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411’s TNA Impact Wrestling Report 5.29.14
Posted by Larry Csonka on 05.29.2014

  • Match times are not exact.

  • Bully Ray makes his way to the ring to kick off the show tonight. Bully swears he will keep on fighting because he is more motivated than at any time in his career. He is obsessed with six people in TNA, and they have targets on their backs. He promises all of the fans that he will put them through one of these tables he has with him. They have covers on them and he starts to reveal names: Lashley, EC3, Kenny King, MVP, Spud and Dixie Carter's names are all on the tables he has set up. Everyone in the wrestling world wants to see Dixie Carter go through a table he says. Bully then says it is time to get crazy, so he calls out MVP or any of them, come down here and fight him now.

    MVP makes his way out to the ramp and takes a look at the tables. He tells Bully that he does not respond well to threats and that Bully should rethink his position. MVP says that it will not happen tonight, no one will go through a table tonight. If Bully wants to fight, MVP would love to handle that, but there would be no fun in that. Why do it himself when he has friends to help. Here come King and Lashley. EC3 and Spud attack Bully from behind, clipping the knee and beat him down. King joins in as Lashley and MVP enter the ring. Bully is getting beat down as Spud tells EC3 to get the tables. They grab the SPUD table and bring it to the ring. They set up the table, but Eric Young along with Aries and the Wolves charge the ring to make the save. They clear the ring, leaving Spud hiding under the table. Aries says there are some others obsessed, and they want revenge as well. Aries and the Wolves want to face MVP and his crew, NOW! Bully then says if they have balls, they will have the match next. He then has EY grab Spud, and Bully gives him the second rope powerbomb through the table.

    MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley vs. The Wolves (Richards and Edwards) and Austin Aries

    Back from the commercial as the match begins with brawling at ringside. Lashley and Aries into the ring and Lashley send shim to the corner. To the opposite corner and Aries hits hard and drops to the mat. Lashley chokes out Aries as the brawl on the floor continues. Lashley lays the boots to him, but Aries back with leg kicks. He obviously saw Lashley's MMA fights. Aries escapes the powerslam and sends Lashley to the floor. King and Edwards are also in, and King sent to the floor as MVP and Richards spill into the ring. MVP now sent to the floor, and the Wolves hit stereo dives while Aries gets a double axe handle smash off the top to the floor onto Lashley…

    ~commercial break~

    Back from commercial as Richards and Aries double-team King, and Aries covers for 2. Tag to Edwards, he works over King and then tags in Richards. They continue to work over King in their corner, keeping him separated from his team. MVP stops the double team on King with a kick to the ribs of Richards. He pulls him to the floor, allowing Lashley to shoot Richards to the steps. MVP tags in and beats down Edwards with rights, tag to Lashley and he just pummels Edwards in the corner. Back to his corner, shoulder blocks by Lashley. Tag back to MVP, off the ropes and a clothesline by MVP connects and he covers for 2. Corner kick and a release overhead suplex by MVP connects and he covers for 2. Tag to King, Edwards with elbows, Edwards looks for the tag, escapes a German and tags Aries in. Aries runs wild, takes MVP to the floor. Lashley in to cut him off, to the corner but avoids a Lashley charge and dropkicks King in the corner. Lashley catches him and hits a running powerslam. MVP back in, forearm by Aries follows. King back in, royal flush countered and a forearm by Aries connects. BrainBuster follows, and Richards is back on the apron and gets tagged in. Up top and he takes off his rib wrapping, DOUBLE STOMP on King. Lashley back in, and the SPEAR destroys Richards. MVP hits the shining wizard and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley @ 14:00 via pin

  • Bram wants the old Magnus back, and tonight he will show him how it is done and how to feel the violence again.

  • EC3 talks to Dixie about Spud going through a table. She has important business with MVP and wants him along when she meets with him.

    Bram w/Magnus vs. Tigre Uno

    Uno tries to use his speed early, which works for a few seconds but then Bram slams him to the mat because' he doesn't have time for lucha. Off the ropes and a back elbow by Bram, who then yells at Uno. Bram chokes out Uno, who escapes and kicks Bram in the gut. Bram then levels him with a clothesline, hits an implant DDT and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Bram @ 2:00 via pin

  • Bram chases out the ref post match and goes to the floor for a toy. He grabs the metal part of the turnbuckle from under the ring, and Magnus begs him off and asks what is wrong with him. Magnus doesn't care about Uno, who is half Bram's size. Bram wants to see the old Magnus, and Magnus says Bram needs a bigger test. Maybe he can learn at the feet of the master, maybe Bram should prove himself against Willow. Bram slimes like an insane man, he likes this plan.

