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411’s TNA Slammiversary Report 6.15.14
Posted by Larry Csonka on 06.15.2014

 photo slammmain_zpsafbf62c9.jpg


  • Match times are not exact.

  • Kenny King and Lashey are talking with MVP. King thinks they should just be put in the main event, but Dixie Carter went to the board and now they are watching him closely. MVP says that they have their own backs tonight, while King promises to win the title.

  • The Menagerie has added a midget ringmaster to the act.

    X-Division Title Ladder Match: Sanada © vs. Manik vs. Tigre Uno vs. Crazzy Steve vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Davey Richards

    Manik hits a dive on Sanada as he makes his entrance and we're off. The Wolves hit stereo dives as well. Steve sets up a ladder on the floor and then Uno dropkicks him to the floor. Uno then hits a corkscrew dive onto the pile of bodies. Sanada slams a ladder into Manik in the corner, and then hits a springboard chop to Manik. Uno in with a dropkick but Uno back with a kick. Edwards in, Richards as well and he hits a German on Uno onto the ladder. Edwards slides a ladder in, he and Richards pick it up and Manik dropkicks the ladder into them. Steve has the ladder and does the spinning Terry Funk spot, wiping everyone out. Manik stops him and climbs, Steve pushes over the ladder, leading to Manik diving onto guys on the floor. Steve climbs the ladder, but Sanada back in to shove the ladder over. Sanada slams Steve on a ladder, up top, moonsault connects. Sanada now climbs, Uno in and kicks him off the ladder. Uno makes a bridge with the ladder and climbs the main ladder with Sanada. He then tosses him off, Edwards looks for a powerbomb, but Richards flies in with the double team back stabber. Both Wolves are in; they go face to face and try to climb. They make the top and slug it out. They trade head butts, Sanada back in and pulls Edwards off. He then suplexes Edwards to the floor. Manik springboards in to the ladder, battles with Richards, SUNSET FLIP BOMB onto the bridged ladder! Sanada climbs, Edwards tries to stop him, but Sanada gets the belt for the win.

    They had a hot crowd and good action, but an anticlimactic finish hurt it a bit. Lots of fun an athletic spots, but it had some flow issues at times.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Sanada @ 10:00
    RATING: ***½

  • Taz and Tenay discuss that MVP is out of the main event.

  • MVP makes his way out with King and Lashley. MVP is supposed to be in the hospital, he is injured and is not happy about the crowd reaction. He mocks the Cowboys, and says that he knows they are upset because they spent their money to win the title tonight. He came here for the fans, he should be resting, but because Dixie went to the board of directors, he has been censored. Everything he has done is to make TNA better. He has to provide a fair main event, so he gives them a gift tonight, his brilliance. Young will defend the title in a steel cage, but the winners of Joe vs. Lashley and King vs. Aries will move onto the main event. He can't be anymore fair than that, and they should thank him for that. He will not be involved in the matches tonight. King says that they are winners and champions, unlike Romo and the Cowboys. There is no way Young will leave as champion tonight. MVP then mocks Joe, and says Joe will become the prey tonight.

    Samoa Joe vs. Bobby Lashley (Winner Moves Onto The TNA World Title Match)

