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411’s WWE Extreme Rules 2014 Report 05.04.14
Posted by Scott Slimmer on 05.04.2014

Welcome to 411's WWE Extreme Rules 2014 Report. For even more coverage, don't forget to follow me on Twitter at @ScottSlimmer.

We are LIVE in beautiful East Rutherford, New Jersey.

WeeLC Kick-Off Show Match
El Torito w/ Los Matadores vs. Hornswoggle w/ 3MB
El Torito vs. Hornswoggle photo El_Torito_vs_Hornswoggle_Cropped_zps538c495d.jpg

There's a special mini-announce table at ringside with Micro Cole, Jerry the Mini-King Smaller, and WeeBL calling the action. Yeah, seriously. El Torito and Hornswoggle brawl to start. El Torito hits Hornswoggle with a hurricanrana that sends Hornswoggle to the outside and follows up with a dive that takes out Hornswoggle and 3MB. Hornswoggle rushes back into the ring and goes for a dive of his own, but he ends up bouncing off the ropes and tumbling back to the middle of the ring. El Torito sends Hornswoggle to the corner, grabs a chair, and hits a chair-assisted headstand bronco buster. Drew McIntrye hands Hornswoggle a step ladder, but Hornswoggle wants something a bit bigger. McIntyre grabs a (slightly) taller ladder for Hornswoggle, and he sets it up in the middle of the ring. Hornswoggle climbs and dives at El Torito, but El Torito just manages to roll out of the way. El Torito gets back to his feet and goes for another hurricanrana, but this time Hornswoggle counters into a powerbomb as we head to a break. We return from the break to find3MB going at it with Los Matadores on the outside. Micro Cole says this reminds him of Savage / Steamboat at WrestleMania III. No, seriously. Back in the ring, Hornswoggle drives a chair into El Torito's gut. Hornswoggle hits a chair-assisted seated senton and follows up with Rolling Thunder onto a chair on El Torito. Hornswoggle whips El Torito out of the ring and sets up the mini-announce table. HORNSWOGGLE SETS EL TORITO ON THE TABLE AND HITS A DIVING ELBROW FROM THE RING APRON THROUGH THE TABLE! "This is awesome! This is awesome! This is awesome!" 3MB rolls El Torito back into the ring and sets up a mini folding table for Hornswoggle. Hornswoggle nails El Torito with a chair shot to the back. Heath Slater holds El Torito while Hornswoggle goes for a chair shot, but El Torito breaks free, causing Hornswoggle to low blow Slater with the chair. SLATER FALLS OFF THE RING APRON AND THROUGH A TABLE AT RINGSIDE! Los Matadores pick up Jinder Mahal on the ring apron, and EL TORITO DRIVES MAHAL AND LOS MATADORES THROUGH A LADDER AND A TABLE AT RINGSIDE! McIntyre sets up El Torito on a table at ringside. He heads back into the ring and dives to the outside, but El Torito rolls off the table, causing McIntyre to crash through the table. El Torito climbs up onto the ring apron and sets his sights on Hornswoggle. El Torito hits a springboard seated senton through a table in the middle of the ring, and that's enough for the three count.

Match Result: El Torito defeats Hornswoggle with a springboard seated senton through a table.
Match Length: 10:55
Slimmer's Rating: ***¼

Triple Threat Elimination Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro w/ Paul Heyman vs. Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter
Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro vs. Jack Swagger photo Rob_Van_Dam_vs_Cesaro_vs_Jack_Swagger_Cropped_zps675d1177.jpg

