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411's Impact Wrestling Report 8.27.14
Posted by Wyatt Beougher on 08.27.2014

Championship Roll Call:


  • Match times are not exact.

    Alright, lads and lasses, I'm back, filling in for the Boss who had some family commitments. As always, I'm going to do my best to just do a straight recap and leave my feelings out of what I write. I'll add my thoughts in the comments as time permits, though. As always, thanks for joining me, and let's get down to business!

    We get a nice video package recapping last week's show, including the tag team round robin between the Wolves, Team 3D, and the Hardys, as well as the controversial ending to the Six Sides of Steel contendership match. The show starts with Kurt Angle in the crowd, and he says his job is to put on the best possible show for the fans, and tonight features a grudge match between ECIII and Rhino, as well as a main event between the Hardys, the Wolves, and Team 3D! Angle says he hoped to congratulate the new number one contender, but he's going to sit down with Eric Young and Bobby Roode to hash things out, and he's going to be fair, and as soon as he knows something, he'll let the fans know.

    MLK's music cuts him off and they come to the ring, with Lashley dressed for action and his cohorts in their street clothes. MVP gets a microphone and asks Angle if he said fair, and that he lost so much respect for Angle for pandering to the idiots in New York City. He says it's not as easy being the boss as Angle thought, because anyone with a smartphone and 140 characters thinks they can book a match. MVP busts out a fake Brooklyn accent and walk and calls it New York Sh*tty before running down the fans. He references the NYPD and chokeholds and gets some serious boos. He runs down the Notorious B.I.G., calling the Destroyer Lashley the King of New York. That draws out Tommy Dreamer with a microphone, and the fans are, unsurprisingly, squarely behind Dreamer. He says that he and MVP have been friends for a very long time, and he says MVP is one of the most underrated talents the business has ever seen. He says that MVP has a problem with his mouth and that he's better than this. He calls Kenny King "Mr. Las Vegas" and says he's actually from Queens, which means he's better than that. He says Lashley has finally lived up to his potential and become a dominant champion. Before he get too far into talking about Lashley, King blindsides him and tosses him out of the ring. MVP starts talking again, but Dreamer yanks King out of the ring and slides in with a kendo stick. Angle says MVP thinks Lashley is the King of New York, and since Dreamer is from New York, Dreamer will face Lashley in a New York Street Fight. MVP balks, but he agrees and Lashley blindsides Dreamer and the match is underway!

    New York City Street Fight: Bobby Lashley vs Tommy Dreamer

    Lashley takes off his American Top Team shirt and starts stomping on Dreamer as we go to commercial! Back from commercial, and Dreamer wails Lashley and grabs a kendo stick from under the ring. He nails Lashley again, but Lashley counters with a suplex into the ramp and grabs the kendo stick. He brandishes it, but then just snaps it in half. He slams Dreamer's head into the ring apron and then crotches Dreamer on the guard rail! He holds Dreamer up and absolutely drills him with a forearm to the jaw. Lashley puts Dreamer under the guard rail and then picks it up and slams it down on him. Lashley rolls Dreamer into the ring and then hits a running shoulder block to the midsection in the corner, followed by another. Lashley picks Dreamer up in a bear hug, only for Dreamer to bite his face! Dreamer hits the ropes, but Lashley catches him with a nice clothesline off of the ropes. Lashley with a slightly delayed vertical suplex and he sets up for the spear. Kenny King gets on the apron and holds Dreamer, but Dreamer avoids the spear and Lashley spears King off of the apron. Dreamer with a trashcan shot, and he wedges the trash can in the corner before leg sweeping Lashley into it! Dreamer with a DDT and a cover, but he only gets two. Dreamer grabs another cane, climbs to the second turnbuckle, and leaps off, but Lashley catches him with a clothesline. The champion sets up for another spear, and he turns Dreamer inside out for the three count!

    Official Result: Bobby Lashley via spear (4:50 shown)

    Backstage, Madison Rayne talks about her number one contendership match for the Knockouts championship tonight and how she's tired of hearing about Taryn Terrell and her comeback, and she thinks it's time for Taryn to hear about Madison Rayne and why she's the queen of the Knockouts division.