    Lashley attacks at the bell and lays in the rights to Joe. Joe fires back, to the corner and shoulder blocks by Lashley. Irish whip, boot by Joe and then slams Lashley to the corner. Enziguri by Joe follows. Joe with jabs, chops follow. Off the ropes, counters and a clothesline by Lashley. To the corner, Joe fires back with elbows and then more jabs. To the corner, rapid-fire punches by Joe, face wash follows. Joe backs off and charges, but Lashley rolls to the floor. Lashley takes a walk, but then Joe out on nowhere hits the elbow suicida! Head butts by Joe follow, but then Lashley slams Joe to the steps. Back into the ring they go, corner clothesline by Lashley. He charges again but Joe stops him; Lashley comes back with a neck breaker and a cover for 2. Rights by Lashley follow, and then he chokes out Joe in the ropes. Crossface shots by Lashley, an elbow drop follows and a cover gets 2. Lashley with a snap suplex, and a cover gets 2. Knees to the back by Lashley, and then works the neck pinch. Joe battles back to his feet, but Lashley drops him with a right. Clubbing shots by Lashley as he maintains control. Back to the nerve pinch for Lashley. Joe gets to his feet, elbows out, and then catches Lashley with a leaping Enziguri. BOTH men are down. Jabs by Joe follow, atomic drop, running boot and then the back splash all follow and Joe covers for 2. Lashley sends Joe to the corner, charges, but caught in the STJOE. Joe with the clutch, Lashley clams him to the corner, mounted rights in the corner, but Joe reverses and lands chops. Muscle buster try, countered with rights and then we almost have a ref bump, and Joe saving the ref allows Lashley to hit a spear for the win.

    The crowd is still hot, but the finish was way too telegraphed with Henber wandering around, waiting for the bump very awkwardly. But they worked well together and this was enjoyable. You could tell they were holding back because Lashley has to work again later.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Bobby Lashley @ 10:00 via pin
    RATING: ***

  • Borash is in the Carter Family party suite. Dixie says she is in her hometown where she is loved, she can't ask for more. She expects EC3 to win tonight. Spud, who is dressed like the Joker, keeps repeating Dixie. Borash asks about her high level meetings, but she refuses to share the details until she is in the ring with the world listening. She adds that karma bit MVP in the ass, because he blew out his knee and lost his shot at the title. But he hasn't seen the worst yet.

    Willow w/Abyss vs. Magnus w/Bram

    Bram distracts Willow, allowing Magnus to attack and take control. Magnus works over Willow in the corner; Willow hits a jawbreaker and then sends Magnus to the floor. Willow tries to slide to the floor, but pulls a Finlay and captures him in the ring skirt and pummels Willow. Back into the ring and Magnus covers for 2. He shoots Willow off the ropes, connects with a clothesline, and covers again for 2. Forearm shots by Magnus, and then connects with a powerbomb and covers for 2. Magnus works over Willow in the corner and follows with a suplex and covers for 2. Magnus works a headlock; Willow escapes, but runs back into a sleeper. Magnus takes Willow to the ground, the ref checks him, but Willow is alive and works to his feet. Willow with the clothesline off the ropes, and now both fight to their feet. Atomic drop, leg drop to the balls and a basement dropkick all connect for Willow, who covers for 2. Corner clothesline for Willow, followed by a dropkick in the corner and then looks for the twist of fate, countered and Willow connects with a kick. Magnus down, splash off the second rope by Willow gets 2. Willow to the apron, climbs up top, but misses the swanton. Abyss stops Bram from getting involved and they brawl at ringside. Magnus to the floor, and joins in the attack on Abyss. Willow up top here, and hits a Nestea Plunge off the top onto Bram and Magnus. Abyss tosses Bram into the ring, they brawl, and then tosses him to the floor. Abyss exits, Magnus and Willow back in, twist of fate connects. He hits another and Magnus kicks out at 2. Bram has the turnbuckle piece, and Abyss gets Janice. The ref tries to get in between them, and Abyss chases Bram away. Magnus counters the whisper in the wins, hits a urnanage and that is all.

    It started off good, but then fell apart into shenanigans and ballyhoo. They really should have just made this a tag match.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Magnus @ 10:00 via pin
    RATING: **

  • Abyss chases off Magnus and Bram before they can beat down Willow.


