sabin works the arm. Sanada rolls out and after some slick counters gets the arm of Sabin. More counters, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Sabin. Sanada works for an abdominal stretch into the cradle roll around the ring and then the cover for 2. Arm drags by Sanada, into the arm bar; Sabin works to his feet and gets to the corner. Tag to Yasu, kick by Sabin, and he tags in Kaz. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Kaz bur Yasu will not move. Kaz tries it again and doesn't move Yasu. Hip toss by Yasu, side headlock and looks to tag in Muta. Gets the tag and kicks, snap mare and the quick elbow drop follows for Muta. STF follows, and Daniels breaks that up. Dropkick by Muta and then RANDOM GREEN MIST! Tag to Yasu, elbow drop follows and covers Kaz for 2. Kick to the face for Yasu, Daniels distracts him and allows Kaz to hit an enziguri and follow with rights. Triple team on Yasu with clotheslines and dropkicks and a cover gets 2 for Daniels. Tag to Sabin, knee drops follow, to the corner and a clothesline follows. Sabin chokes him out, tag to Kaz and a springboard leg drop gets 2. Tag to Daniels, double team slam and then Kaz slams Daniels onto Yasu. Lionsault by Daniels gets 2. Daniels works the nerve pinch, Yasu to his feet, escapes, rights to all the heels as he tries to fight out, but Daniels spears him back to the corner. Triple teams on Yasu once again, a flurry of corner moves and then the triple team dropkick and that gets 2 for Sabin. Kaz now heads up top, and MISSES the Alabama Jam. Tag to Sanada, he runs wild on Daniels, RANA follows. Sabin in, Sanada with the duel dropkick to Sabin and Daniels. A TKO follows and he coves Daniels for a close 2. Kaz in and they works over Sanada, hi-low by Bad Influence for 2. Sanada ducks a clothesline and Kaz levels Daniels. Muta tags in, basement dropkicks and dragon screw leg whips for all! Knee bar by Muta, it breaks down as all six are in. The heels triple team Muta, GREEN MIST! Wrestle-1 fights back, tag to Sanada, SHINING WIZARD by Muta! Moonsault by Sanada onto Daniels and that is all!

    OFFICIAL RESULT: The Great Muta, Sanada and Yasu @ 10:00 via pin
    RATING: ***¼

  • Muta isn't what he used to be (his knees are really bad at this stage), but the crowd wanted to see him, and he did enough to please them while Sanada and Yasu looked good. As I thought, Bad Influence and Sabin were great opponents to allow them to shine.

  • Rockstar Spud makes his way out. He is here to present Dixie Carter. Dixie says she knows everyone is excited to see her. She has earned the title of Queen, unlike "King James". She knows some of us doubt her, and says some of the crowd looks as if they have been hit by a hurricane. She is here to say buckle up, because tonight she will turn the arena upside down. MVP has pushed her, and has forced her to do something tonight that he will not anticipate. No one will take any part of her company from her. She went to New York and has some insurance for tonight, to ensure her team a victory. As far as Jeff Hardy is concerned, when he walked out, he breached his contract, and she made sure all of the entrances are covered with extra security tonight, and if he tries to get into the building tonight, she will have him kicked out. You can now enjoy the rest of the show.

  • Velvet Sky is answering questions on Facebook tonight. Eric Young is answering questions on Twitter.

  • We get a video package of the Shaw, Hemme, Anderson angle.

  • Shaw comes out and sits on top of the cage, and wants to know where Hemme is. He says she is not being professional and if she doesn't come out, he will end it all. He stands on top of the cage as Anderson makes his entrance. Anderson cuts him off and does his intro on the ramp. He then says Shaw doesn't want to jump because it isn't high enough and he'll only twist an ankle or something. You need 4 to 5 stories, come on down, let me beat you up a bit, and then I'll give you a ride wherever you want to go. Can you do that you creepy bastard? Anderson makes his way to the ring.