    Havok is coming next week!

    Earlier in the day, Sam Shaw is sketching in Gunnar's room, apparently the NYC skyline. Gunnar gets a message, Shaw wants to know if it's from Ken, and Gunnar says it's water under the bridge. He says he's going to get some food and invites Shaw, but Shaw says he's just going to continues his sketch. Gunnar leaves and Shaw goes over and examines Gunnar's fatigue jacket.

    Knockouts Number One Contendership Match: Madison Rayne vs Taryn Terrell

    Handshake to start and they tie up, with Rayne quickly getting a roll-up. Terrell does the same thing with an inside cradle, only for Rayne to try another roll-up. Terrell tries a backslide for another two and they lock up in the center of the ring. Terrell with a running shoulderblock and then a whip to the corner followed by a monkey flip. Rayne tries to spear Terrell against the ropes, but ends up taking an unplanned suicide dive to the outside. She's still able to get out of the way of Terrell's subsequent dive from the apron, but she only gets a pair of two counts after rolling Terrell back into the ring. Rayne with a running dropkick and gets another two. Rayne tries for another Irish whip, but Terrell reverses and hits a trio of clotheslines, followed by a boot to the gut. She hits the ropes, but Rayne counters with a knee to the gut and a roll-up for two. They trade forearm strikes, but Rayne grabs Terrell in a waistlock when she goes to run the ropes. Terrell turns in the waistlock, so Rayne counters into a bridging northern lights suplex for two. Terrell hits a suplex of her own, but Rayne catches her with a shot to the midsection and a stiff kick for another two count. Rayne is starting to look frustrated and she slams Terrell into the corner before putting her on the top turnbuckle. She goes up up, but Terrell shoves her off and hits a bulldog clothesline, followed by two more from the ground. She snaps Rayne to the mat and gets two before going to the top turnbuckle. Rayne gets up and turns into a crossbody, and gets a very, very close two count. Terrell charges Rayne in the corner, but Rayne counters with a boot and rolls her up. She tries to use her feet for leverage on the pin, but Stiffler sees it and breaks the count. Rayne argues, but she turns around right into Terrell's running RKO for the pin.

    Official Result: and NEW KNOCKOUTS NUMBER ONE CONTENDER Taryn Terrell via running cutter (6:13)

    Backstage, Roode says he's going to find out what's going on because Kurt called him into the office. He enters, and EY is already there eating some fruit. Roode seems upset, but Young says that no matter what happens tonight...before he can finish, Angle cuts him off and tells the cameraman that they need privacy and to turn the camera off.

    Bound for Glory from Japan promo.

    Back in Gunnar's hotel room, Shaw has tried on Gunnar's fatigues and Gunnar asks what the hell he's doing. Shaw turns and salutes him, and Gunnar says "Take it off...or I will."

    Six-Man X Division Tag Match: Low Ki/Crazzy Steve/Tigre Uno vs Homicide/DJ Z/Manik

    Manik knocks Low Ki out of his ring ropes pose, and our six-man tag match is underway! Homicide and Crazzy STeve pair off, and Homicide looks for an electric chair drop, but Crazzy Steve bites his forehead to block it. Tigre Uno and DJ Z are in, and Tigre gets some offense in and looks for a pin, but only gets two. He grabs an armlock, runs up the turnbuckle, balances on the top rope, leaps onto Z's shoulders, and hits a hurricanrana. Manik comes in with an attack, but Uno counters and goes up top, but Z crotches Tigre and tags in Homicide. Homicide whips Tigre to the ropes, hits the mat, and then hits a jumping back elbow on the rebound. Homicide grabs Tigre Uno's arm and tags in DJ Z. Z comes in with a jumping double sledge, but Tigre Uno quickly recovers and headscissors Z into Homicide, which bring in Manik and Low Ki. Ki goes on the offensive with strikes, but Manik counters into an octopus stetch. He tries a gorilla press into a double upkick, but Low Ki turns it into a double stomp! Steve and Homicide pair off again and Steve avoids a charge and tosses Homicide out. Steve slingshots himself to the outside. In the ring, Z goes after Low Ki, but Tigre Uno tosses him over the top rope to the floor. Tigre looks for a dive, but Manik grabs him from behind in a double chickenwing, but Manik escapes and wedges himself in the ropes. Tigre charges, Manik moves, and Tigre's dive hits Z on the outside. That leaves Ki in the ring with Manik, and he hits the Ki Krusher for the win.