  • Jeremy Borash is in the ring and brings out Kurt Angle to make the official announcement. Angle appears to be moving well considering he just had a major knee surgery. He thanks TNA for allowing him to make this announcement, and puts over getting inducted into the Hall of Fame. The crowd loves Angle. The 2014 TNA Hall of Fame inductee is, well, "THEY" may be the greatest tag team of all time… Team 3D. Bully Ray and Devon make their way out to the ring. Bully has the mic as the crowd chants for tables. They soak in the ovation for a while, and Bully says that was the best we want table chant they have heard in forever. They then get a "3D" chant, and Bully says this is great to be in the ring with Devon. They share a hug, and get the one more match chant. Bully says they accept the induction, and accept it for one reason only, because of every single one of the fans. For their entire career, the fans are responsible for taking and making them the most successful team in wrestling history. Devon has the mic and says last August when he left TNA, he vowed not to come back because he thought he was done. "You still got it" chants for Devon. He thanks the fans, and says he got this call for the Hall of Fame. He has been creating history with Bully winning title after title, and if they go out together in the Hall of Fame, lets go out in a blaze of glory. OH MY BROTHER… TESTIFY!

     photo Team-3D_zps40b432e3.jpg

  • Borash is with EC3. He golf claps for Team 3D, and reminds everyone that he beat Sting and Angle, TNA Hall of Famers. This is fate, because when he wins tonight, he will become the Hardcore American Icon. This is Carter country, so he fights for grandma, grandpa, EC2 and most importantly Aunt D.

    Austin Aries vs. Kenny King (Winner Moves Onto The TNA World Title Match)

    They stand off to begin, and King shoves Aries away. Aries hits the shotgun dropkick, and then tries the brain buster, but King escapes and bails to the floor. Aries up top and hits the double sledge onto King on the floor. Back into the ring, slingshot senton by Aries, elbow drop follows and then the cover for 2. Aries up top, but King crotches him and then hits a spin kick, sending Aries to the floor. King then connects with a slingshot, corkscrew plancha. King shoots Aries to the barricade, and then talks shit to the commentary team. Back into the ring they go, and King covers for 2. Snap suplex by King, who transitions to mount and lays in rights. Grounded abdominal stretch by King, Aries to his feet and escapes with the hip toss. King back with the clothesline and stalls the comeback of Aries. King continues to work over Aries, grounding him; but Aries again works to his feet, escapes with elbows and counters into a roll up for 2. Aries to the apron, shoulder block to King, slingshots back in and sends King to the floor. Aries then connects with the heat-seeking missile as King was taking a powder. Back in the go, Aries on the apron and slams King to the corner. Slams him to the other corner, keeps alternating, and then pulls King in between the ropes and gets a neck breaker. Aries up top now, missile dropkick connects and a cover gets 2. They battle back and forth, King misses the double knee strikes in the corner, allowing Aries to work him over with chops. King counters the shotgun dropkick with the kick and hits a spinebuster and has the ropes, but the ref sees it. Aries with the forearm and rollup for 2. King escapes the submission attempt, stun guns Aries off the ropes and then hits the blockbuster for 2. They work to the apron, battle back and forth, King up top and pulls Aries up with him. Looking for the royal flush off the top, countered and Aries gets the SUPER BRAINBUSTER and that is all!

    These guys work well together, and put together a good match. The first half was an uphill battle, as the crowd was recovering from the HOF announcement, but they got them back. Like Joe vs. Lashley, I felt they held a bit back, due to having to wrestle one more time tonight.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Austin Aries @ 10:00 via pin
    RATING: ***

  • Members of the Dallas Cowboys are in attendance.

  • Borash is in the ring, and announces Kevin, Ross and Marshall Von Erich. Kevin is happy to be here to introduce his sons on Father's Day. The BroMans (Jessie and DJ Zema Ion) now make their way out and say that they know what's tight. Jessie then says that the Mavericks, Cowboys and Von Erichs are not tight. Ion runs down Texas, and then they jump the Von Erichs.

