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411’s TNA Impact Wrestling Report 7.24.14
Posted by Larry Csonka on 07.24.2014

  • Match times are not exact.

  • Austin Aries arrives at the venue.

  • We get highlights from last week's show.

  • Tenay and Taz shoot backstage, and MVP is claiming that he is injured. Kurt Angle tells him to get out there, but Roode decides to go and find him. Roode does find him and they brawl in the backstage interview area.

    Falls Count Anywhere: Bobby Roode vs. MVP

    They fight into a stairwell and Roode then slams MVP into the walls. They then brawl into the crowd, with Roode in control. Roode then tosses MVP into the chairs, but MVP hits a low blow and tosses a beer into Roode's face. Chair shot by MVP, charges and misses a yakuza kick. That causes MVP to crotch himself on the barricade. MVP back with another low blow, because he's a heel. He tosses Roode onto the steel post and covers for 2. MVP looks for a suplex on the ramp, countered and Roode then connects with his own suplex. Kenny King out to break up Roode's pinning attempt, but Eric Young is also out to stop that and brawls to the back with King. Clothesline by Roode levels MVP, looks to inflict more pain, but MVP slams Roode to the steel steps a few times. Into the ring they finally go, MVP has a chair and nails Roode in the gut and then the back. More shots to the gut with the chair as MVP has control of things now. Another shot to the back of Roode as he tried to get to his feet. MVP misses a running kick, Roode now has the chair and attacks the previously injured knee of MVP. Sloppy sharp shooter by Roode, and MVP taps immediately.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Bobby Roode @ 8:00 via submission

  • I love that a wrestling show started with an actual wrestling match, how absolutely refreshing.

  • We get highlights of last week's Hardy vs. Lashley TNA Title Match.

  • Jeff Hardy limps his way to the ring, he's up next.

  • Highlights from last week's Impact, which saw Devon return to help Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer.

  • Dixie Carter is here tonight to support EC3 tonight. She says that Bully will not put her through a table, and at the end of the night, she will be standing over Bully's dead body.

  • Jeff Hardy makes his way to the ring. He said Kurt Angle asked him to come back, the people wanted him back so he is back. We haven't seen the end of Willow, but sometimes he will paint his face and wear a mask and swanton the stairs to entertain the fans. Last week's match was what it was all about, and that leads him to the future. He brought someone with him tonight, and this man will be part of TNA's future. Jeff introduces his brother, Matt. He gets welcome back chants, and says he loves the New York fans. Matt thanks Jeff for inviting him here, and says that this is a special moment. It is more than the team getting back together, it is brothers back together. They had dreams of being tag team champions, and they achieved that goal many times over. Matt says he had to go away and get healthy, and he feels like he let Jeff down when he did that, like he let the fans down. He is done apologizing, actions speak louder than words, and since they are in New York it is time for them to get back to the top. To win the tag titles one more time. And Destination X would be that time, to be the best they have to beat the best. The best tag team right now is the Wolves, who he invites to the ring. The Wolves make their way out, and Eddie says that he and Davey have nothing but respect for them and all they did for tag team wrestling. Edwards says they want to be the best one more time, well the Wolves want to prove that they are the best of all time, and to do that, they need to beat the Hardy Boys. Davey says they are hear to fight, so at Destination X, it's on for the titles. They shake hands.

  • Backstage, Austin Aries says he has already made his decision. So later tonight, we'll find out his plan.

  • Robbie E, Jessie and DJ Zema Ion are in the ring. They are back and more jacked than ever. Also, Robbie is no longer afraid of clowns. They are better than ever, and have new tank tops. Ion says he is better than anyone in the X-Division and New York as well. He will shine at Destination X< and prove that he will rule the division because he is the King of New York.

    Low Ki vs. DJ Zema Ion

    Ki with strikes and kicks to begin. Corner clothesline follows ands then mounted shots follow. The Bro-Mans distracts him, and Ion gets a roll up for 2. Ki back with elbows and chops. Off the ropes and he then dropkicks Jessie. Sunset flip into a double stomp for Ion follows. Clotheslines by Ki follow, more kicks and then the corner clothesline. Mounted elbows in the corner for Ion, but Ion back with a jawbreaker. Ion misses a charge, shotgun dropkick follows by Ki. Ki Kruster connects and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Low Ki @ 3:00 via pin

  • Shaw and Gunner discuss the wacky people in New York. Anderson arrives to remind Gunner that they have a match tonight, and that Shaw is not involved. Anderson wants Shaw to stay backstage. Shaw says one day Anderson will trust him. Anderson disagrees.

