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411’s TNA Impact Wrestling Report 3.27.14
Posted by Larry Csonka on 03.27.2014

  • Match times are not exact.

  • We get highlights from last week's show.

  • MVP makes his way out to the ring to kick off the show. MVP, who is upset with Abyss, says he wanted to make sure that there was a level playing field for all when he arrived, and that everyone would have a chance to succeed on talent and ability. Not on politics and backstage deals. So he spoke with the board of directors, and needs to make a decision.

    Magnus and Abyss make their way to the ring. Magnus says that before MVP does anything rash, Abyss has a legit service contract with Magnus; he doesn't work for TNA and or MVP. Magnus says that it means that MVP will only have communication with Abyss is when Magnus is around. MVP says he agrees with this, and then says there will be no problems. MVP felt the strength of Abyss first hand last week, and MVP says he is not afraid of him again, but if he ever touches him again, MVP will show him the "most vicious predator". MVP then says that Magnus is using Abyss, and asks if Abyss wants to be the world's ugliest valet, or does he want more, like a shot at the TNA World Title. Magnus doesn't like that. MVP says Abyss can only be in the ring when Magnus is around, so he can do that. MVP says they will find out how loyal Abyss is when the title is on the line. Next week it is Abyss vs. Magnus vs. Samoa Joe, with the title on the line.

    Samoa Joe now makes his way out to the ring. MVP tells Abyss to think for himself as Joe enters the ring. Joe then says maybe he heard things wrong, but Joe and the people have only asked MVP for one thing, and that is for him to give Joe a fair shot at the title. Joe says what he is hearing is that his rematch will now be a handicap match. MVP says it is a three-way match, and says Magnus will not be able to control Abyss. He then says that makes it even. Joe says in a few seconds that MVP will have an issue controlling him. Magnus says they seem to have their own issues, so he will leave. Joe attacks, and Abyss makes the save. MVP gets involved and attacks Abyss, and then Eric Young is out to attack Abyss.

  • Back from commercial as Joe, MVP and EY are all in the ring. EY has the mic and says he has a solution to the problem. He has to be the one to stop Abyss, and since MVP booked the three way next week, but he needs to add EY. EY promises to take care of Abyss, leaving Joe vs. Magnus, one on one. MVP says he respects EY, but says he has not earned that just yet. EY says MVP has been here 10 minutes, but he has been here for 10 years. He was Team Canada, World Elite, a Superhero, and a paranoids freak. He was an X-Champion, TV Title, Global Champion, Tag Team Champion and even... Knockouts Tag Champion. He did everything that the company asked him to and knocked it out of the park, and he has been and always will be entertaining. But the man here is a world class pro wrestler, and he will get what he deserves. Joe says no one here doubts EY's work. But there is a line, and he is not at the head of it. And MVP has not delivered him his one fair title shot, and until he gets that, EY gets nothing. MVP appreciates EY's passion, and he made his case. If he wants in the title match, he's in. Joe is pissed, and pie faces EY. They now brawl. MVP watches on as they beat the piss out of each other, and then has referees separate them. Joe says if EY wants to go and scrap with the big boys, later tonight, let's do this! MVP agrees.

  • Bully Ray walks with his FIYAH BREATHIN TWITTAH MACHINE! He promises to put Bobby Roode through a table.

  • The Wolves hit up MVP for a favor, for him. They want a match with Abyss and Magnus tonight. MVP agrees.

  • We get a wacky skit where EC3 and Spud search for Willow.

  • Back from commercial with another wacky Hunt for Willow vignette. EC3 is looking for vengeance. Spud is afraid, and gloriously silly.

    Magnus and Abyss vs. The Wolves (Edwards and Richards)

    Richards and Magnus to begin. Lock up to begin, Magnus tries to work the arm, escapes and gets a hammerlock. Back elbow by Magnus, and he lays the boots to Richards in the corner. Rights by Magnus, but Richards back with rights, a knee by Magnus, Richards back flip escape and tags in Edwards. Chops by Edwards, chops follow, a drop toehold and Richards in for the double team. Tag back to Richards, who rams Magnus' head into the head of Edwards. Magnus gets a blind tag and Abyss in and takes out both Wolves…

    ~commercial time~

    Back from commercial as Magnus lays the boots to Edwards. Edwards tries to fight back, off the ropes, Magnus catches the cross body and turns it into a suplex and cover for 2. Magnus works the chinlock, Edwards works to his feet, off the ropes and runs into a back elbow. To the corner, Edwards gets a boot up and then hits a RANA out of the corner and BOTH men are down. Edwards makes the tag, Richards in with dropkicks and clotheslines. He sidesteps Abyss, sending him into Magnus. Missile dropkick by Richards gets both men. Kicks to Magnus, off the ropes, tag to Edwards and a enziguri into a German and bridging cover for 2 as Abyss makes the save. Abyss back in, looks for the double chokeslam, countered and then take Abyss to his knees and land stereo kicks. Abyss to the floor, suicide dive by Richards onto Abyss. Edwards gets the single leg crab and Magnus taps immediately!

