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411’s WWE Smackdown Report 3.21.14
Posted by Larry Csonka on 03.21.2014

Welcome to 411's WWE Smackdown Report 3.21.14
  • Match times are not exact.

  • The show starts off with Kane talky time. Kane said that Monday Night Raw was a glorious night, because it was the night that the YES movement was ended. (We see video of the Triple H beat down on Bryan from Raw) Kane then explained how Bryan had it coming, but that it was the fans who were really to blame, because they kept motivating Bryan. It was the fans that made Bryan believe that he was something he wasn't; Bryan believed that he was bigger than the Authority because of the fans, but no one is bigger than the Authority. Kane says that some people are simply better than others; the Authority is better than Bryan and all of the fans. Kane then read a letter from Triple H, noting that he regrets having to taking matters into his own hands in regards to disciplining Bryan and also regrets that he was pushed into doing it. He doesn't like to use force, but sometimes you have to use force, and he struck with vengeance. There has to be respect for the Authority. He then thanked the fans and welcomed them to Smackdown.

    Fandango w/Summer Rae vs. Fernando w/El Torito and Diego

    JIP as Fandango works over Fernando. Short armed clothesline follows and then a hip toss, and knee to the arm. A cover for 2 by Fandango. Side headlock takedown by Fandango, grounding Fernando. Fernando now tries to work to his feet, does and hits a jawbreaker. Off the ropes, a dropkick by Fandango gets 2. Fandango then misses a knee drop off the second rope, and forearms by Fernando. Head scissors by Fernando, back handspring elbow and Fandango is down. Summer tries to distract Fernando, allowing Fandango to attack. Torito sees Summer, who is wearing red, and charges her and chases her around the ring. Fandango tries to save her, roll up by Fernando and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Fernando @ 2:00 via pin

  • Fernando and Diego had to drag Torito up the ramp to stop him from chasing Summer Rae.

    Damien Sandow vs. Dolph Ziggler

    Lock up to begin and knees by Sandow. Side Russian leg sweep and a knee drop follows. Off the ropes and Ziggler with counters and a dropkick. Sandow to the floor, Ziggler follows. He slams Sandow to the apron and tosses him back in the ring. Ziggler up top, and a kick by Sandow sends him to the floor; Ziggler hit the steps on the way down. Ziggler fights his way back into the ring, but Sandow attacks with rights and boots to keep the advantage. A knee drop follows and Sandow gets 2. Side headlock by Sandow, Ziggler works to his feet and escapes. Off the ropes and a back elbow connects for Sandow. He drops the kneepad and gets knee drops to Ziggler and then tosses him to the floor. Sandow follows and tosses Ziggler to the barricade. Back into the ring we go, and Sandow covers for 2. Snap mare by Sandow, knees to the back and then into the side headlock. Off the ropes, Ziggler with an elbow and then the DDT and both men are down. Both men work to their feet as the ref counts, off the ropes and a cross body by Ziggler. Mounted punches in the corner by Ziggler, and a neck breaker follows and he covers for 2. Sandow battles back with the Edge-a-cution, which gets 2. He misses a neck breaker, and the fameasser by Ziggler gets the win.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Dolph Ziggler @ 6:00 via pin

  • Backstage promo from the Wyatts. Luke Harper got to speak, since he is facing Cena tonight. Harper explained that this was not a safe night for Cena, that he is the reaper and that he will carry out Brays will. Bray says he understands why Cena fears him; adding that he had Cena's fear in his hands, and that it gives him power and control.

  • We get a preview for WWE Slam City.

