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411’s WWE Smackdown Report 6.20.14
Posted by Larry Csonka on 06.20.2014

Welcome to 411's WWE Smackdown Report 6.20.14
  • Match times are not exact.

  • We get highlights from Monday's Raw.

  • They hype tonight's main event, which is Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio and Cesaro vs. Sheamus, Roman Reigns and John Cena.

  • John Cena makes his way to the ring. Cena welcomes the fans to Smackdown, and points towards the WWE World Title belts. He then jokes about his clothes and mentions that we can see even though he says we can't see him. He then does a rapid fire oral history of the events that brought us to the WWE World Title being vacated, which leads to MITB. He then jokes about the participants sounding like the beginning of a bad joke, but notes he will punch each and every one of them and will leave MITB as the world champion. Alberto Del Rio comes out and says Cena needs to worry about him, because he qualified first for the match and will win at the PPV. He tells Cena that he is dangerous, and will remind Cena of that when he wins the title and stands over Cena. Sheamus continues the revolving door and says that no one cares about what Del Rio has to say. At MITB it is everyone for themselves, but he will be the biggest threat in the match, and will be the US Champion as well as the World Heavyweight Champion. Heyman, along with Cesaro make their way out. Heyman hypes that the titles will be on the line, and that a new champion will be crowned. He then guarantees that no one in the ring will win the title, because his client, Cesaro, will win because he will strategize against the others to ensure that Cesaro wins. Client, Lesnar, streak, broken, LOL to all of you. Reigns now makes his way through the crowd, and says since Rollins stabbed him in the back. He has some trust issues, but now the only thing that matters is becoming champion. He doesn't care how many there are or who you think you are (stares down with Cena) there is not a man here that will stop him now. This leads to Randal K. Orton, Esquire coming out and he tells Reigns it is about time he learned that you can't trust anyone. Orton reminds us that he is the face of the WWE, and that the title comes home to him. Reigns to the floor and they brawl up to the stage with Reigns getting the better of things. The rest of the crew brawl in the ring, Cena and Sheamus clear things out and stand tall. Cena gave Sheamus the old stink eye, like he was about to attack.

    Seth Rollins vs. Kofi Kingston

    Rollins is wearing new gear, from the Snake Plissken collection, circa 1981. Kofi got an entrance and a mini-box promo. He vowed to win MITB if he gets in the match. Rollins works the arm to begin; Kofi counters, kips out and works a front headlock. Rollins takes him to the corner, and slams Kofi to the buckle. Snap mare by Rollins, into the side headlock to ground Kofi. Kofi works to escape with elbows, counters the backdrop suplex and connects with a dropkick. Boot by Rollins, slams Kofi to the corner, charges in but eats knees as he tries a corner splash. Springboard high cross by Kofi gets 2. Kofi hits a RANA, but misses trouble on paradise and gets hung up in the ropes. Punches to the back of the head by Rollins, and then he picks up and then connects with the buckle bomb. Rollins hits the curb stomp motherfucker and that is all

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Seth Rollins @ 3:00 via pin

  • Rollins tells us he is the first competitor in the MITB match for the contract. Ambrose appears on the screen and says Rollins needs to wonder if tonight is the night that he gets even. It could be any night. Rollins says it is a shame that Rollins has to battle Kane, because he would love for him to come to the ring. Ambrose doesn't buy that, and says when he is done with Kane, he will focus all of his energy on Rollins. He then vowed to send both Rollins and Kane back to hell.

  • Barrett has some bad news for the competitors in the MITB match, he plans to win the briefcase. He says they will be like the US Men's soccer team, they will get their hopes up and then be destroyed and eliminated.

    Non-Title Match: Bad News Barrett © vs. Dolph Ziggler

    Barrett controls early with clubbing shots to the back. Off the ropes and Ziggler connects with a dropkick. Ziggler then misses a corner charge and gets hung up; Barrett kicks him all the way to the floor…


    Back from commercial as Barrett is in control. He works a headlock, Ziggler escapes and then Barrett counters a head scissors and kicks Ziggler in the gut, a cover gets 2. Barrett works knee strikes and sends Ziggler to the floor again. Barrett follows, slams Ziggler to the barricade, rolls him back in and covers for 2. Barrett works a grounded abdominal stretch, but Ziggler escapes by hitting a jawbreaker. Ziggler off the ropes, cross body connects and then rights. Ziggler charges again, but runs into the winds of change and that allows Barrett to cover for 2. He sets for the bull hammer, Ziggler moves and then gets mounted corner rights. Barrett walks him out for a possible powerbomb, but Ziggler gets a sunset flip and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Dolph Ziggler @ 7:00 via pin

  • Ziggler celebrated, but as he jumped out of the corner he ate a bull hammer from Barrett.

