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411's TNA Genesis Report 01.11.09
Posted by Chris Lansdell on 01.11.2009

Greetings, humanity! Welcome to the first PPV of the year 2009, TNA Genesis! I am your host Chris Lansdell, typing on an unfamiliar keyboard which is bound to have me swearing by 9pm. The card has seen a couple of changes, but let's see what it has in store.

Our opening video package showcases the MEM, the carnage they have wrought and the enemies they have made. We are LIVE from Charlotte, NC in the heart of Flair Country and unfortunately our hosts are Mike Tenay and Don West. PYRO!

* Six-Man Elimination Tag Match: LAX and Eric Young vs. Jimmy Rave, Sonjay Dutt and Kiyoshi

Jimmy RAVE~! Tenay announces the Hemme injury and says we'll get Taylor Wilde, Roxxi and ODB vs The KONG-TOURAGE with the person who gets the pinfall getting the title shot. He also announces that RHINO has not yet arrived. They've tried to call him. Did you try calling Scott Hall? I wonder if they let Hernandez win tonight...

Dutt looks smaller. Must be on a down cycle. Incidentally the streak of Dutt vs Lethal has ended! Dutt starts with quickness and takes Homicide down with head scissors. Homicide levels Dutt and he tags in Rave. Homicide tags in Young who plays up the crowd. Armbar by Rave reversed by Young. Headlock by Rave and he runs off the ropes with a shoulder block. They work some counters until EY hits the flyiong forearm. Shades of Tito Santana! Tag to Hernandez who is rocking the Big Bully Busick mustache. Kiyoshi has tagged in and comes charging, only for EY to duck and Hernandez to come flying in with the shoulder block. BIG back drop by Hernandez. Whip, Kiyoshi ducks the clothesline and hits two quickj kicks before Hernandez blocks the lariat and LAUNCHES Kiyoshi overhead with the half-nelson release suplex. DAMN right on the skull. Tag to Homicide and they hit a back splash on Kiyoshi who is draped over Hernandez' knees. Chiropractor's Delight. 2 count for Homicide. Chop and a whip by Homicide, he charges and eats a stun-gun from Kiyoshi. Dutt is in now and we see Cornette pounbding on the door of the MEM dressing room. Back to the ring, Dutt hits a jawbreaker and then botches a head scissors. Clothesline by Homicide and then an underhook powerbomb which PLANTS Dutt. Homicide climbs for the headbutt but Dutt moves and tags in Kiyoshi, who works a choke and hits a seated clothesline for 2. Snap mare and a tag to Rave who hits a jumping stomp for 2. More choking by Rave and a tag to Dutt. Dutt drives the chest of Homicide across the apron edge then rolls back in to get a 1 count. Kiyoshi back in, he hits a scoop slam and gives Hernandez a flying kick for fun, giving Homicide a chance to recover and hit a T-Bone suplex. Tag to Young and to Rave. Clotheslines for everyone from Young! EY does the Flair corner bump, slides back in the ring and hits a belly to belly for 2 on Rave! Nice. Kiyoshi charges and gets hip tossed outside! STO on the apron from Rave to Young! Tope con hilo by Homicide to the heels! A better one by Dutt to the faces! Here comes El Gran Bully Busick...FLYING IMPORT! Rave and Young back in and EY gets a 2 count. Nobody eliminated yet, EY sets for the DVD but Dutt goes to the top and hits Hernandez, who was running interference! DVD to Rave, pin broken up by Dutt! Spinning neckbreaker by Homi to Dutt! HUGE kick by Kiyoshi! Lariat by EY! Ghana-rhea, err Rock the World by Rave!! CHOKESLAM by Hernandez! Missile dropkick by Dutt! FINISHER PARADE!!! Cornette is still knocking. EY goes to the top, elbow drop to Rave gets 2 only! Rave ducks a clothesline, there was a tag to Dutt and EY missed it. They work some miscommunication and eventually Dutt hits the springboard leg drop with EY hanging over the rope, then covers with the ropes for leverage to eliminate EY! Homicide comes in and hits the RKO, I mean Gringo Cutter!! GRINGO KILLA reversed, tag to Rave who charges right into an overhead belly to belly. Homicide blocks the Rock the World and hits a snap mare, Rave ducks a charge and rolls up Homicide with the tights for 3! It's 3 on Hernandez, and we all know who's going to win. The heels team up on Hernandez, he takes both Dutt and Kiyoshi down with a clothesline then hurls Rave across the ring. Dutt tries a sunset flip but eats the overhead tree bomb instead. Border Toss to Kiyoshi and he's gone! Dutt tries a crossbody and it is reversed into a sitdown powerbomb for the 3! Rave avoids a charge and lays in the shots in the corner. Hernandez skins the cat and goes up top, Rave catches him and goes up for a superplex, but Hernandez pushes him off and HITS A BIG SPLASH for the win!!!

