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411’s TNA Impact Wrestling Report 6.19.14
Posted by Larry Csonka on 06.19.2014

  • Match times are not exact.

  • We get highlights from Slammiversary.

  • MVP makes his way to the ring to kick off the show. King and Lashley are with him. MVP says that he will cut to the chase tonight. He can't wrestle because he has a serious knee injury. What happened at Slammiversary was a tragedy. Dixie Carter went to the TNA board, cried and threw around her money and the board then reprimanded him after trying to make this company better. He was ordered to give a fair main event, but who was it fair too? The board's way didn't work and he will not be told how to run his show. So tonight, there are no board members around, so he will do things his way. This show is starring and directed by him and now he has business to deal with. Eric Young, get your ass out here so they can have a talk.

    Young makes his way out and says that the only tragedy at Slammiversary was that he did not get to punch MVP. He's champion, on a roll and is a man that the fans can believe in. MVP says that Young and Aries fought together to keep Lashley from winning the title. Young says he has no patience. The fans are the ones calling the shots, and this is their world and they just live in it. He wants to come to the ring to kick some ass right now. MVP says Young would attack a man on crutches, and that he would whoop Young's ass if he wasn't hurt. King cuts off MVP and says that they want to see him win the title tonight. Young calls out Earl Hebner to ref the match. MVP and crew deliberate, and Young makes his way to the ring.

    TNA World Title Match: Eric Young © vs. Kenny King

    King fails at a sneak attack, Young battles back and hits a dropkick and covers for 2. Side headlock by Young, King counters, off the ropes and a shoulder block by King. Off the ropes, counters, Thesz press by Young. Mounted rights follow and King retreats to the corner. Young charges him, gets crotched on the ropes and then King kicks Young to the floor. Joe, Aries and the Wolves head out to the ring to make sure that Lashley and MVP do not get involved. King then hits a dive onto Young; the crowd is hot so far. King rolls Young back in and covers for 2. King grounds Young with a headlock, but Young escapes. Rights follow, off the ropes and a flying forearm by Young connects. Young heads up top, leaps over King who then hits a dropkick. XPLODER with a cradle by King gets 2 on Young. King looks to end things, but Young counters the royal flush into a roll up for the win.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Eric Young @ 3:00 via pin

  • Young celebrates with Joe, Aries and the Wolves while MVP bitches up a storm.

  • MVP is still pissed off about King losing to Young and is slapping the bell ringer around. MVP claims that King kicked out and that they never should have sounded the bell to end the match. Young and crew return to ringside and we have a big brawl ringside. Security is out to separate both sides. They get them separated, and MVP has the mic. MVP says this is not a game, and that he runs the company. He is tired of this, so tonight, no one will get involved in their matches. He then says Young has another title match tonight, against a man that has defeated him twice, Bobby Lashley. And because he is a wrestling God, there will be no one in the building; the only ones left will be he, MVP and Lashley. There will also be a tag team title match tonight; the Wolves will defend the titles. Joe and Aries will be the challengers, along with another team to be named later. MVP is fucking livid here. He calls out Earl Hebner, and says he should slap some spit out of his mouth. But, he wouldn't slap a senior citizen. And if he did people would complain. MVP says Hebner had one job, to count three on Eric Young. He didn't and fires Hebner. He demands he take off his stripes, and now Brian Hebner is out. MVP says unless Brian wants to join his father, he needs to back off. They take Earl's stripes, and MVP talks trash and asks Earl if he wants to do something about it. Earl says people like MVP make him hate the business. Earl says he loves the fans, and MVP suggests they take a collection up for him.

  • EC3 and Dixie arrive, she says that what MVP is doing is everything she warned the board about. She praises EC3's victory at Slammiversary. EC3 says he is the Hardcore American Icon. Dixie then says she invited Tommy Dreamer to appear, if he is done hiding behind his keyboard.

  • Young says he will defend the belt all night long if he has too. He is pissed that MVP fired Earl Hebner, and then answers his phone. It was Kurt Angle, who was at the hotel. Young said he needed his help tonight.

    World Tag Team Title Match: The Wolves © (Richards and Edwards) vs. Samoa Joe and Austin Aries vs. Willow and Abyss

    Aries and Willow to begin. Lock up, Aries takes Willow to the mat. He works a headlock, Willow to his feet, elbows out and then gets a head scissors on Aries. Willow misses a corner splash, Aries tags in Joe and after taking Willow down, Joe hits a knee drop on Willow. Knees by Joe from the clinch, Willow with a jawbreaker and he tags in Abyss. Poetry in motion on Joe follows, but Joe manages to get a choke on Abyss and Aries with the last chancery on Willow. The Wolves in to break that up, they send Joe and Aries to the floor. They get back in as the Wolves go to the floor and Joe and Aries hit stereo dives onto the champs. They brawl on the floor as we see Tommy Dreamer arrive…

