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411’s TNA Impact Wrestling Report 5.01.14
Posted by Larry Csonka on 05.01.2014

  • Match times are not exact.

  • Bully Ray is spray paining a table backstage.

  • Eric Young discusses being TNA champion and meets with MVP. MVP says he has leveled the playing field in TNA and that led to Young winning the title. He is a better champion than Magnus and is a fighting champion. Young says he wants to be champion the fans believe in and wants to defend the title tonight. MVP brings in Gunner and Anderson, and then Bobby Roode appears and wants a title shot. MVP has a deck of cards, and they will have an endurance challenge. The two guys that pull the lowest cards have a match. The winner faces the man that pulls the high card, and the winner of that gets the title shot. Anderson, Gunner and Roode all draw, Anderson drew a 4. Gunner did as well. Roode got an ace, so he gets the advantage. Gunner vs. Anderson starts off the endurance challenge.

  • Magnus makes his way to the ring. He is pissed that he is not in the title picture, and demands that MVP gets out here to explain himself. We see Abyss enter through the crowd, and they brawl on the floor. Abyss misses a chair shot, Magnus back into the ring and then lays the boots to him. Abyss hits a chokeslam, and then grabs a chair. The crowd chants for "Janice," the 2x4 with nails, so he grabs Janice, who just happens to be under the ring. Magnus runs away to ensure that he can run away another day as Abyss stands tall.

  • Bully Ray now makes his way to the ring with a table. He reveals that the table has Dixie spray painted on it. Bully says Dixie snuck up behind him and shoved him off the top rope and he fell through two tables on Sunday. He bruised a rib and fractured another, but he's still standing. He may not be as big or bad as he used to be, but he is tough and no ugly woman will run him off. So help him god, if he sees her tonight in this building, she will go through that table.

  • Dixie arrives in her limo and is happy with her actions from Sacrifice.

  • Dixie is in catering and Spud sees her and tries to hide her. She gets pissed, and he informs her that Bully wants to put her through a table. She says he is not afraid, because she put him through a table and did not break a sweat or a nail. She's a lady and his boss, so if anyone should worry, it should be Bully. She does not take kingly to being threatened.

    Endurance Challenge: Gunner vs. Mr. Anderson

    Lock up to begin, Anderson with a side headlock. To the corner, and they break. Lock up again, side headlock by Gunner. Off the ropes, Anderson into a headlock. They exchange headlocks, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Gunner. A series of counters and then they lock up again. Side headlock by Gunner, Anderson escapes and gets a headlock. Anderson escapes, but Gunner slams him to the corner. Shoulder blocks and a snap mare follows for Gunner. Anderson counters into a hammerlock, escape, off the ropes and back to the side headlock by Anderson. Gunner escapes by slamming Anderson to the corner. Back elbow follows, another, off the ropes and Gunner catches a cross body, sack of shit slam follows. Gunner up top, but Storm is out to distract him. Gunner fights off a mic check, they trade rights. Anderson misses a charge and Storm kick shim by accident after trying to hit Gunner. Hanger 18 by Gunner and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Gunner @ 4:00 via pin

  • Gunner faces Bobby Roode later tonight.

  • Magnus packs up his stuff to leave. Bram (former NXT talent Kenneth Cameron) arrives, and is here to see Magnus. They need to talk.

  • After the break, Bram talks to Magnus and says he needs to talk some sense into him. Magnus has become an embarrassment to his friends and family. In the good old days, Magnus was different, this isn't the real him. Remember the booze and the women? Bram says Magnus has gone soft and slams him against a locker. Bram is here for his own good.

  • EC3 says in seven days he has a dream match for him and all the fans, because he faces Kurt Angle next week. This should have happened at Lockdown, but he took out Angle's knee and forced him to have surgery. But he is glad Angle is back, because he needs to validate himself and will when he beats Angle. EC3 has not been pinned or submitted, and will not be when he faces Angle. He was 288-0 at the Boca Raton Prep Academy. Tonight he proves his worth in an exhibition against a lion, a gazelle, he faces Spud. Spud appears in an amateur singlet and bow tie. They are trained professionals, do not try this at home.

    Exhibition Match: Spud vs. EC3

    EC3 gets a single leg, and then a gator roll. Back to the feet, takedown by EC3. EC3 is very proud of himself. EC3 tells Spud to assume the position, and he drops into referee's position. Angle's music hits and he appears. Angle says that was cute, and he would school EC3 right now, but he has a warning. He will not be facing a midget like he is tonight, nor will he face the Olympic hero Kurt Angle. He will face a man out for revenge. Angle is pissed, and he will not only beat EC3, he will end his streak and he will also hurt him. He will snap EC3's ankle, so enjoy walking around for the next week, the pain begins in seven days.

  • The Beautiful People hype their Beautiful celebration.