Winner: Hernandez via pinfall (top rope splash on Rave for the final elimination)
Rating: *** This didn't start off very well. There were missed spots, there was miscommunication and it was a bit herky-jerky. It picked up very well though and the parade of finishers is always a fun spot. Hernandez getting the win and 3 falls in a row make him look like a legit threat for his title shot.

Cornette yells at Steiner. He wants Rhino, Steiner acts innocent. SHOCK!

Video package for the X-Division title match.

* TNA X-Division Title Tournament Finals: Chris Sabin vs. Alex Shelley

This will be good, I hope. It will also make my head spin. They both look serious, anyway.

They start with typical quick counters and both kip up. More chain wrestling into a face lock by Shelley, Sabin with a trip and top wrist lock. Shelley turns it to a hammerlock then a takedown into a modified figure four. Quick rolling counter into a chinlock/body scissors combo, reversed again into a leg grapevine. Sabin goes for a counter but it too is countered into a butterfly lock. Sabin turns it into a headlock. Rope running and lucha-style springboard armdrags follow, both men are up and the fans are loving it. So far, so good. Early PPV match of the year candidate. Test of strength and they exchange leg kicks, Sabin breaks and hits some quick jabs, the exchange knees to the gut, Shelley rolls through a sunset flip but misses a knockout kick, Sabin up with a kick to the midsection and a dropkick to take control. Sabin locks up the arm, wraps his leg around Shelley's head and ties him up, Shelley makes the ropes. Whip by Sabin, he charges and Shelley lifts him up and over, Sabin tries to slingshot back in and Shelley hits a palm strike sending Sabin to the floor! Shelley tries a springboard, Sabin rolls back in but Shelley lands in his feet, SUICIDE DIVE by Sabin! Sabin tries a shoulder block through the ropes but Shelley blocks it, goes up top and HOLY FUCK somersault legdrop to the back of Sabin's head with Sabin hanging over the middle rope! They're exchanging slaps now, Shelley wins the exchange and hits a quebrada for 2. Modified abdominal stretch by Shelley giving me a chance to catch my breath. Sabin breaks out with elbows, runs the ropes and eats a big forearm from Shelley. Sliced Bread countered into an attempted Cradle Shock, which in turn is countered into a face-first back suplex! Shelley charges and EATS a round kick! Both men are down as the ref counts. Forearm and chop exchange, Sabin hits a forearm, inverted atomic drop, Shelley ducks a clothesline but gets kicked in the knee. Charging bacxk elbow by Sabin! Charging clothesline by Shelley! Charging kick by Sabin!!! Springboard tornado DDT by Sabin!!!!!! 2 count only. He nailed that. Sabin goes for another springboard but Shelley counters to a crossface!!! Shelley roles through and tries a Tiger suplex, countered by Sabin who tries one of his own. Shelley goes to the ropes for a break, Sabin charges and DAMN eats an STO to the middle turnbuckle! That was some bump. Shelley tries a springboard...COUNTERED into an spinning neckbreaker, elevated as Shelley's feet were on the top rope! TIGER SUPLEX with bridge gets 2.88! Slaps by Shelley, kicks by Sabin but he EATS a lariat. AIR RAID FUCKING CRASH!!!! 1...2...2.91
!!!!! Jesus H Christ. Shelley goes up top, Sabin catches him and tries a top rope rana, but Shelley holds the ropes! Power bomb by Shelley, up top...Frog Splash gets knees! Sabin is going up top, Shelley moves! Frog Splash to the back by Shelley! Up top again...another Frog Splash!!! 1...2...2.9744!!! Yes Charlotte, this IS awesome. Double lariat, they hit the ropes and FUCK ME Sabin sends Shelley's head to Raleigh with a lariat. CRADLE SHOCK!!! 1...2...2.988!!! I thought that was it. Holy fuck he's trying a cradle shock from the top...Shelley fights it off and hits a super kick! SLICED BREAD!! 1...2...NO!!! Chop by Shelley, STIFF kick by Sabin...Cradle Shock countered, Sliced Bread countered and Shelley has hurt hs foot. Oh damn, not like this...Sabin gets down from the ropes, checks on Shelley and there's the predictable schoolboy for the win. DAMN YOU TNA. FUCK YOU IN THE ASS.