    Official Result: Low Ki/Crazzy Steve/Tigre Uno (Low Ki Ki Krusher to Manik) 5:06

    Roode and EY leave Angle's office and neither looks happy. Neither guy has a comment, so the unseen interviewer asks Angle what happened. He says they all agreed on what's going to happen, and he's going to announce it next!

    We get a recap of ECIII attacking Rhino and leaving the ring looking intense to set up tonight's match. Rhino is backstage and he says ECIII says money can't buy happiness, but it did buy him a one-way ticket to hell, because when ECIII is in the ring with him, he'll feel like he's in hell. Rhino is going to leave ECIII one last breath in his lungs so that he can rip him in half with a Gore!

    Roode in the ring (with vocal fan support) and he talks about his opportunity to become the number one contender last week. He says there was no clear winner at the conclusion of that match. He says Angle decided the only fair thing to do is to have another number one contender's match, right there next week, one on one, between Roode and his best friend Eric Young. He calls Young out to the ring, and Young obliges. Young also popular with the fans as he makes his way to the ring. Both guys are all smiles and Roode says EY is crazy. He says they have a lot of history together, bringing up Team Canada, their world tag team championship history, and their many, many battles with one another. Roode says they landed at the exact same time, and now they're going to have to go into battle again next week. He says they're doing it for the right reason, the reason they got into the business in the first place, for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. Roode says he knows he's going to have to be at his best to earn his title shot against EY, and he's okay with that, because there's not a man that he respects more than Eric Young, and it'll be an honor to wrestle Young next week. EY says Roode's respect means everything to him, and there were a lot of people who thought he'd never be world champion, that he'd never defend his title against guys like Roode, and fate's got a funny way of working out. That's why in a match that could've gone a hundred different ways last week, and yet they ended up here, with a match next week. EY says he's given a hundred different interviews and he's always asked who the best wrestler in the world is, and he says every day that Roode is in the business, Roode's going to be his answer every time. But he says Young is as good as Roode, and he only wants to share the ring with the guy that he's in the ring with right now. Young says next week, he'll be better. Roode says that if it's okay with New York, the only thing left to do is come out next week and tear the roof off of this son of a bitch! They shake hands and Young leaves the ring to a massive ovation from the fans.

    The Bromans are backstage Tindering and try to explain it to Jeremy Borash. Apparently they're trying to see who can get the most matches, and it ends up a tie. DJ Z says Robbie matched with a French bulldog and a parrot. But Robbie says he also matched up with a TNA Knockout, and so did Jessie. They're going to message their Knockouts and take them out for dates, and Jessie says there's no way Robbie hooks up with the same girl he does.