  • We see the Knux video package from Sunday. Knux, Rebel, Crazy Steve and The Freak are coming. The Menagerie debuts next week.

     photo fa055aea-359a-4344-a6aa-6403643ef812_zps4056ad26.png

    Endurance Challenge: Bobby Roode vs. Gunner

    Lock up to begin, to the corner they go and a cheap shot by Roode. Rights by Roode follow, off the ropes and clotheslines by Gunner. Head butt by Gunner, rights follow. Back body drop by Gunner, and a head butt follows and he covers for 2. Roode sends Gunner to the floor and then lays the boots to him. They trade rights, and then Roode slams Gunner to the steps. Back into the ring they go, and Roode with rights. Gunner tries to fight back, but Roode hits the blockbuster and covers for 2. Roode grounds Gunner, tries to keep him down, but Gunner gets to his feet, only to eat a dropkick from Roode. Roode off the second rope, caught by Gunner into a sack of shit slam. High knee by Gunner follows, and he looks for Hanger 18, Roode escapes with an eye rake. Gunner stops a roll up and hits a DDT on Roode, cover gets a close 2. Roode to the apron, stuns Gunner off the ropes, Roode bomb countered, sling shot suplex by Gunner! He fires himself up, heads up top, flying head butt MISSES! Roode bomb connects! That's all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Bobby Roode @ 6:00 via pin

  • Bobby Roode challenges Eric Young for the TNA World Title later tonight.

  • Dixie Carter walks with security, and instructs them to set up a table in the ring, and not to leave her side.

  • The Beautiful People meet, and they got a letter from TNA. They are informed that they have to carry themselves in a highly regarded manner. Their wardrobe is "crass and revealing". They need to dress as ladies, or there will be severe repercussions. Love says they will wear evening gowns like the ladies they are, and still have their celebration.

  • Dixie Carter and her security detail make their way to the ring. They have the table with her name on it and set it up in the ring. Dixie sits on the table and asks if we know who she is? She's the woman that put Bully through a table. She did that because Bully double-crossed her at Lockdown. And now Bully will always remember that she put him through a table. She read on Bully's "Twittah Machine" that she injured Bully when she sent him through the table. Bully keeps threatening her, and has this table in HER ring with HER name on it to intimidate he. Well she is not intimidated, and says Bully in the one who should fear her.

    Bully now makes his way out to the ring. The security guys make a wall to protect Dixie, and Bully says that the entire crowd wants to see him put her through a table. Bully doesn't fear her, but knows she fears him. He then asks the security guys what they are doing. He asks if they think they can stop him. They know him pretty well and what he will do to them. He wants to reason with them, do they want to stick up for Dixie? Deep down, they would love to see Dixie put through a table. Do the right thing guys, just walk away. The security looks back at Dixie, and they all step aside, minus the three left in the ring. Bully then says he will count to five, and if they are still there when he gets to five, he will kick their asses. And then he will put Dixie through a table. He counts, they refuse to leave, he slides in and they tackle him down to the mat. Bully eventually fights them off, and starts tossing bodies. Bully has Dixie cornered, and she then goes face to face with him. She tries to slap him, he stops her and looks for the powerbomb.

    MVP interrupts and makes Bully stop. MVP says this is not Dixie's ring, so get out before he changes him mind and allows Bully to put her through the table. MVP says he is responsible for everything that happens, and he has no time for these shenanigans. Until further notice, both of them are banned from the Impact Zone.

    Willow vs. James Storm

    They brawl at the bell and Storm takes the advantage right away. A hard whip to the corner and Willow takes some wacky bumps and bounces around the ropes. Slam by Storm, and now works over the legs in the ropes. Storm now lays the boots to him, and then gets the whirly bird, but Willow slides out. Forearm off the ropes, slam and then the leg drop to the balls all connect for Willow. Cartwheel into the forearm strike in the corner. Twist of fate by Willow, and Storm to the floor. Willow slides out into a splash onto Storm, which looked cool. He moves the steps, rights to Storm follow. Willow charges, off the steps and hits poetry in motion. They brawl on the floor, Willow has a chair but misses a leg drop onto the steps, where Storm was laying. Storm gets the beer bottle, the ref tries to stop him and Storm shoves the ref down for the DQ.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Willow @ 4:00 via DQ

  • Storm breaks the beer bottle, looks to attack Willow but Willow stops that with the umbrella. He grabs the broken beer bottle and chases Storm away, but Mr. Anderson appears and he and Storm brawl. Mix check to Storm on the ramp.

  • The BroMans complain about losing the tag team titles at Sacrifice. The numbers advantage messed with their heads. MVP books them in a six-man tag, next. Bully Ray arrives, and asks MVP what his job is here. Bully says that MVP only has his job because MVP won at Lockdown, thanks to Bully's actions. MVP says what happens in the ring he is responsible for, but outside, well that's another story.

