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411’s TNA Impact Wrestling Report 5.15.14
Posted by Larry Csonka on 05.15.2014

  • Match times are not exact.

  • Eric Young is backstage, waiting on MVP. He's pissed off. We see a limo arrive, and Young opens the door, but security pulls him away. He tells MVP they don't have to wait until Slammiversary. Young yells that he trusted MVP, and MVP tells him to compose himself, because otherwise he could get hurt.

  • Highlights from last week, showing MVP's betrayal.

  • Young makes his way to the ring, and he is still in a bad mood. He thought last week may have been a dream, but he knows it is a nightmare. Someone he trusted turned his back on him. He and everyone in the back put their careers in MVP's hands, they wanted change, they wanted this to be a better place. Anything is better than Dixie Carter. He promised to be a fighting champion, and he now promises that this kind of stuff will not happen on his watch. If MVP wants to be champion, he has to take it from Young. If MVP wants him in a match, all he has to do is ask. But watch what you wish for, because Young says he is crazy and will not wait until Slammiversary. So bring your deadbeat ass out here and we can do this right now. MVP appears on the video screen, and says that Young can throw all the verbal jabs he wants. But Young has to realize MVP booked him in the gauntlet that led to his title win. It sped up his plan, Young is a patsy; MVP wants the TNA Title, because that is where the power lies. MVP says he wants the power, money, power and respect are the keys to life, he has a lot and wants more. He will allow Young to keep the title for a few more weeks, and then, he will take it from him. And then Young can go back to being an insignificant no one. Young says that the title will be defended every week, and tonight he will fight MVP. MVP says to bring the big guns, because he is bullet proof. MVP says if Young gets through his security then he can have it, but he doesn't like his odds. Young rushes backstage.

  • Dixie rides in a car with Spud, and they arrive at her house. There is a table there that says Dixie fears Bully.

  • Willow cuts a wacky promo.

  • Bram and Magnus attack Willow somewhere backstage. They brawl into the arena, and Bram slams Willow to the barricade. Down to the ring and we start the match.

    Handicap Match: Magnus and Bram vs. Willow

    Willow tries to battle back early, suplex by Magnus and a tag to Bram. Bram chokes out Willow in the ropes, slams Willow to the corner and tags in Magnus. Rights by Magnus, gut wrench suplex follows and Magnus covers for 2. More rights by Magnus, but Willow back with a jawbreaker. Tag to Bram, back elbow to him by Willow. Whisper in the wind follows. Rights follow, a head butt, off the ropes and a flying forearm by Willow. Atomic drop, leg drop to the balls and then the basement dropkick all connect. Reverse kick by Willow, corner clothesline connects. Back handspring bitch slap by Willow. Willow in complete control, knocks Magnus to the floor but Bram escapes the twist of fate, Magnus trips up Willow and Bram hits an over head toss on Willow. Bram tags in Magnus, and then goes to the floor and grabs a pry bar and tosses it to Magnus. Magnus refuses to use it, and that leads to a roll up and win for Willow.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Willow @ 5:00 via pin

  • Bram yells at Magnus after the loss.

  • Young looks for MVP and some goofs try to stop him. Young breaks through them and then starts to destroy MVP's office.

  • Back to Dixie and Spud. There are tables all over her yard with "Dixie fears Bully" on them. Bully then calls and say he is in the house. Dixie sends in Spud and the camera crew to investigate. That poor little bastard if going through another table, isn't he?

  • Gail Kim makes her way to the ring. Kim isn't here for a makeover or to put on an evening gown. She is here to prove who she is, the woman that worked hard and built this division. So Beautiful People, come on out, she's ready to fight.

  • Here come the Beautiful People. Love says that she is jealous and then mocks her outfit. Love calls her a "darn good wrestler," but notes that she's not the champ, won't be the champ and should never be the champion. Everyone should aspire to be lie the Beautiful People. They accept the challenge, and Sky then attacks from behind. Oh that trickster. Love calls out a ref, and we have a match.

