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411’s TNA Impact Wrestling Report 6.12.14
Posted by Larry Csonka on 06.12.2014

  • Match times are not exact.

  • We get highlights of MVP's plan to take power in TNA.

  • Eric Young makes his way to the ring. Young says in three days he faces MVP at Slammiversary. Young calls out MVP and his friends, because he has something to say. MVP says that he has nothing to do with Dixie Carter, he is facing Young at Slammiversary and is focused on that. Young knows that his match won't be one on one on Sunday, and just wants to know what he will have to deal with. MVP says he is a world-class athlete, and says Young can't beat him and he will take the title from Young. Young says MVP needs to show him the respect that he has earned, and all he wants is one request. Young only wants a fair fight at the PPV. MVP would like to promise that, but Kenny King has emotional outbreaks and he can't promise that. Young says he is talking to MVP, man to man, so listen real good, if a bigger better man wants to take the title, so be it. But getting screwed and attacked from behind, that is not cool or fair, that is garbage. Young will do anything to ensure that doesn't happen. MVP then says he will grant Young a fair fight and pick his stipulation, but he has to earn it. He has to beat MVP, King and Lashley in the same night. King interrupts, and says that Young couldn't beat two of them. King interrupts again and says Young has to beat two of them and MVP then agrees to that. Young can pick the Slammiversary stipulation if he beats two men from Team MVP. Young says maybe he shouldn't be TNA champion, but he is, and he doesn't think MVP is man enough to take the title from him. MVP repeats the stipulation, and says Young's first opponent tonight will be Bobby Lashley.

    Non-Title Match: Eric Young © vs. Bobby Lashley

    To the floor they go, chops by EY and then rolls Lashley back into the ring. Lashley takes over as he lays the boots to EY, and then some shoulder blocks in the corner. A big slam by Lashley, but then he misses an elbow drop. EY connects with a flying forearm, ands then slams Lashley to the corner. Some rights, a Irish whip, reversal and EY does the Flair corner flip. He slides back in, but Lashley tosses him to the floor. He follows and slams EY to the apron and then the steps. Lashley continues abusing EY at ringside, connecting with a slam now. He rolls EY back in and makes a cover for 2. Lashley with the torture rack now, but EY manages to escape. Lashley then levels him with a clothesline, and makes a cover for 2. Lashley works the Argentine back breaker, EY fights again to escape, does and gets a crucifix for 2. Jack knife roll up follows for 2. EY with the dropkick, then counters a Lashley charge and leaps off the ropes, caught by Lashley and then the powerslam connects and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Bobby Lashley @ 5:00 via pin

  • Lashley gets the TNA World Title, and then returns to the ring to beat down Young. Lashley looks to attack with the belt, but Samoa Joe makes the save. They brawl, and Joe sends Lashley to the floor.

  • Willow cuts a wacky promo.

  • Young is getting medical attention, he has injured his back, noting he felt something pop.

  • Samoa Joe is pissed off, and will make Lashley his next victim. He puts over Lashley as an awesome athlete, but he will take care of his at Slammiversary.

  • Bram and Magnus hit the ring is matching outfits, and Bram introduces the most brutal man he knows, a man we will grow to fear, Magnus. Magnus says that Bram is his oldest friend and best mate, and he has brought back the old Magnus. They wanted him to be a watered down, suit-wearing joke. He looks back at the last six months and it makes his sick. No more being what someone else wants him to be, and with Bram at his side, they are unstoppable. Bram says Jeff needs to be Willow to have an edge, but who ever you are, you know who the real Mag-Daddy is.

    Willow now makes his way out to the ring. Willow says he is giving them a chance to run, because he is dangerous. Behind the mask he is not responsible for his actions because he is from Hardy's Imag-I-nation. Is he from Imagination Land? He can go where Jeff Hardy cannot go. He is glad Magnus found himself, and at Slammiversary, they will take them down. Magnus say she has Bram, so bring it on. Willow is glad Bram will be there, because THEY are ready to fight. Bram says they are real and are two dangerous people. Willow says he will have someone in his corner, Abyss. They rush the ring and we have a big brawl. Abyss and Willow clear the ring.

