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411ís WWE NXT Report 4.03.14
Posted by Tzor Simovic on 04.04.2014

Championship Roll Call:
NXT Champion: Adrian Neville
NXT Women's Champion: Paige
NXT Tag Team Champions: The Ascension (Viktor and Konnor)

 photo nxtlogo_zpsebe3cc00.png

411's WWE NXT Report 04.03.14

William Regal and Renee Young have joined the announcer's table, no Alex Riley today, Hell Yeah!

Emma vs. Sasha Banks
Emma entered first and did her dance while she was in the ring. Charlotte entered along with Sasha Banks. Emma started the match with a headlock and a shoulder hit. Emma makes fun of Banks by lying along with her. Emma bodyslams Banks, covers for a kickout at 2. Banks steps on Emma while she is stuck at the corner. Kicks by Banks on Emma, cover by Banks kickout at 1. Banks hits Emma\s head at the corner. Another bodyslam by Banks, Banks went for a legdrop but Emma dodged. Emma locked the Dil-Emma but had to break the hold after 4 seconds. Emma fell on Banks at the corner, cover and a kickout at 2. Banks accidentally hit Charlotte and took her out of the ring. Emma goes for the Emma Lock and she locks it! Banks Quickly taps out.

Post Match, Charlotte tried to attack Emma but she quickly escaped out of the ring.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Emma @ 3:50 via submission
RATING: 2.5/5 This was fun women's opener match, with Emma getting most of the offense and most of the crowd reaction. Banks got only some basic offense in like kicks and bodyslams. Emma is very good in the ring and is better than most of WWE's divas, she should be used in a more constructive way.

We got a Lesnar/Taker video heading to Wrestlemania, can't wait for this match.

The Ascension vs. Local athletes
Viktor ran and kicked Jack (?) to get him off his feet. Viktor got Jack shoulder first at his tag teammate, Hearly who was subsequently tagged in. Konnor gets tagged in, he picked up Hearly and threw him at the topes 3 times! Konnor hits a body avalanche at Hearly and then tagged in Victor, the both stayed in the ring for the Fall of Man, cover and that was it.

OFFICIAL RESULT: The Ascension @ 2:00 via pinfall
RATING: 1.5/5 I don't understand why should professional wrestlers have to face local athletes to look dominant. Obviously the local athlete guys got no offense in and were destroyed by The Ascension but how can this be considered a success and make The Ascension look more dominant? The crowd wasn't totally dead, they reacted at some times and some cheered for The Ascension.

We had another commercial on Wrestlemania.

We got an announcement that Tyler Breeze was in the building as we're heading to our third match.

Xavier Woods vs. Brodus Clay
Woods run and kicked Clay multiple times, Clay reacted with a T-bone suplex. Clay stepped on Wooods, covered and kickout at 1. Body Avalanche by Clay, cover and another kickout at 1. Clay wants to hold Woods down. Woods gets up lays some punches on Brodus and then kicks him to get him off his feet, Shining Wizard by Woods, Clay recovered with a head-butt, Powerbomb by Clay who gets to the second rope for a splash and the victory.

Post March, Brodus said that WWE took everything back from him and now he wants to take on Neville for the Championship and you know that!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Brodus Clay @ 2:10 via pinfall
RATING: 2/5 Short match to get Brodus Clay over as a threat for the Championship. Brodus got most offense in while Xavier failed to come back at any point. It was ok, basic match to push Brodus.

Adrian Neville got interviewed and said that NXT talent is as good as WWE's and then said that if Brodus gets the opportunity for a match with him, he will be there.

Commercials for Wrestlemania aired again.

Yoshi Tatsu vs. Tyler Breeze
Headlock by Yoshi, punches by Breeze who gets Yoshi at the corner and kicks him. Tatsu went for Body Avalanche but Breeze reversed with a kick. Kick to the back, cover and kickout at 1. Headlock by Breeze who is trying to keep Yoshi down. Yoshi recovers with chops, but Breeze punches Yoshi, gets him up to connect the Beauty Shot and the victory!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Tyler Breeze @ 1:20 via pinfall
RATING: I can't rate an almost one minute wrestling match, I understand that they want to push Breeze and that they don't care about Yoshi but this is too much, the only offense we got in this match was kicks and a headlock.