Winner, and NEW X-Division Champion: Alex Shelley via pinfall (playing possum)
Ratings: **** It's the second PPV match of the year, but this could hold up for a while as a MOTY candidate. It would have done a lot better if not for the FUCKING ENDING! Seriously TNA, what the fuck was that? What a way to damage an otherwise great effort.

The Guns hug anyway.

Cornette backstage says Nash is out with a staph infection. Now I KNOW there's a party at Scott Hall's house.

A video package for Bashir vs Sewell airs.

* Shane Sewell vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir

Sewell wrestles in a referee shirt? Oh dear. Sewell starts out on the offence with numerous beatings. He does the 10-pounch spot but bites Bashir instead of the last punch. To the outside and Bashir goes headfirst to the barricade, then gets run into the steps. Back inside and Sewell gets a quick 1 count from a schoolboy. They exchange some slaps before Sewell hits a deep arm drag. Sewell is wearing number 27, my number when I play basketball. Bashir gets to the ropes and does not give a clean break, thus taking control., Whip reversed, Bashir ducks a back elbow but Sewell hits a nice high crossbody for 2. Bashir tries to run away but Sewell chases him up the ramp and clobbers him from behind. More barricade-skull action, Sewell tries a clothesline but Bashir ducks and crotches Sewell on the barricade. Vienna Boys' Choir, here we come. West and Tenay imply that Hebner is counting slow on the countout. Sewell makes it back in and eats a neckbreaker for two. Mounted punches by Bashir get 2 more. Rear chinlock now by Bashir, Sewell escpaes so Bashir lays in some chops. Wait, Sewell is reffing up! Boot by Sewell, he charges and gets caught by a spinebuster by Bashir for 2. Knees to the spine by Bashir and now a rear waistlock. Shades of Kozlov-HHH! Sewell breaks out, ducks a few attacks and hits a Tito Santana forearm! That's 2 tonight! Right hands by Sewell, a big back body drop and Bashir comes down with a pair of cheap headphones. Bulldog by Sewell gets 2. Bashir comes back with a jawbreaker and charges into a Sewell back elbow. Sewell to the top...crossbody gets 2! Poke to the eye by Bashir, Sewell hits the shinbreaker, a back leg trip and WOOOOOOOOOOOO figure four!!! Bashir makes it to the ropes. Sewell charges and Bashir hits a high hot shot followed by crossfaces. Hebner tries to break it up, Bashir pushes him and Hebner clocks him! Bashir runs after Hebner and they do laps around Sewell, who levels Bashir with a clothesline. Sunset flip by Sewell gets 3!

