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411’s TNA Impact Wrestling Report 7.17.14
Posted by Larry Csonka on 07.17.2014

  • Match times are not exact.

  • We get highlights from last week's show.

  • Kurt Angle is in the balcony to kick off the show from New York City. He reveals the return of the six-sided ring. The ring separates them from the rest, along with their talent. He asks if the crowd is ready for TNA, and then Taz comes through the crowd. He has a mic and says it is awesome to be back in NYC for tonight's show. He couldn't be happier than to have Angle running things. Angle understands how important wrestling is. All the people here tonight know how important it is, how important what they do in the ring is. Many years ago he was part of the greatest wrestling revolution of all time. That leads to the crowd chanting ECW. During that time, he remembers when they turned the corner, and he sees that same thing here in TNA. They are ready. In closing, Taz says the mode is about to change.

  • Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer make their way to the ring. Bully has a mic and says that this is the best wrestling city on the planet. Tonight TNA and New York will grab the wrestling world by the balls and rip them off. He made the fans a promise, a guarantee that they want to see, and that id Dixie Carter go through a table. Big tables chant from the crowd. Bully asks if they are sure they want to see that, and he says they will get them. Dreamer takes over and says he reflected on his way here. He, Bully and a bunch of hardcore freaks got their first national exposure in this building. Big ECW chants. The fans have supported them for years, and they are humbled to have their support. Changes are being made, but this feels like a new madhouse of extreme. The people in the back are willing to go balls to the wall for the fans...

  • ECW and Rhino make their way out now. Carter says there will be no tables, because Aunt D will never go through a table. The only way it will happen is though his dead body. Bully couldn't do it before and he won't do it in New York City. Rhino says not to boo this man, because he is a Carter. Respect him or he will beat them all down. You sold out chants now. Carter says they are right; he pays Rhino very, very well. What he sees in the ring in a shit bag and a dirt ball. They chant "you can't wrestle" and he adds in "I disagree" and "I'm very good" before calling the fans crap. They get in the ring and Dreamer says that Carter doesn't know where he is, NYC has never been PC and this isn't a PG product kid. Dreamer wants more action and less talking and the brawl begins! Bully and Dreamer clear the ring and we head to commercial…

    Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray vs. Ethan Carter III and Rhino

    JIP as Bully works over Carter. To the corner, and head butts by Bully follow. Chops now and then a basement dropkick by Bully. More chops from Bully, Dreamer tags in and he chops away at Carter. Suplex by Dreamer, shoots Carter to the corner and a tag back to Bully. To the corner and a boot by Bully, tags Dreamer back in and Carter fights back with knees and rights. Tag to Rhino, rapid-fire rights and boots take Dreamer to the mat. Big clothesline from Rhino follows, slams Dreamer and tags in Carter. Carter misses an elbow drop, takes Carter to his corner and tag sin Bully. Double elbow to Carter, Bully tosses Rhino in and all four men are in. Corner mounted rights by the faces, and then they bite the heads of their opponents. Spud is out, distracts Dreamer and Carter takes control. Bully chases Spud around a bit, chops by Carter to Dreamer in the corner. Tag back to Rhino, shoots Dreamer to the corner and he hits and drops to the mat, Rhino covers for 2. Dreamer back with an elbow, but runs into a spinebuster and Rhino covers for 2. Carter tags in, lays the boots to Dreamer and maintains control. Snap suplex follows and Carter covers for 2. To the corner, boot by Dreamer and then hits a flatliner on Carter to the buckle. Tag to Bully and he runs wild on Carter. Off the ropes, big backdrop follows. Clothesline to Rhino, corner splash to both men and then tosses Rhino to the floor. Flip flop and fly to Carter by Bully, double team neck breaker follows and Dreamer covers for 2. Rhino in to make the save, he and Bully then brawl to the floor. Spicolli driver by Dreamer, Spud in to distract and Dreamer attacks him. Spud begs off, but Carter with the roll up and grabs the tights for the win.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Ethan Carter III and Rhino @ 8:00 via pin

  • Earlier today Team MVP arrived. We also see hardy arriving.

