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411's Warrior Week: Wrestlemania Rewind Report 4.16.14
Posted by Andrew Shillinglaw on 04.16.2014

411's Warrior Week: Wrestlemania Rewind Report 4.16.14

Any match times are not exact.

Gary Thorne opens us up. He tells us we'll be journeying back to 1990 to witness Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior. We will be reliving the ultimate challenge between two Hall of Fame competitors. We will also be hearing from both Warrior and Hogan about the match. These are the greatest matches in Wrestlemania history and the stories behind them. This is Wrestlemania Rewind!

The opening video package airs.

Gary Thorne does a narration over clips. He talks about how two superstars were creating clashing movements of hype and fandom while the eighties were ending. Those two men were Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior.

Cesaro says these two were both superheroes. They looked like action figures. They had amazing physiques and that helped them in American culture.

Daniel Bryan said he had an Ultimate Warrior costume that he would trick or treat in. The Ultimate Warrior was comic book like and just appealing to you as a kid.

Vince says Hogan had a unique look. He had passion and ambition and wanted to succeed like nobody else. Vince knew he wanted Hogan to be the flagship performer.

Cena says that WWE in the 80s was like a comic book. The super hero remained constant and went against super villains but every now and then he had to go up against another hero.

Okerlund says that it was time for the two heroes to go against each other in the Ultimate Challenge. IC Champion versus World Champion. Ultimate Warrior vs. Hulk Hogan. And now it's time to relive the road to Wrestlemania with Hulk Hogan. Thorne talks about how Hogan was coming off a landmark series of Wrestlemanias that was cementing his legacy and making him a household name.

Hogan comes on. He says that Wrestlemania and Hulkamania took off at the same time. He was on SNL. He was on The Tonight Show. He was in mainstream media.

Damien Sandow says Vince McMahon had turned Hulk Hogan into one of the most recognizable faces in America.

Dolph Ziggler says Hulk Hogan was the face of WWE. He was larger than life and Hulkamania was running wild.

Cena says you need that Michael Jordan. You need that household name and Hulk Hogan was the perfect fit to be that household name.

Thorne says that Hulkamania was now part of pop culture, television, and film. It had crossed over.

Ric Flair says that Hogan wanted to be the best. He wanted to be the flagship and he did a hell of a job.

AJ says Hogan was the first to make wrestling mainstream. And throughout his career he has still been able to be that liaison between mainstream media and wrestling.

Hogan says that this Hulkamania thing was getting larger and larger everyday. It was overwhelming how suddenly it took off. He says he became a role model all of a sudden.

Thorne says as Hulkamania was at its pinnacle, a bold new superstar was emerging into the WWE Universe. The Ultimate Warrior had the ultimate presentation and was primed for greatness.

Dolph talks about his face paint and gear.

Hacksaw talks about his crazy entrance.

Hogan says all of a sudden there was a guy who was just as jacked as Hogan but was wearing makeup and was in crazy neon colors. He had that crazy music. And it was just perfect and Warrior would just come down running and everything matched perfectly.

JR says he was one of those guys you couldn't take your eyes off. He just had it.

Thorne says his first test was his Intercontinental Title match against Honky Tonk Man at Summerslam. They show clips from the match, ending with Warrior winning the belt after the big running splash. Daniel Bryan calls it his favorite childhood wrestling moment.

Warrior himself comes on. He says it was neat how it was set up and Honky Tonk was the perfect character for that. Everyone was happy and felt that it was the right time for a title run like this.

Thorne says the world started to take notice of Warrior after that match.

Warrior says that his character was what guys wanted to be and what girls wanted to be with. Kids loved him too because they felt safe with him. It was a true superhero character.

Jerry Lawler says Warrior had so much energy and showmanship and it was just infectious. He's right up there with Hulk Hogan who Lawler considers the most charismatic wrestler ever.

Thorne says with Warrior's popularity rising, WWE decided that it was time to put him up against Hogan.

Warrior says he found about about the Wrestlemania main event about 3 or 4 months beforehand. He was in the offices in Stamford and Vince and Hogan proposed the idea. Warrior says he thought it was awesome but didn't need it as he was already content. His life was already as cool as he thought it could be.

Hogan says it was a conscious effort to push someone else over to that superstardom level.

Thorne says the first event to kickstart the rivalry was the Royal Rumble where both men were entered. They show a clip from the Rumble itself. The match comes down to Warrior and Hogan. Dolph Ziggler thought it was perfect. The tiniest seed was planted to let these two superstars just face off for a moment. Brad Maddox said the moment felt organic and nobody saw it coming. Ted DiBiase says the crowd was used to one guy they loved and one that they hated and now they had to choose between two guys that they loved. Cena says you can only keep two popular commodities apart for so long.

They show a Hogan promo about Warrior. He says in the Rumble he Rumbled the whole WWF and he felt Hulkamania at its highest. But when he turned and saw The Warrior and collided with him, he'll swear by his God that it was the most powerful force he'd ever seen.

