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411’s TNA Impact Wrestling Report 4.24.14
Posted by Larry Csonka on 04.24.2014

  • Match times are not exact.

  • Kurt Angle prepares backstage for his match tonight. Spud is trying to get out of the match, and if he does, he will go after EC3.

  • Highlights of Eric Young winning the title two weeks ago and his promo and title defense from last week.

  • Magnus makes his way to the ring. He has a weapon with him, the metal part of the turnbuckle. He is about to introduce him self as our champion, but has to stop himself from doing so. He doesn't look at it as losing the title or losing to EY, he sees it this way; he was let down. Good help these days is hard to find, right Abyss? He wants Abyss to come out to the ring so he can talk to him face to face.

    Abyss now makes his way out to the ring. Magnus says Abyss is 6'8 and 350 pounds of idiot. He then says Abyss makes him sick, and he now realizes why everyone in Abyss' life abandoned him, because he is a disappointment. He asked Abyss to do one thing, make sure the title stayed with him. Abyss says that MVP threatened to fire anyone that got involved, but Magnus says that Abyss works for him and not TNA. Well not any longer, because Magnus says Abyss' services are no longer needed and future endeavors him. Abyss says that this was never about the money or financial gain; it was about him having a sense of belonging. He trusted Magnus, Magnus said they were friends. But now, now Abyss realizes that all Magnus is, is a self centered, arrogant jackass. He is the monster Abyss, he hurts people and he destroys lives and ends careers. And since he is no longer Magnus' employee, he starts with Magnus. Magnus says Abyss has no contract, so if he touches him he will have him arrested for assault.

    This leads to MVP making his way out to the stage. MVP says he doesn't like this, and wants Magnus to put down the weapon. He makes his way to the ring and says Abyss is not one of his favorite people, however, he understands in life people deserve second chances. So he knows where Abyss is at, he needs to belong, and since he has just been fired, MVP wants to give him a second chance and have a full time spot on the TNA roster. MVP will give him that spot if he wins his match tonight. Against Magnus. Magnus says he cannot do that, MVP disagrees and skips to the back. Abyss says he never liked Magnus, and tonight he will kick his ass.

  • Spud is preparing backstage and EC3 arrives. EC3 says no speech tonight, what he saw last week was real and alive. He saw the real Kurt Angle. And he realized that only one man can defeat Angle, and that is himself. Tonight, Spud is operation Human Shield. He has asked a lot from Spud, but tonight, he needs him to be a gazelle.

    Kurt Angle vs. Rockstar Spud w/Ethan Carter III

    Angle is wearing a big knee brace, due to his recent injury and surgery. Spud begs off right away as Carter teases getting into the ring. Spud tries a single leg, fails and gets tossed across the ring. Carter distracts again, but Spud fails to take advantage as Angle hits a tilt a whirl back breaker. Spud tries to escape, Angle chases him and Carter grabs his leg and that allows Spud to work him over with rights and a dropkick off the ropes. That got a cover for 2. Spud up top, Angle runs up and gets an overhead suplex off the ropes. Angle takes out Carter, ankle lock on Spud, that's all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Kurt Angle @ 2:00 via submission

  • Carter attacks after the match and attacks the knee of Angle, but Willow and his umbrella make the save.

  • The Beautiful People meet backstage and say things are getting ugly with Madison Rayne. Tonight, they give her a much-needed makeover.

  • MVP talks about his match with Austin Aries on the phone, and Kenny King appears in his office. He's all comfortable in MVP's office, and says he needs to be featured on Impact. MVP says he has a match for King tonight, right now.

  • Madison Rayne makes her way to the ring. Rayne calls out the Beautiful People for their makeover. They make their way out to the ring, and Love says she looks run down and tired in the face. Is her baby keeping her up all night? Love says Rayne may want to be a role model to her daughter, but she should be thankful for the invitation to have a makeover tonight. Rayne says that they are right; she forgives them. She is so sorry… sorry that she's about to do this and she attacks them both. The numbers game gets to her, and they beat down Rayne. Love says how dare she disrespect them. Rayne was a no one before the beautiful People took her in. But that all changes right now. Brittany then hits the ring and tries to help Rayne, but they beat her down and toss her to the floor. In yo face by Sky to Rayne, and they grab the make up bag. They have the old paper bag, this one with Love's face on it. They place it on Rayne and say how beautiful she looks.

  • Mr. Anderson is in Samuel Shaw's hometown and is heading to his childhood home.

  • During the commercial break, Madison Rayne met with Gail Kim. Kim is upset with the beautiful People, and while she and Rayne aren't "besties" anymore. But she respects her, and wants to team with her tonight. Rayne agrees to team with her tonight. Brittany says she'll be there as well, but Rayne says no thanks. Creepy stalker angle alert!

