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411’s Deep South Wrestling Report 4.02.07
Posted by Larry Csonka on 04.03.2007

Deep South Wrestling Begins…NOW~!

-We get clips of the last episode.

-DSW Champion Bradley Jay is on commentary.

Jake Hager vs. MVP

They circle to begin, lock up and they battle for position and then shove off. MVP challenges him to some amateur wrestling, Hager in the down position and escapes easily. Again and Hager escapes again with ease. MVP to the down position, MVP does better but Hager just rides him and keeps him down, making MVP get the ropes for a break. MVP wants Hager down again, and then slam Hager down by his hair. Kicks to the head, snap mare and a stiff kick to the back and then a cover for 2 by MVP. Cross face shots by MVP follow and into a variation of the Million Dollar Dream. Hager works to escape, to his feet and eats a high kick by MVP and he covers for 2. Hager back with some elbows now, forearms by MVP. Off the ropes and Hager counters and gets a suplex on MVP. Foreman's carry by Hager, another and then a double leg takedown, roll through and a cover for 2. Hager charges, eats an elbow and then takes MVP down and covers for 2. Hager misses a take down, Yakuza kick by MVP and the Playmaker follows for the win.

Winner: MVP @ 6:00 via pin
  • A good outing from MVP again. Hager is VERY limited at this point to all amateur stuff, but they play that as he is learning. Jay was strong on commentary, and this should lead to him vs. MVP down the line.

    -After the match MVP and DSW Champion Bradley Jay have words.

    Oleg Prudius vs. John Williams

    Williams tries to play the quickness game, gets some dropkicks and Oleg kills him with a kick. Slam, another, and then he grabs the torture rack and the Chernobyl bomb for the win.

    Winner: Oleg Prudius @ 1:00 via pin
  • Squash.

    -Shantell and Tracy prepare for their match and Angel and Krissy walk in and talk trash. They are going to have a match tonight.

    -The Majors are cutting a promo and Urban Assault walks in, and scares them off.

    David Heath and Francisco Ciasto vs. The Majors Brothers (Bret and Brian)

    Bret and Heath to start. Lock up and Bret works the arm. Rights by Heath, but Bret with arm drags. He works the arm still, Heath to his feet and Bret continues with the arm bar. Heath with rights escapes, beats down Bret and then misses a charge. Arm drag by Bret again, Heath escapes, tag to Ciasto and a drop toehold by Bret. Side headlock applied, tag to Brian and right to the headlock he goes as well. Tag back to Bret, Mr. Perfect neck flip deal on Ciasto and a tag back to Brian. A sunset flip gets 2 on Ciasto. Heath with a boot to Bret, and Ciasto takes Bret down as the ref wasn't paying attention. Heath and Ciasto work the arm of Bret, Heath tags in and a hammerlock slam by Heath and a cover for 2. Heath pounds away on the arm, slams him to he corner and then slams him to the boot of Ciasto. Brian distracts the ref trying to save his brother, Ciasto tags in and works the arm in a focused attack. Bret works for a tag, Heath in to break it up and Brian in anyway and the ref escorts him out. Bret backdrops Ciasto and gets the tag to Brian. Rights to all, back elbows to Ciasto. One to Heath. Spinebuster on Ciasto for 2. Everyone in, dropkick to Heath and he falls to the floor. Long Island Express connects and Ciasto is done.

    Winners: The Majors Brothers @ 5:33 via pin
  • Fine tag outing. The Majors Brother continue to be very fun, and Heath working with them is a good move as he led the match well.

    -Deuce and Domino walk in and introduce themselves to High Impact. Deuce and Domino make fun of their gear and says they look like swim trunks. They don't wrestle, they rumble and want a rumble tonight. Mike asks about their stupid gear in retaliation and then Tony asks who Cherry is with. They get offended and leave.

    Hannibal vs. The Freakin Deacon

    Hannibal attacks at the bell, but Freakin Deacon absorbs the punishment and gets a big uppercut. Corner clothesline by Freakin Deacon, tree slam and that is all.

    Winner: The Freakin Deacon @ 0:47 via pin
  • Squash.