  • EC3 is excited for the street fight tonight, because he is from the streets. Dixie arrives, and she has King Mo with him. Dixie says that EC3, Spud and Rhino need to take out 3D and Dreamer. Mo says that he will take out Bully tonight. He has Dixie's back tonight.

  • Anderson does the announcing for his team.

    Gunner and Mr. Anderson vs. Magnus and Bram

    Magnus and Gunner to begin. Lock up, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Magnus. Gunner with one takes Magnus down. Tag to Bram, slam to Gunner, who pops up and they have a stare down. Bram makes the mistake of slamming Gunner to the buckles, Gunner fires himself up and starts to beat Bram down. Corner knee follows, they trade rights and then a high knee by Gunner. Rights by Gunner, off the ropes and they collide and both men are down. Tags to Magnus and Anderson, clotheslines by Anderson. Neck breaker follows and then a backdrop to Magnus. Finlay rolls connects for Anderson, mic check time, countered and Magnus to the floor. Anderson chases him to the floor, but Bram slams him into the post. Magnus hits the spine shaker back in the ring and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Magnus and Bram @ 3:00 via pin

  • Both teams brawl post match, Bram with a low blow on Gunner and then gets the turnbuckle rod from under the ring. Sam Shaw is out to make the save and Bram attacks him with the weapon. Gunner then attacks Bram, but Magnus is back to help his partner. Anderson was taken out on the floor. Chop block by Bram on Gunner, and he continues to pummel Gunner. Abyss now is out to make the save; he brawls with Bram, looks for the chokeslam, Bram escapes and is sent to the floor.

  • Austin Aries makes his decision, NEXT!

  • Bully Rays he is losing sleep at night because he wants to put Dixie through a table and keep his promise. He wants to rid the business of her. Tonight, he, Dreamer and Devon will ride together again in New York. Dreamer says they will take care of action, and Devon drops in a "testify" to close out the promo.

  • Austin Aries video package on Austin Aries and "Option C".

  • Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring. Angle says next week is Destination X, a night for the X-Division to showcase their skills. Angle then invites out X-Division Champion Austin Aries. Angle says that Aries created option C, and that everyone that cashed in so far has become world champion. Angle wants to know what Aries will do, if he hands over the title, he will get his title shot against Bobby Lashley. Aries says it sounds simple, like a foregone conclusion that he will hand over the title. Before he can make a decision, Lashley and MVP make their way out to the ring. MVP says for Aries to look at Lashley, bigger, stronger and tougher than you. Lashey is what a world champion looks like. Lashley as champion leaves things in their control. MVP calls Aries a good wrestler, and adds that he is usually not dumb. MVP also knows the fans love Aries, but this will not happen. A lot of time went into building the X-Division, so instead of cashing in, keep the title, do your flips and stick to what you know instead of challenging Lashley. You won't catch lighting in a bottle twice. Aries says he knows about taking things and making them great. He knows what it takes to be world champion, unlike MVP. Aries says while MVP was in charge he got sent home, two years ago Aries created option C because he believed in the X-Division. He wanted to leave a legacy for the title, because it sets TNA apart from the rest. Aries says he can do things in the ring MVP couldn't do with four good legs. Aries says he has unfinished business with the TNA World Title. He admits Lashley is bigger, stronger and a tough man, but he is not tougher than Aries. There is not a man in the ring he has feared, despite MVP's speech, he hands over the title, and will face Lashley for the world title next week. When he wins, he will create option D, he will be a fighting champion and allow the X-Division champion to challenge for his title. Lashley says Aries made the biggest mistake of his life. Angle cuts them off and says the match is official.

  • Highlights of the Kim vs. Terrell matches.