    Ross and Marshall Von Erich vs. The BroMans (Jessie and DJ Zema Ion)

    Jessie in, Marshall with the hip toss. Jessie cuts him off, tags in Ion, who takes am arm drag by Marshall. Off the ropes and a knee to the gut by Marshall. He looks for the claw, but Ion sends him to the corner. Double knee attack by the BroMans and Ion covers for 2. Marshall fights back after Ion sent Ross to the floor. Powerslam by Marshall, tag to Ross and a he hits dropkicks on Ion. Ross to the top, but Jessie tosses him off and to the floor. Ion sends Marshall to the floor, and then hits a dive onto Ross. He rolls him back in, and Ion covers for 2. Ross tries to battle back, but eats a dropkick fro, Jessie. Jessie then misses the leg drop, Ross tries a sunset flip, Jessie hangs on but misses a right. Ion stops a tag, but Ross eventually gets it. Atomic drop by Marshall, and then a dropkick to Ion. Clotheslines by Marshall, Ion cuts him off as Ross heads up top. Dual dropkick to both BroMans. Marshall tosses Ion up into an uppercut by Ross. Things fall apart as Jessie enters with a chair, eats a dropkick, Marshall clotheslines Ion. They work over Ion, running kick by Ross and a standing moonsault by Marshall. Jessie brings in a chair for the DQ.

    The match was not good. The BroMans tried hard, but there is a reason that Von Erich kids haven't been signed before now, they simply are not ready. They could have a future, but they need a lot of work.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Ross and Marshall Von Erich @ 6:00 via DQ
    RATING: ½*

  • Kevin makes the save, BroMans sell big for him, and then the IRON CLAW on Ion for about the biggest pop of the night. That's all the fans wanted to see anyway.

  • Love hypes the Knockouts Title match.

  • It is 9:44 PM ET and we have four matches left.

    Knockouts Title Match: Angelina Love © w/Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim

    Love misses the botox injection right away, Kim attacks, they roll around a bit and forearms by Love. Kim then avoids a cross body, and hits a running forearm and covers for 2. Bridge up spot, Kim slams Love to the mat. Kim tries a run up the ropes RANA, but Love catches her and destroys her with a powerbomb. Love shoots Kim to the corner, and then slams her to the corner again. Kim back with kicks, tries the octopus hold but Love turns it into a side slam for 2. Love then tosses Kim to the floor, Sky grabs Kim and Kim slams her to the apron. Love to the floor and attacks Kim from behind. Kim shoots Love to the steps and she takes a bad hit on them. Kim tosses her back in, forearm strikes follow. Kim up top, crotched and then Love hits some sort of sloppy ass bulldog variation for 2. Sky hairsprays Kim with the hairspray, botox injection by Love. The fucking ref saw it and did nothing. Kim kicks out at 2 as Earl Hebner is out, tosses Sky and then replaces the shitty ref, well thank God. Kim fires up, forearms and clotheslines. A dropkick follows, and then a neck breaker and Km covers for 2. Kim then hits a high cross for 2. Corner mounted rights by Kim, Love into a powerbomb and covers with the ropes, but Hebner sees that and stops the count. Kim goes for a dropkick, REF BUMP… The old ref is out, eat defeat connects for Kim. He checks on Henber, roll up by Kim, no count. Love reverses it, and the shitty ref rushes in and makes the count.

    UGH…. This was an exercise in taking a perfectly acceptable wrestling match and ruining it with too much bullshit. Also, we're getting another heel ref gimmick for the Knockouts division. No thanks.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Angelina Love @ 7:00 via pin

  • Ray and Devon share a moment, and then Devon leaves to spend the rest of his father's day with his kids. Then Ray says over his dead body came out of EC3's mouth. EC3 made this match, he signed his death warrant, so he is responsible for what Ray will do to him tonight. Ray then discusses thinking of Hansen, Von Erichs, Freebirds and Terry Funk since they are in Texas. If EC3 prays to God, he better start now. Give your heart to the Carter Family, because you r ass belongs to me. I will crucify you for your family's sins and baptize you in blood. Bully Ray is a great man