    #1 Contender's Match: Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins (w/Roman Reigns) vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel vs. Cesaro and Swagger (w/Zeb Colter) vs. Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre (w/Heath Slater)

    Ambrose and Axel to begin. Lock up and off the ropes, and a shoulder block by Ambrose. A clothesline follows and then a slam by Ambrose. Quick elbow drop by Ambrose and rights and boots follow. Off the ropes, boot by Axel and then tags in Mahal, Drop toehold by Ambrose, and locks the legs and cross faces Mahal. A knee by Ambrose, and a tag to Rollins. They double-team Mahal and a cover gets 2 for Rollins. Off he ropes, dropkick by Rollins but Ryback had blind tagged in and takes control with a clothesline on Rollins. Stalling suplex by Ryback, Rollins with knees to escape and a cross body caught by Ryback, but Ambrose tagged in and dropkicks Ryback down. Ryback and Axel to the floor, stereo dives by the Shield and they are in control…


    Back from commercial as Mahal and McIntyre double team Ambrose, and Mahal covers for 2. Axel tags himself fin, lays the boots to Ambrose and keeps him in his corner. Axel and Ryback double-team Ambrose, and then Ryback slams Ambrose down and gets a running splash for 2. Ryback chokes out Ambrose, shoulder blocks in the corner follow.
    Ambrose sneaks a sunset flip, but only gets 2. Suplex by Ryback, and connects with the running clothesline. Swagger tags himself in and covers for 2 as Ryback breaks up the pin. Swagger bomb follows, double stomp by Cesaro and he covers for 2 as Rollins makes the save, but then eats a big boot by Cesaro. Chinlock by Cesaro now, Ambrose escapes, he and Cesaro trade rights and uppercuts, but Ambrose hits a Nigel like rebound clothesline and both men are down. Tag to Swagger, he drags Ambrose center ring, but a roll up by Ambrose for 2. DDT by Ambrose follows and both men are down. Tag to Rollins and Mahal, Rollins runs wild with boots and kicks. Sends McIntyre to the floor, blockbuster on Mahal. He nails Axel to the floor, ducks a clothesline and Ryback flies to the floor. Big dive follows onto Ryback! Sidekick to Mahal, Slater trips him up and SPEAR by Reigns to Slater! Enziguri by Rollins, CURB STOMP follows but it is broken up. It beaks down with everyone brawling and Kane is Kane appears and attacked Reigns, and this led to a non-finish.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: No Contest @ 10:00

  • After the match is called off, Ambrose and Rollins were then targeted and attacked. Kane and the Outlaws worked over Reigns as Cesaro hit the neutralizer on Rollins. Ryback then hit shellshock on Ambrose. Reigns tried to fight his way back to the ring, but the numbers got to him, and he was laid out. Kane and the Outlaws then hit the ring to work over Ambrose and Rollins along with the others. The Outlaws then returned to the floor and beat down Reigns, and tossed him back into the ring. Kane then chokeslams Reigns. The Shield has been laid out.

  • We get replays of the previous angle, with Cole noting that Kane and the Outlaws have something in common; their relationship with Triple H.

  • We get the return on MIZTV. Miz announced the fact that he would be in the "Andre the Giant 30 Man, Over the Top Rope, Memorial, Battle Royal, Brother, Dude, Jack". Miz then announced the favorite to win the "Andre the Giant 30 Man, Over the Top Rope, Memorial, Battle Royal, Brother, Dude, Jack", the Big Show. Show made his way to the ring, and he and the Miz shook hands, because they remember the good times of ShowMiz. Show thanks Miz for having him on the show, and said he has been compared to Andre the Giant, and could think of no better way of cementing his legacy than to win the "Andre the Giant 30 Man, Over the Top Rope, Memorial, Battle Royal, Brother, Dude, Jack". Miz brought up Show's horrible track record at WrestleMania, and Show got into Miz's face. Miz then revealed that he has invited others for the show, and Titus, Del Rio, Kofi, Big E, Henry, Cody, Goldust and Sheamus all made their way out to the ring. Miz was instigating them, asking why they would target Show in the match. He tried to sell that Show was the biggest threat in the match, which led to Show grabbing Miz and then the big brawl happened. It came down to Show vs. Sheamus, and Sheamus hit the Brogue kick. Sheamus tried to show that he could toss Show put of the ring, and Miz tried to help. Show fought back and tossed out both men to stand tall.