    Knockouts Title Match: Gail Kim © Taryn Terrell

    Lock up to begin, to the ropes and they continue to battle for control. Side headlock takedown by Kim, Terrell gets to her feet and escapes. Kim off the ropes, shoulder block follows. Kim then connects with a clothesline, but Terrell back with a side roll that gets 2. Sunset flip for 2 by Terrell. A monkey flip follows, Terrell to the second rope and hits a clothesline and covers for 2. Elbows to Kim, Terrell heads up top but Kim cuts her off and suplexes her back to the mat. Kim covers for 2. To the corner, cross body by Kim connects, up top and hits the missile dropkick and covers for 2. Terrell counters eat defeat, off the ropes and they hit stereo cross bodies. BOTH ladies are down. They get to their feet, trade rights and forearms, and then clotheslines by Terrell. A snap suplex follows for Terrell, flipping neck breaker then connects. Terrell up top, but the beautiful People run in to ruin things.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: No Contest 4:00

  • Love hits the botox injection to Kim, Sky with the in yo face on Terrell and they celebrate.

  • Muta walks.

  • Dixie Carte ring is on the phone, she has some special guests waiting in a car for her call to appear.

  • Jeremy Borash announces The Great Muta.

  • Robbie E comes out and asks if this is a joke. He says the "not so great" Muta gets as special entrance. He needs a grand entrance because he is a star. He challenges Muta to a match.

    The Great Muta vs. Robbie E

    Robbie attacks and takes control right away with clubbing rights. MIST from Muta! Snap mare, Muta elbow drop follows. Dragon screw leg whip, shining wizard, and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: The Great Muta @ 1:00 via pin

  • James Storm is out now, and says Muta is the legend that all the guys in the back are talking about. Storm says that all he sees is a great fraud, a joke and a has been. A washed up, "wanna be" legend. Sanada may be fooled, but Storm says all he sees is another man coming into a company that he built and trying to recapture his glory. Storm says that he doesn't spit mist, he then spits beer in Muta's face and attacks him. Yasu tries to make a save for Muta but Storm stops that. Sanada is out with a chair to make the save. Muta gets to his feet, but then Sanada attacks him with the chair. Yasu fails to make the save as Sanada MISTS him. Sanada hits the moonsault on Muta, and then leaves the ring, bowing to Storm.

  • Dixie Carter and King Mo are seated in the balcony. Dixie says Mo has his back, and she feels good about tonight because he is a bad ass. She says Dreamer thinks he is something again, but if the fans want to chant "those letters" tonight, she'll give them a real reason to.

    NYC Street Fight: Tommy Dreamer, Bully Ray and Devon vs. Rhino, Spud and Ethan Carter III

    Dreamer tosses Spud pretty much right away as Team Hardcore has early control. Carter's ribs are wrapped following last week's attack, I appreciate that small detail. Bully press slams Spud onto Carter, who was on the floor. Rhino then catches some weapon shots as we head to commercial…

    ~commercial break~

    Back form commercial as Bully works over Carter with the flip flop and fly. Dreamer tosses in trashcans of weapons and Devon then joins them in the ring. Bully has a cheese grater and rakes it on Carter's chest. Dreamer lays a trashcan lid on Carter's crotch and weapon shots to the balls follow. Rhino finally returns, starts to turn the tide with weapon shots to his former ECW brethren. Devon stops the gore and tosses Rhino into a can in the corner. Spud attacks Devon, mounted rights to no effect and Bully grabs him up and they hits the Deadlyville Device! Carter placed in the tree of woe, trashcan in the face and Dreamer with the running dropkick connects. Bully slams Rhino, Devon up top, WAZZUP head butt follows. Devon does the dance, GET THE TABLES! They go to retrieve tables, but then, Dixie's plan is revealed as a "fan" attacks Devon. Dreamer piledrives Spud in the ring, White Russian Leg Sweep to Carter. Dreamer looks for a piledriver, but another "fan" appears. SNITSKY (the first man) and EZEKIEL JACKSON have been hired by Carter to aid her in her evil plan. 1% by Carter to Dreamer on the chair and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Rhino, Spud and Ethan Carter III @ 12:00 via pin

  • Dixie Carter and King Mo head to the ring. Rhino gores Devon as Bully gets tossed into the ring and is beaten down by Dixie's army. Zeke slams Dreamer down as Dixie claps. Snitsky chokeslams Bully, and Team Dixie celebrates to close the show.


    ~ TNA Tag Team Title Match: The Wolves © vs. The Hardy Boys
    ~ TNA World Title Match: Lashley © vs. Austin Aries
    ~ Qualifying matches to help crown a new X-Division champion

  • End scene.

  • Thanks for reading.

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