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ROH Chicago Spectacular Night 1 Results 12.08.06
Posted by Larry Csonka on 12.09.2006

Thanks to Dr. Keith Lipinski for sending the resutls along.

Ring Of Honor
Chicago Spectacular Night 1
Frontier Park Field House, Chicago Ridge, IL
Attendance 800

Pre-Show Matches
1) CJ Otis & Bobby Dempsey defeated Ernie Osiris & Mitch Franklin
2) Team Underground (Chandler McClure & Eric Priest) defeated Rhett Titus & "Sugarfoot" Alex Payne. Young Sugarfoot is huge in Chicago and got more streamers thrown at him then most of the people in the main show did. He of course got pinned after a double team maneuver.
3) Pelle Primeau defeated Angel Armoni. Armoni, an older gentleman, played a stereotypical 1980's heel, complete with shiny clothes, sunglasses and aerosol spray. At least the ring area smelled fresh. After the match, Pelle not only kicked him out of Ring Of Honor (can he do that?) for not shaking hands, he then challenged Top Of The Class trophy holder Shane Hagadorn to a match for Saturday night to settle their never ending feud. In a great moment young Pelle (or double P) promised to win the trophy tomorrow night then crowd surf all the way from Chicago to his home town of Nome, Alaska, and then back to his "current residence" of Philadelphia. Awesome!

Main Show Matches

1) Tank Tolland defeated Kikutaro in 8:17 after a fireman's carry into a spine buster. Good comedy showing by Kikutaro, he attempted to turn the match into an arm wrestling contest but outsmarted Tolland. He pushed the referee and played pattycake with the jacked Tolland. The former EbeStan Hansen (or Jushin Thunder Ebesga) had the match won with his Shining Ebezard (Shining Wizard). He had Tolland in a front facelock when he decided this was the opportunity to talk to the Chicago fans. He yelled "I so happy because I love ROH.." and proceeded to cut a promo "see you all tomorrow" as he was finishing up Tolland rudely suplexed him and hit the firemans carry for the win. Crowd was quiet, Tolland is jacked but on the smaller side, Kikutaro made us laugh. Tolland stepped on Kikutaro on the way out of the ring. What a jerk!

2) BONUS MATCH: Mark & Jay Briscoe defeat Irish Airborne (Jake & Dave Crist) in 5:33 after a running springboard doomsday device by Jay on one of the airborne guys. Highlights of this very short match were the airborne guys doing a monkeyflipping Mark to the outside onto his brother and hitting dives in stereo to both Briscoes, Mark whipping one of the Airborne guys (the back of their tights read "Crist") into Jay's running Yakuza Kick for a two. Mark commented "slow count." The Briscoes then hit some nice doubleteams including their powerbomb neck breaker combination, and their DVD into a Mark double stomp for nearfalls before the springboard doomsday device (which saw Jay run from one side to the other before making the leap for the springboard). Good match yet, the Briscoes have been on fire in 2006 and should be expected to do some great things in 2007.

3) SPECIAL ATTRACTION: Homicide defeats Brent "The Shooter" Albright by disqualification in 13:05 after Albright locked in the crowbar (Fujiwara armbar), Homicide reached the ropes but Albright refused to break the hold. Crowd was dead for this one, out of all the shows ROH has done in Chicago Ridge; this had to have been the quietest crowd yet (more on this later). I don't know what people were expecting out of this match but neither man had an awesome showing here. Albright did not impress, Homicide looked decent. Albright attacked Homicide from behind after Homicide refused to OBEY the code of honor and shake Albright's hand. They fought to the outside 40 seconds into the match and both men used chairs on one another. Honor is dead. They came back into the ring and Homicide attempted to gringo killa the huge (he's 6'0 so he is quite tall for ROH standards) Albright to no avail. They hit occasional moves on one another, Albright hit an overhead belly to back suplex, which saw Homicide get tossed yet land on his feet to deliver a clotheline (ala Virtual Pro Wrestling 2). Homicide hit the 3 Amigos as a tribute to Eddie and went to the top rope. Albright then met him up there, did an Arm crusher (like an Ace crusher but only using the arm) off the top rope. He then hit his half nelson german suplex, and put the crowbar on Homicide. Samoa Joe ran out to get Albright off of Homicide, as Albright went down the ramp to the back ROH Champion Bryan Danielson was at the end of the ramp and paid Albright a nice wad of cash to take out Homicide's bad shoulder before their match at the 12/23 Final Battle 2006 show in NYC. Match was disappointing (I expected more wrestling), the after match angle was not. Joe took the mic and was disappointed in Bryan paying off Brent and promised he would "murder" Danielson tonight and reclaim his World title.

