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411s TNA Sacrifice Report 4.27.14
Posted by Larry Csonka on 04.27.2014

 photo saclogo_zpsab68f773.jpg


  • Match times are not exact.

  • Edwards cuts a promo before the match explaining how the champions have gotten DQ'd to keep their titles. He hands Christy Hemme a note to read, and by order of MVP, is now a no DQ match.

    Tag Team Championship Handicap NO DQ Match: Champions the Bro-Mans and DJ Zema Ion vs. The Wolves (Richards and Edwards)

    The Wolves toss Ion to the floor, and then hit stereo RANAS on the champions and sends them to the floor. They then toss Ion over the top (huge double hip toss) and to the floor onto Robbie and Jessie. Stereo dives by the Wolves as they are running wild. Ion back in and they work him over in the corner, double teams to Jessie as Robbie tries to make the save, but ends up hitting his partner. He tries to chop and kick at the Wolves, which was a bad idea as the Wolves just beat the shit out of him in the corner. Charging kick by Richards in the corner and then a running knee by Edwards. Ion turns the tide by Using the lap top on the Wolves, and Jessie then press slams Richards and drops him onto the barricade. Ion and the champions turn their attention to Edwards, with Jessie in and covering for 2. Things have finally settled into a regular tag match, Jessie tags in Robbie who hits a forearm off the 2nd rope and covers for 2. Mounted rights follow, and then Robbie uses his wrist tape to choke out Edwards. Ion tags in, rights to Edwards and then chops follow. Back elbow by Ion, off the ropes and a stun gun into a neck breaker follows. Edwards in the corner of the champions, triple charging knee connects to Edwards. Robbie tags back in, slams Edwards down and works a headlock, grounding Edwards. Edwards fights to his feet, but Robbie slams him back down and tags in Jessie. The dropkick connects and Jessie is very proud of himself. Jessie works a bear hug now, Edwards boxes the ears to escape, takes out Ion and hits a suplex on Jessie. BOTH men are down and Ion pulls Richards to the floor to stop the tag. The champions maintain control and then pull Edwards to the floor and stomp away on him. Back into the ring they go, off the ropes and Edwards hits a RANA to both Robbie and Jessie. Tag to Richards and he is the old house of fire, kicks and clotheslines to all! Richards up top and hits a missile dropkick to Jessie and Ion. Ion cuts him off, but then hits Jessie with the lap top by accident! The Wolves hit the powerbomb/backstabber combo on Jessie. Both up top double stomp combo connects and we have NEW champions!

    Good and fast paced opener and the title change came at the right time.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: AND NEW CHAMPIONS The Wolves @ 10:00 via pin
    RATING: ***¼

  • The Wolves celebrate as we get highlights form the match.

  • Borash is in the back and interviews Samuel Shaw. Shaw says he will not go into the wagon; he cannot and will not let it happen. Shaw says his mother nurtured him and he blossomed into the young and attractive man he is, and he dedicates the match to her.

    Committed Match: Mr. Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw

    The first person put into the "padded wagon" loses the match. Shaw to the floor, Anderson chases and then Shaw grabs Hemme and uses her as a shield. He tosses Hemme into Anderson, who then starts to beat on him at ringside. Into the ring they go and rights by Anderson in the corner. An Irish whip and backdrop by Anderson follows. Anderson then clothesline shim to the floor as Hemme looks on approvingly. Shaw then slams Anderson into the ring apron, and then rolls into the ring. Shaw charges Anderson as he was on the apron and Anderson sidesteps him and Shaw flies to the floor. More brawling at ringside, and Anderson slams Shaw to the apron a few times. Shaw fights back and tosses Anderson into the steps. Shaw locks in his choke, Anderson struggles, but Shaw chokes him out on the floor. Shaw chases Hemme into the ring and corners her. She slaps him and he likes it. Hemme to the floor and runs, Anderson is now back ad hits clotheslines and a neck breaker. Shaw to the floor, Anderson follows ands slams Shaw into he barricade. They fight up the ramp, Anderson looks for a mic check, countered and then Anderson hits he kamikaze roll on the ramp. Anderson yells at Shaw and says it is time to go for a ride. Anderson gets a chair and hits Shaw in the gut with it. Then a shot to the back follows. Anderson then whips Shaw into a barricade. They go to the back and Anderson sees Borash and says to interview him and mimics Shaw's voice and then slams him onto a cart. He starts to wheel him to the wagon, but first runs him into some production boxes. As Anderson checks the wagon, Shaw attacks from behind and tries to toss him into the back. Hemme then appears and knees Shaw in the balls. Anderson mic checks him into the wagon, tosses him in and closes one door, and then the other and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Mr. Anderson @ 10:00
    RATING: *½

  • The wagon drives off as Anderson and Hemme celebrate.

