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411’s TNA Impact Wrestling Report 5.22.14
Posted by Larry Csonka on 05.22.2014

  • Match times are not exact.

  • Highlights of last week's show, where MVP joined forces with Kenny King and Bobby Lashley.

  • MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley walk and run into Kazarian. They don't like his attitude, and lay him out. MVP and the crew make their way to the ring.

  • MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley (Revolution? The Nation of Revelation? Fuck With Us and We Kill You? You make up a name!) hit the ring. MVP says that he will give us an education. He'll teach us some history. He is a brilliant individual, and due to his brilliance, he put himself into a position where he could bring in his friends and take power. Power was never given by request, power has always been taken, and when you do that, blood must be spilled. He knew that when he cam back to wrestling he would have to change things and not ask for permission. This is all about power, money and respect. He did this on his terms, and he had to become a politician, and he is in control here. You don't have to like it, but you have to accept it. MVP allows King to have the mic. King says when MVP called and laid out the plan, he thought MVP lost his mind. But he was wrong; MVP is a genius. But he takes some credit, their little "exhibition: match was his idea to throw them all off. The King vs. Lashley match? All part of the plan/ MVP cuts him off and says this is all working out perfectly. So then for Lockdown, he called his friend Bobby Lashley. Lashley says that playing the political game isn't his thing, but MVP had the plan, so he trusted him and feels MVP is a visionary. MVP says he may even be a prophet, or a God.

    The Wolves now makes their way out to the ring. Richards says that they used to have respect for MVP when he said they were fighting for wrestling and that this was not about the money. What happened to that guy? MVP says he gave them opportunity, and he kept his word to them. They got the chance to be tag team champions and got good contracts on top of it. MVP says they are champions because they got heart, but they did not have the stomach for his plan. Richards says they aren't money-grubbing cowards that forgot who supports them. MVP says he could cut them and send them back to the Indies where they may belong. The Wolves attack, but the numbers game gets to them. Team MVP beats down the tag team champions, as Lashley destroys Edwards with a spear. MVP tosses Richards to the floor. MVP reiterates that this is about power and control, and since he authority was questioned, they need to learn a lesson. Lashley then spears Richards off the ramp through a table. Well that had to suck.

  • Eric Young has arrived, and he is pissed off.

  • Back from commercial and Dixie Carter along with EC3 arrive in a limo.

  • During the break, Davey Richards was placed into an ambulance and taken to the local medical facility.

  • Eric Young makes his way to the ring. Young says if MVP wants to play the numbers game, then that is fine. MVP makes his way out and says if Young wants to talk with him, he is here. But this will be on MVP's terms. Young says to shut up and listen. MVP calls out King and Lashley to be at his side. Young says MVP stabbed him in the back, he doesn't like Kenny King because he's a scumbag; but then there is Lashley. Lashley paid his dues in the military, in wrestling and in MMA. MVP says he smartened up. Young says Lashley will have to answer to the fans, and to his son. Young asks Lashley what he will say to his son when he calls him a sell out. MVP says if Lashley's son asks, he will do so from behind the wheel of a luxury sports car. They then enter the ring and surround Young. MVP says there are no sellouts, they are just motivated by money, power and respect. Young says that the fans motivate him. he then attacks Lashley. The numbers game gets to the champion, and Austin Aries arrives and makes the save. Aries is fired up and clears King to the floor. He and Young then low bridge Lashley, so MVP bails. Aries says that he saw MVP for what he was from the beginning. The cheap suits, the CZ earrings; just like MVP, they are all fake. Aries then challenges MVP to a match tonight so that he can expose him. MVP says he beat him before and will do so again. As for Eric Young, he will be in action later, but MVP will not reveal the opponent at this time.

  • Bram watches the monitor. He booked a match for Magnus, against Willow, in a falls count anywhere match. Magnus punches Bram, who laughs it off and says that this is what it is all about, Magnus finding himself.

  • Angelina Love discusses her open challenge, Gail Kim wants the match, but Love says she's not allowed. So Gail Kim attacks her, security separates them.

  • Angelina Love makes her way to the ring for her open challenge. Love says that this is an open challenge for her title, but tonight's challenge excludes all former Knockouts Champions. She's a giver and wants to build the division. It's an honor for her to give a young, up and comer a shot at the title.