4) BJ Whitmer defeated "M-Dogg 20" Matt Cross, Christopher Daniels, and Davey Richards in a four corner survival when he pinned M-Dogg 20 in 17:01 after an over the shoulder reverse piledriver. Excellent match, outstanding showing for Matt Cross who hit some outstanding ariel maneuvers, including a huge double stomp, and a Space Flying M-Dogg Drop (Handspring Leaping Somersault Plancha with Twist Suicida) which possibly broke BJ's nose. Everyone in the match looked great and the crowd came alive for certain parts of the match. Last five minutes saw everyone hit their big moves on one another and was fast paced high energy wrestling. There was way too much going on to describe here. Davey Richards showed some charisma and some good heelish tendencies with Daniels and not being happy with the finish or losing to BJ Whitmer (who thankfully cut his hair)

5) Jimmy Rave defeated Nigel McGuinness by tapout in 12:04 with a leglock. Interesting match. Crowd was again quite dead for this. Rave came out to The Animals "The House of the Rising Sun" which was as odd as not seeing many rolls of toilet paper being thrown at this man. Nigel may have hurt his knee or ankle here as any attempt of his to run was met with quite high Benny Hill like comedy. He basically worked on one leg as Jimmy did everything (spear, shining wizard, Greetings From Ghana, etc) to defeat Nigel. Nigel would make a brief comeback, only to attempt moves like his awesome Pendulum Lariat but not being able to follow up because of his bad wheel. Jimmy took him outside and rammed his leg into the ROH black metal guardrails. Finally, Rave put on the leglock, not anything fancy, just a leglock for the submission. After the match Jimmy got on the microphone, the crowd awoke to tell him to "shut the fuck up" before he did his promo. He was upset about Nigel throwing toilet paper at him during the last show. Nigel told Jimmy to try and punch him in the face and if he was in fact going to do that Nigel would "swear to god I'll kill you." Jimmy backed off, but then as Nigel slowly was attempting to leave the ring, attacked him and put him back in the leg lock.

6) Delirious & "Sexy" Ace Steel defeat Adam Pearce & Shane Hagadorn in 11:12 when Delirious got Hagadorn to submit to his cobra stretch. Fun little match. Crowd loved Delirious but also was tired. Steel hit his widow's peak on Hagadorn (who's once trashed trophy is back at 100%) and Delirious followed it up with the cobra stretch as Ace leapt over the top rope to stop Adam Pearce from getting into the ring for the submission victory.

7) "Classic" Colt Cabana defeated Jimmy Jacobs via disqualification after the lovely Lacey threw lots of white powder in Cabana's eyes at 7:24. Another interesting match – actually it was more of an angle then an actual match. Match started with a more serious Jimmy (complete with beard and small pony tail, looking like Tom Cruise from The Last Samurai) yelling at Colt and both men just slapping and punching the crap out of one another. Jimmy was yelling at Colt, Colt used an amateur takedown on Jimmy. After a few frazzled minutes of punches and takedowns, Cabana placed Jimmy in the corner, and Lacey came into the ring. Colt proceeded to have Lacey bump into Jacobs' backside while he was belt over in the corner. Yes, Colt was having Lacey grind Jimmy from behind. Good times. As Colt had the Chicago Crab (Reverse Boston crab) on Jacobs Lacey ran in and threw powder into Cabanas eyes for the DQ. Wow. Two DQ's on this show. Daizee Haze then ran in and had a brawl with Lacey. And then it happened…possibly one of the greatest things I've seen in some time. Jimmy fucking Jacobs speared Daizee Haze. Now I know what you are saying, Dr. Keith, what the hell is wrong with you? That doesn't sound awesome at all! Let me finish, he speared her so hard, her shoes went flying, one went flying almost all the way to the back row of the Chicago Ridge Frontier Field house, to the sound booth. It was a wonderful visual, her seriously getting speared out of her shoe. Just incredible. In the meantime, Cabana revived himself, but Brent Albright t-bone suplex him. I guess he's a Lacey Angel now. Lacey then had Jimmy and Brent hold Cabana down by his legs and then gave him a Garvin Stomp just on his gonads using her high heeled shoe. BJ Whitmer ran down to save Cabana's nads further injury (as the ref had up the dreaded X sign), then Delirious came down and cut a promo asking BJ to be his partner tomorrow night (and added something about mustache) as he was the CAPITAN~! (said all French and smoove) of his team. Apparently BJ learned how to speak Delirious during his time off. Nigel McGuinness limped down and also asked to be a part of team Delirious tomorrow. As I was watching this, I noticed a shirtless Brent Albright walking into the back and straight into the concession line.