  • Borash talks with Ethan Carter III and Spud. Carter says he is trying to make his name, to make an impact as it were. Angle has done it all, bravo, but Angle will never ever beat, and that is EC3. Spud has a bone to pick with Mr. Willow. He is here to make sure his best friend defeats Kurt Angle.

    Willow and Kurt Angle vs. Ethan Carter III and Spud

    Angle is still sporting the big knee brace on the left leg. Angle and Carter to begin, but Carter backs off right away. Carter then tags in Spud, who looks like Tommy Rogers after being thrown in the dryer. Angle demands Carter tags in, and says he will kick Spud's ass back to England if he doesn't tag out. Spud tags in Carter and here we go. Not really, Carter rolls to the floor. Angle then drops to his knees ala amateur wrestling to allow Carter a chance. Carter in, trips and sweeps and an ankle lock by Angle. Carter escapes and tags Spud in. Spud begs Carter to get back in, but Willow goes up top with his umbrella and flies off onto Spud and Carter. Angle follows and attacks Carter and hits an overhead belly to belly on the floor. Angle misses a charge and collides head first into the steps. Willow and Spud into the ring, Carter in and attacks Willow. Double teams on Willow, but he fights back with back elbows and a whisper in the wind onto both men. Willow slams Spud to the buckle repeatedly, elbows and a standing splash gets 2. Twist of fate stopped as Carter connects with a clothesline. Spud attacks with rights, to the corner and tags in Carter. A boot and then a suplex by Carter, and a cover gets 2. Angle still down on the floor. Carter sends Willow to the corner, and then yells out and hits a Stinger splash. Carter covers for 2. Half nelson by Carter, Willow to his feet, escapes and gets a jawbreaker and then a reverse Enziguri. Twist of fate countered, right by Spud and then a basement dropkick by Carter. Angle back in and hits a German on Carter. Another and then a third. Ankle lock on Carter, Spud in and jumps on his back. Angle then tosses him across the ring with an overhead belly to belly. Ankle lock on Spud, Carter with the chip block to stop that. Willow attacks Carter, leg drop to the balls and then hits a cartwheel into a corner clothesline. Knocks Spud down and does poetry in motion onto Carter. He tosses Carter to the floor, Spud begs off and eats a twist of fate into an Angle slam and then a senton and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Willow and Kurt Angle @ 9:00 via pin
    RATING: **

  • Carter stares down Angle from the ramp.

  • Earlier today Eric Young commented on his title match. His dream has been to be the world champion, and he lived that dream. He was told it would never happen, but he has accomplished everything he wanted, he dared to dream. He is not doing this for him, he is doing it for all the people that were told they couldn't do something. When they chant foe him he gets crazy and does things he never thought possible.

  • Knux and his lady are driving, she is named "Rebel" and Knux says he needs her. She says the two of them can do anything, but Knux says there is "four" of them. Rebel, Knux, Crazy Steve and "The Freak". She is not pleased about this, because Steve is crazy, but he says it is a done deal.

  • Highlight package for Sanada.

    X Division Championship Match: Champion Sanada vs. Tigre Uno

    Lock up to begin, off the ropes and quick counters from both men. Boot by Uno, off the ropes and more counters and trips and they do the stand off. Lock up, off the ropes, RANA by Sanada and Uno backs off to the corner. Sanada teases a dive, Uno slides back in, Sanada teases a suplex to the floor but Uno cuts that off. Sanada into the ring, drops from an abdominal stretch into a rolling cradle and a cover for 2. Forearms and elbows by Sanada, off the ropes and a tilt a whirl into an arm drag by Uno, who then transitions into a roll up for 2. Uno then attacks the left leg of Sanada, and works into a wacky arm bar variation with the legs tied up. Sanada escapes, and then locks in a dragon sleeper. Goes for a suplex, Uno escapes with the float over and then Uno springboards in and eats a dropkick on the way in by Sanada. Belly to back suplex by Sanada, and a cover gets 2. Tiger suplex try, countered by Uno, Sanada to the apron and a springboard dropkick sends Sanada to the floor. Twisting plancha by Uno connects. Back into the ring they go, rights by Sanada, off the ropes and an Enziguri by Uno lands. Uno with a split legged moonsault, eats the knees of Sanada. Sanada springs in with a chop onto Uno, and then heads back to the ropes, springs in with another chop. He heads up top and misses another, wheel barrow roll through into a release German suplex into the corner by Uno and a cover gets 2. Uno up top now, but Sanada crotches him. Sanada follow him up and gets a RANA off the top. TIGER SUPLEX by Sanada gets a close 2. Sanada up top, moonsault misses but he landed on his feet. Uno then counters a tiger suplex into a victory roll for 2. Sanada misses a charge, and Uno plants Sanada on his head with the high cradle sorta suplex. Uno misses the saber tooth splash, Sanada then up top and hits the moonsault and that is all.