    Non-Title Match: Big E © vs. Alberto Del Rio

    Lock up to begin, to the corner and Del Rio with rights and kicks. Big E fights back, sends Del Rio to the opposite corner, hits a corner shoulder block and covers for 2. Del Rio catches Big E in the corner, hits a double stomp and covers for 2. Side headlock takedown by Del Rio, Big E fights out, but runs into a boot by Del Rio. Del Rio then gets the arm bar in the ropes, he has to break but weakens Big E. Big E is able to fight back with clotheslines and a one armed belly to belly suplex. Big E sets, looks for the big ending, back stabber counter by Del Rio gets 2. Del Rio tries for the arm breaker, tossed to the corner. Big E charges, misses Del Rio and hits the post. Superkick to a downed Big E and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Alberto Del Rio @ 3:00 via pin

  • Earlier today Santino was in makeup, getting a bruise covered by the makeup lady. He explained to her that everything kept going wrong, and that Emma was all that he ever thought of. Santino started to tell the ways he loved Emma, and then Emma appeared behind him. She tapped him on the shoulder as he did her wacky dance, because Santino says he loves the dance. Santino was freaked out that Emma was there, and fell out of the chair. When he got up, he head butted Emma and ran away. You see, they're clumsy and wacky. Vince McMahon knows romance.

  • We get the Mr. T hall of fame announcement.

    The Bella Twins vs. Summer Rae and Natalya

    AJ is out for commentary, and Tamina is with her. Natalya and Nikki to begin, and they are ignored by AJ discussing her relationship with Tamina. Some back and forth, counter and a facebuster by Nikki. Summer tags herself in and gets slammed down and a cover for 2 by Nikki. Nikki sent to the apron, Summer takes her down and wraps her leg in the ropes to slow her down. Back in and Summer covers for 2. Nikki battles back, tag to Brie. A clothesline and a dropkick follows. Knee by Brie, and then the charging knee connects. Brie to the second rope, kick by Summer and a tag to Natalya. Natalya and Summer argue, Brie slams them together, gets an X-factor and pins Natalya.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: The Bella Twins @ 3:00 via pin

  • Natalya is pissed at Summer and kicks her in the ass as she leaves the ringside area. The Bellas stare down AJ and Tamina from the ring.

  • We get a recap of the Undertaker's appearance on Main Event.

  • Kane met with Ryback and Axel, 3MB and the Real Americans. He revealed that Ryback and Axel and the Real Americans would get tag team title shots for their services. The 3MB got three spots in the "Andre the Giant 30 Man, Over the Top Rope, Memorial, Battle Royal, Brother, Dude, Jack". The Outlaws then appeared and discussed how good their plan went. Kane was happy that he could count on the Outlaws, and Road Dogg said that he always can.

  • Lana comes out and introduces Alexander Rusev. Awesome, super athletic.

  • Cole delivers an injury update on Daniel Bryan. He has shoulder issues (a partially dislocated shoulder, ligaments stretched, and capsular swelling), but doesn't need surgery. He vows to be at live events this weekend and on Raw Monday.

    John Cena vs. Luke Harper w/Erick Rowan and Bray Wyatt

    Lock up, to the corner and Harper beats down Cena. He then chokes him out a bit, Cena fires back with rights, to the corner and Cena misses a charge. Neck breaker by Harper and a cover gets 2. Big uppercut by Harper, picks Cena back up and delivers big rights. Harper looks to rip off Cena's nose, and then applies the gator roll and then into a side headlock. Cena battles to his feet and gets the belly to back suplex to escape. Shoulder blocks follow, but Harper stops the Cena train of offense with a kick to the face and covers for 2. Cena counters the Michinoku drive, looks for the STF, countered by Harper and then Cena gets the Protobomb. Five-knuckle shuffle connects, Rowan circles the ring to distract Cena, Cena looks for the AA, countered and a big boot gives Harper a cover for 2. Harper misses a boot in the corner and that causes him to crash to the floor. Harper back in, STF by Cena, and Harper bites his was out. Harper slams Cena face first to the mat and covers for 2. Harper picks up Cena, powerbomb countered into a RANA by Cena, but Harper with a RANA and the Michinoku driver and a cover for 2. Jesus Christ, this has turned into a Lucharesu match. Harper backs off and sets, Cena struggles to his feet, misses the clothesline and Cena with the AA and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: John Cena @ 5:00 via pin

  • Cena escapes the ring before Rowan and Wyatt could attack.

  • End scene.

  • Thanks for reading.

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