Hogan says Vince knew how big of a deal this was. He knew these two entities were monsters so you didn't have to do a lot. Just a little staredown. Just a little bump into each other. The challenge just had to be issued. Put both belts up and it would be magic. And of course, they show the clip of Hogan challenging the Warrior to the match at Wrestlemania.

Sandow says this match was crazy because it was the two most popular guys in the company. Fans genuinely liked them. It was like two of your friends getting into an argument and having to pick a side. It just felt relatable for everyone.

They show a clip of the contract signing for the match. Warrior says at Wrestlemania 6 he will take the powers of those that question and the powers of those that have no fear as he takes two and becomes one.

Ziggler says it added to the drama. It built until you wanted it more and more. That's why it made the match magic and special. It's about the story and buildup but it's also about the aura that is Wrestlemania.

Lawler says that wrestling is at its strongest when the fans don't know what's going to happen next and that's what this was. It was a match you thought you'd never see but suddenly there it was in Toronto in front of 60,000 fans. He says it might be the most intense atmosphere of all time.

Hogan says those big stages feel easier. The bigger the audience, the more atmosphere and energy and the smoother the things go.

Warrior says that the first thing he noticed was that it was a long way to the ring. He was told that there were carts to take him to the ring but he said "No, I'm gonna run" and the kids that told him shocked and immediately went to tell Vince. Vince comes and finds him and he tells Vince "No, I'm running to the ring" and Vince says "You heard him boys, he's running to the ring."

And now, it's time to go back to Wrestlemania VI!

Wrestlemania VI 4/1/90: The Ultimate Challenge: The Ultimate Warrior vs. Hulk Hogan

Warrior enters first, and he does indeed run down to the ring. Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura are on commentary. Hogan comes to the ring, but not on a cart. I'm assuming he didn't want to be shown up by Warrior, but he didn't run so this entrance battle was already won. The referee Earl Hebner, checks both competitors. Both men stare each other down, belts around their waists, and it's just an absolutely amazing moment.

The bell rings and the two just stare each other down and Warrior shoves Hogan to start. Hogan shoves him right back after a moment of surprise and the two then lock up right in the middle of the ring and Warrior shoves Hogan off into the corner. They lock up again and struggle for a bit before Hogan shoves Warrior off into the corner. Warrior signals for a good old fashioned Greco Roman Knuckle Lock. Hogan agrees and the two take part in a test of strength. The two are in a standstill in the beginning, completely even. They back up and crash back into each other two separate times and the arms slowly begin to rise. Warrior begins to take control. Hogan drops to his knees and Warrior is in control. Hogan fights back up to one knee. He then gets back up to both feet and powers Warrior down to HIS knees! The two men are completely even here so far. Warrior fights back up to his feet and Hogan quickly takes him down and drops an elbow. He makes a cover but only gets a one. Warrior goes for a shoulder block and neither man moves. They begin to criss cross the ropes. Hogan drops down and when Warrior comes back he catches him with a scoop slam but Warrior is right back up! They begin to criss cross again. Warrior drops down and also hits that scoop slam and Hogan stays down as Warrior raises those arms in the air. Hogan gets up and Warrior clotheslines him out to the floor! Hogan grabs his left knee and he's limping around on the outside of the ring. Hogan collapses on the outside and Warrior leaves the ring and lays a few stomps in. Hebner goes out to the ring to check on Hogan and he's saying his knee is gone but he's going to try and get back in. Warrior gets out of the ring, picks Hogan up, and rolls him back into the ring! He immediately goes after Hogan's bad knee. Hogan fights back with a thumb to the eyes! Hogan's fighting dirty! Then the two men begin to choke each other and Hebner gets in between them to break it up! He yells at Warrior and Hogan catches Warrior with a big punch! More punches and he whips Warrior to the corner and immediately follows up with a big clothesline! He climbs up to the second punch and delivers eight punches right to Warrior's head. Hogan picks up Warrior and delivers another big scoop slam followed by two elbow drops. He makes the cover but only gets a 2. Hogan locks in a front face lock. He drops down! Woah! Small package! Once again only a two count. Hogan lifts Warrior up and locks in a chin lock. While he's got Warrior there he delivers some punches to the head. He picks up Warrior and fights him into the corner where he delivers chops and punches to the chest and head of Warrior. He whips Warrior off and delivers a big clothesline. Goes for the pin… only a 2 count. Hogan picks up Warrior again and this time delivers a backbreaker. He goes for the pin once more but again only gets a 2. He locks in a reverse chinlock on the seated Warrior now. Warrior tries to fight out of it a few times but Hogan shakes him off. Hogan gets up and drives three knees into the back of Warrior. He picks Warrior up and delivers a big back suplex. He goes for the pin. Only a 2! Right back to that reverse chinlock! Warrior begins to shake his leg and raise his right arm and the crowd begins to come alive. He calls for the crowd's support and he gets to his feet and begins to deliver elbows to the midsection of Hogan. A third big one and Hogan's hold is broken. Warrior hits the ropes, Hogan drops down, DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE ON THE WAY BACK AND BOTH MEN ARE DOWN! Hebner gets to seven and Warrior sits up and begins to shake his head. Hogan also begins to come alive. Warrior pulls himself up and begins shaking the ropes. Hogan hits him from behind with an axehandle but Warrior just keeps shaking the ropes! He marches around the ring no selling those axehandles! Big punches to Hogan! Clothesline! And another! He hits the ropes for a third! He gets Hogan into the corner and delivers a chop. He whips him across to another turnbuckle and then back yet again! Hogan is down and holding onto Warrior's leg and Warrior looks just fine! Big suplex! Warrior goes for the cover. 1…2… No! Hulk kicks out! And Warrior locks in a big bear hug. The bear hug stays locked in and Hogan begins to lose life. Hogan tries to fight Warrior off but he has no luck and Hogan eventually goes out entirely and Hebner is forced to check the arm. It drops once, it drops twice, but the third time it's not a charm! Hogan's arm stays up! Big punches to Warrior! Warrior ducks a clothesline and Hogan drops down but Warrior hits the referee and HEBNER GOES DOWN! Warrior climbs to the top rope! Flying double axehandle! He climbs up again and does the exact same thing again! Warrior goes for the flying shoulder block but Hogan sidesteps and takes Warrior down! He goes for the pin… BUT THE REFEREE IS DOWN! NOBODY CAN COUNT! Warrior gets to his feet and delivers a big back suplex to Hogan. He makes the cover but Hebner is still down! Hebner comes alive and Warrior makes the cover. A really slow two and HOGAN JUST KICKS OUT AT THREE! Hogan goes for a school boy! Hebner's out of position and Hogan only gets the two! Hogan stands Warrior up and delivers big right hands to the head of Warrior. He whips Warrior off and back elbows him over the top rope to the outside. He follows him down to the floor and the two begin exchanging blows. They try to ram each other into the ring post but Warrior reverses and sends Hogan into the post instead. They get back into the ring and Warrior hits a big clothesline. He picks Hogan up. HE GETS HIM UP FOR THE PRESS SLAM AND HE HITS IT! BIG SPLASH! HE COVERS! ONE! TWO! HOGAN KICKS OUT! Warrior hits him with a punch…. But now Hulk is Hulking up! He's not having any of it! Hogan does the point! I'M MARKING OUT AND I'VE SEEN THIS MATCH A MILLION TIMES! Hogan whips him off! BIG BOOT! HE GOES FOR THE LEG DROP BUT WARRIOR MOVES! A SECOND BIG SPLASH! ONE! TWO! THREE!