Cesaro takes control early with uppercuts to RVD and Swagger. Swagger tries to slam RVD into the corner, but RVD counters into a springboard back heel kick. RVD follows up with a monkey flip to Cesaro onto Swagger. Swagger gets back to his feet and charges at RVD in the corner, but RVD ducks under his arm. RVD heads up to the second rope and flies at Cesaro, but Cesaro catches him in mid-air. Cesaro sets up for a gutwrench powerbomb, but Swaggers hits a drop kick from behind. Cesaro gets back to his feet on the ring apron, but RVD flies over him and hits a sunset flip powerbomb to the outside. RVD heads back into the ring but eats a Swagger Bomb. Swagger turns his attention back to Cesaro, but Cesaro immediately catches him in the Cesaro Swing. Cesaro is going strong, but RVD connects with a back heel kick to the jaw right in the middle of the swing. RVD scoop slams Cesaro and heads up top, but Swagger tosses him off the top and right into the Patriot Lock. RVD is in trouble in the middle of the ring, but Cesaro breaks up the hold with a springboard flying uppercut to Swagger. Swagger heads up top, but Cesaro catches him with an uppercut. Swagger ends up on the ring apron, but Cesaro hits his patented from-the-ring-apron suplerplex. Swagger ends up in the middle of the ring, and that's the perfect position for RVD to hit the Five Star Frog Splash for the three count. Swagger has been eliminated, so we're down to RVD and Cesaro. RVD flips over Cesaro and goes for another spinning back heel kick, but Cesaro counters into a nasty German suplex for a long two count. RVD rolls to the outside, but Cesaro heads to the top and connects with a double ax handle to the outside. Cesaro tosses RVD into the barrier, but RVD recovers and sumps Cesaro gut-first onto the barrier. RVD heads to the ring apron and hits his patented diving leg drop to the barrier. "ECW! ECW! ECW!" Both men roll back into the ring, and RVD hits Rolling Thunder to maintain the advantage. RVD hits the split leg moonsault and heads to the outside to retrieve a trashcan from under the ring. RVD sets the trashcan on the ring apron, but Cesaro hits a low drop kick that sends it right into RVD's chest. Cesaro drags RVD back into the ring and tosses the trashcan in after him. RVD GRABS THE CAN! VAN DAMINATOR WITH THE CAN! RVD sets the can on Cesaro and heads up top. RVD goes for the Five Star Frog Splash onto the can and Cesaro, but Cesaro rolls out of the way, causing RVD to land right on the can. Cesaro picks up RVD and hits the Neutralizer right onto the crushed can for the three count.

Match Result: Cesaro defeats Rob Van Dam with a Neutralizer onto a trashcan.
Match Length: 12:31
Slimmer's Rating: ***½

2-on-1 Handicap Match
R-Truth & Xavier Woods vs. Alexander Rusev w/ Lana
R-Truth and Xavier Woods vs. Alexander Rusev photo R_Truth_and_Xavier_Woods_vs_Alexander_Rusev_Cropped_zps2c84c6f2.jpg

Rusev brutally attacks R-Truth and Woods before they even get into the ring. Rusev levels Truth and suplexes Woods on the outside. Truth is on spaghetti legs, but he says he's good to go, so the match finally begins. "We want Lana! We want Lana! We want Lana!" Rusev whips Truth to the corner and crushes him in the corner. Rusev again charges at Truth in the corner, but this time Truth gets his boots up in Rusev's face. Truth splashes Rusev in the corner and finally takes him off his feet with a drop kick from the second rope. Truth hits a spinning elbow shot and a scissor kick but only manages to get a two count. Doctors are attending to Woods on the outside as Rusev damn near decapitates Truth with a spinning back heel kick to the jaw. Rusev hits a side slam and follows up with the Accolade, and the referee decides that Truth can't continue the match.

Match Result: Alexander Rusev defeats R-Truth with the Accolade.
Match Length: 2:50
Slimmer's Rating: **

After the match, Rusev hits a fallaway slam to Woods on the outside as an exclamation point.

