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Complete OVW TV Taping Results (SPOILERS)
Posted by Larry Csonka on 09.01.2006

Credit: Chip Douglas and PWInsider.com

Packed house in the Davis Arena.

Dark Matches:

Jon Bolen & TJ Dalton defeated "Platinum" Pat Buck and Johnny Punch, accompanied by Roni Jonah. Good way to start the matches, but I think the teams should of switched members. I think Buck and Bolen are a better fit since they are both rockers. Dalton is a surfer, and Punch is just...blah.

"Showtime" Vic Devine defeated Lennox Lightfoot with a legdrop. Vic plays a primma donna actor character, while Lightfoot does a NativeAmerican thing.

Eddie Craven defeated Neighborhoodie with a kneelift into a neckbreaker. Cool move for a finish. I think Hoodie is about to debut on Raw and is leaving OVW.


Serena and Beth Phoenix defeated Katie Lee & ODB- ODB got on the mic before and
said how it sad it was that Serena didnt have a partner. Soon after Beth Phoenix answered. Serena had the match won, but Beth stepped in and nailed the already beaten Katie Lee with a michinoku driver. Beth covered but wasnt legal. Serena hit her spear and got the pin, but Beth and Serena started arguing with each other. OVW has it's share of divas, and it was nice seeing a new diva debut, but we just saw Serena face Beth two weeks ago. I don't understand how this is anything special.

Seth Skyfire is shown on the screen nursing his injured ankle. Paul Birchall appeared to talk him out of wrestling for the title tonight out of concern.

TV champ Charles the Hammer defeated Wyatt Young. Hammer is one scary black man. Short squash match. Evans hit his slingshot into a jackhammer for the pin.

A vignette aired with Cody Runnels and Sean Spears talking with Cherry. Couldnt' hear what they were saying, but I think it was just small talk. Of all of a sudden Jimmy Superfly Snuka appears, which then brings in a confrontation between Deuce and his father Jimmy. Domino trash talks Jimmy and they walk out.

Silverback Ryan Reeves destroyed Raul Loco with a falling powerbomb.

Skyfire is seen on the screen again, but this time it's Roni Jonah attempting to talk Seth out of wrestling Punk.

Idol & James faced Cody and Sean Spears but I think it was thrown out. Deuce and Domino ran in and put the boots to the two. Superfly made the save and started to clean house. Superfly knocked Domino down with a headbutt and went to climb the ropes but Deuce stoped him. Superfly's eyes made this moment awesome as he started to walk toward his son. Domino snatched him from behind and Deuce was faced with the choice to hit his father. Deuce called for Cherry's rollerskate and wound up only to be stopped by Spears and Runnels. Spears, Runnels, and Superfly stood in the ring as the crowd and Snuka started to "hoot, hoot."

Main event time with the advertised main event being Champion CM Punk vs. Seth Skyfire, which has been built for a month now. Seth's music hits and as he walks through the curtain he is mauled by the Hammer Charles Evans. Evans destroys Seth. Punk looks on. Babyfaces come out to help Seth, as Punk berates Seth and them on the microphone saying how no one can beat him and everyone is scared. Chet the Jett turns and stares down Punk. They have a moment. And before you know it Chet challenges Punk to a title shot right now. Punk agrees.

This match tore the house down. Everyone was behind Chet. Punk looked like he was setting up for his Anaconda Vice when out of nowhere Chet leaped through and rolled up Punk for the three count. The arena exploded louder than I've ever heard it. Your new Champion Chett the Jett. Chet jumped into the crowd and celebrated with the fans. It was truly a magical moment. Kudos to both men for making OVW what it is.


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