    STEEL CAGE MATCH: Mr. Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw

    This is a big test for Shaw here on PPV. This match is ESCAPE THE CAGE rules. And here we go. Shaw tries to stay away from Anderson, and a clothesline by Anderson. We see Hemme making her way out to ringside. Rights by Anderson, and she cheers on Anderson. Corner clothesline by Anderson, to the other corner and a boot by Shaw. Shaw tries to escape, Anderson stops that and looks for the mic check. Countered, and a gutwrench suplex by Anderson. Rights by Shaw, takes Anderson to the corner and lays the boots to Anderson. Shaw looks to escape, climbs the cage, but Anderson is over to try and stop him. He pulls him back in, rights by Shaw as they fight on the top rope. Shaw slams Anderson to the cage a few times, more rights follow from Shaw. Anderson falls to the mat, Shaw tries to climb out again. Anderson back up the ropes and pulls Shaw in again. Anderson slams Shaw's face off the cage a few times, but Shaw fights back with elbows. Anderson then gets a belly to back suplex off the ropes and turns Shaw inside out. Both men to their knees, and Shaw pulls Anderson into the cage. Haw sees Hemme, waves to her, and looks to exit through the door. Anderson then dives Shaw into the cage door with a charging nee, sending the ref to the floor. Anderson with the mic check, but can't go through the door because the cage door is still locked. Anderson then picks up Shaw, and hits the mic check into the corner. Hemme cheers on Anderson, as Shaw appears to be out. He asks if Hemme is happy with that and says to leave her alone you "freaky weirdo". Anderson now climbs the cage to escape, but Shaw reaches through the cage (the whole for the camera) and grabs Hemme and pulls her into the ring as Anderson falls to the floor. Anderson looks to climb, but Shaw stops that and creeps on Hemme. Anderson gets the key from the ref and opens the door. Hemme slaps Shaw, and Anderson attacks Shaw. Anderson gets Hemme out, but Shaw LOW BLOWS Anderson. He locks in the standing choke, Anderson fights, but drops to the mat and is out. Hemme runs backstage as Shaw exits the cage for the victory.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Samuel Shaw @ 10:00 via escape
    RATING: *½

  • Roode meets with the BroMans and discuss the match tonight. Aries arrives and wonders about Carter's insurance policy. Roode says he will find out what it is, and says they don't need it because they are that good. Soon MVP will be gone, and Roode will own 10%. They argue and Roode says that he gets 6, the BroMans gets 1 each, and Aries gets 2. They argue, and says that Aries will start the match for their team.

  • We get footage of EC3 attacking Angle on Impact, and taking him out of tonight's match.

  • EC3 makes his way to the ring. EC3 had a dream as a young wrestler, he always wanted to face the best. In 1996 Angle won the gold metal and became the best. He transitioned to pro wrestling, and is one of the greatest of all time. But you know who else is? EC3. he says he IS wrestling. The crowd chants you can't wrestle, which he disagrees with. Angle is injured, depriving him of his dream, and tonight, he will make an open challenge to anyone on the roster to face him, the new American Icon. Who will lit be? He then tells the crowd to not and try to hijack his show.

  • Bobby Lashley will answer the challenge! EC3 says he isn't even on the roster, and won't do this. He says Lashley doesn't have a contract and is not a member of the roster. Carter then says you saw what he did to Angle, so leave this ring because you are not on the roster. They brawl, powerslam by Lashley. He then sets and hits a huge spear on Carter.

  • We get a Kenny King video package.

  • Velvet Sky answers questions at her computer.

  • Magnus says that he is here by himself, because he was told plans had changed. That is a recurring theme, doing it all himself. This time is different, because he is locked in a cage with his title on the line, under Joe's rules. He has to face the best and defeat the agenda of MVP's regime. People wonder what Joe will do to him, but no one wants to know what he will do to Joe. He has Joe figured out, because Joe doesn't have it in the mind like he does, and tonight he proves it. Magnus not behave like an animal, if you back him into a corner, he becomes dangerous.

