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411ís WWE Main Event Report 5.13.14
Posted by Alex Crowder on 05.13.2014

 photo f53ce11c-2ca8-48ec-98dc-a156f42d1b58_zps34c1b3b6.png


We start with Renee in the ring with Paul Heyman. Heyman tells her to stop because she killed her credibility. He wonders how she can say Sheamus in the same breath as Cesaro. A Paul Heyman guy Brock Lesnar conquered the Undertaker's undefeated streak. Heyman is sure to repeat himself. Sheamus' music cuts him off when he tries to say it a third time. Sheamus grabs a mic and asks Heyman how he is fella. Sheamus says he can't pronounce my name in the same breath as a Paul Heyman guy. Sheamus says he can introduce himself too. His name is Sheamus and he is the United States Champion. Sheamus threatens to attack Heyman. Heyman does not like that at all. Heyman pleads that he is an advocate. Sheamus counts to 5, as Heyman pleads his case. Heyman dares Sheamus to strike him. Sheamus gets to 4 when Heyman slips out of the ring. Cesaro blindsides Sheamus hitting the Neutralizer. Cesaro goes for the Cesaro Swing but Heyman tells him not to right now. They depart as Heyman says he wanted to leave a piece of Sheamus for later. Heyman suggests that Cesaro is The Main Event.

-commercial break

Damien Sandow takes a mic. Sandow says some don't want to hear what he has to say...Dolph's music cuts him off.

Damien Sandow vs. Dolph Ziggler

Sandow rolls towards Ziggler immediately. The crowd gets behind Ziggler. They lockup as Dolph ducks behind grabbing a waist-lock, and Sandow elbows out on the break apart. Dolph leaps over a Sandow back drop into a picture perfect dropkick. Damien regains the advantage with a stiff throw into the turnbuckle. Sandow elbows his throat while Ziggler is draped across the apron. Sandow throws Ziggler back in with the pointed elbow drop on Ziggler for a close count. Damien grabs a chinlock that Dolph fights out of. The announcers put over the Damien being frustrated and held down story. Sandow continues to attack Ziggler aggressively. He taunts before stomping Ziggler down. He misses a corner splash and clothesline. Dolph comes back with a flying forearm and corner strikes. Falling neckbreaker connects for Ziggler. 1..2..kickout. Dolph misses the fameasser and a roll up for Sandow. 1..2..kickout. Damien pulls out what appears to be an Edgecator(reverse sharpshooter). Dolph fights back to the ropes after a few seconds. Damien goes for a belly-to-back suplex only for Ziggler to leap over hitting Zig Zag. 1..2..3.

OFFICIAL RESULT Dolph Ziggler: @ 5:00 via pin
MATCH THOUGHTS: I'm not really sure what this accomplishes for Sandow. He basically has a purpose but constantly loses. Regardless, the actual match was good for 5 minutes. My only issue is the ending came out of virtually nowhere.

They recap the Shield fighting off Evolution and the JTTS (Ryback, Curtis Axel, Titus O'Neil among others) squad from Raw.

-commercial break

Emma vs. Alicia Fox

Alicia Fox seems to show the same attitude from Raw in her entrance. She grabs a mic, "I'm kind of surprised you showed up." After saying this, she attacks Emma with a slap. Alicia tackles Emma and pounds her down. She demands for them to ring the bell. Alicia keeps attacking Emma. The referee checks on Emma who says she is okay. Alicia attacks again hitting a beautiful tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. She continues her onslaught by lifting Emma in a sidewalk slam and throwing her through the ropes. Alicia continues to taunt the crowd. She slides out and throws Emma in. 1..2..kickout. Alicia throws Emma with the hair grab. The crowd gets into it for Emma. Emma rolls away and finally gains the advantage. The Emma Sandwich is countered by a kick to the stomach. Alicia taunts the crowd more slapping Emma. Fox keeps pounding on the midsection of Emma. Alicia goes for a short arm clothesline but Emma ducks catching Alicia in a roll up. 1..2..3.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Emma @ 4:00 via pin
MATCH THOUGHTS: The match was decent for the little time it got. The biggest question though is what they are doing with people losing constantly yet getting more character than other people who win constantly. Alicia Fox keeps losing and throwing tantrums. I'm not sure what the point is, but it is catching my attention for better or worse. Good match between the two. I just wish both matches got more time.

Fox chases Emma out after the match throwing Emma in. Emma escapes Alicia's wrath. Alicia says she is underrated and tells the referee to learn how to do this job. Alicia tells the crowd to shut up. She grabs Chimmel by the tie choking him and by the face slapping him. Alicia seems to be scaring the help. She grabs both announcers in a headlock and sings We Are Family. She demands that they give her all their money. She keeps saying underrated and demanding money. Alicia attacks Tom forcing paper into his mouth. Fox then does the same to Saxton choking him out with a rag. Alicia keeps saying underrated as the crowd boos. Alicia asks if we hear her now.