    Bobby Lashley vs. Kenny King

    King is not happy to see that Bobby Lashley is his opponent. Lashley gets an amateur takedown to begin. Gets another and then works a side headlock. To the corner, Lashley breaks clean, King tries to attack and Lashley lays in some rights. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Lashley. Off the ropes and a drop toehold and then a side headlock by King. Lashley just tosses him down, and King bails to the floor. Lashley celebrates, King back in and a powerslam by Lashley. To the corner, Lashley almost hits the ref as King pulled him in the way. Lashley moves the ref and then works the arm of King. Eye poke by King, springboard missile dropkick follows and Lashley is down. King lays the boots to Lashley, rights and head butts follow. Lashley battles back and hits an overhead belly to belly and both men are down. Rights by Lashley, jabs follow. Clubbing shots to the back and then a clothesline follows. Spear in the corner by Lashley, and then tosses King to the mat. Sets for the spear, King blocks and lands a spin kick. King on the second rope and looks for the blockbuster but Lashley catches him in mid air in perfect suplex position and connects with a jack hammer suplex. That was cool. Lashley looks for the spear, but King bails. Countout.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Bobby Lashley @ 6:00 via countout

  • Anderson drives to and then arrives at Shaw family home. Anderson looks like he is into Shaw's mom, and asks if this is the right house. She says it is and invites him in. Her name is Christy and she is a red head. Oedipus complex for young Samuel?

  • Roode and Storm meet backstage and discuss the good times where they kicked each other's asses. They then discuss how they were the best team ever in TNA, and they can beat every one and then if they have to beat the hell out of each other. Gunner never thanked Storm for making him a star, and he wants revenge. Plus if he can make Gunner's dad cry that is icing on the cake. Roode gets a smile when he puts Bully through tales, and Storm should know, he never smiles.

    MVP vs. Austin Aries

    Crowd is split early for these two. Lock up to begin, side headlock by Aries. Counters, and a cravat by Aries. MVP escapes, works the arm, escape by Aries and into a side headlock takedown. Head scissors by MVP, always a mistake as Aries escapes and dropkicks MVP in the face. Aries bails to the floor, and a slingshot plancha by MVP onto Aries. Rolls him back in and as he gets to the apron Aries dropkicks him knee and sends him to the mat. Aries up top and connects with the double sledgehammer. Aries rolls him back into the ring, slingshot senton and then an elbow drop and a cover by Aries gets 2. Elbow off the second rope to the back by Aries, and another cover for 2. MVP battles back with punches; Aries cuts him off and boxes his ears. Aries then misses a shotgun dropkick in the corner, and corner clotheslines by MVP. Aries then bites his arm to stop that, they trade shots and then MVP decapitates Aries with a clothesline and covers for 2. MVP looks for the ballin elbow, it connects and looks for a German suplex, counter and a forearm by Aries lands. Suplex try, counter and a release German by MVP. Aries lands a suplex oh his own, and to the corner and then the shotgun dropkick connects and Aries covers for a close 2. Aries up top, MISSES the 450! MVP with the shining wizard and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: MVP @ 6:00 via pin

  • A video package for Sanada, showing him winning the X-Division Title in Japan and his arrival in TNA.

  • We see Anderson meeting with Shaw's mother. They are having some iced tea, and Anderson says he works with Shaw and they are doing a special on him. She says Samuel is talented, and she is baking a pie for Samuel right now, as she does every day. She says she takes it to his room, in the basement, every day. She invites Anderson to see the room.

    James Storm & Bobby Roode vs. Bully Ray & Gunner

    Storm and Bully to begin. Side headlock by Storm, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Bully. He works the arm, off the ropes and a boot by Storm, but then runs into a clothesline. Backdrop to Roode, and then Bully clotheslines both men. Back to the arm of Storm, tags in Gunner, who heads up top and head butts the arm. Storm rakes the eyes and tags in Roode. Clotheslines by Gunner, a slam and head butt follows and he covers for 2. Tag to Bully, double shoulder block to Roode. Roode then catches Bully with a back elbow, Bully fights back but Storm trips him up and crotches him on the steep post. Storm then calls him fat to add some insult to injury and gets tagged in. Rights to Bully, and then a cover for 2 by Storm. Tag back to Roode, who slams Bully to the corner. They trade rights, off the ropes and a back elbow from Roode connects. Roode hits a dropkick, and then distracts the ref so that Storm can choke out and bite at Bully. Roode yells at Bully, some chops by Bully, and then the side slam connects and BOTH men are down. Tags to Gunner and Storm, Gunner cleans house, knees to both men in the corner and then gets the slingshot suplex to Roode, Storm makes the save. Bully in and evens the odds, slams down Storm, and Gunner up top. WAZZUP head butt by Gunner to Storm. GUNNER! GET THE TABLES! #throwbackthursday Gunner grabs a table as Bully beats down Storm. Gunner lays Rood eon the table on the floor, but then Bully MISSES an elbow drop off the apron through the table. DDT by Gunner on Storm and a cover for 2 as Roode makes the save. F5 by Gunner connects on Roode, but then Storm lays him out him with the superkick and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: James Storm & Bobby Roode @ 8:00 via pin