    Grudge Match: Ethan Carter III vs Rhino

    ECIII stomps away on Rhino as he slides into the ring, and we're underway! Rhino gets to his feet and punches away before catching Carter with a shoulderblock. He slams Carter into the turnbuckle and then dumps him out of the ring. Carter tries to send Rhino into the guard rail, but Rhino reversed and Carter at the guard rail instead. Rhino leads Carter around the ring and slams his head into the guard rail again before rolling him into the ring. He Irish whips Carter, but Carter counters for a two count. He sends Rhino headfirst into the corner and then stomps away at him before using a foot choke. Carter chokes Rhino across the middle rope and he's firmly in control. He stomps Rhino and then taunts before hitting a jumping elbow drop for two. Carter slams Rhino's head into the canvas, and again, and a third time. Carter pulls Rhino's head up for a punch, then backs off at the ref's admonishment. He pulls Rhino up for what looks like a modified chinlock, but he releases as Rhino gets to his feet to club him back down. Carter with a Stinger Splash (that Tenay calls a corner clothesline) and he shoves Rhino to the mat. Carter again with the modified chinlock. Carter pulls Rhino to his feet and looks for an Irish whip, but Rhino hits a series of shoulder blocks and a short-arm Samoan drop. The fans chant "Gore" and Rhino looks for it, but Spud grabs Rhino's leg and holds it long enough for Carter to sneak in with a low blow. That gets two, and Carter is absolutely shocked. Carter charges Rhino in the corner, but Rhino hits a back elbow to counter, followed by a clothesline and a release belly-to-belly suplex. Rhino preps for the Gore again, but again Spud stops him. This time, Rhino grabs Spud and tosses him to the floor. While Rhino and Hebner are distracted, Carter grabs a chair and he nails Rhino with it, drawing the DQ!

    Official Result: Rhino via Disqualification (6:30)

    After the bell, Carter continues to wail on Rhino, and he nearly hits Spud when Spud tries to calm him down. As Carter walks up the ramp, Spud tries to cheer him up with a round of applause, but Carter looks unimpressed.

    The Great Sanada is revealed next!

    Chris Melendez (the veteran and Team 3D wrestling school prospect) debuts tonight as well.

    Storm is out first, beer in hand, and he introduces himself as the Cowboy, the Legend, James Storm. He's the leader of a new revolution, a leader of men who need a rebirth. He gives us the first of many, the Great Sanada! Sanada comes out in his same robe and tights, but he has his hood up. He throws the hood back once he gets to the ring, and he's wearing a yellow and black version of Muta's old Kabuki-styled face paint. Aries is out next to take on the Great Sanada.

    The Great Sanada vs Austin Aries

    They circle the ring and lock up and they trade wristlocks and reversals, with Aries hitting a pair of Japanese armdrags and a crucifix pin attempt. Aries looks for the Last Chancery, but Sanada gets to the ropes and lounges on the top rope. Sanada looks to Storm for guidance and Storm points to Aries. Sanada bows and goes right on the attack with punches, chops, and even a choke in the corner. He whips Aries to the ropes and hits a big double chop to the throat. Sanada uses a blatant choke until just before the five-count on a downed Aries and then scoops him up for a pair of rib breakers and then a scoop slam. He covers, but only gets a two. Sanada locks in a headlock and adds some pressure to Aries' nose until the ref admonishes him. Aries gets to his feet and gets some separation, and he avoids a Sanada charge. Aries grabs Sanada, who is on the apron, and runs him back and forth between two corners, slamming his head on each turnbuckle as the crowd chants along. Aries with a jawbreaker and then a nice suicide dive to the outside. He rolls Sanada in and hits the missile dropkick. He charges in, but Sanada counters with a kick of his own. Aries gets Sanada back into the corner and successfully hits the running corner dropkick. Aries looks for the brainbuster, but Sanada counters by biting his finger and attacks him. He turns to Storm for advice and puts Aries on the top rope. Sanada goes up with him, but Aries throws him off and looks for the 450 splash. Storm crotches him on the top rope, and while the referee admonishes Storm, Sanada breathes green mist into Aries's face. That's enough to allow him to pick up the win!

    Official Result: The Great Sanada via Green Mist (7:09)

    And yeah, I know the Mist didn't really lead directly to the pinfall, but I'm a mark for the Mist, what can I say?