    Titus O'Neil vs. Adam Rose

    Lock up to begin, O'Neil takes him to the corner and delivers clubbing rights. O'Neil talks some smack, to the corner and misses a charge, and Rose rolls him up for the win.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Adam Rose @ 1:00 via pin

  • O'Neil says he wasn't ready and challenges Rose for another match.

    Titus O'Neil vs. Adam Rose

    Rose agrees, back in the ring and slaps O'Neil. Another rollup and that is all, again.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Adam Rose @ :20 via pin

  • Rose and the Exotic Express celebrate the victories.

  • Rollins is out on commentary.

    Kane vs. Dean Ambrose

    Ambrose is wearing the white tank top and jeans. Ambrose attacks at the bell, off the ropes and runs into a big boot by Kane. Uppercuts follow from Kane, to the corner and a side slam by Kane connects and he covers for 2. Rights by Kane in the corner, knees follow. Another big boot by Kane, and then whips Ambrose across the ring and connects with a corner clothesline. Tries another, boot by Ambrose, up top and hits a missile dropkick. Rights follow, and then the jawbreaker lariat connects. Shotgun dropkick by Ambrose, mounted rights in the corner follow. Kane goozles Ambrose, who then escapes and hits a boot and then a tornado DDT for 2. Ambrose fires himself up, stares down with Rollins, and as Kane charges Ambrose low bridges him. Suicide dive by Ambrose follows, and then he attacks Rollins at the announcer's table. Ambrose in full crazy man mode, leaps off the table but Kane connects with an uppercut. Back in the ring they go, chokeslam by Kane and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Kane @ 4:00 via pin

  • After the match, Rollins entered the ring and delivered a curb stomp motherfucker to Ambrose.

  • We get replays of the show's opening segment.

  • Swagger and Colter are already in the ring. He spoke about Big E taking a handout and using Lana's distraction to steal a win from Swagger. Colter wants to know about Big E being in cahoots with Lana. Big E makes his way out to the ring.

    Big E vs. Jack Swagger w/Colter

    Swagger charges and clips out the knee of Big E. Knees in the corner follow from Swagger, and then he clotheslines Big E to the floor. Swagger follows, tosses Big E back in and takes him to the corner. Swagger misses a charge, bit clothesline from Big E. The big ending follows and that is all. Well ok then.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Big E @ 1:00 via pin

  • Fandango waits on Layla backstage, and runs into Summer Rae. Summer apologizes for how she has been acting. She says she can be possessive, and she never treated Fandango right when they dated. She adds that Layla loved him and he made the right choice. But says she will always love him and plants a big kiss on him. Layla sees this as she exits the locker room and appears heart broken. DAMN YOU FANDANGO!

    Bo Dallas vs. Fandango

    Fandango didn't do much dancing on his entrance, as he was by himself. Summer then ran to the ring to dance with Fandango, which he seemed unsure about. As the bell rang Layla attacked Summer and they brawled on the floor. Fandango tried to break them up but they rolled into the ring and brawled. Layla accidentally hit Fandango, who then pulled Summer off of Layla. This led to Layla accidentally kicking Fandango and the ladies brawled to the back. Dallas checked on Fandango, and then hit the B-dog to go 8 and Bo!

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Bo Dallas @ 1:00 via pin

  • Post match Dallas did a victory lap. Dallas then told Fandango that it was ok, because there were plenty of fish in the sea and one day Fandango will catch the right one. He gave him a hug and told him to BO-LIEVE!

  • Bray Wyatt says nature always fascinated him. He sees the people running around like a mouse for a piece of cheese. But what happens when a snake appears? He will play their child like games for now, gut remember he is the king and the designed of chaos. He will take what is his at MITB, enter the era of Wyatt… run.

