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411’s TNA Impact Wrestling Report 9.03.14
Posted by Larry Csonka on 09.03.2014

  • Match times are not exact.

  • Highlights from last week's show.

  • Lashley, MVP and Kenny King make their way to the ring. MVP puts over Lashley as the world champion and notes that he will soon win the Bellator MMA world title as well. MVP then says no one is tougher than Lashley, and just as he finishes that statement, Samoa Joe's music hits and he makes his way to the ring, because ain't no one got time for this shit. Joe says that he is impressed with MVP's ability to be a hype man, singing the praises of his champion. Joe says that Lashley has decimated the competition to get where he is, he is a specimen, but he is not the toughest man in the city. MVP says Lashley is the toughest on the planet, but Joe disagrees; because Lashley isn't the toughest man in the ring right now. Lets make it simple, lets put these titles to the side, and if you're really the toughest in the world, step in here and fight me punk. King starts to talk trash, and Joe punches him leading to the big attack on Joe. They lay the boots to Joe in the corner, and security has to break things up. The crowd wants them to keep fighting, but MVP says if Joe wants a fight… Lashley interrupts, takes the mic and says Joe gets his fight tonight.

  • HAVOK has arrived.

  • We get a promo for Kim vs. Terrell.

    Knockouts Title Match: Gail Kim © vs. Taryn Terrell

    Lock up, they push away, and then lock up again. Roll up by Kim for 2. Trip by Terrell, monkey flip follows and then tries for a suplex; roll up by Kim for 2. Kim goes for a dropkick, countered and a roll up by Terrell for 2. Kim then counters a monkey flip, but Terrell gets another roll up for 2. They trade forearms; front flip neckbreaker by Terrell follows. Off the ropes with the clothesline, and then Terrell covers for 2. She heads to the ropes, Kim cuts her off and follows her up, RANA follows! Clothesline by Kim follows, and then divorce court connects. Kim misses the corner splash and flies to the floor. Terrell to the floor, picks Kim up and they brawl on the floor and then onto the steps. Kim then hits a neck breaker on the steps and BOTH ladies are down. They both barely beat the count, and then Kim hits eat defeat out of nowhere, but Terrell kicks out at 2! They trade forearms; Terrell counters eat defeat and then connects with the cutter but only gets 2. Terrell up top, high cross connects, but Kim rolls through and scores the win with the 1984 Crockett finish.

    Side note: Taz and Tenay spending time discussing the Knockouts calendar while a title match is going on was pathetic. The ladies were working hard and having a good match, and they took away from it in my opinion.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Gail Kim @ 6:00 via pin

  • Post match we have the sign of respect and a hug… but then shit got real because HAVOK arrived on the scene. She hits the ring, clotheslines and an air raid crash to Terrell. Kim tries to fight back, but HAVOK chokeslams her with ease, and then follows that with the air raid crash on Kim. She places Terrell on top of Kim and stands tall.

  • Eric Young meets with MVP, and MVP tries to cause drama telling Young that Roode is out for himself.

  • EC3 walks.

  • DJ Z, Jessie and Robbie are out on the town and they discuss who they will be dating due to the matching App they were using. They fight over Jessie stealing the Knockout from Robbie, and apparently she has texted Jessie. Robbie has bad service… end segment.

  • Ethan Carter III makes his way out with Rockstar Spud. Spud has a suit made of money fabric, and hair higher than Kid from Kid'n Play. Carter bashes the fans for cheering about his Aunt D being put through a table, Dixie is a saint, but now the Carter charity ends. Rhino is now cut off, he will now hand out beating to Rhino instead of money. His violence will continue against all of those accountable, and it will continue until his demands are met. Spud has forgot the list of demands, so Carter lists the demands. Bully Ray being fired, no more use of the terms hardcore and extreme, and finally respect for all he has done in this ring. No more you can't wrestle chants. He disagrees, because he's very good. He is the greatest professional wrestler alive. They chant for CM Punk, and Carter says he'd love to beat him as well. Rhino hits the ring and takes out Spud, and then attacks Carter. Spud helps Carter escape, and Rhino demands to face Carter. Carter says if Rhino wants a fight tonight, then he got it. Carter says Rhino will face Spud tonight.

  • Brittany is checking out Shaw backstage. Gunner arrives and wants to discuss Shaw wearing his uniform last week. Shaw says he just wanted to feel what it is like to be a hero. Gunner forgives him as Briny plays with her hair.