    Chris Melendez video package, talking about he's driven and his history in the military, including an IED costing him his leg and injuring his arm. He talks about maintaining a positive attitude and achieving his second dream, to become a professional wrestler. They highlight Melendez' efforts with the Wounded Warrior Foundation intercut with footage of his training. Really nice video package, and then Angle welcomes him to the ring. Melendez comes out in full BDUs and the fans are definitely supportive, waving flags and cheering. Say what you want about TNA, but this is absolutely something they're handling right. Anderson and Team 3D are in the ring with Angle and everyone shakes hand. Angle calls him Sarge and tells him to listen to the loud "U-S-A" chants. Angle talks about sacrifice and how he sacrificed his entire life to represent himself, his family, and this country in the Olympics. Angle says that pales in comparison to Melendez being willing to serve his country and die for his country, and he has to pause for a very loud "Thank you, Chris" chant. Angle welcomes Melendez to TNA, and Anderson talks about the Wounded Warrior Project and the 150-200 WWP people in the audience. Anderson talks about getting the call from his buddy at the WWP about an amputee who wants to be a wrestler. Anderson wasn't immediately impressed, but his buddy sent over a video and an 8x10 and he talks up Melendez' size. He says he couldn't train Melendez, but his buddies are the two best trainers in the world and they're standing in the ring right now. Bully Ray is up next, and he says he sees the video and that he wants to talk to Chris. Chris met him at Coney Island (cheap pop) and they started talking. Chris told Bully about his two dreams (to serve on the front lines and to become a professional wrestler), so Bully told him to show up in Florida at he and Devon's wrestling school and they'd train him for free. They felt that it was the least that they could do for Chris serving the USA. Another loud "U-S-A" chant and Bully says he's not trying to sound emotional and sappy, but this is one of the proudest moments of their career. Devon wants everyone to welcome Sergeant Chris Melendez to the TNA roster. Another round of hugs and a standing ovation from the fans wraps up one of the best segments TNA has put on in a long time.

    Tag Team Title Series Match: The Wolves vs The Hardyz vs Team 3D (First team to get two pins in the series is the best of all time)

    Team 3D stays in the ring, and the Hardys are out before the champs make their entrance.

    Edwards with a waistlock and a wristlock and they use quick tags to isolate Bully and work over his arm. Bully eventually counters and grabs Richards off of the top rope and slams him to the mat. He backs Richards into the corner and lands a huge chop then follows it up with a big punch and another chop, followed by yet another chop. Bully starts a weak Davey chant, then gives him another chop, which Richards finally answers with a series of kicks. Bully counters with a shoulder and calls for Devon to do the Wassup Drop, but Eddie kicks Devon off of the top turnbuckle allowing Richards to get a roll-up for two. Now the Hardys are involved and they get Whisper in the Wind on Eddie and set up for the same on Davey, only to have Davey jump off of Matt's back and clothesline Jeff. Richards looks for offense on Bully, but Bully counters and Devon looks for the pin, but only gets two. Devon with punches to the head of Richards in the corner and he backs off and gets tagged by Matt Hardy. Matt goes to work with elbows to the back of the head and tags in Jeff for a double toss to the corner, followed by a double back elbow. Jeff with a snapmare and a dropkick to the back of the head, but he only gets two. Jeff tags Matt back in and Matt hits a second rope elbow to Richard's shoulder. Matt looks for more offense, but Davey counters for a roll-up. Matt hits a Side Effect, but Devon breaks it up. Devon and Matt look to double team Davey, but he ducks out of the way and they attack each other instead, which allows Edwards to come in with kicks. Jeff kicks Edwards from the apron, but he still manages to avoid Devon's dive. The Wolves avoid clotheslines from the Hardys and hit stereo dives on Team 3D, only for Jeff to his Whisper in the Wind over the top rope on all four men. Matt follows it up with a dive from the top turnbuckle onto everyone, and we end up with Matt in the ring with both Wolves, who double team Matt and get a pair of two counts, with Jeff breaking up the second one. They toss Jeff out of the ring and Edwards looks for some offense, but Devon tags himself in and goes to work on Edwards. Richards comes in Devon fends them both off for a moment, but they hit a double team toss-kick move, followed by flying double stomps from both corners. Bully breaks up the ensuing pinfall, but Jeff attacks him before he can get much offense in. Davey takes Matt down, but Matt avoids a double stomp and hits the Twist of Fate. Before he can cover, Bully pulls him out of the ring, but Jeff hits a swanton. Before he can cover, Edwards lands a kick. That doesn't get him very far as he eats a 3D and the pinfall!

    Official Result: Team 3D via 3D (9:10)

    Short video package for next week's matches and we're out!


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