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411’s TNA Impact Wrestling Report 7.10.14
Posted by Larry Csonka on 07.10.2014

  • Match times are not exact.

  • We get highlights from last week's show.

  • Tonight is billed as a Champions Showcase night.

  • Executive Director Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring to kick off the show. Angle gets a great ovation and puts over the Champions Showcase for tonight and runs down the matches we'll see tonight. The main event is a 20-man battle royal, with the winner getting a title shot next week in New York. Angle then calls out Willow. Angle says he has wanted to talk to him for some time, but it was not his place, but now it is. He understands what Willow is all about; it was brought on by Dixie Carter screwing Jeff Hardy. Angle says she is out of the picture, and what he needs tonight is the most competitive wrestler in the business, he needs Jeff Hardy. He and the fans want to see Jeff Hardy compete. He is not asking Willow to leave forever, just for tonight. Angle asks if he will consider it. Willow shakes his hand and Angle wishes him luck.

  • The Wolves walk.

  • Aries discusses tonight's title match, and brings up "option C". He vows to win, noting that Sanada is good, but he is great.

    TNA Tag Team Title Match: The Wolves (Richards and Edwards) © vs. Magnus and Bram

    Magnus and Richards to begin. Richards then kicks Bram off the apron, but Magnus rushes him to the corner and beats him down. Off the ropes and a springboard kick by Richards. Tag to Edwards, dropkick to Bram and then double team chops to Magnus. Bram in, he eats chops and kicks. They beat him down in the corner and then drop toehold Magnus into his balls. Rapid fire double-teams to Magnus and a cover gets 2. Bram tags in, chops by Edwards. Tag back to Richards, boot to Bram but Magnus clotheslines him from the apron. Magnus traps him in the ring skirt and beats him down. He rolls Richards back in and Bram covers for 2. Front facelock by Bram, Magnus pulls Edwards to the floor and then slams him down. Bram misses an elbow drop in the ring, but Edwards is not there for Richards to get the tag. Bram attacks from behind, slams Richards to his corner and tags in Magnus. Rights by Richards, misses the kick and an elbow drop by Magnus. Bram tags in, uppercuts follow. Tag back to Magnus, suplex countered into a small package for 2. Enziguri by Richards, but Bram tags in and then Edwards. Chops by Edwards, spin kick follows. To the corner, reversal and Edwards avoids the charge and kicks Magnus. Up top and a missile dropkick to Bram. Bram back with a boot to stop the charge, but Edwards fights back, up top and a RANA on Bram follows and a cover gets 2. Magnus in and they try to double-team Edwards, Richards stops that and they toss the challengers to the floor. Stereo dives by the champs follow! They brawl on the floor, Bram in and Richards up top, misses the double stomp. Richards escapes a powerbomb and then Edwards in with the jack knife for the pin.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: The Wolves @ 7:00 via pin

  • Bram and Magnus attack post match and beat down the champions. Magnus pulls Bram away from the beat down.

  • Bobby Roode still wants MVP, and says he will call him out tonight.

  • We see highlights from last week's Roode vs. King match.

  • Bobby Roode makes his way to the ring. Roode asks if we've ever wanted something so bad that you'd do anything to have it. We all have, and that is how he was with the TNA Title. When he was suspended, he was forced to sit home by MVP. MVP saw him as a threat, and that threat is standing here in the middle of the ring. MVP is not his boss anymore, last week he wanted to fight him but MVP hid behind a doctor's note. But Roode doesn't care about that, so he will give MVP to the count of 10, and then when MVP arrives, he will beat the living hell out of him. And if he doesn't, he will find him and kick his ass. Roode counts, and MVP makes his way out in a wheelchair. MVP says that Roode whines and cries to all of these fans, MVP then says that he did him a favor and added days to his wrestling life by sending him home. MVP then says he was about to be cleared and then Roode attacked him and he is now worse than he was before. He can't even get an MRI due to the swelling. MVP says he literally cannot stand for this. Roode doesn't give a damn, and will kick his ass. Roode heads up the ramp, and King tires to attack by Roode levels him with a clothesline. He gets MVP and wheels him to the ring and tosses him out of the chair. King then nails Roode with a chair shot and beats him down. MVP joins in as well. Eric Young's music then hits and he goes after MVP. He beats down King, who tried to save him and corners MVP. Lashley is out and spears Young out of his boots. Team MVP stands tall.

  • James Storm has a meeting with Sanada. He says there is a lot of pressure on him, and that if he loses, he will bring great dishonor to his people and the Great Muta. Storm asks what happens if he loses tonight. Storm likes Sanada and what he sees, and wishes him luck while adding not to choke.