  • Angle walks and meets with Austin Aries. Aries thanks Angle for the shot at the title last week, and tells him he has to defend the title in a gantlet tonight. Aries sees this as an opportunity. Tonight, he looks forward to the challenge.

  • James Storm meets with Sanada backstage. He says Sanada is strong, fast and driven and he likes him. He then slaps him, and says that Sanada wants to do something, but he keeps refusing to do so because he follows Muta, and will be a loser and a choke artist. Be careful who you listen to.

    X-Division Championship Gauntlet: Austin Aries © vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Manik vs. Davey Richards vs. DJ Zema Ion vs. Tigre Uno vs. Crazzy Steve vs. Sanada

    Aries and Edwards to begin things. ROH chants for both guys. Lock up and counters to begin, and after Aries show boats, he offers a handshake, which Edwards slaps away. More back and forth counters, arm drag by Aries. He escapes a head scissors, because he's Aries, and #3 is Manik. Manik takes down Aries, missile dropkick to Edwards. Aries tries to toss him, but Manik counters and hits a RANA on Edwards. A boot follows, but an Enziguri by Edwards. Shotgun dropkick by Aries follows, and then he works over Manik and hits the pendulum elbow drop. Manik back with a neck breaker, and #4 is Davey Richards. He attacks Manik right away, and then after Aries. The Wolves work together and hit double team moves on Aries and then attack Manik to take control of the match. The Wolves separate and work over Manik and Aries, and #5 is DJ Zema Ion. Ion in with a sunset flip, which also leads to Richards German suplexing Manik. It breaks down; Manik hits a RANA on Ion, which sends them both to the floor…

    ~commercial break~

    Back from commercial as Crazzy Steve is now in along with Tiger Uno. Some basic brewing here, #8 is Sanada. Sanada hits the ring, flies in with the chop to Uno, then Aries and clotheslines to the rest of the bunch. He goes after Aries now, Uno and Steve go face to face, wackiness ensues, Uno tries to eliminate him but he uses Crazy Sting on Uno. He then tosses Uno. The Wolves double-team Steve and he is gone. We're down to Aries, the Wolves and Sanada. Sanada eliminates Edwards, and then Richards and now…

    We're down to Sanada and Aries, so it is now a regular match, pin or submission to win the title. Back and forth, but Aries cuts off Sanada and sends him to the floor. Heat seeking missile follows for Aries, and he rolls Sanada back into the ring. Slingshot senton follows, and then the last chancery for Aries is applied. Sanada fights for and eventually gets the ropes. Aries lays the boots to Sanada, looks to suplex him into the ring, Sanada fights it off and tries to suplex Aries to the floor. Rights by Sanada follow, springboard into the chop for Sanada connects. A roll up and bridge by Sanada gets a close 2. Slam by Sanada, up top he goes and after playing to the crowd, but Aries is up and stops that. Sanada counters the knee buster, tiger suplex follows and Sanada gets a close 2. Sanada shows frustration with the ref, Sanada slams Aries, heads up top and MOONSAULT misses, but Sanada lands on his feet, Aries with the forearm and elbow strike to Sanada. Shotgun dropkick follows, BRAAAAAAAAAAAIN BUSTAAAAAAAAAA! That is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Austin Aries @ 17:00 via pin

  • Aries pulls Sanada to his feet, and they shake hands post match. RESPECT.

  • Bobby Roode and Eric Young say it is weird, but right as they prepare to team once again. They said MVP made life hell for them, and ruined everything. Young said he held the title, only to have it taken from him. Tonight, they face King and MVP.

  • James Storm calls Sanada a loser and then attacks him while yelling that he is a loser. He demands he fight back but Sanada doesn't. Storm then says Muta is a fraud!

  • Dixie Carter walks.