Intercontinental Championship Match
Big E (Champion) vs. Bad News Barrett
Big E vs. Bad News Barrett photo Big_E_vs_Bad_News_Barrett_Cropped_zps8698745c.jpg

Big E leapfrogs Barrett and drops him with a shoulder block, so Barrett rolls to the outside to catch a breather. Big E follows Barrett to the outside and whips him into the ring post. Big E sandwiches Barrett between himself and the ring post before rolling Barrett back into the ring. Barrett regains control long enough to whips Big E back out of the ring and follows up with the old Cactus Jack Elbow Drop from the ring apron. Barrett drags Big E back into the ring and hits a suplex for a two count. Barrett locks in a seated chin lock, but Big E fights back to his feet. Big E charges at Barrett, but Barrett connects with a crossbody for a two count. Barrett hits a Big Boot and punts Big E in the ribs. Barrett chokes Big E against the second rope and goes to work with short knee shots to the ribs. Barrett delivers another Big Boot that leaves Big E down on the ring apron. Barrett takes Big E up top and charges at him, but Big E gets back down to the mat and counters into a belly-to-belly suplex. Big E levels Barrett with a running clothesline and follows up with a belly-to-belly slam. The crowd is firmly behind Barrett at this point, and they're none too pleased that Big E has taken control. BIG E DIVES BETWEEN THE ROPES AND SPEARS BARRETT OFF THE RING APRON! That was impressive for two men of that size. Big E hits the ropes at charges at Barrett, but Barrett hits the Winds of Change out of nowhere. Barrett hits Big E with Wasteland but only gets a two count. Barrett goes for the Bad News Bull Hammer, but Big E Counters into a slam. Big E follows up with a big splash in the middle of the ring and drops the straps. Big E goes for the Big Ending, but Barrett floats over and shoves Big E to the corner. Barrett and Big E both hit the ropes and charge at each other, but Barrett connects with a running Bad News Bull Hammer for the three count.

Match Result: Bad News Barrett defeats Big E with a running Bad News Bull Hammer.
Match Length: 7:56
Slimmer's Rating: ***¼

Six-Man Tag Team Match
The Shield vs. Evolution
The Shield vs. Evolution photo The_Shield_vs_Evolution_Cropped_zpsc6e6c513.jpg

A brawl erupts between all six men before the match even begins, but the Shield quickly toss all three members of Evolution and now hold the high ground. Evolution regroup on the outside, and the match finally begins with Rollins and Triple H as the legal men. Rollins clotheslines Triple H to the outside and hits a suicide dive. Rollins rolls Triple H back into the ring, but Triple H regains control with a vicious clothesline. Triple H makes the tag to Batista, and Batista is met with the obligatory chorus of boos. Batista works over Rollins in the corner and makes the tag to Orton. Orton distracts the referee as Batista uses his boot to choke Rollins in the corner. Orton stomps on Rollins and catapults him into the bottom rope. Orton tags in Triple H and holds Rollins as Triple H kicks him in the face. Triple H delivers a face buster and makes the cover for a two count. Triple H tags Batista, and Batista works over Rollins on the ring apron. Batista makes the tag to Orton, and Orton goes to work with the Garvin stomp. Rollins tries to crawl to his corner to make the tag, but Orton locks in a chin lock to stall his progress. Rollins fights back to his