  • Backstage, Angle says he thinks he got to Jeff Hardy tonight. He needs Hardy tonight and thinks we'll see him in the battle royal.

    TNA X-Division Title Match: Sanada © vs. Austin Aries

    This certainly has potential. Lock up, to the mat and then they pop back to the feet and stand off. Lock up, Aries works the arm but Sanada escapes and counters into working the arm and then hits a dropkick. Lock up again, Sanada goes back to the arm, Aries escapes and gets a side headlock takedown. Head scissors by Sanada, escape by Aries and a backslide gets 2. Last chancery by Aries, but Sanada gets the ropes for the break. Off the ropes, countered by Sanada, and into an abdominal stretch. Rolling cradle by Sanada and that gets 2. Sanada clotheslines Aries to the floor, fake on the dive and looks to springboard in but Aries shoves him to the floor. Aries up top and connects with the Savage like double sledge. Slingshot senton by Aries, elbow drop follows and then a cover for 2. They trade strikes mid-ring, Sanada sends Aries to the apron, shoulder block by Aries, looks for the high cross but Sanada connects with a dropkick to cut off Aries. Back elbow, dropkick and a RANA by Sanada all follow. He charges Aries, sent to the apron and Sanada catches him with a kick and then pulls Aries to the floor. Sanada hits a cannonball dive off the apron. Back into the ring they go, Sanada springboards in with the chop and covers for 1. Dragon suplex by Sanada countered, but then tries the tiger suplex but Aries slams him to the corner. Back elbows by Aries, chops follow that. Aries tries the shotgun dropkick by Sanada kicks him in the face. Back breaker by Sanada, up top, but Aries cuts off the moonsault try and stun guns him off the corner. Shotgun dropkick by Aries connects, brain buster countered onto a tiger suplex with a bridge by Sanada for a close 2. Slam by Sanada, up top, moonsault connects! 1…2…NO! he looks to try again, countered by Aries. Knee buster into a backdrop driver by Aries follows. Shotgun dropkick then connects. BRAIN BUSTER by Aries! 1…2…NO! Aries up top, 450 connects! 1…2…3! Fantastic stuff.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: AND NEW CHAMPION Austin Aries @ 8:00 via pin

  • We get highlights from the match.

  • Bully Ray will address the Rhyno situation, next.

  • Willow takes a nap backstage.

  • We see highlights of Rhyno appearing and taking out Bully Ray last week.

  • Bully Ray is backstage and talks Rhyno. Ray says he thought he was a friend and a brother. They fought side by side, been on the road together, a true friend. HOW DO YOU THINK I FEEL ABOUT RHYNO? He will talk to Rhyno, face to face, tonight.

  • EC3 is with Rhyno, and says that Rhyno will reveal who Bully Ray really is.

  • Bully Ray makes his way to the ring. Ray discusses coming up in the business, and says that Bam Bam Bigelow says that he wouldn't be able to count the amount of true friends in the business on one hand. He thought Rhyno was a friend, but he was wrong. Ray says he wants and deserves an answer and calls him out. Rhyno comes out with EC3 and Spud. You sold out chants for Rhyno, as EC3 gives him a mic. Ray says that he should beat down Rhyno right now, but he wants to know why, why after all of the history they have together, why did he do what he do what he did last week. Rhyno says shut up and he'll give answers. He sold out? Go to hell. It's about Rhyno and Bully. Rhyno was sitting at home, and he realized that Ray is a con man. He doesn't see Devon here, he uses people to further his career, just like he conned Paul Heyman and Dixie Carter. Rhyno says to respect Dixie when he says her name. Ray says he doesn't know who Rhyno is anymore, the Carter's brainwashed him. Ray says this is jealousy. Rhyno says Ray isn't a hall of famer, he is nothing. Ray says he is a hall of famer because the fans say so. Ray says that Rhyno got fired from WWE by his own actions. He got fired from TNA due to his own actions, once Rhyno was hardcore but is now nothing more than a bitch. Carter says that Rhyno's family needs meals, a home and money, money Ray stole from Rhyno. So a Carter is paying Rhyno to do what he did last week, and will continue to pay Rhyno to take out Ray. Rhyno then gores Ray before he can attack Carter. They all beat down Ray, he tries to fight back, but they are too much. Tommy Dreamer arrives with a kendo stick and clears the ring to save Ray.

  • Angelina Love bitches about last week, and says that he rematch is being wasted in a four way tonight. Sky says that history will be made and that Love will win back her title. Love says she will break her own record for title wins tonight. She will show them all that she is the greatest.

