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411’s WWE Smackdown Report 4.11.14
Posted by Larry Csonka on 04.11.2014

Welcome to 411's WWE Smackdown Report 4.11.14
  • Match times are not exact.

  • John Cena kicked off the show. Cena noted that it had been a crazy week, due to WrestleMania. He discussed beating Bray Wyatt, noting that Wyatt tried to turn him into a monster, but that he still couldn't see him. He then discussed Raw, noting that the crowd rewrote his theme music. After his joking, Cena noted that that he is still the measuring stick in the WWE and the standard bearer for the company. He once again reminded people that if someone backstage wanted to stand on top of the WWE mountain that they had to go through him to do it.

    The Wyatts appeared on the Titan Tron, with Harper noting that time may heal all wounds, but that all Cena has done is to give them more time to hurt him. Bray then noted that he wished he could feel pain, but he cannot because he's different. He's still smiling, even though Cena beat him, because he knows more about Cena now. He knows that Cena only needs one little push, and now realizes that he will need to go to extremes to do so. He still wants to bring out the monster in Cena, and the party is far from over. Follow the buzzards…

  • No music for Cesaro, Heyman cut a promo as they walked it old school to the ring. He is here as the representative for the King of Swing, Cesaro. Heyman says that it is a fact that Paul Heyman is the greatest manager in WWE and or sports entertainment history. He engineered Brock Lesnar ending the streak, and when picking your next client, you pick the next big thing, the King of Swing, Cesaro.

    Big Show vs. Cesaro w/Paul Heyman

    Cesaro and Show shake hands to begin. Lock up and Cesaro powers Show away./ Lock up again and then Show powers to the mat. Heyman joins commentary. They trade shots, and then a shoulder block takes down Cesaro. But chop by Show sends Cesaro to the floor. Show rolls him back in, but Cesaro cuts him off and looks to suplex him into the ring. That didn't go well, Show backdropped him to the floor, but Cesaro tried a sunset flip bomb only for Show to sit on him. Back in the ring and Show covers for 2. Cesaro powders to the floor to avoid the KO shot, and has a conversation Heyman.


    Back from commercial as Show lands a chop on Cesaro. Corner charge by Show, eats a boot and Cesaro locks in a sleeper. Cesaro on Show's back with the sleeper, but Show escapes. Misses a corner charge, and another sleeper by Cesaro. Show works to escape, but starts to fade. But just as he looked out of it, he tosses Cesaro off. Shoulder blocks follow, to the corner and a corner splash by Show. Looks for the chokeslam, escape by Cesaro into a sleeper again. Show drops to his back to break the hold, and works to get back to his feet. Show to the second rope, and then MISSES an elbow drop. Cesaro now looks to swing Show, but Jack Swagger runs in for the DQ.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Cesaro @ 10:00 via DQ

  • Cesaro got the ankle lock on Cesaro, but Show made the save and tossed Swagger to the floor. Cesaro then lit up Show with uppercuts, and laid him out with the neutralizer.

  • We got a Bo Dallas promo.

    Ryback and Curtis Axel vs. Los Matadores w/El Torito

    Ryback locks up with a Matadore, to the corner and then chops to Ryback. More chops follow, off the ropes and a counter and then dropkick from a Matadore. A boot to Ryback follows, off the ropes and Ryback catches him and powerslams him down. Tag to Axel, and he lays the boots to the downed Matadore. Clothesline by Axel, and then off the ropes and connects with the running knee. To the corner, tag to Ryback, and a back elbow by Axel and then a clothesline by Ryback gets 2. Ryback grounds the Matadore with a Chinlock. The Matadore works to escape, knees by Ryback and into the stalling suplex, countered and a dropkick takes Ryback down. Ta to Axel, but a tag to the other Matadore. Chops follow, off the ropes and a back elbow by the Matadore. Another connects, and then does a head stand in the corner into a head scissors. To the second rope, and a clothesline to Axel. A Hammerlock DDT follows and a cover gets 2 as Ryback makes the save. Ryback to the floor, and Torito dives onto him, caught, but a Matadore hits a dropkick onto Ryback. That leads to Axel hitting his neck breaker on a Matadore for the win.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Ryback and Curtis Axel @ 5:00 via pin

  • Renee Young caught up with RVD backstage. He says everything has changed since he's been gone, like the company's face has a beard now. He's happy to be back.

    Damien Sandow vs. Rob Van Dam

    This is a rematch from Raw. Lock up to begin, go behind by RVD, and elbows by Sandow. Off the ropes and a roll up by RVD for 2. A sidekick connects, and as he celebrates, Sandow rolls him up for 2. Kick in the corner by RVD, rolling thunder follows. Sandow to the floor, and the baseball slide dropkick follows. RVD then misses a moonsault to the floor, and Sandow slams him to the barricade. Back into the ring and a cover for 2. Sandow lays the boots to RVD, follows with knee drops and covers for 2. RVD back with elbows, but Sandow slams him down and drops the kneepad and hits the knee drop. Elbow with a wacky name connects for Sandow gets 2. Head butts by Sandow, and drags RVD to the apron and delivers elbows. Axe handle drop and a cover gets 2 for Sandow. RVD battles back with a kick to the face and a roll up for 2. Spin kick follows, Sandow is down and RVD heads up top. Sandow cuts him off, delivers rights and follows RVD up top. RVD fights off the superplex and knocks Sandow to the mat. Frog splash. Done.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Rob Van Dam @ 4:00 via pin

  • We get an Adam Rose promo.