    STEEL CAGE MATCH: Manik vs. Tigre Uno

    Lock up to begin, takedown by Manik. They counter, escape and then lock up again we get plenty of counters to stuff, and then they do the stand off. Big lucha influenced open. After another series of counters, Uno gets a dropkick and takes control for the moment. To the corner, chops by Uno. Sends Manik to the corner ,he head stands and then gets a head scissors. Both men jump to the top rope, battle and then a moonsault by Uno for 2. Both men leaping back to the top rope, and this time Manik with a dropkick sending Uno into the cage. Manik then send to the ropes, hangs on, and then Uno with a suicide dive misses as Manik moves, and Uno spears himself into the cage. A suplex by Manik, and then a back suplex and a cover gets 2. Manik then works the surfboard, into a pinning combo for 2. Uppercuts by Manik, but Uno back with rights, off the ropes and a dropkick by Manik gets 2. Side back breaker by Manik, covers for 2. Knuckle lock and tries to keep him down, but Uno uses that top pop up to the ropes and springs off for the RANA. Spin wheel kick by Uno, charges, eats a boot but Uno gets a DDT out of the wheelbarrow. Uno to the top rope, Manik follows, Uno slides out and looks for the sunset flip bomb, fails, missile dropkick by Manik. Sit out powerbomb by Manik gets 2. Uno counters the tiger suplex, counters by both, boot by Manik and Uno head drops Manik with a high cradle suplex. Phoenix splash by Uno gets the win.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Tigre Uno @ 9:00 via pin
    RATING: **½

  • We get a video package for the Storm vs. Gunner feud.

  • James Storm has new theme music. He is also wearing a new long coat, tights instead of trunks and changed up the facial hair. I appreciate the change with the heel turn.


    Gunner charges the ring and Storm meets him on the ramp, and we have a big old brawl to begin things on the floor. THEY BE A CLUBBERIN TONY! Gunner with a suplex on the floor, and then continues the attack with clubbing shots to the back of Storm. He then whips him into the steps, and goes and gets a chair. The brawl continues, but Storm whips him into the steps. Gunner to the apron, they trade shots, and then Storm slams the cage door on Gunner, sending him into the ring. The ref counts on Gunner, who has the 10 count to get back to his feet. Storm then attacks with the chair, wedges the chair in the corner, and as Storm goes back to attack, Gunner with a back elbow. Storm to the corner, leaps out of the corner and hits a DDT on Gunner. As the ref counts, Storm gets a tag rope and starts to choke out Gunner. Storm then gets another tag rope and again tries to choke out Gunner. Storm then takes Gunner to the ropes and catapults him throat first into the ropes. Storm makes a noose with the tag ropes and chokes him out more, and then after Gunner makes the count, LOW BLOWS him. Storm sends Gunner to the corner, Gunner tries to fight back with chops, but Storm slams him to the buckle. Storm slams Gunner to the corner again as Gunner looks to fire up, and now no sells the buckle shots. Gunner is now pissed and clotheslines Storm. High knee in the corner, another high knee off the ropes. Gunner then picks up the giant cover piece of steel from the steps and levels Storm with it. The ref counts on Storm, who makes it up at 7. Rights by Gunner follow, as he yells at Storm to stay down. Gunner blocks a superkick,, but Storm hits the back stagger and then tosses Gunner into the chair that was wedged in the corner. Gunner beats the count at 9, Storm back on the attack. Chair shots to Gunner, and as the count is on, Gunner fires up and gets to his feet. Gunner manages to hit a spear and turns Storm inside out with it. Gunner then hits an F5, and the count is on. Storm to his feet at 8, he tries to grabs a chair but Gunner steps on his hands. Urnage by Gunner, and he heads up top. Diving head butt try but STORM THROWS A CHAIR INTO HIS FACE!!! Storm to his feet, the ref counts on Gunner, he gets to his feet and Storm lays him out with a chair shot. Storm now sets up chairs, grabs Gunner for the whirly bird, Gunner fights back and goes to the ropes. Storm cuts him off, they brawl on the ropes, Storm slams Gunner to the cage repeatedly as they stand on the top rope. Head butt by Gunner, he grabs Storm, AND SUPERPLEXES HIM ONTO THE CHAIRS! BOTH men are down now, and the ref counts; 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Gunner gets to his feet and beats the count and wins the match.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Gunner @ 15:00
    RATING: ***¾

  • The Wolves talk about their Lethal Lockdown match. MVP says they need to stay controlled, and do this the right way. MVP says this is a chess match and the queen thinks she has check. MVP says they will stick to the plan, you can be angry and ruthless, but keep it under control.