    OFFICIAL RESULT: The Wolves @ 9:00 via pin

  • Magnus runs away to fight another day as Abyss looks at the world title, but then instead of handing it to Magnus, tucks it under his arm and walks away.

  • Angelina Love makes her way to the ring. She says her and Sky apparently have an issue, because Sky has not been returning her calls. She asks her to come to the ring to explain herself. Sky says she has more than a problem, she is pissed off about the attack on Rayne. Love lied when she said she would go and make things right. Love said she did that for Sky, and for them. Sky says she didn't sign up for this, but Love says without her, Sky is mediocre. Love says Sky lost her edge and will be forgotten around here if she doesn't get it back. Love says Sky knows she is right. Sky was someone when she was in the Beautiful People, no one messed with them, but Sky says things have changed around here. Love disagrees, and says the only thing that changed was Sky. Love would rather stay home and be a headache instead of being someone's BEOTCH. Tonight Love faces Rayne, and by the ring the match is over, Sky better have picked a side, and when she commits, do so because she wants to.

  • We get a video package, showing the history of the Gunner and James Storm relationship.

  • Spud and EC3 continue to search for Willow.

  • Bully Ray walks.

  • Spud and EC3 continue to search for Willow. EC3 demands Spud goes into a barn to search for Willow, calling it "Operation Human Shield". EC3 then goes in and starts to scream, but he's just messing with Spud. EC3 says this is a crap shack and imagines Hardy growing up in there, practicing swantons. As EC3 is talking, Willow abducts Spud. We then hear Willow cackle.

  • We get another Storm and Gunner video package.

  • Bully Ray makes his way to the ring, and then followed by several "fans" with tables, who then set them up at ringside. There are also tables in the ring. Bully asks if there are enough tables in the ring. He wanted more, but he did buy everyone they had. Do you know who he is? He's the guy that made sure that Dixie Carter is no longer a part of TNA. He then calls out Bobby Roode, his old friend. If Roode would have won the match he would have been just like Carter. And the last thing wrestling needs is another owner like Carter. Bully says they have put each other through tables, and then asks how many tables he should put Roode through.

    Roode's music hits and he makes his way out to the stage. Roode says that Bully doesn't intimidate him. Roode says the guy that got screwed at Lockdown doesn't exist. Roode forgot who he really was, but now he remembers. He was the longest reigning TNA World Champion. He smashed a beer bottle over his best friend's head, and he spit in the face of Dixie Carter way before it became cool. He is also the guy who tricked Bully into going to Nashville for a beat down. Roode then asks the fans, "Do you know who I am?" Bully says that Roode needs to stop running his mouth and to get into the ring and fight Bully. Roode says that it is typical and Bully doesn't call the shots. Roode calls the shots, and he says when and where. Bully disagrees and says the fans say right now. Roode says it is not going to happen, so Bully charges him and attacks him from behind. They brawl to ringside, and Roode escapes going through a table. Bully with chops, but then Roode moves and Bully hits the table. Roode then works over his hand and slams it to the post. Roode then slams him to the post once again and then looks to put Bully through a table. To the ring apron they go, and Bully fights back. But Roode is able to toss him into the ring, and then Roode MISSES a blockbuster. Jabs by Bully, flip flop and fly and then the big time elbow. Bully tries a big boot, Roode moves and Bully drives his foot through the table. Roode then attacks the leg of Bully, tries the Roode bomb, countered, Bully looks for a powerbomb, escape, Bully looks for the spear, sidestep and Bully CRASHES through the table in the corner!

  • Abyss gives Magnus back the world title, but wants to know why he tapped so quickly. Magnus has no issue losing when his title is not on the line, which pisses off Abyss. Magnus again says that he is all about keeping his title, and next week he has a title match and Abyss is involved. He says not to let MVP get into his head, because if he does, he'll be back to being someone's freak show.

  • We get another video package for Knux, visiting him home. Apparently his father will not speak to him. The family business is doing badly, and there is resentment because Knux left to live his dream of being a wrestler. He also has to make right with his dad, to be continued….

    Non-Title Match: Madison Rayne © vs. Angelina Love

    Rayne charges at the bell and attacks Love. Love bails to the floor, Rayne follows and chases her. Back in and Love misses an elbow, and Rayne slams her to the corner. Velvet Sky makes her way to ringside as Love sidesteps Love and Rayne falls to the floor. Sly encourages Rayne, which pisses off Love. Back in the ring and Rayne rolls up Love for 2. Roll up by Rayne gets 2. Kicks by Love follow, and then tosses Rayne to the floor. Sky again encourages Rayne and says she loves her. Love to the floor and yells at Sky before rolling Rayne back into the ring. Love covers for 2. Love talks trash to Sky, and then chokes out Rayne in the ropes. Slaps by Love, off the ropes and they run into each other and BOHT ladies are down. To their feet, they trade shots, off the ropes and a clothesline by Rayne. Northern lights suplex by Rayne gets 2. Basement dropkick sends Love to the floor. Love yells at Sky, and Rayne then hits a baseball slide dropkick. She follows and tosses Love in and Sly then DDTs Rayne on the floor and rolls her back into the ring. Sky laughs at Rayne as Love covers for the win.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Angelina Love @ 5:00 via pin

  • The Beautiful People celebrate the victory.

