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411's WWE Legend's House Report 6.05.14
Posted by Jeremy Lambert on 06.05.2014

Previously: The Legends played The Newlywed Game and went fishing with Shawn Michaels.

Piper returns to the house. They didn't mention that he was gone in the "previously on" look back. Piper had to go to Atlanta to sign autographs. So an independent autograph session pays better than Legends House. Piper's hair is starting to grow back from his waxing session.

Ashley Cook arrives. Ashley informs that the Legends will take part in a roast with Piper being the guest of honor. She says it's because he left the house, truthfully it's because he's the biggest star. Everyone starts writing jokes for the roast.

Guy Torry, who I've never heard of, shows up and announces that he's the roast master. I guess they couldn't afford Jeff Ross. Two other comedians show up with him to help the Legends write jokes. "Jimmy's jokes are very insider. Meaning insider as in you wouldn't get them unless you are Jimmy," says the guy working with Jimmy on his material. Atlas says that his mom raised him not to make fun of others, so this is tough for him. Atlas starts sharing stories about his mom and laughing at his own jokes. Mr. T stole his entire Hall of Fame speech from Atlas. The comedians decide that Fink is too nice for this.

The roast starts and there appear to be 20 people in the audiences, none of him look like wrestling fans. IRON SHIEK IS THE SPECIAL GUEST! SHIEKY BABY! Hillbilly Jim kicks things off and does a pretty good job. Only one joke is shown from Gene and Patterson. Shieky starts going off, but it's cut to pieces and edited. Everyone says it was great. Jimmy gets up there and no one laughs. His jokes don't seem to be any worse than anyone elses. Fink bombs but sort of saves it by making fun of how bad he is. Atlas gets up there and does a good job, which surprises everyone.

Piper finally gets his chance at redemption. He talks about his time in Legends House and then gets to roasting. He does a good job and gets a standing ovation.

Back at the house, Piper thanks everyone for not hitting below the belt with their jokes when he knows they could have. Hugs all around.

COOKING TIME WITH TONY ATLAS! Patterson talks about separating real life from wrestling. The Legends talk about walking on eggshells around everyone and then arguing starts. Well, this escalated quickly. Piper talks about the limo ride to Vegas and Fink not standing up for the group even though he was in the kings chair. Fink and Piper make up quickly.

Patterson starts going off and opening up. Well, sort of. It seems heavily edited with no real point. The Legends talk like Patterson had this emotional outpouring, but it's edited so much that, if you don't really know what's going, it just seems like a bunch of nothing. Jimmy tells Atlas the story of losing his daughter.

Thoughts: I'm not sure what to think of this episode. It looked like it could've been really good, but it was edited so much that it just didn't hit. The roast was probably pretty funny, but I'd imagine that a lot of the jokes weren't PG and what was shown was just alright. The Patterson stuff felt like it should've been huge, but it just felt weird with the way it was shown on TV. Not really a bad episode, just one that felt incomplete.

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