    This is pin, submission or escape. Kim tries to escape right away, stopped by Rayne. They exchange rights, Kim tries to toss Rayne into the cage, stopped and as Rayne hits the ropes, Kim hits a running knee to the gut. Kim now chokes out Rayne in the corner, charges, back elbow by Rayne. Kim again tries to escape, stopped by Rayne who delivers big lefts. Kim fakes a cross body and climbs the cage to escape. Rayne on the top with her now, Rayne onto her shoulder and hits the SKULL FUCK into the cage. Kim drops to the mat, Rayne off the top and misses the missile dropkick. Kim covers for 2. Forearm strike by Kim, and then just tosses Rayne into the cage. Tapa yells a lot on the floor. Kim then slams Rayne to the mat, and a cover again gets 2. Kim keeps on the offense, laying in the boots and then climbing to escape. Rayne tries to stop her, pulls her down to the mat and then they trade rights. To the corner, Kim with the corner clothesline and then celebrates. Side back breaker by Kim, and then proceeds to bend Rayne the wrong way across her knee. Another back breaker by Kim and again just bends Rayne the wrong way. Rayne lands kicks to escape, but then Kim with a boot to the face stops that mess. To the corner, Kim then misses the charge and FLIES into the cage through the ropes! Forearm strikes by Rayne now, off the ropes and clotheslines follow. A Dropkick by Rayne follows, Rayne misses Kim with a kick and hits the cage. Kim climbs again, looking to escape. Kim goes across the ropes, Rayne up with her, and Kim the gets a NECK BREAKER off the ropes back to the mat. Kim rolls over and gets a cover for 2. Kim tries to escape out the door, Rayne pulls her back in, looks for a roll up but Kim slams her into the cage and makes a cover for 2. Km climbs again, to the top rope and Rayne follows. Kim tries for eat defeat, but gets tossed off and her throat hits the ropes. Rayne is able to send Tapa off the cage as she tried to climb. Rayne rethinks climbing to the floor due to Tapa, and then gets a spear off the top rope onto Kim and that is good enough for the win.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Madison Rayne @ 9:00 via pin
    RATING: **¾

  • Joe cuts a promo about the world title match, which is next.

    STEEL CAGE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH (You Can Only Win By KO or Submission): Magnus vs. Samoa Joe