    Velvet Sky w/Angelina Love vs. Gail Kim

    Sky repeatedly slams Kim to the mat. To the corner, clothesline, snap mare and then a kick to the back. Basement dropkick by Sky, and a cover gets 2. Sky with another charge, back elbow by Kim. Float over, and then forearms by Kim. Shoulder block by Kim, followed by a dropkick. To the corner, corner splash by Kim. Kicks Love away, but that allows Sky to slam Kim into the post. Love with rights as Sky distracts the ref. Love rolls Kim back in, Sky has the paper bag, and puts it on Kim. She then kicks her in the back. Chinlock applied by Sky, Kim to her feet and a jawbreaker leads to the escape. Sky back with a DDT and a cover gets 2. Sky is pissed about the count. Sky checks her makeup, picks up Kim, who then connects with eat defeat and that is all she wrote.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Gail Kim @ 3:00 via pin

  • Love is not pleased about this. She lays out Kim with the Knockouts Title after the match.

  • The Menagerie walks backstage.

  • We see footage of EC3 discussing his victory over Kurt Angle and the fact that he tore Angle's ACL. He adds that Angle passed the torch while he keeps defeating all of TNA's legends and heroes. This is his world now. Good promo from EC3.

    Kazarian vs. Crazy Steve w/Knux, Rebel, The Freak and Stilt Walking Guys

    We don't know much about the background of Crazy Steve, but my sources tell me that he has some bats in the belfry and is possibly mad as a hatter and or nutty as a fruitcake. Crazy Steve has balloons in the ring, gives them to Kaz and Kaz attacks him and tosses them to the floor. Kaz then tosses Crazy Steve to the floor. Kaz follows, talks junk to the Menagerie as their music still plays. Schoolboy trip on Kaz, and now back into the ring. Kaz shoves Crazy Steve, but the Freak saves him. Kaz slingshots him back in, roll by Crazy Steve and sends Kaz to the floor. He lays the balloons on the mat and tries a top rope splash on them. Ok. He then plays with his horn Rebel distracts the ref and hangs upside down in the ropes. The ref DQs Crazy Steve.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Kaz @ 2:00 via DQ

  • The Menagerie does Menagerie things.

  • Austin Aries confronts MVP and says he knew he was trouble. He hits a security guard, but they over power him and MVP hits a cheap shot and tells security to get him out of here. Eric Young then arrives and attacks MVP.

  • Back from commercial and Young is still fighting with MVP. MVP then Pillmanizes the arm of Young and chokes him out with a tie. They fight into the arena, and MVP is in control, landing rights. They brawl onto the stage and MVP tosses Young down the ramp. Young keeps trying to fight back, and slams MVP to the ring apron. MVP again attacks the arm and tosses Young into the ring. MVP calls Young on, and Young back with boots and rights. Young with boots to a charging MVP and then spears him and lands rights. Security is out now and separates them. Young breaks free and attacks MVP in the corner. They get separated again. And now they both break free and brawl. MVP sends some security away, the others hold Young and he low blows him. MVP connects with the divorce court on the arm of Young, to further the damage already done. MVP says he will take the match tonight.

  • Spud investigate inside Dixie's house. Bully's been cooking and spray painting tables. Bully arrives as Spud hides. He's drinking wine from a bottle. Bully grabs Spud and chokes him out. He tells the camera crew not to go anywhere.

  • Mr. Anderson introduces himself.

    James Storm vs. Mr. Anderson

    They talk trash, shove each other and we're underway. Anderson with rights, and then a clothesline sends Storm to the floor. Anderson follows and slams Storm to the steps repeatedly. Rights by Anderson, rolls Storm back in the ring, but Storm attacks the arm and then shoots Anderson to the post. Storm to the floor, and slams Anderson's arm to the steps. Back into the ring they go, rights by Anderson, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Storm. He attacks the arm again, counters and then a neck breaker by Anderson. Anderson charges in, but eats a boot from Storm. Storm up top, Anderson snags him up and hits the Finlay roll. Looks for the mic check, but Storm runs and hugs the ref for protection. Low blow to Anderson, and then rolls him up and gets the feet on the ropes, but the ref sees it. Anderson counters the whirly bird, but Storm with a DDT and a cover for 2. Storm is frustrated, and goes to the floor. He gets a beer bottle, takes a drink and looks to use it on Anderson. Anderson counters, but Storm spits beer in his eyes, hits the superkick and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: James Storm @ 5:00 via pin

  • We see highlights from Sacrifice, where Samuel Shaw was "committed". We now see Shaw in a padded room, in a straightjacket. He has a visitor, and he asks if it is Christy.