    Gunner and Sam Shaw vs. Bram and Magnus

    Shaw and Magnus to begin, some technical counters by Shaw as they exchange holds. Off the ropes, shoulder block by Magnus, but Shaw back with a dropkick. He works the arm, but Magnus with a slam to counter. Arm drag by Shaw, works the arm again and tags in Gunner. Double elbows to Magnus, and then a leg drop by Shaw. Gunner covers for 2. Magnus tags in Bram; he takes control and slams Gunner to the corner. Mistake as that just pisses Gunner off, rights follow for Gunner. He slams Bram to the corner repeatedly, and the ref has to break it up. Cheap shot by Gunner, Shaw tags himself in and checks on Gunner, who did not appreciate that because it looked a bit creepy. Bram levels Shaw with a clothesline and follows with mounted rights, and covers for 2. Magnus tagged in, works over Shaw, but a counter but Shaw on the slam and thy charge and clothesline each other, and BOTH men are down. Tags to Bram and Gunner. Gunner with clotheslines and elbows, corner splash connects and then the slingshot suplex follows. Rights to Magnus, Gunner then leaps off the ropes, Bram moves and Gunner tweaks his knee. Bram with the chop block, roll up and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Bram and Magnus @ 4:00 via pin

  • Shaw gets crazy upset because Gunner is hurt, and tries to attack the referee.

  • Bobby Roode prepares backstage, and MVP meets with him and tries to play some mind games with him like he did with Young earlier.

  • The BroMans argue over online dating and wearing the same shirts. Angelina Love and Velvet Sky appear, and they are the girls they matched up with. Love says if they keep them happy, all will be well.

    #1 Contender's Match For a Shot at The TNA World Title: Bobby Roode vs. Eric Young

    Tenay tries to dismiss MVP's antics backstage, saying Young was never subservient to Roode. Apparently he forgot Rich Robert Roode, Young carrying his bags and Roode trying to get him fired; all points MVP made. Jesus Tenay. Basic back and forth to begin, with both getting the advantage at different times. Nice work setting the stage early. Young works a side headlock, off the ropes but he holds on and takes Roode to the mat. They separate, they trade moves and misses, because they know each other so well. Both look for their finishes, both times countered and Roode kicks the ropes as Young was in them to take control. Roode works the arm, grounding Young to maintain control. Young fights to his feet, off the ropes and a flying forearm by Young connects. Clotheslines follow, Flair corner flip by Young and then stuns Roode off the ropes. Up top and Young with the missile dropkick and a cover gets 2. Roode to the apron, Young over and gets stun gunned off the ropes. Atomic drop by Roode, knee lift follows and then a vicious clothesline lays out Young. Roode to the second rope, blockbuster connects, and a cover gets 2. Young counters the perfect-plex, but then runs into the spinebuster for 2. Roode now sets, Roode bomb countered and Young gets the wheel barrow suplex and a cover gets 2. Young up top, MOONSAULT connects and the cover gets another 2. Roode counters a piledriver try into the cross face, Young has to fight for the ropes, rolls into a pinning combo and gets 2. Backslide try countered and a spike DDT by Young follows. That gets 2. Young heads back up top, Roode up but gets tossed off, and Young hits the top rope elbow! 1…2...NO! Young now calls for the piledriver, Roode counters out and gets the Bulldog cover for 2, they exchange pinning combos, bridge up by Young but Roode connects with the Roode bomb and that is all. Damn fine match.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Bobby Roode @ 9:00 via pin

  • Bobby Roode is now the #1 contender for Lashley's TNA World Title.

  • Mutual admiration society post match, but Young was frustrated that he lost out on the title match. You know, because acting like losing matters actually MATTERS to sell this as important. Thanks EY.

  • Roode comments on his victory, he is exhausted, but excited because he will reclaim his title. Lashley appears and they have a stare down.

  • Borash is with Team 3D, who won the first match in the tag team series last week. They have picked a tables match for the next match, because they have perfected that match. All over wrestling, people are talking about the rebirth of tag team wrestling with them, the Hardys and the champions, the Wolves. Last week they got the first win, and they only need one more to win the titles again. Devon says we will realize that they are the best, testify!