Sami Zayn was interviewed, he said that he is ready for this match as the doctor's told him so.

Graves was interviewed, he seemed confident that he will prevail today.

Paige said that if Charlotte wanted the title she should come and get it. She was angry and told the reporters to get the camera out of her face.

Corey Graves vs. Sami Zayn
Huge ovation for Sami Zayn, he deserves it he is awesome. Graves is trying to avoid Zayn. Graves dodges Zayn and gets out of the ring. Graves pretending that he is leaving Zayn goes out to punch him and get him back into the ring. Chops by Zayn and then a backdrop. Clothesline by Zayn to get Graves outside of the ring. Zayn then went for a dive over the top ropes on Graves, which was awesome by the way. Zayn gets Graves back in the ring. Knee to the face by Graves who at the edge of the apron. Kick and cover by Graves for a kickout at 2. Graves punched Zayn 3 times at the head as we went to a commercial break from there.

After the break Graves was in control as he hit a suplex and then headlocked Zayn. Zayn tried to get up but again Graves got him down. Punch to the head by Graves and a cover for a kickout at 2. Graves is clearly trying to focus on Zayn's head. Zayn tries to punch but misses Graves, while Greaves connect all of his punches. Elbow to the head, cover and a kickout at 2. Graves headlocks Zayn again. Zayn gets up and broke the headlock, but received a boot to the head by Graves. The official asked Zayn if he is ok and Zayn said yes. Cover by Graves and a kickout at 2. Graves continues to focus on Zayn's head and again locked the headlock to trying to wear down Zayn. Zayn gets up and breaks the hold, quick cover by Zayn but kickout at 2. Zayn tried to recover by hitting some punches on Graves but Graves reversed with a cool move to smack Zayn's face to the mat. Cover by Graves and kickout at 2. Zayn again tried to get some offense in but Graves countered with a cool backbreaker, cover and another kickout at 2. Zayn got up again and caught Graves with an Exploder Suplex into the turnbuckles, Zayn covers but Graves kicks out. Zayn connects the Blue Thunderbomb but only for a nearfall. Graves came off the ropes with momentum and bumped heads with Zayn. Elbow by Zayn, but eh can't get to the top rope because he is dizzy!. Punch by Zayn, Graves capitalizes though with a punch to the head. Graves lock the lucky 13. Sami Zayn did not tap out but the official thought that Zayn was not able to continue and stopped the match.

Post Match, Zayn could not het up to his feet and the doctors cam ine to check on Zayn. When Zayn go up he was angry that the referee ended this match, and that's how the show ended.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Corey Graves @ 15:00 via referee's decision.
RATING: 3/5 It was a very nice technical match that also told the story of Zayn recovering from a concussion perfectly, since that was the reason that Zayn lost. I didn't expect this outcome, expected Zayn making a comeback at the end to get the victory but I was wrong, Graves had the control of this match throughout its duration and got a lot of offense in. Zayn got only a little offense but it doesn't make him look weak because Graves was focusing on Zayn's head while Zayn suffered a concussion recently. I also expected a faster paced match, but it was slow, it picked up just a bit at the end with the reversals and with Zayn getting some offense in. Good sequence and nice match, it was nice to see Graves in a long match as he performed well.

Overall: Today's show was average, we got two matches that lasted around 2 minutes and a match that lasted around 1 minute. The Women's action was good though it could have been longer, crowd was hot for Emma and she performed well. The main event delivered, it was a slightly slow match but it was good and they told a story within this match, which is good. The crowd might seem dead but they wanted to see their favorite superstar, Sami Zayn, to win but he didn't, though it happened in a way in order to protect him and not make him look weak. The other three matches were too short and totally forgettable. This week's episode didn't keep up with the previous week's one, which was good. The fact that Alex Riley was not in the announcing team was definitely good news, this guy talks about anything except wrestling. In my opinion William Regal is gold as a heel announcer and I would love to see him there every week, although I don't know if this is going to happen.

Rating: 5.5/10

Star of the night: Corey Graves

Match of the night: Corey Graves vs Sami Zayn



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