    And here we go with the co-main event of the evening. They circle, and Magnus is upset that they are chanting paper champion. They circle, and a leg kick by Joe. Another leg kick by Joe follows, and then they trade kicks. Side headlock takedown by Magnus. Head scissors by Joe, Magnus escapes and back into the side headlock. To their feet, Magnus works the arm, but Joe escapes and gets a wristlock and bends the wrist backwards and then head butts the hand of Magnus. Joe transitions to the hammerlock, Magnus to the ropes and Joe with a shoulder strike on the break. Magnus fires back with rights, back to the headlock and works Joe to the mat. Off the ropes and a back elbow by Joe. To the corner and jabs by Joe follow. Rapid-fire punches by Joe follow, and then chops follow. Joe with kicks in the corner, face washes on Magnus. Joe then takes his head off with the running kick. More jabs by Joe, atomic drop and then the running kick. But misses the back splash, and Magnus with mounted rights. He rakes the eyes, and slams Joe to the corner. Joe back with jabs again, takes Magnus to a corner and more shots follow. Misses the charge and hits the corner, and Magnus backs off and then hits an elbow to the back of Joe. Off the ropes and a reversal and Joe slams Magnus to the cage. Again to the cage goes Magnus. Joe then repeatedly slams the face of Magnus off the cage, and then back elbows him into the cage and lands an enziguri as well as Magnus was sandwiched between the ropes and cage. Magnus is bleeding a bit, so Joe lands repeated rights and then bites Magnus. Snap mare by Joe, chops to the back, kick to the face and then the knee drop connects. To the corner, head butts by Joe, whips Magnus to the corner and then misses the charge and Magnus hits a running knee and sends Joe to the cage. Magnus then slams Joe to the cage again. Joe is bleeding a bit now as Magnus locks in the figure four. Joe tries to turn the hold, and does. Magnus has to release the hold, but Magnus gets a drop toehold and applies the camel clutch to humble Joe. Joe stands with Magnus on his back, slams him to the corner, sleeper by Magnus. Joe escapes with a belly to back suplex and BOTH men are down. The ref counts as both men work to their feet, they trade shots center ring. To the corner, whip by Joe, but eats a boot. Magnus off the ropes, leaps into an atomic drop. Back splash by Joe connects this time. Joe then gets a snap slam and applies a cross arm breaker. Magnus fights to escape, gets the ropes and Joe breaks. Head butt by Joe, to the corner, sets Magnus up top. Chops follow, but Magnus rakes the eyes. Magnus stands up top, lays in kicks to Joe, who is down. Big top rope elbow drop by Magnus connects. The ref checks Joe, but he is still good to go. Rights by Magnus now, Joe fires up and claps the piss out of Magnus. To the corner, chops follow, and Magnus tries to escape, but Joe crotches him. MUSCLE BUSTAAAAAA! Joe then locks in the choke on Magnus! Magnus tries to fight, but a hand comes from under the ring and grabs Joe and pulls him under the ring. Looked like Abyss' arm. We get a bullshit cant now. Magnus and the ref stare at the hole and Joe reappears looking insane. He is kicking at who ever is under the ring, and is back to his feet. Joe grabs Magnus by the throat and picks him up and sets him up top. He then releases the choke, but Abyss appears (unmasked) and hits Joe with Janice (the board with nails). He hits the black hole slam, stares down Magnus, who smiles. Magnus then checks on Joe, and applies Joe's chokehold. Abyss poses as the ref checks on Joe, who is out.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Magnus @ 19:00 via submission
    RATING: ***

  • It's a shame, the crowd was into the match (which was good) until the Abyss stuff.

  • Eric Young confronts Magnus and Abyss, and is held back by Agents.

  • Dixie is on the phone with that special someone who will be involved in the main event. Bobby Roode appears and wants to know what's up with the secret. As the captain, he wants to know. She says to do his job, and she will do hers. Roode says he will not trust her, but she says Hardy will not be there, and it will be a handicap match. SO take his advantage and go and win her the match. She has her insurance policy. Roode says not to screw it up. She says the same, and says she has her part covered.

    STEEL CAGE LETHAL LOCKDOWN MATCH (For Control of "Wrestling Operations"): Team MVP (MVP, Jeff Hardy, Eddie Edwards, Davey Richards) vs. Team Dixie (Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, Robbie and Jessie)

    Austin Aries and MVP will begin. They talk trash, and Aries slaps MVP. MVP fires back, and hits a big boot to Aries. MVP then misses a boot in the corner, and Aries hits a corner forearm. Front chancery by Aries is applied. He released the hold and then celebrated in the corner. Aries up top, missile dropkick is swatted away and a high collar TBONE by MVP. Knee buster on Aries, MVP off the ropes but a forearm by Aries. MVP counters the shotgun dropkick with a boot, and then hits the charging boot in the corner on Aries. Slam by MVP and a knee drop follows. Elbows from the mount by MVP, front facelock applied. Knees by Aries, rolls into an arm bar, head scissors by MVP. Aries escapes because you can't head scissor Austin Aries. Dropkick to MVP follows. The timer runs down and coming in next is Robbie, accompanied by DJ Zema Ion. MVP had fought off Aries, and goes to work on Robbie. Corner clotheslines to both, but Aries then delivers a charging dropkick and Team Dixie takes control. Elbows off the ropes by Robbie, and he then lays the boots to MVP as Aries directs traffic. The next man in is Edwards.