  • Highlights of EC3 having bad day on last week's Impact. EC3 says everyone will pay, and he is going to the ring to expose Bully Ray tonight.

  • DJ Zema introduces the BroMans.

    Knux w/The Menagerie vs. Robbie E w/Jessie and DJ Zema

    The Menagerie music continues to play as Robbie is freaked out by the crew. Knux with shoulder blocks and rights, hits a leg drop and Jessie hits on Rebel as she does a split. The Freak then scares Jessie, and Robbie attacks Knux from behind. Rights follow, and Crazzy Steve distracts Robbie. Boot by Knux and then the big cross body wipes out Robbie. Robbie fights back again, and chokes out Knux in the ropes. Robbie to the ropes, and leaps off with a clothesline. Ion and Crazzy Steve have a horn battle, Knux then gets a backdrop on Robbie. The corner splash follows. The Freak takes out Jessie and Ion, allowing Knux to hit the sky high on Robbie for the win.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Knux @ 3:00 via pin

  • The Menagerie celebrates the win. Crazzy Steve stuff the cord for the balloons down Robbie's pants, which causes Robbie to run around like a fool.

  • EC3 talks with Spud about their plan for Bully Ray tonight. They have a special guest, Brooke Tessmacher.

  • EC3 and Spud make their way to the ring. EC3 has promised to expose the real Bully Ray. EC3 praises Spud for setting this al up, because tonight he will reveal Bully Ray's checkered past. He then introduces Brooke Tessmacher. EC3 says this is a tree of trust, a realm on honesty. He asks if she had a relationship with Bully. She says yes, but that it isn't going on anymore. EC3 asks if it ended because Bully had drinking issues and cheated. She says no. he then asks if Bully threatened to put her through a table. Spud gets serious here and has the spotlight put on Brooke. He asks her about her secret, and Spud says she doesn't have to protect Bully. She denies this, and Spud says he has the results. Spud says Brooke doesn't have to lie, and Spud says the DNA doesn't lie. He tears open the envelope and says that Bully Ray IS the father. Brooke laughs at this and says that Spud is insane because she hasn't had a child. We now see pics on the screen of a baby that is supposedly Bully's. Spud says that she cannot lie and calls her a hussy. She starts to back Spud into the corner, and EC3 then says maybe he should teach her a lesson in respect.

    Bully Ray now heads to the ring to make the save. Spud and EC3 run as Bully tosses chairs at them. Bully grabs the mic and asks how EC3's head is after he made him bleed last week. He had a table with EC3's name on it and will put him through it. He says he hasn't seen Brooke in some time, but says that Brooke was an awesome girlfriend and they had a great time together, and he is sorry it didn't work out. He's in a different place and he hopes she has an awesome life. They hug it out. EC3 is disgusted by this, and says Bully is pandering. EC3 says this needs to come to a head, and says at Slammiversary, he challenges Bully to a tables match. EC3 says Bully will never put Dixie through a table, because it would only happen over his dead body. Bully says that sounds like a good idea, and instead proposes a Texas Death Match instead. EC3 accepts.

  • MVP talks with Kenny King about his match with Young, which is next.

    Non-Title Match: Eric Young © vs. Kenny King

    Young is favoring his back, which his inured in the opener. King mocks Young's back injury, lock up and a go behind by King. Young escapes, they lock up and to the corner they go. Rights by Young, a slam to King, but Young drops to the mat holding his back. King then attacks, to the apron and after fighting for a suplex, King hits a kick to the head of Young. Back into the ring they go and King lays the boots to the back of Young. He works a Chinlock with a knee in the back, Young escapes but King connects with a knee to the gut and a cover gets 2. King sets Young up top, follows, but Young tosses him off. Big high cross by Young, and both men are down. They fight to their feet, trade rights, off the ropes and a flying forearm and clothesline by Young. He slams King, heads up top and King cuts him off. King knocked off, but connects with a kick and then the royal flush. King mocks Young, and celebrates. King up top, misses the springboard senton. PILEDRIVER by Young and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Eric Young @ 5:00 via pin

  • Madison Rayne discusses the weird situation with Brittany, and will not deal with that, because she is focused on winning a title shot tonight.