Winner: Shane Sewell via pinfall (sunset flip)
Rating: **¼ Not bad, not bad at all. Nothing special, and the ending was dumb (again), but Sewell was perfectly acceptable here.

Cornette is quizzing Booker T about Rhino, and Booker takes exception. Sewell breaks up the ruckus and Booker threatens him.

* TNA Tag Team Title Match: Consequences Creed and Jay Lethal © vs. Beer Money vs. Matt Morgan and Abyss

The Boozer Cruiser is out, complete with a handwritten label. Numerous purchases~! Roode is favouring the knee somewhat. Beer Money have gold trunks, the marking out never ends! Creed and Storm start, Creed takes Storm down with a shoulder block. Storm grabs a headlock and takes Creed down with the shoulder. Running the ropes ends in a Creed clothesline, then a heel kick. Whip reversed, boot by Creed and the rolling clothesline gets 2. Tag to Lethal and to Roode. Roode with chops, Lethal turns it around and hits some jabs, whip to the corner and a back drop. Roode tries to throw Lethal to the outside, Lethal holds on and hits a shoulder through the ropes followed by the top rope axe handle. 2 count. Tag to Creed, double whip and a charging clothesline by Creed followed by a dropkick by Lethal and a springboard bulldog by Creed. All that gets a 2. Shots by Creed, Jackie is in! Creed sidesteps and they push Jackie to the corner with Roode! Storm is whipped in on Jackie! Abyss wants in and they all take turns running into the pileup. Abyss runs in for the finale, and they do the suggestive pose spot. Roode spanks Jackie! That may be the greatest spot ever. Roode celebrates briefly before Abyss kills him with a clothesline sending him outside. Baseball slides by the champs, followed by a tope con hilo from Creed and a suicide dive from Lethal! Morgan is inside, he goes up top!!! HOLY SHIT huge crossbody by Morgan! Abyss and Roode in the ring, Abyss charges into a Roode elbow, Roode in turn charges into an Abyss boot. Goozle! Storm in, double goozle! Beer Money break it up and hit a double bulldog on Abyss. Double team suplex! Wait for it...



Storm misses a corner splash on Abyss, who clotheslines Roode and tags to...Creed? Springboard splash to both of Beer Money, and shots and backdrops abound! Creed is a house! en! FUEGO~! Eye poke by Storm stops the momentum, double backdrop by Beer Money reversed into a double DDT by Creed! 2 count only. Both of Beer Money are still in and the ref cares not. Creed with some jabs but FUCK ME he gets caught in an elevated assisted uranage by Beer Money for 2, broken up by Lethal. That was nice. Beer Money hit 2 elbow drops on Creed and Roode gets a cover for 2. Chinlock by Roode, Creed elbows out but gets hammered with a spinebuster for 2 by Roode. Storm tags in, dons the cowboy hat and whips Creed in. Charge by Storm and he lands crotch first on the turnbuckle! Ow. Tag to Roode and to Lethal and Lethal is on fire!!! SWEET springboard flip into an armdrag and low dropkick. Lethal Combo! Lethal to the top, Morgan with the blind tag and a quick two count! Smart. Abyss is in and goozles Lethal into a backbreaker! Damn. CREED with the intercontinental ballistic missile dropkick!!! Dude was in the lights for that one. He goes for the rolling clothesline but comes out of the flip into the Carbon Footprint!!! That looked awesome. BACKSTABBER by Storm! Beer Money try...something on Morgan that backfires, Roode hits him with a blockbuster for 2. Storm calls for a title belt, Abyss intercepts and this is telegraphed. Yup, Roode ducks and Abyss clocks Morgan. The ref is remonstrating with Jackie and cannot count...LETHAL off the top with an elbow to the back of Roode's head! Cover to Roode...the ref is outside with Jackie! SUPERKICK by Storm! Lethal's head is in Charleston somewhere. Roode is rolled onto Morgan, and we have 3 and new champs!