8) Austin Aries & Roderick Strong defeated Matt Sydal & SHINGO in a tag team match in 19:19 after Aries hit a 450 splash on Sydal. Very good match, crowd was again very odd. Technically, there was nothing wrong with this as Aries, Strong and Sydal's wrestling is quite impressive. SHINGO's mullet is a thing of 1980s beauty. This was held under Dragons Gate rules and there was something noted about no tags needed when a team has momentum (?). Yet, there were issues with the tag ropes, and issues involving the rules made the match confusing at times. Don't get me wrong, it was the dandy match, but I would have preferred a straight tag. Strong & Aries again showed some awesome doubleteams, however the highlight of the match was Matt Sydal. He did an incredible series of moves with Roderick Strong which I will attempt to poorly describe here. Sydal did a huracanrana off the middle rope, Roderick rolled thru and pulled him up for a powerbomb backbreaker, Sydal somehow stood up on Roderick's shoulders and hit a beautiful DDT for a 2.5 count. This was outstanding and the crowd loved it big time, of course then one crowd section started a "section of the year chant." Ok, then. Finish came when Sydal attempted to flip around Roderick, but Aries caught him with a kick to the head, Sydal ate an Alabama slam by Roderick and then 450 by Aries for the win. Afterward Aries held Sydal's tag team belt (tomorrow nights main event is Strong & Aries vs. Daniels & Sydal for the tag titles). Confusing at first but turned into a very good match by the end.

9) STEEL CAGE MATCH: ROH World Championship - ROH World Champion "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson defeated Samoa Joe in 20:40 to retain the title via ESCAPE~! Wow. This was on par with the four corner survival as match of the night. I'm far too tired to describe every aspect of the match so I'll go into highlights. Match was pinfall, submission or the first one to escape the cage. Danielson attempted to escape over the top early, to be stopped by Joe. First half of the match saw Joe beat on Danielson with the champion getting little offense. The champ got busted open very nicely. Homicide came down, the ROH students attempted to keep him at bay, but the cage door opened, and Homicide handed Joe a GHETTO FORK~! He carved up Danielson and almost carved up hated official Todd Sinclair. There was a "fork Sinclair" chant. Both men were on the top rope in the corner trying to escape over the top, and Joe did something truly deserving of the overused "this is awesome" chant. Jumped off the top rope and hit an engizurri while on the top rope to Danielson. Yes. This was a thing of beauty. Danielson fell back 30 seconds later and Joe received a near fall. Danielseon came back with some offense, a back suplex off the top rope, a top rope head butt, a Regal-plex, and a missledrop kick off the top rope for multiple two counts. The Champ used the cross face chicken wing on Joe, only for Joe to get out of it. In a bit taken out of Starrcade 87's Garvin and Flair cage match, Joe was knocked into the cage post and rolled up by Danielson, Joe rolled thru and got the island choke on Danielson. Danielson's hand dropped twice. He rolled over while Joe had the choke on for a nearfall. They exchanged nearfalls, Joe hit an incredible Kobashi like lariat for a close nearfall. Finally, Joe whipped Danielson into the corner for a high knee, but Danielson ducked and Joe's bad knee was caught between the cage and the top rope. Danielson went to town on the knee with elbows and punches as Joe was helpless in the tree of woe. Danielson then took the time as a thinking mans champion, to climb over Joe and attempt to escape the cage. He got over the top, but the referee (Sinclair) released Joe's leg from the cage (to avoid injury). Joe caught Danielson at the top of the cage. This was fucking great wrestling drama at its finest. It seemed like he was in perfect position for a muscle buster, but Joe couldn't get it on. So he went for a sleeper as Danielson's body was mostly outside the cage. Joe had it down and Danielson was going quick. Of course he was limp and dead weight so the ref counting his hand once, twice, and as it was about to be the third time, Bryan Danielson was passed out but hit the floor first, thus keeping the ROH world title in an extremely great creative finish. Very good match to end a decent night of ROH in Chicago Ridge.

Saturday December 9, 2006
Frontier Field house (9807 S Sayre Av, Chicago Ridge, IL)
The Chicago Spectacular - Night Two
1. ROH World Tag Team Titles - Christopher Daniels & Matt Sydal vs. Austin Aries & Roderick Strong
2. Strap Match: Homicide vs. Adam Pearce
3. Six Man Captains Match: Bryan Danielson, Jimmy Rave & Jimmy Jacobs vs. Delirious & Nigel McGuinness & BJ Whitmer
4. Samoa Joe vs. Mark Briscoe
5. Jay Briscoe vs. Davey Richards
6. Six Man Mayhem: Pelle Primeau (wait isn't he going for the top of the class and bodysurf back to Alaska?) vs. Jake Crist vs. Dave Crist vs. Matt Cross vs. Trik Davis vs. Kikutaro
7. Colt Cabana vs. Shingo's awesome mullet
8. Ace Steel vs. Tank Toland
Preshow: Top Of The Class Trophy: Pelle Primeau vs. Shane Hagadorn


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