    Knockouts Title Open Challenge Match: Angelina Love © w/Velvet Sky vs. Brittany

    Love attacks before the bell and sends Brittany to the floor. Love follows, slams her to the apron and then rolls her into the ring. Love lays the boots to her, and then hits a monkey flip out of the corner. Roll up by Brittany for 2. Love with more boots, knee to the gut and then a dropkick. To the corner, Brittany counters a monkey flip and then rights follow. Off the ropes, clotheslines by Brittany follow. Snap mare; kick to the face and then hits a Russian leg sweep for 2. Love counters the back handspring elbow with a shot to the back of the head. Love up top, kick b Brittany cuts her off and then slams her off the top, and the cover gets 2. Sky distracts the ref as Brittany has a roll up for about 20. Brittany takes out Sky, Botox Injection from Love and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Angelina Love @ 4:00 via pin

  • Post match makeover for Brittany.

  • Gail Kim rushes the ring and lays out Sky, and then hits a clothesline on Love. Mounted rights follow. Love manages to escape.

  • Security tries to keep out Dixie Carter. She makes her way in and she will address MVP's actions tonight.

  • Mr. Anderson and James Storm meet in a bar. Anderson wants to do something competitive, but Storm threatens to beat him up. Storm wants a drinking contest instead.

    MVP vs. Austin Aries

    MVP has dropped the red and changed to the EVIL black ring gear. He just needs a goatee now. Aries attacks with a double sledge off the top to begin things. Aries slams MVP to the apron, but MVP fires back and rolls Aries into the ring. Dropkick by Aries, and he lays the boots to MVP. Cross face shots follow, to the corner and a back elbow by Aries. Mounted rights follow, but MVP dumps Aries to the floor. MVP follows and continues the beat down. Rights follow, and he then rolls Aries back into the ring and covers for 2. Forearm shots by MVP, misses the corner kick and Aries fires back and connects with a clothesline. MVP escapes the brain buster try, forearms follow. Off the ropes and a forearm shot by Aries drops MVP. Shotgun dropkick follows for Aries. Goes for it again, and connects. Aries up top now, but Lashley is out and tosses him off the top for the DQ.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Austin @ 4:00 via DQ

  • King is out as well and they beat down Aries. King hits the royal flush, but Eric Young rushes the ring to make the save. Team MVP beat down Aries and the champion and stand tall. MVP then says that Young's opponent for tonight will be Bobby Lashley.

  • Dixie Carter and EC3 make their way to the ring. Carter says that MVP is ignoring her texts and emails. MVP says she was banned from the building, but she days that his actions have dictated her return. She says he made quite the little posse, and while the fans apparently hate her, when she never harmed anyone. Ok, she may have hurled Bully Ray through two tables, but that's beside the point. Carter says this is not about what she wants, but what she can do for him.

  • Bully Ray rushes the ring and has a steel pipe. He runs off Carter and EC3. MVP and crew laugh it off, and then MVP says he banned Bully as well. He wants to know why Bully is here. Bully says that he is here because there is something he needs to say to MVP. He speaks for everyone in TNA and every fan when he says that MVP is a piece of crap. And that is because he turned his back on everyone and MVP is only here because of Bully. Eric Young has been here since day one, and a guy that every TNA fan loves; he worked his way from the bottom to win the title. MVP mocks Bully and says he may cry. He asks when Bully started to care, and then gets jumped by Lashley and King. MVP joins the attack, and Carter and EC3 return to watch. MVP and crew then bail as EC3 claps for them. Carter then tells EC3 to get the tables. He sets up the table, but Bully fights him off. He tries to get at Carter, but EC3 clips his leg and then hits a spinebuster and puts Bully through the table. Carter says that she fears no one.

  • EC3 and Dixie are proud of themselves, but Bully is on the chase. They make it to their limo and escape.

    Falls Count Anywhere Match: Magnus w/Bram vs. Willow w/Umbrella

    Magnus attacks at the bell. He works over Willow, charges, but the low bridge sends him to the floor. Slingshot plancha by Willow, but Magnus counters with the knees. He then slams Willow to the steel steps. Magnus follows that by slamming the back of Willow to the apron and covers for 2. Willow battles back with rights, but Magnus cuts him off. Bram tries to hand Magnus a weapon, but Magnus refuses. He slams Willow to the apron, but Willow counters and hits a suplex. Back into the ring they go, leg drop by Willow. He heads up top, but MISSES the swanton. Magnus gets to his feet, but a back elbow and whisper in the wind by Willow gets a cover for 2. Willow clotheslines Magnus to the floor, and then a slingshot splash to the floor and the cover gets 2. Magnus counters the twist of fate on the ramp, and Bram continues to yell at Magnus. He hands him the pry bar and tells him to cave in Willow's head. Magnus contemplates things, and then hits Willow in the gut with it. Magnus then holds up and can't hit Willow in the head. Willow then hits a twist of fate and wins.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Willow @ 5:00 via pin

  • Bram looks on with disgust at Magnus.