    ~commercial break~

    Back from commercial as Abyss works over Richards. Abyss chokes out Richards in the corner and then scares the ref away. Off the ropes, Abyss tries to chokeslam both Wolves, but they fight back with a double dropkick. That allows Aries to tag in, shotgun dropkick to both Wolves. Richards counters a brain buster, double team knee drop by the Wolves and Richards covers for 2.The champs work over Aries in their corner, chops by Edwards follow. Double team kicks in the corner by the Wolves, Aries fights back and looks for a tag. Edwards lays out Joe with a kick and Edwards gets a cover on Aries but Willow makes the save. Richards and Aries exchange shots, off the ropes and a spring kick by Richards, but Aries levels him with a forearm. Abyss then tags himself in, Aries avoids the chokeslam and tags in Joe. Joe runs wild on Abyss, they trade shots but Joe connects with the snap slam for 2. Richards tags himself in, Joe with a leaping kick to Abyss. Willow tags in and hits a reverse Enziguri on Joe. Aries in, but Willow sends him to the floor onto the Wolves. Willow up top, Nestea Plunge onto the pile on the floor. Willow and Edwards into the ring now, Willow up top, swanton eats knees. Powerbomb backstabber combo onto Willow and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: The Wolves @ 13:00 via pin

  • MVP meets with King and Lashley. King promises to handle Angle tonight, and MVP doubts that he can do this. MVP says it would be horrible if Angle re-injured his recently repaired knee.

  • Tenay and Taz discuss the Dreamer vs. Dixie Twitter war.

  • Dixie and Spud walk.

  • We see security kicking Joe and Aries out of the building.

  • MVP meets with the Wolves, and says that the Wolves get to defend their titles for a second time tonight, against Bram and Magnus.

  • Dixie Carter and Spud make their way to the ring. Carter thanks the crowd for their warm welcome. She was going to celebrate an amazing Slammiversary and the win by EC3. No one thought he would win, but he beat Bully Ray and destroyed him. She says Bully is not here, instead playing on his TWITTAH MACHINE at home. Carter says she will never go through a table. When you're her, everyone wants to latch onto her star and make a buck off of her. That's what all of the haters do to her all the time as they try to tell her how to run her company. She doesn't even care about them. MVP found out who is really in charge, he is digging his own grave. But now she is here to talk about Tommy Dreamer. Crowd hates Carter here. He has been saying bad things about her recently, trying to get publicity from her. She has invited Dreamer here to talk with her, so she calls him out after mocking him a bit with Spud.

    Dreamer makes his way out to the ring. Carter cuts him off, and notes that she actually remembers him. She is glad they are face to face instead of him hiding behind his keyboard. Crowd loves Dreamer. She mocks Dreamer's independent promotion, and says she invited him here to do the right thing, think about what he said and to apologize to her. Dreamer thanks her for inviting him here. He says they have always got along, but this is business. When he sees her business, he is left scratching his head. They had a business disagreement, and it blew up on social media. Social media has changed things, noting that they met on Twitter. Dreamer was even invited to her home, which led to him coming to TNA. Then they put together Hardcore Justice to give some ECW people closure. They even drank beer together because she did that for the wrestling fans. What happened to that woman who used to sit in the crowd with the fans, who thanked the fans? Dreamer left TNA; he watches at home and gets embarrassed by the crap he has to watch on TV. What Carter needs to realize is that her decisions affect the millions watching and the whole industry. Everyone wants the company to succeed, and she has talent that would die for her. Instead, she comes out here and it becomes the Dixie show. This is TNA Wrestling, not Dixie Wrestling. If she wants a reality show, go pitch it to Hollywood. She needs to give the best product each week on TV. He runs a small company called House of Hardcore, but he listens to the fans and they tell him how they love wrestling, how it helps them in every day life. Dreamer says there is good in Carter. He watched Dixie with her family at Slammiversary and they saw Kevin Von Erich put the claw on and she reacted like a fan. So for once in your life, do the right thing and give the fans what they want to watch. The choice is yours and the wrestling business is on your shoulders. Carter hugs Dreamer… and KNEES HIM IN THE BALLS as Spud cackles. EC3 attacks now and Carter tells them to get this has been, piece of trash out of her ring. Carter and Spud hug as EC3 sends Dreamer to the floor.

  • Kurt Angle arrives and gets cut off by Lashley and King. Angle wants to talk with MVP and King goes to get him while Lashley watches Angle.

  • MVP meets with Angle, and says he will deal with him later and leaves King, Lashley and Security with Angle.