  • We get a Sanada video package.

    X-Division Title Match: Sanada © vs. Tigre Uno vs. DJ Zema Ion

    Ion attacks both at the bell. That ends up bad news for him as Uno and Sanada beat him down and toss him to the floor. Roll up by Uno for 2. Quick action from Uno and Sanada, RANA by Sanada and then misses the standing moonsault. Ion in and attacks Sanada as Uno rolls to the floor. Rolling cradle by Sanada, and then gets a cover for 2. Tiger suplex try by Sanada, countered and Ion stun guns Sanada in the corner. Ion knocks Uno back to the floor, and then chokes out Sanada in the ropes. Double knee strike to the back by Ion and a cover gets 2. Elbows by Sanada, then some by Ion. To the corner, Sanada hits hard and drops to the mat. Ion covers for 2. Uno to the apron, but Ion slams him to the post and back to the floor. Sanada fires back on Ion with rights, to the corner and chops follow. More chops by Sanada follow, and he has control back. Lots of chops by Sanada, Ion back with some chops, and Uno flies in with a dropkick to both. To the floor, twisting moonsault by Uno onto both. He tosses Ion back in, heads up top, but Ion crotches him, sending him to the floor. Top rope chop by Sanada, tiger suplex on Ion and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Sanada @ 6:00 via pin

  • Dixie is outside, and gets a call from Bully. Spud is tied up right now, and adds that Dixie is all alone. Um LEAVE, you got a car woman, DRIVE AWAY! DRIVE AWAY AND SAVE YOURSELF!

  • Back to Samuel Shaw in the asylum. GUNNER is there to see him. Gunner is there because he feels Samuel needs someone to talk to.

  • Highlights of EC3 defeating Angle last week, due to Angle tearing his ACL. Apparently that's worse than a BROKEN FRICKEN NECK. Tenay says Angle has successful ACL surgery, and Angle has promised to return in just under five months.

  • Dixie has foolishly gone into her house, and is looking for Bully. She discovers Spud, and Bully was hiding behind a door. She asks what he wants, and Bully says that this is all her fault. If she never had done what she did at Sacrifice, he wouldn't have been so pissed. He asks if she really think she is afraid of him. She shakes her head no, and says she wants it to go away. Bully says for her to come clean, and to say that, "Dixie Carter fears Bully Ray". If she does, he'll leave. As she says it, EC3 attacks Bully from behind and she then says she fears NO ONE! Damn those Carters…

    TNA World Title Match: Eric Young © vs. MVP

    Young attacks MVP before the bell. They brawl on the floor, and then MVP slams Young to the steps. Young is favoring the previously injured arm/ MVP then crushes the arm between the steps and post. MVP then works the arm in the barricade, continuing the assault on the injured arm…

    ~commercial break~

    Back from commercial as MVP continues the attack. The match "officially" started at this time. MVP talks some trash, Young tries to battle back but runs into a knee from MVP. MVP covers for 2. MVP sends Young to the corner shoulder first, and then sends Young to the post. MVP poses, snap mare and then into a standing arm bar. Young again tries to fight back, rights follow, but MVP takes him down and lays the boots to him in the corner. A whip to the corner, MVP charges and MISSES the Yakuza kick. Young with rights and then a spinning clothesline. Forearm shot by Young, heads up top… but Kenny King is out to shove Young off and that's a DQ…

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Eric Young @ 3:00 via DQ

  • King then hits the royal flush on Young, and MVP demands the referee start the match again. Referee Brian Hebner refuses, so King knocks him out. King says to stop talking, so they then continue to beat down Young. It looks bad for the champion as it's a 2 on 1 situation. But then Bobby Lashley's music hits and he rushes the ring. Not good news, because he SPEARS Young. He and MVP hug as King heads to the floor to gets some chairs. King sets the chairs up and Lashley slams Young though them. MVP then stands over Young as King hands him the TNA World Title. They new super group of TNA stands tall over the fallen world champion.

  • End scene.

  • Thanks for reading.

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