Winners, and NEW Tag Team champions: Beer Money Inc via pinfall (belt shot to Morgan, superkick to Lethal)
Rating: ***½ That was very, very nice. Lots of quick action, some amazing spots and even Abyss got in on the hot action. Everyone in this match can go and they all impressed. Shame about the telegraphed finish

Abyss and Morgan face down each other as we go to the back with JB and Angle. Angle is mad because Cornette didn't come to him first. Cornette is still asking about Rhino, Angle says they went to his hotel and asked him to join the MEM, so they beat him senseless, then gave him cab fare (cos that's the type of guys they are).

Taylor Wilde, ODB and Roxxi vs The KONG-TOURAGE~! (Sojourner Bolt, Rhaka Khan and Raisha Saeed)

Kong-Tourage rules as a name. Too bad they 66% suck. Bolt and Wilde start, leg kicks by Wilde followed by a couple of quick rollups. Quick rana by Wilde and Ninja Saeed is in. Tag to Roxxi who hits a stiff forearm and a dropkick for 2. Roxxi has Saeed spread over her back and bends her, then just drops her down for 2. ODB is in and the boob-slapping commences. Saeed tags in Rhaka Khan who gets plastered with a forearm by ODB. Wilde in with a shot to the arm and an arm wringer. Khan whips Wilde in and she is tripped by Bolt and dragged outside for a beating. Bolt and Saeed whip her to the rail then throw her back inside. Cover by Khan gets 2. Tag to Saeed, scoop slam and a quick elbow drop for 2. This is NOT a good match. Foreram exchange, Wilde slides between Saeed's legs to get the tag but misses. CURB STOMP! CURB STOMP the SECOND! Nice elbow from the second by Bolt gets 2. Chinlock by Bolt, Wilde elbows out and we get a double takedown. ODB and Saeed are in, ODB beats up everything that isn't white. Double clothesline to Bolt and Saeed. She tries a fallaway slam, Khan counters but ODB tries again and hits it. Powerslam on Saeed gets 2 as Bolt breaks it up. Everyone is in the ring and the crowd have gone for pizza. The 3 heels are outside, Wilde to the top and hits a crossbody! ODB and Saeed are in the ring, Saeed with some shots but gets caught in a small package for the 3!!!

Winner:ODB via pinfall (small package)
Rating: ¼* That SUCKED. If not for the curb stomps and the Wilde crossbody, it would have been a DUD. Ugh.

KONG is out to kill a bitch dead. ODB gesticulates and the fight is on! It's 4 on 3 and Khan is choking the shit out of Wilde while Kong chokeslams ODB.

Another video package, this one for Angle-Jarrett.

* Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle

Interesting to have this before the 6-man. They start off tatooing each other. Jarrett with a stiff whip and Angle hits hard. A second hard whip. Jarrett looks even more like Sewell tonight. Angle reverses a whip, sleeper by Angle! Jarrett with a low blow to break it then an electric chair drop! Angle gets clotheslined to the outside and Jarrett follows! We cut to the back and Rhyno is destroying a locker room! He's here! I blame Csonka, who has not been online all night and lives in the Charlotte area. Meanwhile back at the motel, Jarrett is acquainting Kurt with the barricade. Repeatedly. BEER to the face of Angle! Angle is thrown back in, Jarrett follows and gets knocked off the apron teeth-first to the railing! Angle out and rams Jarrett into the steps, then rolls him in. The crowd are alive now. Crisp suplex by Angle gets a 1. Boots by Angle, a backbreaker and a cover gets 2. Rear chinlock by Angle, Jarrett escapes and hits a boot to a charging Angle before being taken over with the belly to belly for 2. European and back to the chinlock. Jarrett gets out again but Angle with forearms to the back and an Angle Slam try...countered to an arm drag! Angle charges JESUS that was high! Angle backdropped to the outside! Here comes Jarrett for a suicide dive...OH MY GOD IN HEAVEN JARRETT'S DEAD! His foot caught in the rope and Jarrett landed on his face!!! Whip is blocked and Angle sends Jarrett careening over the announce table!!! Angle has the ring bell! OH SHIT he nailed him!!! Literally caught him flush on the forehead with the wooden edge of the bell and Jarrett is bleeding. Ooooh he caught a gusher. Jarrett has a Flair look to him as Angle beats him up the ramp...DDT on the ramp by Jarrett! Dude is bleeding everywhere. Jarrett takes Angle's head to the scaffolding of the set and it appears Angle is cut open now. Jarrett is bleeding so much it's hard to tell. They tease Angle going off the stage, but Angle catches Jarrett's shot and ANGLE SLAM OFF THE STAGE THROUGH A TABLE TO THE FLOOR! Gentle jumping Jehosaphat. Both men are crawling back to the ring, both men appear dead and both men look determined to kill the other. They exchange atomic rights as both men are on rubber legs. Jarrett explodes with a series of fists, clotheslines...PEDIGREE!!?!?!!!???!!! 1...2...2.7! Jarrett tries the Stroke but Angle rolls through into the Ankle Lock! Jarrett fights for the ropes but Angle drags him back to the centre! Again Jarrett tries for the ropes, then he rolls through the lock and sends Angle outside. Angle throws away the timekeeper and has a chair! Dropkick by Jarrett sends the chair to Angle's face! STROKE! 1...2...2.688! Jarrett positions Kurt for the superplex, Angle blocks with shots to the ribcage...MISSILE DROPKICK by Angle! Angle Slam! 1...2...2.885! Great match. Down come the straps, Jarrett counters the Ankle Lock again and Angle charges and hits the corner post shoulder first! Jarrett has the guitar!! Angle counters with a low blow that sent both nuts for a field goal! Angle has the guitar now, then gets the chair in the other hand. He asks the crowd which to use then just kills Jarrett with the chair to the back of the head. 1...2...2.905! Angle believes the ref is mistaken, Jarrett has recovered somewhat and tries a kick, caught by by Angle. Enziguiri but Angle ducks and turns it into the Ankle Lock!!! Jarrett teases the tapout and seriously, the Sewell resemblance is eerie. Somehow Jarrett gets up to one foot and rolls through! 1...2...2.925!!! Angle Slam countered to a DDT! Jarrett is up and he has the guitar again, but it's broken. Boo! He gets the chair instead, Jarrett stalks Angle, sells the ankle and creams Angle. Both men are down. Jarrett slides over for the pin and gets 2. Reversal out of nowhere! 1...2...3! THAT is how you do the surprise ending.

Winner: Kurt Angle by pinfall (crucifix reversal)
Rating: ****¼ When was the last time a PPV had two legit four star matches? This was insane and gets a better rating than the Guns because the finish didn't piss me off.

Post-match, Angle takes it to Jarrett's ankle then Pillmanises it. Stay classy, Angle.

Backstage, Rhino is patching himself up and says he WILL fight tonight, bottom line. Back in the arena, Jarrett is being taken out on a stretcher.

