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411’s WWE Smackdown Report 3.14.14
Posted by Larry Csonka on 03.14.2014

Welcome to 411's WWE Smackdown Report 3.14.14
  • Match times are not exact.

  • We get a video package from Raw, featuring the YES movement and Triple H accepting Bryan's challenge and terms for WrestleMania 30.

  • Triple H decided to make a rare Smackdown appearance, which plays off of the fact that he "missed" his weekly interview with Michael Cole. Triple H said that his was happy that Bryan and his fans could get their little moment in the sun on Monday, but tonight they have to deal with the fact that Bryan isn't here. Triple H promises to deal with him on Monday, but tonight he will deal with the fans. He took a pool of the fans, asking of they would have been part of the Occupy Raw YES Movement deal from Monday. They of course supported Bryan, and Triple H said that they can trade in all of their happy tomorrows to keep the YES movement going, but that it will end now. Triple H once again said that he was trying to protect Bryan and Summerslam, he did it for Bryan and for the fans. He wanted the fans to have their moment for once in their pathetic lives, but just like Bryan, they just aren't good enough. So at WrestleMania, he crushes the hopes and dreams of the fans, noting that, "At WrestleMania, I put an end to your dreams and I bury Daniel Bryan.".

    Triple H then announced Damien Sandow to come to the ring. He ran him down for not doing his job and going to the ring on Monday. Triple H wanted a sincere apology, and said if he did not get it, that there would be extreme repercussions. Sandow apologized, and Triple H said that it was good enough. Triple H wished him luck, and then it was revealed that he will go one on one with Seth Rollins.

    Seth Rollins vs. Damien Sandow

    JIP as Rollins is in control of Sandow. Rights along the ropes, off the ropes now and Sandow sends Rollins to the apron and then to the floor. Sandow looks to follow him out but thinks better of that idea. Rollins recovers, slides in and Sandow attacks with boots and elbows as he slides in. More kicks in the corner for Sandow, but Rollins hits a flatliner into the corner. Enziguri by Rollins follows, and then hits the charging corner forearm and a single leg dropkick. Rollins up top, Sandow bails but Ambrose and Reigns cut him off, allowing Rollins to hit a suicide dive. High fives from the Shield members, and Rollins tosses Sandow back in, curb stomp follows and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Seth Rollins @ 3:00 via pin

  • They teased drama after the match as Ambrose would not do the Shield pose. Ambrose then tossed Sandow into the ring, and they hit the Shield bomb on him, and then posed together. Cole stated that the old Shield were back.

  • We see clips of Hulk Hogan announcing the 30 Man, Over the Top Rope, Andre the Giant, Memorial Battle Royal Brother, Dude, Jack.

    Non-Title Match: Big E © vs. Fandango w/Summer Rae

    Lockup to begin and uppercuts by Fandango. Elbows by Fandango, and a knee drop follows. Off the ropes, Big E back with clotheslines and then the belly-to-belly suplex. Big E then hits the big running splash. Fandango fights off Big E with a boot to the knee, to the corner, and looks for a tornado DDT. Big E tosses him away, runs him over Vader style, straps are down and the big ending finishes it.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Big E @ 2:00 via pin

  • We get clips from the Undertaker segment from Raw.

  • Bad News Barrett arrived and has bad news or us. The Undertaker will lose at WrestleMania, thusly ending the streak. Children will be up all night crying, and this will cause parents to lose sleep, go to work the next day where they will fall asleep in meetings and lose their jobs. Sure.

    The Real Americans (Swagger and Cesaro) w/Zeb Colter vs. Cody Rhodes and Goldust

    Goldust and Swagger to begin. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Swagger. Goldust back with a hip toss, boot and then uppercut to Swagger. Tag to Cody, Goldust with the drop toehold and the knee drop by Cody follow. Swagger slams Cody to his corner, tags in Cesaro, and they trade shots but Cesaro rocks Cody with the uppercut. Cody counters the gut wrench suplex, gets a clothesline and heads to the apron. Springboard dropkick to Swagger. Cesaro tossed to the floor and then Cody with a dive, Cesaro catches him and slams him onto the apron. Cesaro is just stupid strong…