    World Tag Team Title Match: The Wolves © (Richards and Edwards) vs. Bram and Magnus

    Magnus and Bram attack at the bell, tossing Richards to the floor and double-teaming Edwards. Edwards back with a RANA on Magnus, and then tags in Richards. They work the arm of Magnus with double teams, and kick Bram to the floor. The Wolves in control as Magnus rolls to the floor, Edwards follows and Bram attacks and slams him to the post. Back into the ring, Bram tags in and works over Edwards. Edwards with chops and looks for a tag, but Magnus tags in and stops that. Enziguri by Edwards and then dives for the tag. Richards runs wild, clotheslines and elbows for Magnus. Spin kick follows, and then kicks in the corner follow. Bram in, accidentally hits Magnus and Richards dropkicks them together. Richards up top and hits a missile dropkick for 2. Richards back up top, Magnus avoids the double stomp and then Bram tosses a chair into Richards' face for the DQ.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: The Wolves @ 5:00 via DQ

  • Bram and Magnus beat down the champs with the chairs post match, tossing Richards to the floor. They look to Pillmanize the neck of Edwards, but Willow and Abyss make the save.

  • MVP meets with Brian Hebner and then mocks him for crying about his father getting fired. MVP says Hebner needs to be a professional because he will referee the main event tonight. MVP says he signs the checks, the checks that support Hebner's kids. So to keep that, Hebner will count the three on Young. MVP says he is not a bad guy, and they may even have a drink after the match. MVP goes to deal with Kurt Angle.

  • Taryn Terrell returns, next.

  • Magnus and Bram say that they did not walk away from a fight, they got paid to beat up the Wolves and did that job. Willow and Abyss attack and they brawl.

  • In the ring, Gail Kim welcomes back Taryn Terrell. Kim says that she has to be honest, when Terrell first arrived, Kim didn't like her. She didn't think she belonged or had what it took. But they had a last knockout standing match last year, and Kim had her eyes opened. They beat the hell out of each other, and Terrell was on a mission to prove that she belonged and she did just that. On that night, Terrell beat her, and she earned Kim's respect. That is why Kim wanted to welcome her back tonight, and they hug. Terrell thanks Kim and thanks the crowd for their reaction. She took a year off to have a baby, but to earn Kim's respect, that was what she wanted. Terrell says they are tied one match apiece, so she thinks that they need to have a tie breaker to see who the best is.

    The Beautiful People now make their way out and mock Terrell and Kim for their lovefest. Love asks who made Kim the boss, because Kim lost at Slammiversary. Kim is not the champion and is not the leader of the division. Love says Kim's opinion doesn't matter, go away Gail. Love then mocks their dresses and asks if they are going to the prom. The Beautiful People attack and look to double-team Kim. They lay the boots to her, but Terrell fires back with forearms and clotheslines. Terrell and Kim clear the ring and stand tall.

  • MVP meets with Angle, and asks why he is here. Angle just wanted to speak with MVP, and says he has been watching on TV. Angle wants to ask MVP if he thinks what he is doing what is right. MVP says Angle shouldn't try to Dr. Phil him, noting that Angle should side with them. How would Angle's family feel if Angle came here and got beat down. King says Angle should leave, they talk and they shove each other a bit. Angle punches King, and stares down with Lashley and MVP. Doesn't appear that Angle will be much help tonight.

  • Security kicks out Kim and Terrell.

  • Borash notes that the backstage area has been cleared, and MVP arrives. MVP then has Borash and the backstage cameraman booted.

    TNA World Title Match: Eric Young © vs. Bobby Lashley w/MVP and Kenny King

    EY uses his speed early, rights and clotheslines follow and he then sends Lashley to the floor. EY up top and hits a high cross onto Lashley on the floor. EY rolls Lashley back in, off the top and caught this time, but EY escapes and then hits the ropes, but a big backdrop by Lashley follows. Lashley tosses EY to the floor, and we head to a commercial…

    ~commercial break~

    Back from commercial as Lashley continues to beat down EY. Lashley hits a stalling suplex, and then covers for 2. Lashley slams EY to the corner, but EY with a back elbow to the charging Lashley. A boot follows, rights by EY, off the ropes and a flying forearm by EY connects. A dropkick follows that, EY up top and hits the high cross and covers for 2. Rights by Lashley as he takes EY to the corner, EY avoids the charge, but Lashley then slams EY to the corner. Lashley looks for the running powerslam, countered and EY hits the piledriver! 1…2… but King pulls Hebner to the floor. EY grabs King and misses a right. King holds EY, but Lashley misses EY and sends King to the floor. EY in control, up top and MISSES the top rope elbow drop on Lashley. Lashley hits the spear and that is all…

    OFFICIAL RESULT: and NEW TNA WORLD CHAMPION Bobby Lashley @ 9:00 via pin

  • Lashley celebrates with MVP and King as EY is laid out on the mat. They look to attack Young with a chair, and use it to Pillmanize the arm of Young. But Bobby Roode appears from the crowd and runs off MVP and his team to save Young. King tries to sneak in and Roode tosses him to the floor, because Kenny King always gets his ass beat.

  • End scene.

  • Thanks for reading.

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