    Texas Death Match: Ethan Carter II vs. Bully Ray

    The rules are no pins or submissions. NO DQ, and you win when your opponent cannot answer the count of 10. Bully has the bull rope and cowbell and uses it to beat down Carter and toss him around the ring. To the floor they go, crowd wants tables, so Bully grabs one. He moves the announce table back and then pulls back some of the floor mats. Lays in an elbow to Carter, and then sets up the table on the floor. He grabs another table, but Carter is back and attacks Bully from behind. Into the ring they go, Bully then hits the flip flop and fly, and calls for more tables. He gets a third table and slides it into the ring. He sets it up in the corner, and then walks into a clothesline from Carter. The crowd chants for cowbell, and Carter gets a chair. He lays in shots to the back of Bully, Carter sets for a big shot, but Bully counters with a boot, sending the chair into Carter's fact. Chops by Bully in the corner, and then gets the cheese grater. He uses it as he chops away at Carter and grinds it into his chest. Bully still has the grater, looks to use it again, but Carter with a low blow. Bully rolls to the floor, but Carter then tosses him back in the ring. Carter slams Bully face first into a chair repeatedly. Carter demands the ref to count, Bully looks to get up so Carter kicks him in the face. Carter up top, Bully looking to get up and does, crotching Carter on the ropes. Bully follows up and hits a superplex, Carter landed ass first onto the chair that was laying in the ring. Bully to the floor, and gets a Cowboys trashcan. He then gets a knife and starts to cut the ring skirt so he can peel back the canvas. Elbow drop to Carter, and then Bully peels back the padding and exposes the boards. He asks the crowd if they want the boards of the table in the corner. Spud now arrives and attacks Bully with a kendo stick. Bully stops that and crotches Spud with it and then lays him out with a headshot. But that allows Carter to hit the 1% on Bully onto the boards. The ref counts on Bully, but he make sit to his feet by 9. Carter grabs the Cowboys trashcan, which has broken glass in it. Carter spills it out and heads to the second rope. But he leaps into the Bully Cutter, selling that he landed in the glass. Bully hits Carter with the kendo stick and lays Carter on the tables on the floor. Bully climbs the ropes, and here comes Dixie Carter. She tries to stop Bully by covering Carter, and Bully says "I'M GONNA KILL YOU BITCH!" and chases her. Dixie then runs into EC3 and she is down. Bully lays out EC3 with the right, and stares at the fallen Dixie Carter. He picks her up and lays her on the tables. He heads back to the apron and EC3 hits him with the kendo stick, Spud pulls Dixie off the tables as Bully falls through them. Crowd chants bullshit, and Bully cannot answer the count.

    The crowd was hot for this; they loved Bully, hated Carter and reacted to the weapons. I wish Storm and Gunner would have had a crowd like this. The match was good, but didn't hit that next level I would have hoped for. They keep setting up Dixie getting her comeuppance, which is a good story, but I just hope that they don't wait too long to deliver on it. This was the second straight match with a shenanigan filled ending. That's poor layout of the show on one hand, and also if you're going to do that kind of finish, only do one. I like EC3, he's a good character, but I am still waiting for that breakout singles performance.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Ethan Carter III @ 17:00
    RATING: ***

  • James Storm makes his entrance. He says there is finally a real Cowboy in the state of Texas. He talks trash to the Dallas Cowboys, and pulls out a helmet and spills beer in it. He says he can stand there al night and if they are like their quarterback, they won't be able to hit him.

  • Anderson is out and announces himself.