    Back from commercial as Cody and Swagger trade rights. Cesaro tags in, Cody tosses Swagger to the floor, but Cesaro grabs Cody for the SWING! Swagger in, tries for the Swagger bomb but Cody gets the feet up, Off the ropes, Sunset flip by Cody, Cesaro got the blind tag and stomps away on Cody. Cesaro picks up Cody, Swagger tags himself in and Cesaro is not pleased. Suplex by Swagger, and Cesaro tags himself back in. Colter is also not pleased. Stalling suplex by Cesaro, and Swagger then tags himself in again. Cesaro is pissed now. They argue, and Cody crawls and Swagger sends Goldust to the floor. Cody gets to the corner, but there is no Goldust. Backslide by Cody on Swagger and he gets the win.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Cody Rhodes and Goldust @ 10:00 via pin

  • Goldust is tossed to the floor, and Swagger and Cesaro then beat down Cody after the match. They slam him shoulder first to the steel post repeatedly, and The Usos hit the ring to make the save.

  • Highlights from John Cena's interaction with the Wyatts from Raw.

  • The Wyatt family makes their way to the ring.

    Bray Wyatt vs. Kofi Kingston

    Wyatt shoves Kofi to the corner, and Kofi bounces out and hits a right to drop Wyatt. Wyatt likes it, Kofi unloads with kicks, but Wyatt slams him down. He misses a stomp, and Kofi back with a spinning sidekick, sending Wyatt to the floor. Wyatt heads back in and works over Kofi with rights. He tosses him to the corner, and lands rights to the gut of Kofi. A whip to the corner, Wyatt runs into a boot by Kofi. Springboard chop by Kofi gets 2. Wyatt counters a monkey flip, and tosses Kofi to the floor. Rowan and Harper stand over him, Wyatt to the floor and lays the boots to him. Back into the ring they go, and the running back splash by Wyatt connects. Chinlock by Wyatt, Kofi with the jawbreaker to escape and then lands a dropkick. Corner forearm by Kofi, another, shoots Wyatt across, reversal and a boot by Kofi. He leaps off the ropes, caught into a Uranage. Wyatt drags Kofi to the corner, charges and hits the corner splash. Sister Abigail finishes it.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Bray Wyatt @ 4:00 via pin

  • Kane met with the Shield backstage, and congratulated them on their victories on Raw, Main Event and also tonight. Ambrose said he shouldn't have expected anything different, and that he should focus on his match with Big Show tonight. Kane then said that they had a lot to learn about business, and that he will lead by example. He told them to be at ringside tonight for his match, so that they can learn how to properly deal with business. He even offered to leave them some scraps when he is done with Show. Rollins said that Kane simply wanted them there for protection, and Reigns stated that they don't take orders from Kane. But then he added that they were interested to see how Kane would handle the situation. Rollins pulled Reigns back and stated that Kane shouldn't worry, because they always do what is best for business.

  • AJ joins the commentary team.

    Tamina Snuka w/AJ vs. Nikki Bella w/Brie

    Nikki uses her speed to avoid Tamina early. Side headlock by Nikki, off the ropes, and Nikki trips up Tamina. Nikki works the arm, forearms by Tamina and then slams Nikki down. Kip up by Nikki, slams Tamina down and covers for 2. Shoulder block by Nikki, but Tamina sends Nikki to the floor. Nikki holds her leg as Tamina hits her with her coat. Back into the ring, Samoan drop by Tamina. Tamina heads up top, misses the splash, rolls through but Nikki with a clothesline and dropkicks. A backdrop follows, and Nikki gets a facebuster for 2. Back elbow by Tamina, followed by a superkick. Tamina covers for 2 as AJ was celebrating at ringside. Brie attacks AJ, which distracts Tamina. Tamina to the floor and slams Brie into the barricade. Back into the ring and Tamina misses a superkick, Nikki gets the shock treatment and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Nikki Bella @ 4:00 via pin

  • AJ cuddles her divas title on the floor.

    Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler

    Lock up to begin, side headlock by Del Rio. Del Rio then lands a sidekick as Ziggler escapes, and lays the boots to him along the ropes. Del Rio shoots him off the ropes, Ziggler sends him to the apron and then dropkicks him to the floor. Ziggler slams Del Rio off the apron, back into the ring and Ziggler with the repeated elbow drops. Del Rio battles back, traps Ziggler in the corner and hits a double stomp…


    Back from commercial as Ziggler misses a corner splash. Del Rio makes a cover for 2. Back to the corner, step up enziguri by Del Rio, and he covers again for 2. Del Rio heads up top, but leaps off into a dropkick from Ziggler. BOTH men are down now. They fight to their feet, Ziggler ducks a clothesline, and then hits a cross body. To the corner, mounted rights by Ziggler and then the neck breaker for 2. Zigzag countered, tilt a whirl slam by Del Rio gets 2. Ziggler fights back and gets a spike DDT and a cover for a close 2. Divorce court by Del Rio, and then a superkick follows, and Del Rio covers for a CLOSE 2. Del Rio is not pleased by this, looks for the cross arm breaker, countered, misses the step up enziguri, fameasser by Ziggler and the cover only gets 2. Ziggler heads up top, crotches by Del Rio. Del Rio looks for a revise suplex and it connects from the top. But only for 2. Del Rio looks for the cross arm breaker, Ziggler escapes, hits the Zigzag and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Dolph Ziggler @ 12:00 via pin

  • Renee Young interviewed Ziggler, and asked him about finally hitting his stride. Ziggler then stated that he would be in the 30 Man, Over the Top Rope, Andre the Giant, Memorial Battle Royal Brother, Dude, Jack. He said he's stolen the show before, and now he makes his own destiny by winning the trophy and creating his own WrestleMania moment.

  • Carlos Colon will join Lita, Warrior, Jake Roberts and Paul Bearer in the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame class.

  • Cole discussed how to download the WWE App, thankfully Bray Wyatt cuts him off. Bray stated that he never sleeps, but that he always dreams. He wants to share a dream with John Cena one where they share a was and he hears a woman's voice, and that they are fighting to get closer to her so that they can hear her. She is saying that she is proud of him and loves him, and then he wakes up. He still sees John Cena and what Cena will become. A lonely old man in a chair, full of regret; but don't worry about a thing Bray adds, because he will make it quick. Follow the buzzards.

  • John Cena responds, again, to the Wyatts on Raw.

  • Citizen Kane walks. He tells the Shield that it is time to follow him to the ring.

  • Kane comes to the ring, but now the Shield is not with him.

    Kane vs. Big Show

    Here e go with tonight's main event. Side headlock by Kane, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Show. The Shield finally makes their way down the ramp, distracting Show and allowing Kane to take control. They trade power shots now, and Show drops Kane with a right. Chops by Show in the ropes and Kane rolls to the floor as the Shield watches on. Show pulls Kane to the apron, but Kane stun guns him off the ropes, follows that with a chop block and then lays the boots to Show to take back control. Basement dropkick by Kane and a cover gets 2. Kane works the knee with elbows and sitting back, bending the knee in a way it doesn't like to go. Show fights out, lands rights, off the ropes and a DDT by Kane and a cover gets 2. Kane looks for a chokeslam, goozles Show, but Show grabs Kane's throat and then escapes. Knee by Kane, but a clothesline by Show stops that. Show hits a spear off the topes and slides to the floor. The Shield watches on. Show returns to the ring, looks to climb up top, Kane stops that and goozles Show and chokeslams him off the top and covers for 2. Kane is not pleased by this, and tells the Shield to get in the ring and take out Show. The Shield climbs to the apron, Kane is pleased. That is until he starts to yell at them, and they decide to drop to the floor and call off the attack. Kane yells more, allowing Show to recover, chokeslam and pin him.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Big Show @ 6:00 via

  • After the match, Kane was pissed about the Shield not helping him. As they tried to leave, Kane grabbed Rollins by the hair and looked to chokeslam him. Reigns returned and speared Kane to stop that. The show ends with the Shield standing tall.

  • End scene.

  • Thanks for reading.

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