    #1 Contender's Match For a Shot at The TNA X-Division Title: Low-Ki vs. Homicide vs. Manik vs. DJZ vs. Tigre Uno vs. Crazzy Steve

    Ki and Uno to start. Kicks by Ki to begin, and then chops follow. Uno battles back, Ki counters with the perfect-plex for 2 as the other come in to break it up. Manik in now, chops by Ki to Ion who tagged himself in. Cross body follows for Manik, and that gets 2. Uppercuts connect, off the ropes and Homicide tags himself in and works over Ion with rights. Off the ropes, overhead toss by Homicide and then a snap mare and cover for 2 as Steve tags himself in. he bites Ion and gets a sunset flip for 2. Elbows by Ion, off the ropes and they cross body each other. Manik and Ki tag in and chops by Ki follow. Dropkick by Ki, but Homicide tagged himself in. Uppercuts by Homicide, it breaks down as Ion is in and they all brawl. Steve and Ion tossed to the floor, and then Ki and Uno are also tossed onto them. Homicide and Manik in, Homicide elbows out and the gringo killer countered. Kicks by Manik, leaps off the ropes into a cutter. Gringo killer follows and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Homicide @ 4:00 via pin

  • Homicide is the #1 contender for Samoa Joe's X-Division Title.

  • James Storm and The Great Sanada arrive. Sanada in the ring and superkicks Manik. Sanada then drags him to the ropes and kicks him to the floor. Storm and Sanada drag Manik to the back.

  • Austin Aries is in the ring. Aries thanks the crowd for the chants, but he has to admit that Sanada spit mist in his face, due to James Storm getting involved. Aries says he has never been afraid to fight 2 on 1, so if that is the game, come on out and lets play. Storm and the Great Sanada come back out, and Storm says that Sanada has been reborn and been through an awakening. He has gone towards the light, and Storm welcomed him with open arms. He will do the same with Manik. He will help them win, to see the real light, led by the legend himself, James Storm. Storm says Sanada will be the best ever to come out of Japan, and when people think of the word great, they will think of the great Sanada. Aries says when people think of great, they think about Austin Aries. Aries puts over Sanada as a great former champion, but he threw it all away when he joined with Storm. Storm has pissed off Aries, and Sanada has pissed off all of Japan when he turned on Muta. Aries says he is not alone, and out comes TAJIRI! Tajiri hits the ring and we have a brawl. Strom and Sanada escape as Aries and Tajiri stand tall. Storm slaps Sanada a few times as he pulls him back.

  • Spud asks EC3 why he has to face Rhino tonight. EC3 asks what Spud has done to help, and says if Spud doesn't like it, there's the door. But if he wants to keep his job, there's the ring.

  • We get a video package for Chris Melendez. He debuts next week.

    Rhino vs. Rockstar Spud w/EC3

    Spud ties to run, fails and Rhino tosses him to the corner. Shoulder blocks follow, off the ropes and a clothesline by Rhino connects. He press slams him after a few reps, and EC3 watches on. Spud tries to fire up and attack, Rhino just gets pissed off and chops away at Spud in the corner. More chops follow and then Rhino tosses Spud across the ring. Spud begs for EC3's help. Rhino misses the gore as Spud ducks out of the way. Spud to the floor, grabs a trashcan and tosses it into the ring. Rhino then destroys him with the spear and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Rhino @ 2:00 via pin

  • EC3 walks out on Spud post match.

  • Lashley and Joe walk.

    Non-Title Champion vs. Champion Match: TNA World Champion Lashley vs. TNA X-Division Champion Samoa Joe

    They start on the floor as Joe didn't wait for Lashley to get into the ring. Lashley slams Joe into the steps, again and then follows with rights. Joe back with the jabs, Lashley charges Joe, but the STJOE connects on the floor. Into the ring they go, corner splash and Enziguri by Joe all connect. Joe lays in the boots, and then chokes out Lashley in the corner. The face wash follows and then the charging kick levels Lashley. Jabs by Joe in the corner, to the opposite corner and a shoulder block by Lashley connects. He hits another and then a third, but Joe catches him in a guillotine, Lashley escapes and hits a neck breaker. Lashley covers for 2. Knees to the spine by Lashley now, and then Lashley works the arm. He transitions to a rear chinlock, Joe powers out, but a clothesline by Lashley cuts him off. Elbow drop by Lashley, and a cover gets 2. Lashley now works the nerve pinch, Joe again fires up and gets to his feet. Elbows by Joe, rights follow. Off the ropes and an atomic drop and big boot connect. Running backsplash by Joe follows and a cover gets 2. Lashley off the ropes, snap slam by Joe gets 2. Joe on the ropes, Lashley picks him up and hits the running powerslam. Lashley sets for the spear, but Joe counters with the kick and locks in the choke. Lashley fights, Kenny King is out and Joe releases the hold and fights off King, sending him to the floor. Full nelson slam by Lashley, and that only gets 2. SPEAR by Lashley, and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Lashley @ 7:00 via pin

  • End scene.

  • Thanks for reading.

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