  • Hulk Hogan came out to the ring. He put over Daniel Bryan for his performance at WrestleMania, noting that the show became "YestleMania". He got chills when Bryan won and held up both titles. Hogan then called out the new champion, and Bryan came to the ring. They did some YES stuff, and then Bryan did a Hogan impersonation. Bryan then stated that this had been the best week of his life, and now he was in the ring with Hogan. He added like he felt like a member of the crowd being in there with the Hulkster. He prayed every night to main event, just like Hulk Hogan. He took his vitamins to get the 24-inch pythons, just like Hogan. Well, he's still working on that, but he's been a Hulkamania ever since he can remember. But one thing can make this week even more special. Bryan had them play Hogan's music, and they posed together.

  • Michael Cole noted that Monday's Raw will be a tribute to Warrior.

    Bad News Barrett vs. Kofi Kingston

    Barrett got on the mic and informed us he had some bad news. Kofi tried to attack and he cut him off and started to kick his ass. Slams Kofi to the corner, rights to the gut follow. A whip to the corner, Kofi springs off and hits a dropkick. Kicks to Barrett, to the corner, Kofi runs up and hits the high cross for 2. Barrett tosses Kofi over the top, but Kofi hangs on, skins the cat back in the ring and hits a clothesline. BOOM DROP for Kofi connects. Barrett bails before Kofi can hit trouble in paradise. Kofi follows, chases Barrett, back into the ring and Kofi with a sidekick. Kofi goes for trouble in paradise, but Barrett had some bad news for him. BULL HAMMER SON! Pin.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Bad News Barrett @ 2:00 via pin

  • The "Thank You Fans" video aired.

  • Cole explains the drams between Fandango and Summer Rae. Layla makes her debut as his new partner here.

    Fandango w/Layla vs. Santino w/Emma

    Lock up, Santino with the judo throw and then into a hip toss and works a side headlock. To the feet, escape and rights by Fandango. Off the ropes, Santino power walk and Fandango with a shot to the gut. Chops follow, and he dances. Off the ropes and a back elbow to Santino gets 2 for Fandango. Santino back with jabs, drop down and then the hip toss follows. He gets the cobra, but Layla steals it, allowing Fandango to roll up Santino for the victory.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Fandango@ 1:30 via pin

  • We got a video package on Paige, showing off that she is the anti-diva and it also including her title win from Raw.

  • We got another Adam Rose video.

  • Clips from the Raw main event aired.

  • Kane was backstage with Orton and Batista, trying to give them motivation, but asking them to leave Bryan to him. They all argued over who would get to take out Bryan, and Kane eventually left.

    The Usos and Daniel Bryan vs. Kane, Batista and Randy Orton

    Batista and Jey Uso to begin. Lock up, to the corner and Batista misses a aright and Jey fires away with body shots. Sidekick connects, works the arm and tags to Jimmy. Chops to Batista, off the ropes and a kick to Batista. Batista then hits a spinebuster, and covers for 2. Tag to Orton, and he just lays in the boot son Jimmy. Orton poses, and rips off the bandage on Jimmy's ribs from the attack on Monday.


    Back from commercial as Kane eats a boot from Jimmy. Off the ropes, but he leaps into an uppercut by Kane and a cover gets 2. Tag to Batista, and he works the back and ribs of Jimmy in his corner. To the apron and a hard elbow by Batista follows. He chokes out Jimmy, tag to Orton and he gets the catapult in the ropes and then covers for 2. Orton mocks Jimmy because he cannot get the tag, knee to the gut and then dumps him on the top rope and then covers for 2. Grounded bear hug by Orton follows, but Jimmy escapes, hits the ropes and runs right into a dropkick. Tag to Kane, whips Jimmy to the corner and hits the corner clothesline and side slam. That gets 2. Kane with a seated bear hug now, continuing to target the injury from Monday. Elbows by Jimmy, but Kane slams him down by his hair and tags in Orton who covers for 2. Headlock and body scissors by Orton, Jimmy escapes to his feet, chops and rights follow. Off the ropes and a snap slam by Orton. Orton takes out the other Uso, but a Samoan Drop by Jimmy connects. Both are down, they crawl, tag to Kane and then after a spin kick a tag to Bryan! Missile dropkick to Kane, kip up and a dropkick to Batista. Kicks to Kane, rights follow by Bryan. To the corner, moonsault counter and then the clothesline by Bryan. Kicks to Kane, misses the head shot but then sends Kane to the floor. Suicide dive by Bryan connects! Orton and Batista attack and then the Usos hit stereo suicide dives. They brawl on the floor, and the ref has thrown this out.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: No Contest/Double Countout @ 12:00

  • Kane and Bryan battled on the floor. Back in the ring, Orton hit an RKO on one of the Usos, while Batista hit the powerbomb on the other. Kane then took apart the announcer's table, and looked to chokeslam Bryan through it, but Seth Rollins made the save. The rest of the Shield hit the ring, and Orton and Batista eventually backed off and retreated up the ramp. Kane then tried to sneak attack them with a chair. Bad move Citizen Kane, Bryan returned and laid out Kane with the running knee. The Shield then hit the triple powerbomb on Kane. The Shield posed as Bryan celebrated on the ropes. Orton and Batista looked on from the stage.

  • End scene.

  • Thanks for reading.

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