Okay, I'm back.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Ultimate Warrior @ 22:00 via pinfall
Thoughts: This match is super important. It's the absolute passing of the torch. And as far as Wrestlemania main events goes, it goes down as one of the absolute best. Hogan was not the guy who lost. He was the hero that took on the villains, much like Cena said earlier. But now it was Warrior's turn to take that torch and that's what this was all about. This signified the changing of the guard.

Hogan gets back into the ring with the WWF Title. He hands it to Warrior and raises Warrior's arm in the air as the crowd goes wild. The two hug in the middle of the ring and now Warrior raises Hogan's arm. Warrior celebrates with both belts and pyro and the whole deal.

Now it's time for post Wrestlemania reflections.

Thorne says these two men produced a moment in time that showcased two stars that went on to define an era in sports entertainment. It was a marquis attraction that featured two colossal icons that delivered a flawless performance at Wrestlemania.

Cesaro says it was revolutionary because it was two good guys against each other. The crowd was split.

Warrior said the energy was so heavy in that building and went as far as he could see.
Thorne says a record breaking crowd saw Warrior and Hogan fight a hard nosed battle, shifting momentum with each moment as fans witnessed a match that would immortalize both stars in WWE history.

Ziggler says as a fan watching Warrior pinning Hulk Hogan, he saw a new top face of the company. He said the fact that Hogan put up a great fight made an awesome match and an awesome moment.

Pat Patterson says after the match, backstage nobody could find Warrior. Patterson saw a door and he found Warrior sitting on a chair in the dark. He asked if Warrior was okay or hurt and Warrior was crying. He said he couldn't believe that he was the champion. He was overjoyed and it was a huge moment for him.

Thorne says that after Wrestlemania VI these superstars would go on to define themselves inspiring fans and future superstars alike.

They show Linda inducting Warrior at the Hall of Fame, talking about his passion and how he is a true superstar.

Thorne says the Ultimate Challenge lead to an ultimate showdown between Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan. It paved the way for one of the most spectacular main events ever that would shape the landscape of WWE as we know it. And it all began at the Showcase of the Immortals.



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