  • Young discusses his match with Roode tonight. He says they have been partners in Team Canada, and enemies wrestling all over the country. He knows Roode can take the title from him, but also knows that no one knows Roode like he does.

    Sanada and The Wolves (Edwards and Richards) vs. The Bromans (Robbie and Jessie) and DJ Zema Ion

    The heels attack before the bell, but the champions clear the ring, including tossing Ion onto the BroMans on the floor. The Wolves hit stereo dives as Sanada gets a cross body to the floor. Sanada and Robbie back into the ring, Robbie begs off and tries to chop the faces, which fails in hilarious fashion. He also tries back kicks, and then the faces chop and kick him down in the corner. Big chop to the head by Sanada, and but now Jessie and Ion in and help even the odds. They takeover and hit the triple knees to Edwards in the corner. Edwards back with an Enziguri to Ion. Sends Robbie to the floor, then tosses Jessie and tags in Richards. Stiff kicks by Richards to Ion, off the ropes and the toss up kick by Richards lands on Ion. Charging forearm in the corner, XPLODER suplex follows. It breaks down, Sanada flies in and the BroMans have been sent to the floor. Edwards with the double foot stomp, Sanada with a moonsault, and then a double stomp by Richards and that is all for DJ Zema Ion.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Sanada and The Wolves @ 4:00 via pin

  • The Beautiful People are in their evening gowns, and will now have their celebration.


    Angelina Love discuses the letter she received by the TNA Board of Directors about needing to follow a dress code. She says they take orders from no one, and they mean no one. Love says to hit their music, and they look to strip off their evening gowns. They do a tease, but don't take off the dresses. Love says the fans are disgusting and pathetic. They would never show the fans their goodies, and says the fans couldn't get chicks like them if they went to Nevada with a fist full of 50s. They wrote the letter to tease the fans. She now wants the fans to worship her as the greatest women's wrestler in the world.

    Gail Kim protests this by coming to the ring. She says that the two of them have made a mockery of the division she built. She said they promised to strip tonight, so she is here to make sure they keep their promise and attacks. She beats down Love and tries to strip her, but Sky pulls Love to the floor. Kim poses with the belt, which was left in the ring. Madison Rayne and Brittany are out and strip the Beautiful People down to their underwear.

     photo 7e3b5078-b9f2-4a47-900a-f2dce10cca49_zps2529b504.jpg


    TNA World Title Match: Eric Young © vs. Bobby Roode

    Tenay breaks down the history of the two men from their Team Canada days. Lock up, takedown by Young. Side headlock, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Young. Roode rolls to the corner, to his feet and a boot to the gut of Young. Side headlock by Roode. Off the ropes, shoulder block by Roode, counters and an arm drag by Young. Roode gets to his feet, works Young to the corner, escapes and then a right to Young off the break. To the corner, float over and a right by Young. A dropkick by Young sends Roode to the floor. Baseball slide dropkick by Young follows and he is in control…

    ~commercial break~

    Back from commercial as Young works over Roode in a corner. Roode reverses a whip and Young takes a wild corner bump down to the floor. Roode follows, and then slams Young into the steps. Back into the ring they go and Roode covers for 2. Knee drop by Roode and another cover gets 2. Seated full nelson by Roode follows, grounding the champion. Young fires up, off the ropes and a forearm follows. Flair flip in the corner, takes out the cameraman, slides back in and hits the belly-to-belly suplex on Roode. Roode rolls to the floor, and Young then hits a suicide dive. Young rolls Roode back in, and then hits a missile dropkick and cover for 2. Young looks to finish things, Roode escapes the piledriver and gets a backdrop and sitdown and cover for 2. Crucifix by Young gets a close 2. Young off the ropes, runs into a spinebuster and Roode covers for 2. Roode looks for the Roode bomb, Young escapes, wheel barrow neck breaker try countered, Young off the ropes and misses a cross body. Roode sets, leaps off the ropes, caught with the boot by Young. PILEDRIVER CONNECTS! 1…2..NO Roode kicks out. Young now looks for the elbow drop, heads up top, but Roode is up and hits the ropes, crotching the champion, ROODE BOMB! 1…2..NO! Roode cannot believe Young kicked out. They trade rights from their knees, continue fighting to their feet, but then Roode hits an Enziguri. Sets Young up top, follows but Young fights him off and sends Roode to the mat. Top Rope elbow drop by Young connects and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Eric Young @ 13:00 via pin

  • Young celebrates with the title. He offers his hand to Roode, and they shake hands as Young pulls Roode to his feet. Team Canada for Life.

  • Bully is outside the Impact Zone, since he has been banned from inside. Now, he heads to Nashville…

  • End scene.

  • Thanks for reading.

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