They cut away to Renee. Renee asks Sheamus if he is able to compete tonight. Sheamus says this is no match but a fight. They show a tale of the tape featuring the two.

Daniel Bryan's injury promo from Raw is recapped.

The announcers are back after a few minutes and seem fine oddly enough.

Sheamus makes his way to the ring leading us to a commercial break.

John Cena answers Bray Wyatt's challenge on Smackdown.

Non-Title Match: Sheamus vs. Cesaro

That siren makes me think Perry Saturn or Scott Steiner is going to come out. Cesaro starts out with European Uppercut and goes for a hiptoss. Sheamus counters the hiptoss hitting aggressive clotheslines. They fight it out in the corner until Cesaro strikes back with European Uppercuts. Both men trade Uppercuts to the delight of the crowd. Sheamus shoulder thrusts Cesaro in the corner. He also digs his forearm into the eyes of Cesaro. Dueling Let's Go Sheamus and Let's Go Cesaro chants. Sheamus chases Cesaro outside who tries to bait him in the ring. He goes for a stomp but Sheamus outsmarts him pulling Cesaro outside. Sheamus rams his head into the steel steps. The crowd has come unglued for this match suddenly. Cesaro finally lures Sheamus to the top rope hitting him with three draping European Uppercuts. He also connects with a DDT on the apron. Cesaro pounds Sheamus into a corner. Just as quickly, Sheamus reverses hitting his own strikes. A corner splash hits for Sheamus. Sheamus connects with the slingshot shoulderblock. 1..2..kickout. Sheamus calls for ten beats on Cesaro. Paul Heyman looks on worried as Sheamus hits the ten beats. Sheamus hits a suplex. 1..kickout. Sheamus grabs a chinlock that Cesaro slowly escapes from. Cesaro is back to a vertical base throwing him into a corner. Cesaro hits with more European Uppercuts on Sheamus and a Big Boot while Sheamus is draped in the corner. They continue to trade strikes with Cesaro keeping the advantage. Sheamus finally rebounds with the rolling fireman's carry slam. Sheamus goes up top. Cesaro connects with more European Uppercuts and a top rope snapmare of sorts. 1..2..kickout. Cesaro goes for the cover again. 1..2..kickout. We go to commercial break.

-commercial break

We return and Cesaro is in control. They continue to trade European Uppercuts and Sheamus gets a kick to the gut. Sheamus ducks for the back body drop, but Cesaro counters with a kick to the chin. Cesaro lifts Sheamus and whips him to a corner. Sheamus counters with running polish hammers. The knee trembler connects for Sheamus but he runs right into a hard clothesline for Cesaro. 1..2..kickout. Sheamus kickouts and regains the advantage with an Irish Curse Backbreaker. 1..2..kickout. Sheamus goes for a Texas Cloverleaf, yet Cesaro counters with a Small Package. 1..2..kickout. Sheamus again keeps the offense going with a tilt-a-whirl sideslam. 1..2..kickout. Cesaro tries to retreat to the outside as Sheamus goes for ten beats again. Sheamus pulls him in going for White Noise. Cesaro counters but narrowly avoids a Brogue Kick! Cesaro grabs a go behind hitting a Bridging German Suplex. 1..2..kickout. Cesaro goes for the Neutralizer, and Sheamus counters with White Noise. 1..2..kickout. Both men fight to a vertical base. Sheamus calls for Brogue Kick and misses when Cesaro gets out of the way. Cesaro suckers him into a hot shot and goes up top. Sheamus catches that and hits him off. Sheamus goes off top hitting a diving cross body to the outside of the ring. Sheamus hits more European Uppercuts on Cesaro. Cesaro back body drops Sheamus over the barricade. The count is at 7 as Cesaro breaks it up. Both men trade throws sending each other into the barricade. The count reaches 10 leaving both men counted out.

The two of them get separated after the match. Cesaro attacks Sheamus with a steel chair during the pull apart. Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick when Cesaro re enters the ring.

OFFICIAL RESULT: No Contest @ 13:00 via double countout
MATCH THOUGHTS: If this feud continues the double countout result is the right one. The match itself was hot and got the crowd into the show. Great match between these two. Let's hope this feud continues on.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Good main event tonight. I have few complaints. I only hate that they do not use the full hour allotted for Main Event. The other two matches could have used a few more minutes; nonetheless, good show. Check out Cesaro and Sheamus if you want to see hard hitting wrestling. They should stick with the three match format because it makes the show far more interesting. Also, thanks to anyone who read the recap.


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