  • Jeff Hardy discusses going back to being himself. Kurt Angle helped bring him back, and the time is now in NYC to become the world champion again.

  • MVP and King are in the ring, and MVP is in his gear, but still on crutches. He runs down NYC and says he is more of a man than anyone. King says he could beat both Roode and Young by himself, and that Angle is abusing his power. MVP says he will wrestle that he is still half man and half amazing, but he is wrestling under protest

    Eric Young and Bobby Roode vs. Kenny King and MVP

    King and EY to begin things. They trade rights, off the ropes and a flying forearm by EY. More rights by EY follow, shot to the corner, Flair flip by EY, strut and then back in and works over King. A dropkick by EY follows, and a cover gets 2. To the corner, and EY tags in Roode. Roode controls things, but keeps an eye on MVP. That allows King to battle back and hit a kick and tag in MVP. Roode fights off King, but MVP backs off and drops to the floor to "check his knee". He wants a timeout, but eventually gets into the ring. MVP limps around, King tags himself in and Roode and EY take control and double suplex King. EY covers for 2. Forearms by EY, off the ropes and MVP hits YET, distracting him, allowing King to stun gun EY off the ropes. King back in with grounded rights, MVP tags in, delivers an elbow and then works the arm of EY. EY battles back, but MVP with a flapjack, and then tags in King. Stomp off the ropes by King connects, and he chokes out EY as the ref was distracted, and then covers for 2. Slam by King, slingshot leg drop follows and a cover gets 2. King sets EY on the top rope, follows him up and they trade rights. EY sends King off and then connects with a high cross and BOTH men are down. Roode and MVP are tagged in and MVP begs off due to his knee. Roode then works over King, to the corner and a clothesline by Roode. Another, boot by King, but he then runs into the spinebuster. MVP sneaks in, but Roode gets the cross face and King has to make the save. EY back in, he and King gets sent to the floor. MVP has a crutch and nails Roode and that is a DQ

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Eric Young and Bobby Roode @ 6:00 via DQ

  • EY makes the save, but King sneaks in and that leads to he and MVP beating down Roode and EY with the crutches. Those dastardly villains.

  • The great Muta appears next week.

  • They hype Bound for Glory in Japan.

    No DQ, No Count Out Match: Madison Rayne vs. Brittany

    Rayne is pissed, and attacks immediately, none of that lock up bullshit. Boot by Rayne, and then a clothesline follows. She slams Brittany to the corner, and shoulder blocks follow. Rayne then sets Brittany up top, follows up but Brittany tosses her off. Rayne back to attack, but Brittany gets a hanging arm bar in the ropes. She eventually releases the hold, and Rayne hits a baseball slide dropkick and then a high cross off the apron. Brittany tries to bail, Rayne chases and they brawl on the ramp. Rayne looks for a piledriver, but Brittany with the backdrop counter. Brittany lays in the boots to the gut and then slams Rayne to the apron. Kicks follow, and then rolls Rayne back into the ring. She covers for 2. Snap suplex, and a float over into a cover for 2 by Brittany. She slams Rayne's head to the mat repeatedly, hits a Russian leg sweep and then covers for 2. Brittany yells at Rayne, and then the ref, but that allows Rayne to recover and fight back. Brittany stops that noise with a clothesline. Brittany then tosses Rayne to the floor, follows her out and tries to beat her down, but Rayne hits a northern lights suplex on the floor. Back into the ring they go, forearms by Rayne follow. She hits a dropkick and then a running boot to the face, which gets 2. Brittany is able to rush Rayne to the corner, hits a chop and then misses the cartwheel into the corner backsplash. Rayne hits the Barbie crusher to pick up the win.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Madison Rayne @ 6:00 via pin

  • Dixie walks, and says that she owns the company and that is why she is here. She doesn't care about Bully's threats, because she put him through two tables. She says all he does is bark, and she is all bite.