    This was a bit sloppy and disconnected at times. The lack of crowd involvement also hurt it.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Sanada @ 9:00 via pin
    RATING: **½

  • Sanada and Uno shake hands in a show of respect after the match.

  • Borash is backstage with James Storm. Storm says he is the Cowboy, and the star maker. He made Gunner into a star. He made Gunner's daddy into a star. And just as he made the star, he can break it. He will make Gunner say I Quit tonight, because sooner or later, God cuts you down.

    I-Quit Match: James Storm vs. Gunner

    They talk some trash to begin and both fire away with rights. Gunner then tosses Storm across the ring, hits a clothesline and follows with rights. Storm back with a right, sends Gunner to the ropes and clotheslines him to the floor. A barricade falls on Gunner, so Storm stomps away on it. Storm moving furniture here as he moves the steps around. Big rights by Storm, tries to slam Gunner to the steps, counter by Gunner and they trade rights ringside and then Gunner slams Storm into the steps. Gunner then runs up the steps and hits a clothesline onto Storm, and now looks under the ring for toys. He stops, tosses Storm back into the ring, and then finds a trashcan full of weapons. As Gunner enters the ring, Storm kicks the ropes into his balls, which has to suck. Storm hits a hangman's stunner on Gunner, but Gunner refuses to quit. Storm now chokes out Gunner in the ropes, but he refuses to quit. Storm grabs chairs from under the ring. Nails Gunner in the gut and then the back with the chair, Gunner refuses to quit. Storm with knee strikes to Gunner and then a clothesline follows. Storm grabs a cookie sheet and hits Gunner and tells him to quit before choking him out in the corner. A whip to the corner, boot by Storm, but Gunner back with a clothesline. High knee by Gunner follows, he grabs a trashcan lid and hits Storm repeatedly in the head. Storm has one and they just trade shots center ring, and then Gunner hits Storm with the trashcan. Gunner up top, flying head butt connects. Storm refuses to quit. Gunner charges Storm, who side steps him and Gunner hits the steel post. Storm then kicks Gunner in the head, sending him into the post. Storm climbs the steps on the floor and pulls Gunner out and hits the hangman's DDT. Gunner won't quit as we get one more time chants. Back into the ring they go, Storm has the old beer bottle and looks to end things. Storm sets for the kill shot, and then levels Gunner with the beer bottle shot. One more beer chants follows. Gunner refuses to give up and is busted open. Mounted rights by Storm now, and then locks in a Boston crab. Gunner keeps refusing to quit. He crawls to the ropes and keeps saying no and will not quit. Storm tosses down the ref and then chokes him out with the boot. He steals his belt and starts to whip Gunner. Gunner struggles to his feet and refuses to quit. Storm repeatedly whips him in the ropes, and Gunner will not quit saying PISS OFF. Last call superkick by Storm follows and Gunner is down. Gunner says NEVER repeatedly when asked if he quits. Storm has a piece of the beer bottle, tries to use it, but then low blows Gunner. Storm wipes the blood on his chest and slams Gunner to the buckle. Gunner gets to his feet and Storm slams him to another buckle, but Gunner fires up and refuses to quit. He slams his own head off the buckles and clotheslines Storm. Knee in the corner, F5 follows and both men are down. Storm refuses to quit, so Gunner with another F5. Then a third F5. Storm refuses to quit. Tenay says it is called Hanger 18. Gunner sets up some chairs in the middle of the ring as Storm crawls to a corner. Rights by Gunner follow, sets Storm up top, superplex try, they trade rights and Gunner to the mat. He hits Storm with a cookie sheet, and pulls in the barricade. He sets it up on the chairs and has something bad planned for Storm. Gunner climbs up with Storm again, SUPERPLEX onto the barricade! BOTH men are down. Gunner now gets a piece of glass and pulls the old Tully/Magnum TA deal, demanding that Storm quit. He drives it into his head and Storm screams I QUIT!!