feet and suplexes Orton to break the hold. Rollins crawls toward his corner and almost makes the tag, but Triple H and Batista rush across the ring to knock Reigns and Ambrose off the ring apron. Rollins catches Orton with an enzuigiri, and that finally gives him enough time to tag Ambrose. Ambrose goes crazy on Orton and works him over in the corner. Ambrose knocks Batista off the apron and levels Orton with a clotheslines. AMBROSE WITH A FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK ON ORTON! Triple H makes the save, but Reigns clears the ring. Batista drags Reigns out of the ring, but Reigns whips Batista into the barrier. Reigns tries to spear Triple H on the outside, but Triple H side steps him and sends him crashing into the ring steps. Batista gets the tag from Orton and works over Ambrose in the corner. "Boo-tista! Boo-tista! Boo-tista!" Batista levels Ambrose with a short clothesline but only gets a two count. Orton gets the quick tag and locks in a chin lock in the middle of the ring. Orton hits a gorgeous drop kick but only gets a two count. Triple H gets the tag and drops Ambrose with a straight right hand. Ambrose is barely conscious, and a spinebuster from Triple H only makes things worse. Batista gets the tag and kicks Ambrose right in the gut. Evolution has been in control for basically the entire match at this point. Batista locks in a chin lock that draws a "You can't wrestle!" chant from the crowd. Ambrose fights back to his feet and breaks the hold with a jawbreaker. Batista is stunned, but he manages to make the tag to Triple H. Triple H sets up for the Pedigree, but Ambrose counters into a back body drop. Ambrose follows up with a DDT and FINALLY makes the tag to Reigns. Batista gets the tag from Triple H, and Orton follows him into the ring as backup. Reigns hits the Superman Punch to Orton and tosses him out of the ring. Batista sets up for the Batista Bomb, but Rollins makes the save with the springboard flying knee. Reigns his the Superman Punch and the Triple Powerbomb, but Triple H and Orton pull Reigns out of the ring before the three count. Rollins dives to the outside, but Evolution slides out of his way. Triple H hits Reigns with the Pedigree in the middle of the ring, but Ambrose sends Triple H out of the ring. Batista is the legal man, so he makes the cover, but he only gets a two count. Orton hits Reigns with the RKO, and Batista again makes the cover, but Rollins makes the save. Rollins and Orton brawl on the outside as Reigns and Batista are down and out in the middle of the ring. Triple H and Orton double team Rollins, but Ambrose runs over both announce tables and takes out both Triple H and Orton. That man is crazy… and amazing. Triple H and Rollins brawl into the crowd and up into the stands with Orton and Ambrose close behind. Reigns and Batista are still the legal men, and they're still down in the middle of the ring. Triple H, Rollins, Orton, and Ambrose are brawling farther and farther up into the stands, and they send Ambrose tumbling down a flight of stairs. Triple H and Orton double team Ambrose near one of the backstage entrances… AND SETH ROLLINS FLIES OUT OF THE BALCONY AND OVER THE ENTRANCE TO TAKE OUT TRIPLE H AND ORTON! Back in the ring, Reigns and Batista finally get back to their feet. Reigns runs rights into a spinebuster, but he counters a Batista Bomb with a Superman Punch. Reigns spears Batista and gets the three count.

