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411’s WWE Smackdown Report 8.08.14
Posted by Larry Csonka on 08.08.2014

Welcome to 411's WWE Smackdown Report 8.08.14
  • Match times are not exact.

  • Dean Ambrose is out, he is supposed to reveal the stipulation match for his match with Rollins at Summerslam. We see replays of Ambrose distracting Rollins during his match on Raw. Ambrose says the Authority thought they held all the cards, but the thing is that you can't plan for Dean Ambrose. And since he out smarted the architect, he gets to pick the match stipulation for their Summerslam match. He has a few, maybe JBL's hat on a pole, coal miner's glove match, maybe some alligators to surround the ring but the logistics weren't right, a good house keeping match, a loser washes HHH's car match but Rollins already does that, we could just fight in the parking lot but we already did that…

    Rollins makes his way out to the ramp and wants Ambrose to cut the crap. You sold out chants for Rollins. Rollins says Ambrose was the unstable one in the Shield, while Rollins was the brains. But he gives him credit for what he pulled on Raw, it was clever. Rollins wants him to name the stipulation. Ambrose says the briefcase looks a bit rough tonight. Rollins says that Ambrose doesn't thin with his head, and it will only get him so far. And it won't beat him at Summerslam. Rollins says it doesn't matter what he chooses, because Summerslam will be the end for Ambrose. Ambrose says there will be nowhere to run, because he will run into a wall of people they used to take out, enemies. Those men will make sure they tear each other apart. This will be a lumberjack match. A human cage, call it the end of the line, because Ambrose swears to God, at Summerslam, Mr. Money in the Bank will go broke. Rollins says he is not going anywhere, and he will still have the MITB case, which makes him the future. Rollins then announces that he gets to choose Ambrose's opponent for tonight. Since Ambrose likes to fight, he picks Randy Orton for Ambrose's opponent. He then shows the video of Orton taking out Reigns from Raw.

    Big Show and Mark Henry vs. Curtis Axel and Ryback

    Axel and Henry to begin. Axel uses he speed and mocks Henry, which leas to him running away. Axel tags in Ryback who mouths off to Henry, they lock up and Henry shoves him away. They then shove each other, to the corner and head butts by Henry. Shoulder blocks follow, off the ropes and a boot by Ryback. Henry counters, looks for the world's strongest slam, but Axel chop blocks Henry. Axel and Ryback work over Henry, Ryback looks for a powerbomb? No, back dropped by Henry and then a tag to Show. Show cleans house on Axel, grabs Ryback and throes him to Henry. World's strongest slam to Ryback by Henry, chokeslam to Axel by Show and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Big Show and Mark Henry @ 3:30 via pin

  • Backstage, Ziggler mocks Rollins to a group of Divas and calls Rollins an idiot. Rollins appears, and says that Ziggler's career is a joke. He says Ziggler is begging for him to stomp his face into the mat tonight. Ziggler says Rollins look like Catwoman if she did cross fit. Rollins says he is picking his opponent for tonight, and he picks Ziggler. Ziggler says there will be nothing funny about what he does to Rollins tonight.

  • Sandow comes out dressed as a boarder patrol officer. He promises to catch the masked illegal tonight. Sandow says Cara had fun and made his money, but now he and all the illegals will go back across the river.

    Sin Cara vs. Damien Sandow

    Lock up and knees by Sandow to begin. Clubbing shots to the back follow, and then knees to the chest of Cara. Elbow drop by Sandow follows and a cover gets 2. Headlock by Sandow, Cara with a jawbreaker and kicks. Springboard head butt by Cara follows. A RANA follows, off the ropes and the handspring elbow by Cara gets 2. Sandow counters Cara, hits the Edge-a-cution for 2. Cara fights back, hits the Angle slam and heads up top. Swanton follows and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Sin Cara @ 1:50 via pin

  • They air the Lesnar vs. Cena video package from Raw.

    Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler

    Lock up to begin, to the corner and a back elbow by Rollins. A hip toss follows and then he lays the boots to Ziggler. Rollins stun guns Ziggler off the ropes, and then applies a modifies camel clutch. Ziggler escapes, rolling suplexes by Rollins, shades of Eddie Guerrero and a cover gets 2. Rollins rakes the face of Ziggler, and then chokes him out in the ropes. Snap mare by Rollins and into a side headlock. Rollins grounds Ziggler, Ziggler works to his feet and gets a jawbreaker to break the hold. A dropkick by Ziggler follows and another. Off the ropes, fameasser countered and Rollins tosses Ziggler to the floor…