    -He and the bag lady leave together in the chariot of love, aka the Grocery Cart.

    -Bradley Jay and MVP cut dueling promos. MVP says he never offered him a title shot. MVP knows he is scared, takes a call and leaves.

    Shantell and Tracy Taylor vs. Krissy Vaine and "The Queen Diva" Angel Williams

    Tracy and Angel to begin, takedown by Tracy and Angel crawls to the corner. Lock up again and a headlock by Tracy, to the corner and shoulder blocks by Angel. Tag to Krissy, she chokes out Tracy, off the ropes and the charge connects. Angel with a knee brace shot to Tracy, Krissy snaps her down and covers for 2. Enziguri by Tracy and Shantell tags in. Off the ropes and a head scissors take down. Chops to Angel but they double-team her, Shantell tags Tracy and they double dropkick Angel and Krissy. They run together, dueling roll ups, and Angel with the tights and the ref stops the count. Tracy gets a roll up with the tights and gets the win…or does she?

    Matt Striker is out in a ref outfit and he is in charge. He DQ's Tracy for using the tights. Mike Taylor comes out and he then suspends Tracy. Damn that evil Matt Striker!

    Winners: Krissy Vaine and "The Queen Diva" Angel Williams @ 3:00 via DQ
  • Not bad at all, too short to be any good, but not as bad as some of the crap you see on WWE TV with the "Divas." It was more of a storyline prop anyway, so it served it's purpose.

    DSW vs. OVW Tag Title Match: The Untouchables (Deuce and Domino) © w/Cherry vs. High Impact (Mike Taylor and Tony Santorelli) ©

    Tracy Taylor has been suspended and escorted from the building by Matt Striker, since he apparently has official powers in DSW.

    Mike and Deuce to begin. Side headlock by Mike, off the ropes and a criss cross! Deuce tosses Mike to the floor. Deuce celebrates and Mike in and tosses him to the floor. Tony in now and he pulls Deuce in and covers for 2. Leg trip and a step over toehold applied. Single leg crab now, Deuce escapes and off the ropes and a cross body by Tony for 2. Side headlock by Tony, against the ropes and Domino stuns Tony off the ropes. Deuce covers for 2. Tag to Domino, up top and a double ax smash to Tony and a cover for 2. Kicks by Tony, and then clubbing shots by Domino. Tony slammed to the corner, Deuce chokes him as Domino distracts the ref. A snap mare and cover for 2 by Domino. Tony slammed to the corner, tag to Deuce and Tony fires back with rights. Uppercuts now and Deuce lands a big right. Deuce slams him to the corner, misses a charge and then grabs Tony's tights to stop a tag. Tag to Domino and he stops a tag from Tony. Kicks to Domino, Mike tags in and starts to clean house. Hip tosses for all by Mike. He slams both of them together and then tosses Domino into Deuce and covers for nothing as Cherry distracts the ref. Domino KILLS Nick Patrick with a clothesline. Mike gets a nice leg lariat to Domino, covers for nothing as Matt Striker hits the ring to be the new ref. Tony in and stuns Deuce. WIPE OUT on Deuce and Striker pulls the ref out. Striker talks shit to Mike, Domino has Cherry's skate and KILLS Mike. Striker counts, 1…2…3!

    Winners and NEW DSW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS Deuce and Domino @ 7:00 via pin
  • Color me surprised, this didn't suck. Granted the Untouchables didn't have to sell a lot and got to brawl, but it was pretty good. The screw job ending should make for interesting stories down the line, I'm interested.

    -Demott blows a gasket as the DSW tag titles have been stolen by OVW wrestlers and the fact that Matt Striker turned on his own people.

    THE 411: I liked the show this time around. No "great" wrestling, but they laid a lot of stuff out. MVP looks to be the next challenger, Bradley Jay got more mic and face time as the champ and it worked. They had some squash matches, which are fine, the Majors continue to roll and look to be headed towards battle with Urban Assault. The ladies match was nothing, but a good tool for the story to get Tracy out of there, which leads to the screw job and stealing of the DSW tag titles. The set up is good, I am interested, and we'll just have to see how they follow up.


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