  • The doctor checks Eric Young again, he has been told not to wrestle. Young doesn't think MVP is man enough to beat him, so he is in for one more match tonight.

    #1 Contender's Match: Gail Kim vs. Brittany vs. Madison Rayne

    Kim with a quick roll up on Rayne for 2. Brittany and Rayne with arm drags to Kim, Rayne yells at Brittany, and then goes after Kim. Brittany keeps trying to work with Rayne, which pisses off Rayne, so Kim dropkicks them to the floor. Dropkick through the ropes to both on the floor, and now, Love and Sky appear, complete with entrance music.

    ~commercial break~

    Back from commercial as Kim levels Brittany with a clothesline. One for Rayne as well. Love and Sky are on commentary. Brittany with the back handspring to Kim, but Kim battles back and sends Brittany to the floor. Rayne with a RANA to Kim, then they blow a victory roll and Rayne covers for 2. Boot by Rayne, sunset flip off the ropes and Kim rolls through, kick to Rayne and a cover for 2. Brittany made the save, so Kim tries some sort of submission, but then opts for a head scissors. Rayne then gets a head scissors on Kim. Brittany escapes as Rayne transitions to an arm bar, Kim escapes. Snap mare by Rayne, kicks follow. Sky is playing with Tenay's lack of hair and he is smiling huge in the background. Kim up top, Rayne follows as does Brittany. Double team superplex follows and all three ladies are down. Brittany eventually covers Kim for 2 as Rayne makes the save. They argue, Rayne misses a spear and goes to the floor. Yells at her, wondering why Rayne will not love her. Kim then grabs Brittany, and gets the figure four on the ring post. She breaks, and Sky and Love are headed to ringside. Sky distracts the ref, Love pulls Rayne to the floor. Love then distracts the ref, Brittany and Kim remain and Brittany hits a clotheslines. Sky then accidentally hair sprays Brittany in the eyes, eat defeat from Kim and she wins.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Gail Kim @ 11:00 via pin

  • MVP talks with Brian Hebner backstage. He says that he only wants this to be a fair match, when the bell rings.

  • King and Lashley attack before the match, working over the previously injured back of Eric Young. They slam Young to the steps, and then roll him into the ring as we head to a commercial…

    Non-Title Match: Eric Young © vs. MVP

    JIP as MVP works over the injured Young. Young tries to fight back, but runs into a knee to the gut by MVP. More knees by MVP to the back follow, focusing on the established injury. Kicks to the back by MVP follows, some forearms to the back and then a running kick to the face; MVP covers for 2. MVP continues to punish the back with forearm strikes, and then hits a belly to back suplex and covers for 2. MVP works the camel clutch, thusly humbling Young. Young escapes, but MVP maintains control. Young fights to his feet, rights to MVP, but MVP hits a powerbomb and makes a cover, but only gets 2. He tries another, but this time it is a BUCKLE BOMB! Well that had to suck. MVP hits the running kick in the corner, covers but only gets 2. He is frustrated and keeps covering and yells at the ref to count faster. MVP gets a chair, argues with the ref, and then sits in the chair and tells Young he is trying to help him. MVP then nails Young with the chair, and that's a DQ.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Eric Young @ 5:00 via DQ

  • King and Lashley return to the ring, and they have the title belt. They hand it to MVP, and he then mocks Young. MVP says he doesn't care what stipulation Young picks because he cannot and will not beat MVP. Team MVP celebrates over a fallen Young.

  • MVP poses with the belt as Lashley and King take imaginary pictures, which was funny. They leave the ring, and Young crawls over to the mic. He says he won, even if it doesn't look that way. He won because MVP couldn't beat him in a fair fight. Now he picks the stipulation, which will be a steel cage match. Young reminds MVP that he is just crazy enough…

  • End scene.

  • Thanks for reading.


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