    ~Commercial Break~

    Back from commercial as Ziggler lands rights to Rollins. Off the ropes, boot by Rollins and then connects with the knee drop and covers for 2. Rollins grinds Ziggler's face into the mat, to the floor and elbows by Rollins to Ziggler on the apron. A running kick connects, Rollins back into the ring and he talks some trash. He steps on Ziggler's face, slaps him a few times and then off the ropes and an elbow by Rollins, a cover gets 2. Rollins gets slammed to the corner, sleeper applied, but Ziggler escapes and Rollins misses the corner splash. Rights by Ziggler follow, a clothesline follows. Corner splash and mounted rights follow. A neck breaker by Ziggler connects and he covers for 2. Rollins looks to escape, but Ziggler grabs him and hits a belly to back suplex and covers for 2. Ziggler counters a suplex, charges but misses Rollins and crashes in the corner. Rollins picks up Ziggler, but a small package by Ziggler gets 2. Rights by Rollins, they trade rights now, off the ropes and Ziggler catches Rollins with the DDT and covers for 2. Both men are down here, Ziggler to his feet as well as Rollins. Zigzag countered, roll up by Rollins for 2. Rollins to the apron, Ziggler over but Rollins stun guns him off the ropes. Rollins heads up top, springs in, misses, fameasser by Ziggler and that gets a close 2. Ziggler grabs Rollins, clubbing rights follow and the ref breaks them up. Cheap shot by Rollins, who then posts Ziggler and sends him to the floor. Rollins follows, and tosses Ziggler into the barricade. Rollins picks up Ziggler again and then tosses him into the steps. Rollins rolls Ziggler back into the ring, curb stomp follows and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Seth Rollins @ 12:45 via pin

  • Renee Young interviews Randy Orton. Orton said that he and Ambrose are both unstable, but that he is unstoppable. He plans to prove that he is the true sadistic WWE superstar tonight.

  • Paige skips to the ring as we get a video recap of the feud between her an AJ. Natalya is already in the ring, working the "already in the ring" enhancement talent entrance.

    Paige vs. Natalya

    Paige wants to shake hands, but then it escalates quickly as she starts to shove and yell at Natalya. Natalya fires back with a clothesline and then a butterfly suplex. Natalya applies the sharpshooter, but Paige makes it to the ropes. Paige bails to the floor, Natalya follows but Paige connects with the Paige turner on the floor. Back in the ring and she skips around and yells at the referee to count faster. Natalya make sit back in the ring, and gets a roll up for 2. Paige connects with a kick to the midsection, and then applies the scorpion cross lock and Natalya gives up.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Paige @ 2:15 via submission

  • Lana and Rusev walk.

    Big E vs. Rusev w/Lana

    Big E is alone tonight. Rusev controls early as he beats down Big E and takes him to the corner. Rusev lays in the boots to Big E, and then connects with a right that drops Big E. More kicks follow as Rusev yells at him, Rusev charges but they collide. Rusev charges again, eats an elbow, then a clothesline by Big E and a belly-to-belly all connect. Big E sort of misses the running splash, and Rusev nails Big E with the leaping kick. Rusev crush. Accolade. Finish.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Rusev @ 1:30 via submission

  • We see highlights from Jericho vs. Harper from Raw.

  • We go to the back with Chris Jericho. A very serious Jericho said that Harper and Rowan would be banned from ringside at Summerslam, the source of infection still remains. Wyatt spreads his disease in the WWE Universe, he thrives on inflicting pain. The antidote is spelled Y2J, and he will purge the plague at Summerslam. He will follows the buzzards and shove them down Wyatt's throat. Lets get crazy.

  • We get to relive the Raw main event segment with Stephanie, Triple H and the Bellas.

    Dean Ambrose vs. Randy Orton

    Orton attacks the shoulder immediately. Ambrose battles back with rights and sends Orton to the floor. Orton back in, lock up and a side headlock takedown by Ambrose. Orton escapes with a head scissors, Ambrose escapes and tries to rip off Orton's ear. Snap suplex by Ambrose, quick elbow drop follows and a cover for 2. Orton fight back with a boot to the shoulder and a cover gets 2. Orton stomps away on Ambrose in the corner, but Ambrose fires up and double legs Orton and lays into him with rights. A clothesline sends Orton to the floor, and then Ambrose hits a plancha as we head to commercial…

    ~Commercial Break~

    Back from commercial and Orton is working over the shoulder of Ambrose. Orton shoots Ambrose to the corner, he takes the Bret hart chest bump, and Orton covers for 2. Orton stomps away on the shoulder of Ambrose again, and then follows with rights in the corner. Ambrose tries to fight back, but Orton continue his assault on the shoulder and covers for 2. Ambrose dares Orton to use some real pressure, because he's crazy, and Orton does and continues to work the arm and shoulder. Ambrose to his feet, head butts to escape and then connects with a DDT. BOTH men are down here, Ambrose slowly to his feet and Orton up as well. Rights by Ambrose, off the ropes and a clothesline connects. Off the ropes, counter and a cross body by Ambrose and rights follow that. Corner spear by Ambrose, back elbow follows and then hits a tornado DDT and covers for a close 2. Ambrose tries for dirty deeds, Orton counters, so Ambrose sends Orton to the floor. Goes for a suicide dive, but Orton cuts him off with a forearm strike. Orton pulls Ambrose to the floor and slams him to the steps and then to the other set of steps. He then tosses Ambrose into the first set of steps again and stun guns him off the apron. Back in the ring and Orton tries the hangman's DDT, but Ambrose counters and tosses Orton to the floor. SUICIDE DIVE connects this time! Back in the ring, dirty deeds try but Rollins appears and is on the apron now, Ambrose knocks him to the floor and then counters an RKO into dirty deeds. He covers, but Rollins pulls him to the floor and that's a DQ.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Dean Ambrose @ 12:20 via DQ

  • Post match Ambrose and Rollins brawl, Ambrose gains control but Orton breaks things up and connects with an RKO. Orton then left Ambrose to Rollins, who beat on him for a bit and then got a drink and poured it on Ambrose. He then hit the curb stomp to leave Ambrose laid out in the ring.

  • End scene.

  • Thanks for reading.

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