  • ODB asks EY if he is ready. EY says he is ready and isn't afraid of Joe. If people want to doubt him and not believe in him, well Joe will find out that it is a mistake to do that.

  • Kenny King meets with MVP. King had to take time and recharge, and wants to know who he will face tonight. MVP says he had to make changes, and says next week he will make sure he has something for him. King will show what he brings to the party.

    Samoa Joe vs. Eric Young

    They face off, and start brawling. Joe tosses him to the floor, Young back in and dropkicks Joe to the corner. Rights by Young, off the ropes and a knee by Joe. Young with rights, a forearm off the ropes and a cover for 2. More rights by Young, Flair flip in the corner but then Joe kicks him in the face. Young with shots to the gut of Joe, but Joe levels him with a clothesline. Chops by Joe, corner splash and the enziguri all connect. Joe covers for 2. Young back with shots to the gut, but a snap mare and chops, kick to the front and then the knee drop connects. Joe covers for 2. Joe is frustrated. To the corner, Young floats over and then they clothesline each other. They get to their feet, rights by Young. Off the ropes and a spinning clothesline and dropkick by Young. He then slams Joe, and heads up top. Joe is up and Young leaps over him. STJOE connects and a cover gets 2. Joe is again frustrated. Boot by Young from the corner, up top and MISSES the moonsault. Choke by Joe applied, Young fights, and then elbows out and walks up the ropes but falls into the choke. Young is out.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Samoa Joe @ 5:00 via submission

  • Earl Hebner is out, talking to his son, and mentions that Joe's shoulders were also down. They walk backstage.

  • EC3 continues his search for Willow. He finds some of Spud's gear and says he will not leave him behind.

  • After Impact went off the air last week, Samuel Shaw confronted Christy Hemme. She freaks out and she slaps him. Shaw creepily plays with her hair and cuts a lock and takes it with him. This got him suspended for a week.

  • Shaw faces Mr. Anderson in a straightjacket next week. We also get Bobby Roode and Ethan Carter III vs. Willow and Bully Ray in a tables match, and the four way for the TNA Title as Magnus defends against Joe, Young and Abyss.

  • We get another video package for Gunner vs. Storm.

    NO DQ – Anything Goes Match: Gunner vs. James Storm

    Gunner charges the ring and the match starts on the floor. Gunner beats down Storm, grabs a table but Storm battles back and slams Gunner to the steps. They brawl ringside, and Gunner hits a suplex on the floor. Trashcan lids and chairs have been tossed into the ring, but Storm fights back with rights. Storm lays Gunner on the apron and hits a running knee strike to the head of Gunner. Storm then pulls Gunner to the floor and sulplexes him on the ramp. Gunner then slams Storm to the steps, grabs a chair and hits Storm in the gut. More chairs tossed into the ring and both men are now in the ring. Storm hits a DDT off the ropes, and takes back control…

    ~commercial time~

    Back from commercial as Gunner hits a knee in the corner, followed by the sling shot suplex for 2. Gunner grabs toys now, wedges a chair in the corner, tries to slam Storm into it, countered and they trade trashcan lid shots mid-ring! Gunner then turns Storm inside out with a spear and covers for 2. Storm eye pokes Gunner, follows with rights, charges and eats an elbow. Sunset flip by Gunner, countered and Storm catapults him onto the chair in the corner. Back stabber by Storm, followed by the elbow off the ropes and that gets a close 2. Storm to the floor, grabs more chairs and then the beer bottle. Storm to the apron and then Gunner SPEARS HIM THROUGH THE ROPES AND THROUGH A TABLE ON THE FLOOR! Gunner tosses Storm back into the ring, and make a cover for 2. Gunner grabs chairs and sets them up in the middle of the ring. One of them is broken and he grabs Storm and slams him to the corner, and sets hip up top. Gunner follows, Storm fights him off. Gunner again follows, SUPERPLEX through the chairs. Gunner rolls over and covers, but only gets 2. Storm then gets a lung blower, SUPERKICK. ANOTHER SUPERKICK and a cover gets 2! Gunner is alive! Storm to the floor, gets the beer bottle, but Gunner also has a beer bottle. Gunner connects with his beer bottle, Hits the F5 and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Gunner @ 14:00 via

  • Gunner celebrates.

  • Back to the search for Willow. EC3 is in a mystery building and calls out for Jeff, and then asks for Willow. If he gives back Spud, he won't burn down the building. EC3 finds Spud tied up in a cot with a skeleton, and we then hear Willow's voice calling out to EC3. EC3 says to show himself, and he appears and beats down EC3 with his umbrella. He disappears. Spud whines as EC3 says he doesn't play games and that it is on.

  • End scene.

  • Thanks for reading.

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