Match Result: Roman Reigns defeats Batista with the spear.
Match Length: 19:56
Slimmer's Rating: ****½

Steel Cage Match
John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt w/ Luke Harper and Erick Rowan
John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt photo John_Cena_vs_Bray_Wyatt_Cropped_zps51aabcc3.jpg

Wyatt takes a swing at Cena to start, but Cena ducks and takes Wyatt down to the mat. Both men get back to their feet, and Wyatt pounds on Cena. "Let's go Wyatt! Let's go Wyatt! Let's go Wyatt!" Wyatt chokes Cena in the corner and ties to whip him to the opposite corner, but Cena counters into a suplex. Cena begins to climb the cage, but he sees Harper and Rowan standing right on the other side of the cage. Wyatt gets back to his feet and tries to slam Cena into the cage, but Cena blocks. Wyatt tries again and succeeds, and Cena bounces off the cage. Wyatt grinds Cena's face into the cage and then holds Cena against the cage as Rowan slams into him from the outside. Wyatt splashes Cena into the cage and gets a two count. Wyatt tries to head through the door, but Cena drags him back to the middle of the ring and catapults him into the cage. Cena climbs in the corner and gets his legs over the top of the cage, but Wyatt climbs behind him and drags him back in. Cena bounces Wyatt off the cage and once again heads up top. Cena is all the way up, but Wyatt again manages to drag him back down. Cena punches Wyatt off the top rope, but Wyatt crotches Cena on the top turnbuckle. Wyatt splashes Cena in the corner and gets another two count. Wyatt drags Cena to his feet and dances with him before hitting a side slam for a two count. Cena goes for the AA, but Wyatt evades, but Cena catches him with a standing drop kick. Cena climbs the cage, but WYATT DOES THE EXORCIST WALK TO THE DOOR! Cena has to drop down off the cage to keep Wyatt from escaping from through the door. Wyatt takes control and slams Cena into the cage again and again. Cena finally counters and whips Wyatt into the cage and follows up with the Protobomb. Cena hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle and goes for the AA, but Wyatt grabs the cage and begins to climb. Cena gets under Wyatt and hits a sit-out powerbomb for a two count. Cena calls for the door to be opened, but Rowan holds it closed. Cena tries to force the door open, but Harper helps Rowan keep it closed. Wyatt drags Cena away from the door and back into the ring. Wyatt goes for a running senton, but Cena rolls out of the way. Cena heads up top and begins to climb down the outside of the cage, but Rowan climbs up under Cena and tosses Cena back into the cage. Wyatt joins Cena on the top rope, but Cena catches him with a bulldog off the top rope. Cena climbs once again, but this time he meets Harper on the top of the cage. Harper punches Cena back into the cage, but Cena drags Harper into the cage with him. Cena tries to head down to the outside, but Rowan cuts him off with a steel chair. Cena heads back into the ring, and Wyatt greets him with a suplex throw across the ring. Wyatt sets up for Sister Abigail, but Cena counters into the STF. Wyatt tries to crawl through the door with Cena on his back, and he uses the rope to break the STF. Cena tries to drag Wyatt away from the door, but Rowan makes the save. Cena eventually wins the tug-o-war and pulls Wyatt away from the door. Wyatt takes out Cena and tries to climb, but Cena catches him on the top rope. Cena hits Wyatt with a second rope AA, but Luke Harper (who is still in the cage) breaks up the pin before the three count. Cena clotheslines Harper and heads up top, but Rowan meets him up there. Cena grabs Rowan by the beard and bounces Rowan's head off the top of the cage. Harper begins to get to his feet, so Cena hits him with the top rope diving leg drop. Cena crawls toward the door with all members of the Wyatt Family down, but just when he's about to walk out the door, the lights suddenly go out. When the lights come back on, there's some sort of possessed demon child singing in Cena's face. Wyatt uses the distraction to hit Cena with Sister Hazel, and that gives him enough time to walk through the door and win the match. Once on the outside, Wyatt hugs the demon child, and all four members of the Wyatt family make their way back up the ramp.

Match Result: Bray Wyatt escapes the cage to win the match.
Match Length: 21:19
Slimmer's Rating: **½

Divas Championship Match
Paige (Champion) vs. Tamina Snuka
Paige vs. Tamina Snuka photo Paige_vs_Tamina_Snuka_Cropped_zpsbe0550cf.jpg

Paige traps Tamina in the corner and stomps her down to the mat, but Tamina gets back to her feet and whips Paige to the corner. Paige heads up top and hits a victory roll for a two count. Paige again heads up top, but Tamina slugs her and knocks her all the way to the outside. Tamina follows Paige to the outside and slams her into the ring apron. Tamina rolls Paige back into the ring and goes for the cover, but Paige kicks out at two. Tamina whips Paige to the corner and lets her crumble to the mat. Tamina delivers a scoop slam and gets a two count. Tamina hits another scoop slam for another two count. Tamina goes for a third scoop slam, but Paige counters with a kick to the knee. Paige shoves Tamina out of the ring and goes for a hurricanrana from the ring apron, but Tamina swings Paige head-first into the barrier. Tamina rolls Paige back into the ring and takes her up top. Tamina sets up for a second rope Samoan Drop, but Paige counters into a sunset flip powerbomb for a LOOONG two count. Paige hits a spinning face buster and gets another two count. Paige goes for a crossbody, but Tamina catches her in mid-air and counters into a side slam for a two count of her own. Tamina goes for a super kick, but Paige catches the leg and counters into the Scorpion Cross Lock. Tamina can't last long in the hold, and she had no choice but to tap.

