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411’s TNA Impact Wrestling Report 3.20.14
Posted by Larry Csonka on 03.20.2014

  • Match times are not exact.

  • We get highlights from last week's show.

  • Earlier today Bully Ray had a meeting with Dixie Carter at the TNA offices.

  • We see EY and Abyss brawling backstage. ODB gets involved and attacks Abyss with a pipe, but Abyss no sells that and goes after her. This allows EY to fight back with weapon shots. Abyss then chokes out EY with a cardboard tube, like you'd have left after wrapping gifts. They continue their brawl as ODB yells for help. Abyss slams EY into some tables and chairs, and then grabs a chain. EY manages to battle back and whips Abyss with the chain several times. EY wraps the chain around his fist and hits Abyss with it a few times as they then brawl out into the arena. EY now whips Abyss with the chain. Abyss with a knee to the gut, and tosses the chain and EY into the ring. EY fires up and hits a baseball slide dropkick followed by a suicide dive to wipe out Abyss! EY now grabs a chair, misses Abyss, who then tosses EY into the steel steps. EY rolled back into the ring, and Abyss grabs a chair. EY struggles to his feet, Abyss sets up the chair, but EY back with rights. Off the ropes, but Abyss just slams him face first into the chair. Abyss spits on EY's shirt and then chokes him out with it. Abyss then pummels EY in the corner, and grabs the chain. Abyss chokes out EY with it until EY BITES HIM to escape. EY again tries to fire up, rapid-fire rights land, but he then runs into the black hole slam from Abyss. Abyss grabs the chain again and chokes out EY with it in the ropes. EY is choked until he's out of it. Abyss leaves as ODB comes out to check on EY.

    Ethan Carter III vs. Bobby Lashley

    JIP as Lashley connects with a clothesline. Carter tries to fire back, but Lashley with the stalling suplex, which connects. To the corner, and Lashley lays the boots to Carter. Rights by Lashley follow, and then tosses Carter half way across the ring. Lashley sets, but Carter bails to the floor to avoid the spear. Lashley follows, Carter with a kick and then clubbing shots to the back of Lashley. He slams Lashley to the apron, and then follows with chops. Back into the ring we go, Carter up top, Lashley grabs him and press slams him to the mat. Carter fights back and slams Lashley to the corner, rights to the back follow. Carter with mounted rights, and then works a front facelock. Lashley powers out, but Carter with more rights to keep him down. Off the ropes and Lashley catches Carter with the spinebuster. Lashley backs off, sets, and Carter bails again before Lashley can spear him. Clothesline by Lashley on the floor, rolls Carter back in and then hits a corner clothesline. Lashley lays the boots to him, we almost get a ref bump, and Carter pulls the Flair mule kick to low blow Lashley. Carter bails again to the floor, and as he tries to escape, Willow attacks him.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Ethan Carter III @ 6:00 via DQ

  • Willow continues the attack, and slams Carter to the steps. Willow now gets out a ladder, and then slams Carter to the steps again. He then wraps the leg in a chair, and stomps on it, Pillmanizing the leg. Willow climbs the ladder, but Carter is able to crawl away.

  • Footage from earlier today as Bully Ray waits on his meeting with Dixie Carter. He's pissed that she's apparently too busy for him, but he's willing to wait.

  • Joe meets with MVP, and he is frustrated. Joe says that he is frustrated at what happened at Lockdown. He's upset that EY is on his way to the hospital. MVP says that he and Joe talked about what needed to be done, and done fairly. Joe wants what he had at Lockdown, the world title. MVP will find someone to be chained to Abyss, he will fix this. Joe says when MVP tries to fix shit, it only gets worse.

  • Angelina Love is asked about the possible reunion on the Beautiful People. She says Sky has had plenty of time to make a decision, and they will find out what it is tonight.

  • We see EC3 looking for Magnus. He finds him and asks where he was when he was being assaulted. Magnus is offended by his tone. EC3 calls him an ass, and then Magnus says he got beat down by a clown. EC3 says that their business relationship is terminated. Magnus agrees, because he got everything he needed from "Aunt D". Magnus then says Abyss is all he will ever need, and everyone will find that out. So take a seat and watch his title defense later tonight, get out. EC3 wishes him luck.

  • Gunner makes his way out to the ring. Gunner says he is proud that at Lockdown he went to war with one of the toughest men n the company and won. He is proud that he served his country, and is proud of the veterans here, and the people that serve today. As a marine, he was trained to never give up and to fight for what he wants. He wouldn't be here without his friends and family, and thanks his father, who is front row tonight. Gunner says without his support, and the support of the family, he would not be here or be the man he would be. And he promises that he that he will be world champion one day. They hug.

    James Storm now makes his way out to the ring. Storm says he hates to break this up, but he finds it rude of Gunner to bring his dad here and to not introduce them. Storm says he made Gunner a star. Storm introduces himself, and even calls Gunner's dad sir. Storm then says that Gunner's dad was the man crying in the video package from Lockdown. Storm mocks him for that, and says that Gunner's grandfather is looking down right now and thanking God he is dead now and not here. Not here to see his son and grandson become huge disappointments. Gunner attacks Storm and they brawl. SUPERKICK to Gunner! Storm then handcuffs Gunner to the ropes, and slaps him repeatedly. He then grabs Gunner's dad and holds him in front of Gunner. Storm releases him, but then decides not to leave, and KOs Gunner's dad with the beer bottle. Gunner is livid, but can't do anything about it.