  • Gunner talks with Anderson as they are tagging together tonight. Anderson asks him why he is meeting with Shaw, and Anderson says Shaw is insane and has doctors to talk with. Gunner says Shaw needs someone to talk with, but Anderson says Shaw just has issues.

  • Brittany meets with Madison Rayne. Rayne cuts her off and says that she needs to stay away from the beautiful People because she's just not ready yet. Rayne says she will get embarrassed again and needs to not have her match tonight. Brittany agrees.

    Gunner and Mr. Anderson vs. The BroMans (Robbie and Jessie w/DJ Zema Ion)

    Ion with the distraction, allowing the BroMans to attack at the bell. They work over Gunner in their corner, using some quick tags and then hit the double knees in the corner. Robbie lays the boots to Gunner, and then hits a back elbow and covers for 2. Robbie misses a knee drop off the second rope, Jessie stops a tag by attacking Anderson, allowing them to then double team Gunner. Gunner fires up, sack of shit slam to Robbie and tags in Anderson. Anderson with rights and elbows to the BroMans. Finlay roll cut off, off the ropes and a tag by Gunner, Anderson tosses Jessie, mic check on Robbie. Gunner with the flying head butt and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Gunner and Mr. Anderson @ 3:00 via pin

  • The Menagerie makes their way out as the BroMans are sad in the ring. Stilt Walking Guys, Rebel, Knux, Crazy Steve and The Freak all make their way out as the BroMans look on puzzled. The BroMans beg off as the Menagerie surrounds them. Robbie and Jessie bail, and the Freak hits Ion with a huge toss into a flapjack. The Menagerie laughs.

  • Dixie and EC3 walk.

  • Brittany walks and meets with Gail Kim. She wants to tag with Kim tonight to battle the Beautiful People. Kim agrees to the match as Brittany hugs her.

  • Dixie Carter now makes her way to the ring, along with EC3. Carter calls out MVP, who comes out with Lashley and King. Carter says they can do this the easy way or the Dixie Carter way. MVP says she said everything she wanted to say last week, but Carter says Bully Ray interrupted her. Carter says MVP may need her, and MVP says they do not see eye to eye on that. MVP says he and his crew are in charge and they are respected. He also has a title shot at Slammiversary, so they have everything in hand, so how could Carter help them. She could just go back to Nashville, or, she could get on her jet and go to Dallas to take a meeting with their board of directors to show what MVP is doing wrong. Carter says she's not threatening MVP, so this can be the easy way or the Dixie Carter way. MVP says that they have a different view of reality. He has a lot of money at his disposal, and Carter says it is Dixie money. MVP says money is money, but it is also power.

    Eric Young now makes his way to the ring along with Bully Ray. Young says they want to see everyone of the people in the ring go through a table. MVP says he bets Young wants to hit him with the pipe he has in his hand, but know EY has heart, but not enough to beat MVP. MVP will take the world title from him, and then dismiss him so he can go fishing. Bully has to hold EY back, and tells him there is a time and place for everything. MVP says none of them are afraid of Bully Ray. MVP has seen a lot of bad asses in his day, but Carter is just another loud mouth from New York. EY has to hold Bully back now. MVP announces that EY and Bully will face each other tonight, with EC3 as the special guest referee. Bully refuses, and MVP says if he doesn't he will fire them. Bully will not fight his friend, so go ahead and fire him. Carter asks if Bully is quitting, because he can walk away because she has overpaid him since he waked into this company. Who will pick up the pieces if Bully leaves? EY has a fighting spirit, but he can't fight on his own to fight the war. Carter didn't think that New Yorkers quit. Bully refuses to quit until he gives every wrestling fan what they want to see, her going through a table. He promises to put all of them through a table one day.

  • Velvet Sky and Angelina Love aren't concerned about their match tonight.

  • We get a video package, showing Angle injuring his knee. He is rehabbing the injury at home but things are improving. He then thanks the fans for their support as he recovers.