    James Storm vs. Mr. Anderson

    These poor bastards get the death spot. Anderson charges the ring and attacks Storm. He gets a beer from one of the Cowboys, takes a drink and then hits Storm with it. Storm hides behind the ref and pokes Anderson in the eyes. He then attacks the knee of Anderson in the ropes. Storm then works the figure four leg lock. Anderson rolls it, but Storm gets the ropes. Storm misses a corner charge, rights by Anderson. Off the ropes, clothesline by Anderson. Another, neck breaker also connects. Anderson runs into a big boot, Storm up top, Anderson grabs him off and then hits the Finlay roll for 2. Storm cuts off Anderson, sets him up top and slaps him. Storm then talks trash to the Cowboys, heads up top and Anderson fights him off. Enziguri by Storm follows, back up top with Anderson and then Anderson gets the Finlay roll off the ropes and covers for 2. Storm superkicks Anderson, sending him to the floor. Storm follows, gets the beer bottle and talks shit to the Cowboys. He spits beer on them and they try to jump the rail and security stops them. It's Jarrett and the Titans all over again. Back into the ring and one of the Cowboys steals the beer bottle from Storm. Mic check by Anderson, that's all.

    This was all about trying to get a SportsCenter moment. It wasn't very good as far as the wrestling goes.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Mr. Anderson @ 6:00 via pin
    RATING: *

  • The Cowboys players all celebrate with Mr. Anderson. This just in, the Green Bay Packers have disowned Anderson.

  • Aries and Young meet backstage. Aries says may the greatest man ever win. Young puts over both opponents, ands then notes that he is the world champion who may be a bit crazy.

    TNA World Title Steel Cage Match: Eric Young © vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Austin Aries

    This is pin or submission only, which I appreciate. Aries and EY attack Lashley to begin. Lashley battles back and hits a clothesline on EY. Corner spear to Aries by Lashley. EY and Aries team up again on Lashley, try to suplex him, fail and Lashley suplexes both men. He misses a clothesline, and then EY and Aries send him into the cage. Aries rolls up EY for 2. Shoulder block by Aries, off the ropes and Lashley lawn darts him into the cage. Lashley then tosses EY into the cage as well. Aries fights back with leg kicks, EY off the top and hits a missile dropkick on Lashley and covers for 2. Lashley with shoulder blocks to both men in the corners, misses Aries on another try and Aries sends EY into Lashley. Rights by Aries, to the corner, float over and a flying forearm by EY. Belly to back suplex by EY on Aries gets 2. EY with forearms to Lashley, mounted rights, Lashley tosses him away and then EY with more mounted rights. Aries over and powerbombs EY and covers for 2. Shotgun dropkick to Lashley follows, looks for the brain buster, which fails as Lashley tosses him into the cage. Lashley then covers him for 2. EY with a tornado DDT on Lashley and all three men are down. EY charges in, eats a boot by Lashley. Lashley sits up top, Aries over as well. Aries charges and EY tries to catch him but drops him. EY picks up Aries on his shoulders and ALSO LASHLEY and hits a double DVD! EY now climbs up top, all the way up top but Lashley stops that. They battle on the top rope, Lashley tries a suplex and drapes EY on the top of the cage. Aries up as well, battles with Lashley and then HITS A SUPER RANA on Lashley! EY to his feet on top of the cage… ELBOW DROP CONNECTS! EY covers but Aries kicks him in the face and then hits the brain buster! 1…2…NO! Lashley then spears Aries! Covers, but EY makes the save. Spinebuster by Lashley on EY, sets, goes for the spear and misses and FLIES out the door! EY on the apron now, heads up top, elbow drop to Aries! 1…2…NO! EY calls for the piledriver, Aries counters and hits a basement dropkick. Aries to his feet, forearms are traded by both men center ring. Aries in control, misses and then EY misses the flying forearm. Spinning forearm by Aries, another and then the shotgun dropkick connects. EY counters out of the brain buster by kicking off the cage, PILEDRIVER! 1…2…3. Lashley tried to get in at the end, but couldn't.

    It started a bit rough, but they locked it in and provided a good main event match. They delivered some great spots and near falls, and considering the whole situation, it worked out well for them. Also, I am happy to say there were no shenanigans in a cage match in 2014, which is always appreciated.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Eric Young @ 12:00 via pin
    RATING: ***¾

  • Young celebrates with the title and checks on Aries. Young helps him to his feet.

  • End scene.

  • Thanks for reading.

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