  • Gail Kim says that she is the benchmark for women's wrestling. Tapa cost her the title and last week's match. If Tapa can't beat her tonight, they are done, and Tapa is done with Impact wrestling.

  • The BroMans and DJ Zema on walk and talk about clubbing last night. They are looking for Tigre Uno and Sanada. They tell them that they have plans and want to be out quickly, so no disrespect, but they need to lay down. They don't seem to understand, but Zema then says he speaks Lucha Libre and tries to translate. He also speaks Strong Style, and explains to them that they need to lay down for the champions tonight.

    Lei'D Tapa vs. Gail Kim

    Kim talks trash as the bell rings. She tries to slap her, but Tapa grabs her arm and slams her to the corner. Tapa then whips her to another corner. Head butts by Tapa, and Kim is down. Tapa shoots Kim off the ropes, misses a charge and leg kicks by Kim. A clothesline follows and another, but Tapa is still up., Tree slam by Tapa. Tapa picks up Kim, who then transitions into a dragon sleeper. Tapa tries to fight out, escapes and slams Kim to the mat. Tapa then charges Kim, who side steps the big boot and more leg kicks by Kim. Kim attacks the knee, and delivers forearms. Off the ropes and a flapjack variation by Tapa. Tapa goozles Kim, but more leg kicks stop that. Dropkick by Kim, followed by kicks to the knee. In the corner, and Tapa picks up Kim, looks for the TKO stunner, but Kim escapes and kicks away at the knee. Eat defeat connects for Kim, and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Gail Kim @ 5:00 via pin

  • Angelina Love walks.

  • MVP meets with Willow, and needs his help tonight. He wants to see if he will be chained to Abyss. Willow speaks Willow speak, rhyming about politics, and saying that he is his own man. He has no need to play games, because the issues of MVP and Joe do not involve Willow. He will strike when it is his time.

  • Angelina Love makes her way to the ring, and she's looking to see if Velvet Sky has accepted her offer to reform the Beautiful People. Love calls out Sky, noting that it has been a week and she hasn't heard anything from her. She gave her space, so do they move forward together, or separately. Please come on out and just tell me. Sky makes her way out to the ring. Sky says that when they came to TNA, Love was her mentor in and out of the ring. Sky wanted to quit several times, but Love believed in her and she will not forget that. But there were bad times, times where she felt like she was beneath Love. She even felt that Love was holding her back. Love says that is wrestling talk, and she was only looked at as the leader because she was the veteran. Love made her name, she did well alone, but one is a very lonely number, and if they don't have their backs, who will? She wants it to happen, she thinks Sky wants it, and she knows the people want it. Sky says Love was like a big sister to her, and she has been a lot recently. She knows there are not a lot of people to trust. Sky then says that the Beautiful People are back in full effect baby, HOLLA! Love then says that they are missing a third piece to the puzzle, and calls out Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne. Rayne makes her way out to the ring. Love says they are on a roll, and putting the Beautiful People back together. She wants to make the offer for her to return. Rayne asks her to repeat what she said, and Love does, and mentions Rayne as a total after thought. Rayne says that Love treats her like a lost little girl that was let into the group. Times have changed says Rayne. Love said she had to pay her due. Rayne says she did all the dirty work, but her dues are paid and she is the champion. She appreciates the offer. She loves Sky, and if she wants to do this fine, but Rayne isn't interested.

  • Magnus says that he is not concerned about his title defense tonight. He has Abyss now, and Abyss reacts to money and business. Joe comes up on Magnus and says that tonight, if he has enough time, he will make Magnus tap out and take his title back. A Snow tries to separate them.

  • DJ Zema Ion introduces the tag team champions, the BroMans.

  • Robbie and Jessie try to get Sanada and Uno to lay down for them. Uno will have none of this, and says no. The champions attack and they all brawl. Uno and Sanada clear the ring and as the BroMans try to bail, the Wolves make their entrance. The Wolves and BroMans brawl on the ramp. The champions get tossed to the apron and eat dropkicks from the international duo. We head to a commercial…

    TNA Tag Team Title Match: The BroMans © (Jessie and Robbie) vs. Sanada and Tigre Uno vs. The Wolves (Richards and Edwards)