Match Result: Paige defeats Tamina Snuka with the Scorpion Cross Lock.
Match Length: 6:15
Slimmer's Rating: **

Extreme Rules Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Daniel Bryan (Champion) vs. Kane
Daniel Bryan vs. Kane photo Daniel_Bryan_vs_Kane_Cropped_zps127a11fb.jpg

Bryan attacks Kane before Kane even makes it down the ramp. This is an Extreme Rules match, so it doesn't need to start in the ring, so the referee rings the bell. Kane regains control and grabs a kendo stick from under the ring. Kane delivers a kendo stick shot and rolls Bryan into the ring. Kane heads up top, but Bryan follows him up and hits a top rope hurricanrana. Bryan delivers a running drop kick in the corner and follows up with a crossbody that sends both men over the top rope and out to the floor. Kane gets to his feet first and whips Bryan into the barrier. Kane grabs a chair and slams the chair and Bryan onto the top of the barrier. Kane rolls Bryan into the ring and tosses a few chairs in after him. Kane wedges one of the chairs in the corner, but Bryan catches Kane with a kendo stick shot to the head. Bryan heads up top with the kendo stick and flies at Kane, but Kane catches him with a punch in mid-air. Kane sets up a chair in the ring and sidewalk slams Bryan through it for a two count. Kane goes for a Choke Slam, but Bryan counters into a drop toe hold that sends Kane into the chair that he earlier wedged in the corner. Kane rolls to the outside, but Bryan connects with a suicide dive. Bryan slams the top of the Spanish announce table into Kane and follows up with a monitor shot to the head. Kane slams Bryan into the Spanish table and bounces the top of the table off Bryan's back. Both announce tables are set up for carnage at this point. Kane tries to choke slam Bryan through the Spanish table, but Bryan kicks him off the table. Bryan flies at Kane and hits a gorgeous tornado DDT onto the arena floor. Bryan kicks Kane in the ribs repeatedly, but Kane tosses Bryan into the ring steps to regain control. Kane sets up for the Tombstone Piledriver on the ring steps, but Bryan floats over and shoves Kane head-first into the ring post. Bryan grabs a second kendo stick and beats Kane up the ramp. Kane regains control with a single punch and slams Bryan into the entrance lights. Kane whips Bryan into the backstage area and tosses a flat screen television at him. Kane bounces Bryan's head off a crate and whips him out into the parking lot. Kane bounces Bryan off the television truck, but Bryan grabs a snow shovel and fights back. Bryan pounds on Kane on the hood of a car, but Kane back body drops him into the windshield. Kane launches a gas tank at Bryan, but Bryan rolls out of the way, and the tank smashes through the windshield. Kane tries to punch Bryan, but Bryan ducks, and Kane punches straight through a car window. Bryan grabs a tire iron and knocks Kane unconscious. Evidently pinfalls only count in the ring in the match, so Bryan has to figure out a way to get the unconscious monster back to the ring. Bryan sets Kane on a forklift and begins to drive him back toward the ring. Bryan drives Kane into the arena and down the ramp to the ring. Bryan lifts Kane high into the air and dumps him into the ring (with more than a little assistance from the "unconscious" Kane). Bryan climbs up to the top of the forklift and leads the crowd in a Yes! chant. Bryan dives off the top of the forklift and hits the diving headbutt, but Kane manages to kick out at two. Bryan sets up for the running knee, but Kane counters into a choke slam for a two count. Kane sets up for a Tombstone Piledriver onto a steel chair, but Bryan counters into a DDT onto the chair for a two count. That long backstage segment and the ensuing forklift silliness really killed the crowd. Bryan beats Kane down to the mat with the chair and locks in the Yes Lock. Kane tries to use a kendo stick to break the hold, but Bryan grabs the kendo stick and uses it as part of the Yes Lock. Kane manages to crawl out of the ring to escape the hold. Bryan goes for a suicide dive, but Kane catches him in mid-air and choke slams him through the announce table. Kane rolls Bryan back into the ring and sets up a table at ringside. KANE GRABS A GAS CAN FROM UNDER THE RING AND POURS IT OVER THE TABLE! KANE LIGHTS THE TABLE ON FIRE AT RINGSIDE! Kane tries to choke slam Bryan off the ring apron and through the flaming table, but BRYAN KICKS KANE THROUGH THE FLAMING TABLE! Kane stumbles back into the ring as the ring crew extinguishes him, and Bryan hits the running knee to Kane for the three count.

Match Result: Daniel Bryan defeats Kane with the running knee.
Match Length: 22:23
Slimmer's Rating: **¾


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