    Storm is a great heel and Gunner continues to improve. Good work from both, including violence and blood that many wanted, but it lacked the crowd reaction/investment that their Lockdown match had, which is unfortunate. In front of a different crowd, it's a different match.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Gunner @ 19:00
    RATING: ***½

  • The Beautiful People are with Borash. Love doesn't understand why she is the bad person here. She came back to TNA as a gift, because she's a giver. They took in Rayne years ago, and without them, she is nothing. She says the division needs a makeover, and they are the only ones that can do it.

    Knockouts Championship Match: Champion Madison Rayne vs. Angelina Love

    Rayne in control early with a shoulder block and arm drags. Love takes a powder to the floor. Love back in, lock up and a side headlock by Love. Off the ropes and she follows with a shoulder block. Trip by Rayne, but Love escapes the skull fucker. Baseball slide dropkick to Love on the floor, Rayne tries a kick, but Love trips her up and slams her face first to the apron. Sky rolls Rayne back into the ring and Love covers for 2. Rights by Love now, and she poses and celebrates. Love chokes out Rayne in the ropes, distracts the ref and Sky also chokes out Rayne, Love then covers for 2. Love sends Rayne to the corner and chokes he rout with her boot. Rayne with a back elbow, sunset flip gets 2. Love with a clothesline to take control back. Love ties up Rayne in the ropes and hits a dropkick. Rayne to the floor, boots by Sky, she rolls her back in and a cover gets 2. Love gets a full nelson with her legs; Rayne escapes and gets a few clotheslines. An Enziguri follows and now Rayne gets the skull fucker. Love rolls to the floor and Sky tries to help her out, Rayne to the apron and dives onto both of them. Back into the ring they go, Rayne drop connects and then Rayne charges Love, misses and hits the post. Botox injection by Love and Rayne out at 2. Love throws a fit, Love up top now. Sky has the hairspray. Love misses the high cross, and Rayne hits a spear. Sky distracts the ref by shaking her ass. Rayne over and hair spray in the eyes follows. Roll up by Love and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: AND NEW CHAMPION Angelina Love @ 8:00 via pin
    RATING: *½

  • Borash is with Bully Ray. He says Roode is one of the best wrestlers alive, but this is a tables match, a fight, and this is Bully's match. You can hear the people chant for the tables right now, and Bully says Roode has put him through more tables than anyone in the last month. Tonight, he puts Roode through a table.

    Tables Match: Bobby Roode vs. Bully Ray

    They talk trash as the crowd chants SHIT FACTOR at Roode. They start throwing rights and we're underway. Ray in control early, big backdrop and clotheslines follow. Side slam by Ray, and then the flip flop and fly follows. Ray goes for tables already as the crowd chants for them. He sets up a table on the floor, and then heads back into the ring. Roode attacks, laying the boots to him in the corner and then tosses him to the floor. More boots by Roode, knees follow and then slams him into the barricade. Ray counters an Irish whip and sends Roode crashing into the steel post. Ray sets up another table, crowd loving it as he does. Roode back to his feet and clotheslines Ray and follows with rights. They battle by the tables, and then slide back into the ring. Roode lays the boots to Ray, and then sets up a table in the corner. Ray to his feet, Roode grabs him but Ray tries for a powerslam, countered and a dropkick connects for Roode. Ray back with a clothesline, rights follow, tries to whip Roode into the table, but that is countered by a neck breaker. Roode resets the table on the mat, but by the corner now. Tries a suplex, Ray counters and then tries the same, but knees by Roode stop that. Another suplex try, Ray then counters with a suplex into the middle of the ring. Boot by Roode, up to the 2nd rope and connects with the blockbuster. Roode back on the attack, but Ray with rights tries to get back to his feet. Roode looking for a powerbomb, Ray backdrops out. Roode to the apron, Ray over but Roode gets the stun gun off the ropes. Roode charges in, Ray looks for a uranage into the tables, countered and then chops by Ray. Ray now points to the tables, grabs Roode for a powerbomb, Roode counters out, but Ray grabs him again, another escape and then Ray tries again and the ref gets BUMPED and Roode goes through the table. But the ref did not see it. Ray then goes to the floor, the ref is down, and grabs another table. Ray sets up the table, and grabs Roode. Looks for another powerbomb, but Roode hits the spinebuster. Roode tries the Roode Bomb, countered and then Roode looks for a blockbuster, but leaps into the Bully Cutter. Both men are down here, and Roode rolls to the floor. They go to the tables on the floor, and Ray with rights and Roode is on the tables now. Ray heads to the apron, and then looks to the corner, and heads up top! Someone sneaks over and shoves Ray off the top and he flies through the tables. It is DIXIE CARTER in disguise. The bell suddenly rings and the match is over.