    Velvet Sky and Angelina Love vs. Brittany and Gail Kim

    Kim does not appreciate Brittany's awkward hugs. Love and Brittany to begin, shoulder block by Love and Brittany is down. Off the ropes now, boot by Brittany and forearms follow. Brittany with the dropkick, snap mare and then a running kick to Love. She celebrates, allowing Love to trip her up and then tag in Sky. Sky works her over in her corner, and then distracts the ref, allowing Love to choke out Brittany. Snap mare by Sky, kick to the back and then the basement dropkick connects. Sky covers for 2. Brittany with a trip, and into a jack knife roll up for 2. To the corner, back handspring elbow by Brittany. She is happy, but then refuses to tag in Kim. Sky slams Brittany to the mat and then slams her head to the mat repeatedly. Tag back to Love, who chokes out Brittany in the ropes. Sky helps out as the ref gets distracted, Love then dropkicks Brittany in the back and covers for 2. Tag to Sky, double sledge off the second rope and then forearms follow. Brittany battles back and gets a Russian leg sweep. Both are down, Brittany looks for a tag, kicks Sky away and finally tags in Kim. Kim is the old house of fire, shoulder blocks and dropkicks to Sky. Cross body off the ropes by Kim and a cover gets 2. Brittany then tags herself back in, much to the dismay of Kim. She misses her moonsault, and Love hits the botox injection, allowing Sky to cover for the win.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Velvet Sky and Angelina Love @ 5:00 via pin

  • Young and Bully talk. They know tonight is what it is, but Bully says if he wins, he wants a title shot. May the best man win.

  • Brittany is upset and still in the ring. She calls out Madison Rayne. The killer Queen makes her way to the ring, and Brittany wants to know why she wouldn't tag with her tonight, why did she reject her. Rayne says that this whole thing is getting weird. She tried to warn her, and that her issues with the Beautiful People have been going on for years. So whatever needs to be handled, will be handled between her, Love and Sky. Brittany says she will take responsibility for what happens, she's a big girl and just wants to be with Rayne. Rayne asks what did she say, and Brittany repeats herself. Rayne is not impressed and pushes her away and says things have gone a bit too far. Rayne says to keep her distance, and she says it to her in a nice way. Brittany gets mad and wants to know why Rayne doesn't like her? Accept her, that's all she wants. She has been there for her and keeps asking why. Love and Sky are out and mock the situation and say that Rayne just broke a young girls heart. Sky says that we just saw the real Madison Rayne. They made her that way. Rayne says that Love needs to worry about keeping the title, because Rayne is cashing in her rematch next week, and she will win the title back.

  • EC3 gets prepared to referee the main event. MVP and crew arrive, and say they mean him no harm. They wish him luck and promise to have his back, because they will be closer than he realizes.

  • Kenny King interrupts Christy Hemme, and says she can take her sweet booty and exit the ring. King is the special ring announcer tonight. He announces Bully from "Hell's Toilet New York," and weighing in at 742 pounds. King then introduces Young from Nashville, and calls him the bearded wonder and current but not holding that title for too much longer, Eric Young.

  • King then announces Bobby Lashley as the special enforcer for the match.

  • MVP is then announced as the special time keeper.

    Non-Title Match: Eric Young © vs. Bully Ray w/Ethan Carter III as Special Referee

    Carter stays on the apron and rings the bell. Bully and Young don't want to have this match, but have no choice. And here we go. Lock up, and an arm drag by Bully. Lock up again, and then a hip toss by Bully. WRESTLING! Test of strength now, into a lock up and a body slam by Bully. They circle, lock up, arm drags by Young. A dropkick follows and Bully to the floor. King attacks him from behind, and Young goes to the floor to make sure Bully is ok. Young and Bully head back into the ring…

    ~commercial break~

    Back from commercial as MVP mocks Young by holding the TNA world title. Lock up, to the corner and they battle for position. Carter breaks them up, to the corner, counters and a shoulder block by Bully. Young to the floor, and MVP attacks him from behind. Bully to the floor and gets in MVP's face. Young and Bully back into the ring again, they circle and a go behind by Young. Bully escapes, counters and a float over by Young and then a forearm connects. Flair corner flip by Young, blocks a right and then Bully sling shots him back in. Flip flop and fly by Bully cut off by Carter, so Bully kicks him in the face. Carter rolls to the floor. It breaks down and the match is over…

    OFFICIAL RESULT: No Contest @ 11:00

  • Lashley, King and MVP beat down Young and Bully.

  • But… SAMOA JOE's MUSIC HITS and he is back. Joe hits the ring and just starts wrecking fools. They clear out the ring, minus Kenny King, who eats a muscle buster. Joe, Young and Bully stand tall as Joe stares down MVP.

  • End scene.

  • Thanks for reading.

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