  • Austin Aries meets with Kurt Angle. Angle praises him, and Aries says that Angle is the first one not to doubt him. Aries brings up option C, and says he did so because he respects the X-Division title and the guys that never got the chance to challenge for the world title. Angle says he has to make his decision next week about Destination X.

    TNA World Title Match: Bobby Lashley © vs. Jeff Hardy

    Jeff is in non-painted Jeff hardy mode tonight. Crowd way into Jeff here. Lock up to begin, and Lashley just tosses Jeff to the mat. Jeff back with rights, jawbreaker connects and then runs into a Lashley clothesline. Stalling vertical suplex by Lashley follows, and he sets for the spear, but Jeff with a boot to counter. Lashley counters the twist of fate, countered but then gets a head scissors and a clothesline. Jeff dropkicks Lashley to the floor, and the slingshot plancha follows. Jeff pulls the steps away from the ring a bit, Lashley fights back and as Jeff tries to run up the steps, Lashley pulls out his legs and Jeff crashes almost face first onto the steps…

    ~commercial break~

    Back from commercial as Lashley continues his beat down of Jeff. Lashley shoots Jeff to the corner, hits the corner clothesline and then uses the human torture rack. Jeff escapes, and then hits a flying clothesline and both guys are down. Atomic drop, leg drop to the balls ands then the dropkick follows. Clubbing shots by Jeff, off the ropes and a back elbow and whisper in the wind all connect. Lashley rolls to the corner, Jeff charges in but Lashley with the stun gun. Lashley then tries the running powerslam, countered, double twist of fate by Jeff! Jeff now heads up top, SWANTON connects! 1…2…NO! Lashley rolls to the floor, and Jeff follows. Jeff slams Lashley to the steps and lays him out on them. Jeff now heads up top? Yes he does, Jeff up top and flies with the SWANTON AND MISSES and crashes onto the steel steps. JEEEEEEEEEEEESUS HE'S DEAD! Lashley rolls him back into the ring, hits the big spear and that is all for young Jeffrey.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Bobby Lashley @ 12:00 via Murder Death Kill pin

  • Angle puts over Lashley as Dixie tries to walk past him. She says she is walking to the ring, and Angle tries to talk her out of it, she is sick and tired of threats. She will talk to her people in the ring tonight.

  • King and MVP celebrate with Lashley. Angle arrives and is pissed with MVP. Angle says that MVP will have to face Roode next week in a falls count anywhere match, no more nights off for MVP

    The Dixie Carter Power Hour

    Spud announces Dixie Carter to the crowd. Dixie makes her way out and is escorted to the ring by EC3 and Rhino. She is not impressed with the venue and all of the fuss there has been. She mocks the crowd, and says she is not feeling it tonight. She understands why New Yorkers are angry, foul mouth people. Dixie says NYC is a dump and it depresses her. She had to wear extra sparkles tonight just to class up the place. But there is no class here, and the fans cheer for guys like Dreamer who have no class. She mocks him for being a crybaby, and says that she is perfection, and she made that loud and clear to Dreamer. And then there is Bully Ray, there is nothing about the guy that is a star. That's why he always asks who he is, because no one cares about him. he's a low class, hardcore, c-rated star. She then says she should be the hardcore star, since she put Bully through a table so many times.

    Bully Ray now makes his way out to the ring. Dreamer and a table just happen to be with him, and it has Dixie's name on it. They then rush the ring and attack, Rhino and EC3 try to keep them away, but get tossed to the floor. They take out Spud as well, and it looks like table service for Dixie. EC3 returns to the ring to low blow Dreamer and stop that. Spud pulls Dixie to the floor and they escape through the crowd.

    The old team 3D music hits and Devon is back. He and Bully beat down EC3, and hit the WAZZUP head butt. "DEVON! … GET THE TABLES!" Devon gets a table from under the ring, they set it up and then hit 3D on EC3 through the table. Dixie looks horrified as she hides in the crowd with Spud and Rhino.

  • End scene.

  • Thanks for reading.

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