  • Magnus plans to teach a lesson to Abyss by ending his career. People around here need to understand whose time it is, and when your time comes, there is nothing you can do about it.

  • Anderson heads down to see Samuel Shaw's room.

  • Shaw's room looks like that of a 10-year old boy. Shaw arrives, flips out and attacks Anderson. The cameraman runs for his life as Shaw's mother questions what is going on down there. Shaw then comes up from the basement with a bloody mouth and hugs on his mother.

    The Beautiful People (Sky and Love) vs. Madison Rayne & Gail Kim

    Rayne is fired up and wants to attack Sky, who keeps running off. Rayne finally gets her hands on her and slams her to the mat by her hair. Tenay says Brittany suffered a concussion in the earlier angle with the ladies. Kim and Rayne toss Sky and Love to the floor, stereo baseball slide dropkicks follow and Rayne then tosses Sky back into the ring. Rayne then gets the skull fucker on Sky, and then covers for 2. Tag to Kim, kicks and forearms to Sky. A clothesline follows and a cover for 2 by Kim. Off the ropes, blind tag by Love and she attacks Kim from behind and slams Kim to the may by her hair. She lays the boots to her and covers for 2. Kim then sends Love to the corner, gets the corner splash and then kicks Sky to the floor. Love and Sky look to bail, but Kim and Rayne toss them back into the ring. Kim then works a grounded head scissors on Love, taking control back. Sky in and gets a basement dropkick to Kim to break things up. A sleeper by Love now, Kim slams her to the corner and tries to escape, and does with the side back breaker. Tag to Rayne, rights and kicks to Love. An Enziguri follows, and then a kick to the face of Sky. Rayne slams Love to the corner as Kim and Sky brawl on the floor. Sky takes out Kim, and then as she enters the ring Rayne gets a spear on her. Love then rolls up Rayne with the tights and scores the win.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: The Beautiful People @ 5:00 via pin

  • We get another Knux video package. He can't stay home, he has to go back to TNA and do what he's best at. Knux's lady is coming with him as well.

  • Abyss knows who the real Magnus is now, and tonight he fixes the mistakes he made. They know who they are and he knows who he is, and this massacre that is to come tonight, is for him.

  • We get a video package for the Wolves. They want the TNA Tag Team Titles. They will face the BroMans and DJ Zema Ion at Sunday's Sacrifice PPV.

  • Eric Young is out for commentary.

    If Abyss Wins He Gets An Impact Wrestling Contract: Abyss vs. Magnus

    Magnus talks shit to Abyss, who then starts to kick his ass for disrespecting him. Magnus runs into a clothesline, and then Abyss tosses him over the top rope and to the floor…

    ~commercial break~

    Back from commercial as Magnus works over Abyss in the corner with rights and kicks. Magnus is focusing on the knee, and kicks at it to drop Abyss to the mat. More rights by Magnus, single leg follows and then drops the elbow to the knee of Abyss. Magnus scissors the knee, but Abyss fights out and gets to his feet. More kicks to the knee by Magnus, rights by Magnus and Abyss drops to a knee. Magnus charges, Abyss looks for a chokeslam but Magnus escapes by kicking the knee and then hitting a charging knee to the face. Magnus goes for a figure four, but Abyss kicks him away and to the floor. Abyss pulls himself up by the ropes, but Magnus trips him and pulls him to the post. Abyss manages to pull Magnus into the post and they brawl on the floor. Back into the ring they go, and Magnus LOW BLOWS Abyss in front of the ref.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Abyss @ 8:00 via DQ

  • Magnus to the floor and grabs a chair. He attacks Abyss and starts laying in repeated shots to the back. Magnus then tries to attack the ref, so Eric Young makes the save… until Magnus kicks him in the balls and starts to lay him out with chair shots. He hits Abyss again and then another shot to Young. Magnus then tosses the chair down and stands tall in the middle of the ring just days before Sacrifice…

  • End scene.

  • Thanks for reading.

  • See you guys on Sunday night for Sacrifice.

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