    Edwards is the house of fire, chops for all, and now Ion tries to climb in but Robbie is tossed into the cage, sending Ion back to the floor. Edwards continues to work over Robbie, and then he helps MVP send Aries to the corner. They send Robbie to the corner, and now Jessie is now in. Team Dixie gets the advantage, MVP is down and they work over Edwards. Flapjack on Edwards, and they work over Edwards in the corner. Double knee strike to Edwards by the BroMans. Team Dixie working over Team MVP, but now Richards is in to even things up. Richards is taped up due to the angle on Impact. The BroMans attack, but Richards takes them both out. Slams Aries to the corner, the Wolves work double teams on Robbie, and try to rally MVP back into the match. They triple team Aries, corner attacks follow by all three. Drop toehold and an elbow drop onto Robbie by the Wolves. Jessie tries to make the save, Edwards back in and the double rolling single leg crabs onto the BroMans. Aries breaks it up and Roode is now in for his team. Roode and MVP go face to face and then start to brawl. Spinebuster by Roode. One for Edwards. And then one for Richards. Roode is in complete control for his team, as the crowd chants for Hardy. MVP tries to battle back here, the Wolves fire up and everyone is brawling as the clock counts down, and WILLOW'S music hits, lights out, SABU Willow is here on top of the cage! Huge dive onto Team Dixie and now


    The cage roof is down and weapons are in play. Taz and Tenay discuss Willow's "charismatic tattoos". Dixie Carter's music hits, and she now introduces the special referee for the lethal lockdown, her insurance policy, Bully Ray. The match has basically stopped as Bully makes his way out to the ring. Team MVP has control now as Team Dixie is all down, and Bully has entered the cage. Team Dixie has regrouped and attacks. Bully now heads to the floor and gets a table as the others are getting the weapons and IT'S PLUNDAH TIME. Bully has the table in the ring, and then stands back and watches Team Dixie take control as Dixie gets a chair to watch from the stage. Team Dixie in complete control here, working over Richards' shoulder with the weapons. Roode applies the crossface on Richards, and Bully asks if he wants to give up. Team MVP fights back finally, saving Richards as the crowd has gone silent. MVP hits the ballin elbow drop on Roode, and then Robbie attacks him. Aries tries for the brain buster on Willow, who then tosses him into the cage. Roode uses a hockey stick, kendo stick assisted Hart attack by the BroMans on MVP. Edwards fights back and battles the BroMans. Toss up kick by the Wolves, they get trashcans and put the BroMans in the corner and put a trashcan on Jessie. They do a double coast-to-coast dropkick into the trashcan on Jessie into Robbie, and that gets 2 as Aries makes the save. The crowd starting to get back into this now. Kicks by Richards, but Aries hits the brain buster ONTO A CHAIR and that gets 2 as Willow makes the save. Chair shot to Willow, Aries up top as Willow lays on a trashcan, Willow moves and Aries CRASHES on the 450 onto the trashcan. Twist of fate by Willow, up top now, swanton onto Aries and Roode just makes the save. Roode now sets up the table, sets and grabs up MVP. Bully Ray steps in front of Roode to stop the Roode bomb, and they have a stand off. Roode shoves Bully, so Bully hits the Uranage onto Roode. MVP with the shining wizard to Roode, covers and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Team MVP @ 28:00 via pin
    RATING: **½

  • MVP and Bully stand off, but then make nice and he celebrates with Team MVP. Dixie is not pleased as she has lock control of wrestling operations for TNA.

  • Dixie and Spud head to the ring, where Bully is standing. Spud tries to hold her back as she yells at Bully. Bully then powerbombs Roode through the table.

  • Bully Ray stands tall to close the show.

  • End scene.

  • Thanks for reading.

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