  • The Menagerie talks about winning the battle royal tonight.

    TNA Knockouts Title Match: Gail Kim © vs. Madison Rayne vs. Brittany vs. Angelina Love

    Brittany attacks Rayne as she makes her entrance, and the Beautiful People join in on the fun. Kim then makes her entrance to put a stop to that. Everyone in the ring now and they pair off, with Rayne attacking Brittany. Kim joins in on the attack, they take Love out and then beat on Brittany. They send Brittany to the floor, and the BFFs now go to battle, and Rayne with a roll up for 2. Northern lights suplex by Rayne gets 2. Kim battles back with the flapjack, and but Love then pulls Kim to the floor. Brittany in and kicks Rayne in the face and then hits a DDT. Love in and negotiates a deal to work together. They work over Rayne, off the ropes and a double back elbow to Rayne. Side slam by Love, and she celebrates. Brittany hits a Russian leg sweep, and then Love covers for 2. Brittany says enough of that and stops another pinning try, they argue and shove each other. They trade forearms, Kim up top and hits a dual missile dropkick on them both. Clotheslines by Kim, back elbow to Brittany and then hits a high cross for 2. Rayne kicks Love in the face as Brittany lays the boots to Kim. Standing moonsault by Brittany for 2. We fall into a finisher festival, eat defeat by Kim on Love finishes off the match.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Gail Kim @ 5:00 via pin

  • Austin Aries cuts a promo about winning the X-Division Title. He discusses option C, and the fact that he has the power. He has made the division relevant, he has made it great and he has all of the options.

  • Bobby Roode says his business with MVP has just started.

  • MVP cuts a promo as Bobby Lashley works out with the TNA Title on. Nice package for Lashley here.

    20 Man Battle Royal For a Shot At The TNA World Title

    Participants: Knux, Crazzy Steve, The Freak, Bobby Roode, Kenny King, Eric Young, EC3, Spud, James Storm, Sanada, Ken Anderson, Gunner, Manik, Zema Ion, Jessie, Bully Ray, Tigre Uno, Gunner, Magnus, Bram and Jeff Hardy.

    I am pretty sure we have 21 guys. Jessie tosses Crazzy Steve early, as everyone brawls. The Freak tosses Jessie, and Ion attacks him and Knux. They then toss Ion. Magnus and Bram toss the Freak and attack Knux. Knux fights back, misses a boot and then gets tossed by Magnus and Bram. Bram eliminates Tigre Uno and then off screen Sanada and Magnus get tossed. Bully works to toss EC3, and Storm then eliminates Anderson. Storm then tosses Gunner as well. Hardy eliminates Bram with a Cactus clothesline, but saves himself from being eliminated. Bram looks to go crazy at ringside, and Abyss' music hits and he brawls with Bram. MVP is at ringside now, and makes sure that King stays in, and then King tosses Manik. Roode and Storm go face to face as we head to a commercial…

    ~Commercial Break~

    Back from commercial as Roode and Storm battle, and then Roode tosses Storm. King attacks Roode, and for a note, there were no eliminations during the break. Spud tries to chop Bully, he begs off and Bully gives him the crotch claw. EC3 makes the save, and then Spud heads up top. Bully low blows EC3, and then press slams Spud to the floor. Bully hits a clothesline and then eliminates himself and EC3. King, Roode, Hardy and Young are left. King works over Roode as Hardy and Young are down. King dances a bit, works over Roode with rights and then runs into a spinebuster from Roode. Roode bomb try, but MVP hits Roode with his crutch and King then eliminates Roode. Young from behind and then tosses King.

    It's down to Hardy and Young now. They go face to face and shake hands. Lock up, they work to the ropes and battle for control. Off the ropes, shoulder block by Hardy. Young looks for a hip toss and almost eliminates Hardy, but Hardy fights back and slams Young to the corner. A whip to the corner, Young with the Flair flip and strut. Hardy charges, shoulder block by Young and looks for a clothesline, he charges and misses the cross body and almost eliminates himself. Hardy up top and hits a dropkick to Young, who was on the apron, and he flies to the floor and is eliminated.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Jeff Hardy @ 17:00

  • Mutual respect from Hardy and Young after the match.

  • Jeff Hardy will challenge Lashley for the TNA World Title on next week's Impact.

  • Borash interviews Hardy, and he says that he is the next world champion. Hardy puts over Lashley, but hardy can get extreme, so next week, here we go again.

  • Lashley's music hits and he heads out to the ring. They go face to face, and Lashley holds the title up as they have words.

  • End scene.

  • Thanks for reading.

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