  • Gunner meets with Samuel Shaw at the asylum. Gunner says he is here for Shaw, to let him know that he know what he's going through. Shaw says Gunner has no clue what it's like being in there, but Gunner says he does.

  • Eddie Edwards walks.

  • Back to Gunner and Samuel. Gunner tells a story about a "friend" of his he served with. They saw things, things happened that they never expected. Trauma. His buddy suffered a lot of that, but Gunner was there for him. he was the guy that got him committed to a place like this to get him help. He spent time with his friend and in the end, he got better, he found himself and he understood things. Gunner believes there is good in Samuel and that he can get better. Samuel wants to know how he can trust Gunner. Gunner says that he will try to get the straight jacket removed for Samuel.

  • Eddie Edwards now makes his way to the ring. Edwards calls out Team MVP for a fight. He won't leave until someone comes out. King starts to come to the ring, so Edwards attacks. They brawl around the ring, and Edwards chokes out King with his shirt. They brawl into the ring, King takes control and attacks Edwards with the mic. King then mocks Edwards and laughs into the mic. He tosses Edwards back to the floor, Edwards hits a dive and then follows with mounted rights. He chokes out King with his wrist tape, but then King stun guns him on the barricade. King moves the steps, and slams Edwards onto them. King talks junk again, Edwards attacks, but King slams him to the steps and then kicks him into them. King then follows with an XPLODER suplex on the ramp. Edwards is down and King leaves.

  • Storm and Anderson are having their drinking contest. Storm is winning, but Anderson winks to the camera as he gets them more beers. He's droning different beers, likely non-alcoholic, because he's smarter than Storm. That wacky Ken Anderson.

  • MVP meets with Brian Hebner backstage. He discusses Kenny King assaulting Hebner, and apologizes. He will make it up to him by allowing him to referee the main event. And then Hebner can do the right thing for MVP…

  • Storm and Anderson drink, and then Anderson reveals he was drinking "near beer". Anderson revels it was all for revenge and then attacks Storm and tosses him outside. He tosses Storm into a trash dumpster and shoves the money for their drinking contest in his mouth.

  • Eric Young talks with Borash about tonight's match. Young admits to being banged up, but tonight he will do what he has to do. Lashley made a mistake by letting Young still stand. Tonight, Young will get crazy.

    Non-Title Match: Eric Young © vs. Bobby Lashley

    Lashley misses a charge at the bell, EY battle back and follows with rights in the corner. Lashley then whips EY to the corner, and EY hits and flies over the top. He favors the injured arm and shoulder. Lashley follows and slams EY to the apron repeatedly. Back into the ring they go, jawbreaker by EY, off the ropes but runs into a back elbow. Lashley chokes out EY in the ropes, continuing the assault on the champion. Rights follow, and then palm strikes by Lashley. To the corner again, and EY hits and drops to the mat. We head to commercial…

    ~commercial break~

    Back from commercial as Lashley chokes out EY in the ropes. Cross face shots follow, and then Lashley with the stalling suplex, the cover gets 2. Rights by Lashley now, back elbows by EY, but he runs into a backdrop. Lashley covers again for 2. Bear hug by Lashley now, EY tries to escape with elbows and does. To the corner, more elbows, Lashley then eats a boot on a charge and EY with the flying forearm. Up top, missile dropkick follows and a cover gets 2 for EY. Lashley catches him in a side slam and gets a close 2, and then complains about the count. Kicks by Lashley in the corner, a whip, float over caught by Lashley. Running powerslam countered and EY hits the piledriver! EY heads up top, King is out and EY fights him off. MVP is out and EY continues to fight, but they crotch him. MVP tells the ref not to ring the bell yet. SPEAR by Lashley. Hits the running powerslam and the ref reluctantly counts the three.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Bobby Lashley @ 11:00 via pin

  • MVP and crew celebrate while King tries to rip off some of EY's beard. MVP and King beat down EY, but Austin Aries makes the save with a kendo stick. Then gets cut off by Lashley. They then beat down Aries, and King hits the royal flush on Aries. Team MVP celebrates.

  • End scene.

  • Thanks for reading.

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