  • Cole and JBL confirm the MITB match with Seth Rollins as the first confirmed competitor.

  • Sheamus, Roman Reigns and John Cena get their individual entrances and we head to a commercial.

  • Back from commercial as Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio and Cesaro make their entrances.

    Handicap Match: Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio and Cesaro vs. Sheamus, Roman Reigns and John Cena

    Sheamus and Cesaro to begin. Lock up, to the corner and they battle for position. They break and Cesaro slaps Sheamus. Cesaro with a takedown and then connects with another slap to Sheamus. Cesaro tags in Wyatt, and they then start to kick the shit out of each other. Head butt by Wyatt, to the corner and a clothesline and then running knee by Sheamus. Cesaro distracts Sheamus, allowing Wyatt to attack from behind and lays the boots to Sheamus. Cesaro tags himself in, which annoys Wyatt, and pummels Sheamus with rights. This only fires up Sheamus, who fights back and hits a slam and clubbing shots to the chest of Cesaro. Sheamus tags in Cena, he works over Cesaro with rights, hits the bulldog and Cesaro manages to tag in Del Rio. Lock up, side headlock by Del Rio. Cena escapes and gets a hip toss. To the corner, tag to Sheamus and a neck breaker connects. Reigns is annoyed that he has not been tagged in yet. Del Rio rushes Sheamus to his corner, and the heel team beats the piss out of Sheamus. Cesaro in and a gut wrench suplex follows. Cesaro sends Sheamus to the corner, charges but Sheamus catches him with the Irish curse back breaker for 2. Sheamus then connects with the clubbing shots to the chest and then kicks Cesaro to the floor…


    Back from commercial as Del Rio hits a suplex on Sheamus. Side headlock by Del Rio, Sheamus to his feet and then hits the Finlay roll. Both men are down, Orton gets the tag from Del Rio and Cena tags in as well. Cena runs through the usual, shoulder block, proto bomb, five-knuckle shuffle and looks for the AA, but Orton escapes to the floor. This leads to a big brawl on the floor, Cena chases Orton and that leads to Orton hitting the hangman's DDT on Cena to turn the tide. Orton beats down Cena in his corner, tags in Wyatt and he lays the boots to Cena. Rights by Wyatt follow, and then connects with the big corner splash. He goes for it again, Cena gets the boots up to counter. Cena then charges but runs into the Uranage and Wyatt covers for 2. Tag to Del Rio, who delivers rights to Cena. He charges Cena, but Cena moves and Del Rio flies to the floor. Orton then gets tagged in and hits a powerslam on Cena, the cover gets 2. Mounted rights by Orton and then he tags in Cesaro. Cesaro with upper cuts in the corner, and then lays in some kicks as well. Staling vertical suplex by Cesaro follows, and the cover gets 2. Mounted rights by Cesaro and then the double stomp gets 2. Cesaro keeps Cena down with the side headlock, Cena again to his feet and looks for the tag but Cesaro keeps him away. Belly to back suplex by Cena gets separation and both men are down. Cena looks for the tag, but Cesaro destroys him with the toss up uppercut and covers for a close 2. Cesaro continues to beat down Cena with rights, lays the boots to him in the corner and tags in Del Rio. Del Rio hits the Enziguri in the corner and covers for 2. Del Rio up top now, flies off into a Cena dropkick and BOTH men are down. Del Rio back up, superkick to a kneeling Cena and a cover gets 2. He tags back in Cesaro, who takes out Sheamus and stares down with Reigns. Cena then hits a backdrop on Cesaro. Hot tag to Reigns, and shit just got real. Clothesline to Del Rio, corner clothesline and uppercuts follow. To the floor, uppercut for Bray, kick to Del Rio and Sheamus then takes out Cesaro. Reigns back in, Wyatt tries to get involved but eats a Superman punch. Reigns counters the RKO, and then tosses Orton to the floor. Del Rio in, Reigns counters the arm bar try and hits the spear for the win.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Sheamus, Roman Reigns and John Cena @ 20:00 via pin

  • Reigns, Sheamus and Cena stare at the titles hanging above the ring, and then show respect to each other.

  • End scene.

  • Thanks for reading.

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