    JIP as we return from commercial to find the Wolves working over Robbie. Sanada and Uno in with double teams, including a sandwich dropkick to send to the champions to the floor. Sanada in with the Wolves, double-teams on him and a cover for 2 by Richards. Tag to Edwards, chops and kicks to Sanada in rapid-fire fashion. Uno then trips up the Wolves, senton onto them from the apron and Sanada takes control. Robbie then blind tags in and a hip toss by Edwards follows. Tag to Richards, to the corner and a forearm shot follows. One from Edwards, more double teams by the Wolves and Uno then tags himself in. Chops to Robbie, off the ropes and Jessie with a cheap shot, allowing Robbie to hit a clothesline and take Uno out of his boots. Double team flapjack by the champions, and then a kick to the face by Jessie. Jessie then hits a press slam on Uno, a knee drop off the ropes by Robbie and he gets a cover for 2. Uno is able to battle back with a wheelbarrow bulldog, tag to Sanada. He runs wild with clotheslines and a RANA to Jessie. A slam follows, Sanada up top and gets distracted by Ion. Sanada tags in Uno and dives onto Ion on the floor. Dropkick by Uno, sending Jessie to the floor. Richards tagged in and a RANA by Uno. Tries one on Edwards, but they get the double team powerbomb/backstabber on Uno. Edwards up to as things break down, Richards gets tossed to the floor as well as Edwards. The BroMans then hit the Hart Attack (BroDown) and Uno and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: The BroMans @ 7:00 via pin

  • Love and Sky are backstage, and she is upset about Rayne turning her down. She feels that Rayne was right, but that she is not that person anymore. Sky tells Love to go and have a private talk with Rayne.

  • We get a Kenny King video package.

  • Love goes to meet with Rayne, but Rayne wants no part of it. Love says that she made mistakes when they first met. It was every woman for themselves in this business, and she has changed. Love then says that they need to be back as a group and as equals. Rayne promises to think about it and they hug it out. Love then grabs her by the hair and slams her into the lockers. She chokes her out and says never to disrespect her again, and that the Beautiful People are only Love and Sky. Well that escalated quickly.

  • MVP meets with Joe, and says that Joe needs to focus on Magnus, because he will be chained to Abyss tonight. He will take responsibility and make things right so Joe can do his thing tonight. Now all Joe has to worry about is winning his title back.

  • We get a video package on Knux. He's going to see a former girlfriend that called him. His family runs a small carnival, and the family wanted him to work in their business, but he went into wrestling. He hasn't talked with his father in two years due to that. To be continued…

  • We now get to see footage of Bully Ray's meeting with Dixie Carter at the TNA offices from earlier today. Ray was tired of waiting, and barges into the office. He says that there is no one in wrestling that likes Dixie. The employees don't like her, the wrestlers don't like her, the fans actually despise her. Ray has never liked her, but also knows that Dixie never liked him because she couldn't control him. Dixie went to his home and tried to buy him off at Lockdown. This thing is edited oddly, it keeps jumping, which is distracting. Anyway, Ray was talking to "Dixie," who never turned around, so he was cutting a promo on a chair. Ray says she doesn't have the respect of anyone, and that Dixie is a nobody in his industry. No one was in the chair the whole time, because it was a set up for Bobby Roode to attack Ray and leave him laying. Roode was not happy about this, noting that Ray screwed the wrong man. Roode admits that he invited Ray here, not Dixie. "SURPRISE!"

  • Magnus asks if Abyss is ready, and Abyss says he has something special for Joe and MVP tonight. Thumbtacks.

    TNA World Title Match: Magnus © w/Abyss vs. Samoa Joe w/MVP
    MVP is chained to Abyss

    And here we go with the main event. Magnus attacks at the bell, working over Joe in the corner. Joe back with chops, snap mare and a knee drop follows. Magnus rolls to the floor. Magnus tries to stall as MVP tries to keep Abyss away from Joe. Magnus pulls Joe to the floor, connects with rights, back in and more rights by Magnus. To the corner, forearms by Magnus and then chops follow. Joe back with jabs, but Magnus with the cheap shot to take back control. More chops by Magnus, off the ropes, reversal and a back elbow connects for Joe. To the corner and rapid-fire jabs by Joe connect, shoots Magnus to the other corner, back splash and enziguri both connect. Joe is slowed and holding his ribs, due to Abyss' attack at Lockdown…

    ~commercial time~

    Back from commercial as Joe eats a boot from Magnus. Magnus off the ropes, but leaps into an atomic drop. Joe looks to take control, but Magnus back with a knee to the gut. Magnus with the belly to back suplex, and then lays the boots to the gut of Joe. Joe tries to fire back with chops, but Magnus with the rebound clothesline and covers for 2. Chinlock by Magnus, Joe gets to his feet, elbows to escape, off the ropes and a high knee connects for Magnus. He then works a grounded bear hug to keep Joe down. Joe makes his way up to his feet, uses elbows to escape and then gets the atomic drop, big boot and running backsplash. Joe then hits the snap slam, but cannot cover due to the injured midsection. Joe misses a corner charge, Magnus then charges in and eats the STJOE! Joe looks for the choke, and locks it in! Magnus fights, and hits a jawbreaker to escape and that causes a ref bump. Abyss lays out MVP on the floor, and then gets the tacks. MVP fights back, and slams Abyss to the steps and takes the tacks. MVP unlocks himself and throws the tacks up the ramp. Abyss then lays him out with a chair shot. Joe is up and looks for the elbow suicida, but Abyss tosses the chair into his face. Top rope elbow drop by Magnus and that s all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Magnus @ 12:00 via pin

  • Magnus and Abyss celebrate. MVP gets to his feet and realizes that his plan backfired.

  • End scene.

  • Thanks for reading.

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