    This was going well as both guys are really good, and the crowd was actually into this. But then the ref bump and finish I felt took away from the work they were doing. The ref bump is the most over used crutch finish in all of wrestling. The booking should add to what the performers in the ring are doing, not take away. But that's just one man's opinion.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Bobby Roode @ 14:00
    RATING: **½

  • Carter talks shit to Bully as he lays in the pile of table parts. Dixie sucks chants follow. She calls Ray a piece of trash and says to never double cross her again.

  • Borash is with Magnus. Magnus says he is the next champion, and says to look around. No one is with him, he has been criticized though out his run for having help, but tonight, he stands alone. Young has the nerve to call him a paper champion, while Young lies to the fans by saying he is one of them. Young is nothing but a joke.

    World Heavyweight Championship Match: Champion Eric Young vs. Magnus

    And here we go with out main event of the evening. They go face to face, Magnus talks trash and tries to get into Young's head. Lock up to begin, to the corner they go and Magnus breaks, but tosses Young back to the corner repeatedly. Young avoids a clothesline, takedown and walks over Magnus's back. Young then points to his head, noting that he can play mind games as well. Side headlock takedown by Young, Magnus to his feet, off the ropes and after some counters, another side headlock takedown by Young. Young in control early, Magnus to his feet, counters into a headlock. Off the ropes, back to the headlock. Young escapes, out wrestles Magnus and back to the side headlock takedown. Magnus to his feet, and escapes by hitting a belly to back suplex for 2. Surfboard style move with the knee to the back, Young to his feet, front rolls out, but a go behind takedown by Magnus. Young to his feet, drops down and sends Magnus to the floor. Young looked for a dive, but Magnus walks up the ramp. He comes back towards the ring and a slingshot plancha by Young connects. Young on the apron, charges but Magnus catches him with a powerslam. Back into the ring and Magnus covers for 2. Young to the corner, Magnus misses a charge, northern lights suplex and that gets 2. Magnus fires back with a clothesline and levels Young, cover gets 2. Magnus works a chinlock, grounding Young. Young fights to his feet, escapes, but then runs into a knee to the gut. Magnus lays the boots to Young, then a right follows. Young again tries to fight to his feet, does, and the jaw breaker follows. Off the ropes, drop toehold by Magnus and into the camel clutch, thusly humbling the champion. Young powers out for a moment, but Magnus cannonballs down and then reapplies the hold. Young powering out, Magnus cannonballs again but Young gets the knees up. Off the ropes, and they cross body each other and BOTH men are down. Magnus to his feet, charges and they clothesline each other. BOTH men are down AGAIN. They get to their feet and break the count, and now trade rights. Young fires away with repeated shots, flying forearm off the ropes connects. A clothesline follows, to the corner, and Young with the Flair over the ropes flip, Slides back in, looks for the piledriver, countered but then Young gets the belly to belly suplex. Young up top and MISSES a moonsault. Magnus with a slam, heads up top and connects with the elbow drop, but only gets 2. Young battles back, wheel barrow into the neck breaker follows. Young up top, elbow drop connects! He covers, but only gets 2. Young again calls for the piledriver, Magnus escapes with the double leg and looks for the clover leaf and gets it. Young struggles and finally makes the ropes. Young avoids the rebound clothesline and then gets the scorpion death lock (Rock level bad). Magnus makes the ropes, and Young breaks. Young again heads up top, Magnus over to stop that. Magnus pulls him off into a Michinoku driver, but that only gets 2. Magnus rolls to the floor, and grabs a pry bar from under the ring. The ref stops that, to his feet, and Magnus tries a low blow, countered, PILEDRIVER! 12NO! Young thought he had him. Young tries another, countered and Magnus tries a piledriver, counters and Magnus gets catapulted into the corner. PILEDRIVER again by Young. Heads up top now, elbow drop lands! 123.

    How absolutely refreshing, a one on one world title match that is filled with good pro wrestling and no bullshit. I wish we got more of that, not just from TNA, but from U.S. wrestling as a whole. Good wrestling, the crowd was more invested than most of the matches on the show, and a nice way to close out things.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Eric Young @ 16:00 via pin
    RATING: ***¾

  • Eric Young celebrates his victory.

  • End scene.

  • Thanks for reading.

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