* TNA World Title Match: Sting © vs. Rhino

Why is this not last? Maybe RVD is in the main event? Rhino comes out clearly battered. Sting steps in the ring and right away gets obliterated by Rhino. Rhino keeps the beatings coming despite selling some pain in the lower back. Sting is whipped to the barricade, then sidesteps letting Rhino hit the railing. More rialing shots by Sting and then he rams him head-first into the title belt on the announce table. The crowd is behind Sting here. Whip by Sting, he charges into Rhino's elbow. Rhino climbs the ropes and Sting just shoves him to the outside. Rhino rolls in at 8. Sting puts the boots to Rhino then applies a bear hug. Rhino batters his way free but Sting hits an elbow to the cut and reapplies the bear hug. This was never going to be fast-paced like some of the earlier matches but when I can get up, get a class of water, come back and see that Sting STILL has a bear hug on, something is wrong. Hebner checks Rhino's arm and of course it doesn't drop the third time. A few forearms by Rhino, a couple clotheslines and he's in control. Shoulder charge in the corner and the belly to belly slam get 2.
Sting goes for a suplex, it's blocked, Sting ducks the clothesline but eats a demi-Gore! Sting rolls to the outside to avoid the pin, Rhino is out after him and rolls him back in. Rhino...to the top? Sting is a long way away...splash misses by rather a large margin. Scorpion Deathlock applied, Rhino fights for the rope and eventually makes it. Sting tries it again but gets kicked off, belly to belly slam by Rhino again and he sets for the Gore...misses! Deathdrop! Three!

Winner, and STILL TNA World Champion: Sting via pinfall (Scorpion Deathdrop)
Rating: Yeah, Rhino's selling was good and consistent, but this match was boring, slow, short and never felt important. Blah.

Backstage with Foley and the Front Line, and Foley quotes Dirty Harry. Csonka believes the replacement will be Hogan. I figure David Arquette or RVD, which would only be a one-shot deal.

* Mick Foley, AJ Styles and Devon vs. Kevin Nash, Booker T and Scott Steiner

Steiner and Booker are out with their PIMP music, but no partner yet. Here's Booker with the announcement...yes we know Nash has a staph infection (translation: is booked to take the fall)...the partner is...CUTE KIP???????????? That's it, I'm done. I'm done with TNA. Fuck this. Kip tries to tell us he really is worthy of being in the MEM even for one night. He goes for the cheap heat on the Panthers and nobody cares. Devon is out and as Gorilla would say, here comes the opposition. I wopnder which Kute Kip is going to job? As per Csonka, AJ`s back better be in good shape, cos he`s got some serious carrying to do. Him and Booker both. Although Kip for Nash is a minor improvement...Kip can get in the ring without blowing a quad.

All 6 men in the ring to start and now all 6 men are outside. Ummm...people are hurting people. Foley to the second rope on the outside! The heels scatter to avoid certain death by crushing. Boy that face team is an eclectic bunch. Styles and Kip are in now. Kip shows he is STRONG LIKE BULL and throws AJ down. They do some rope-running and AJ hits a perfect dropkick. Booker tags in and so does Devon. Devon goes wild with the right hands, goes for a whip but Booker puts on the brakes and hits the back kick. Chop by Booker, Devon comes back with a right hand and Foley is in. Knee to the gut by Devon and lumbering kneelift by Foley gets 2. Tag to Styles, Booker goes the easy route with the eye rake and tags in Kute Kip who hits a hard knee to the gut. AJ ducks a clothesline, gets a shot to Steiner and Booker then rolls up Kip for 2 before getting blasted with a huge kick from Kip. Tag to Steiner, he lays in the boots, Steinerline, elbow and pushups. Big chop takes AJ down, whip to the wrong part of town and a tag to Booker. Chops and slaps in the corner by Booker, he goes for a kick but AJ ducks and hits a big spin kick of his own! Tag to Kip who goes for the Fame Asser...misses! Pele! Tag to Foley! He beats down Kip, has shots for the others and beats down Kip some more. Steiner catches him with a clothesline, Devon picks off Steiner and they brawl on the outside. AJ and Booker gihting on the other side, and...the ref throws it out? WTF?? A non-finish in the main? Oh, here's Cornette to say EH EH! We don't do things like that in Charlotte, restart the match! Booker says Cornette has no authority to make that decision, so the match is over. Foley gets the mic and agrees that Cornette cannot restart the match, but he can, and he can do it under HARDCORE RULES! Mic shot to Booker! Devon is looking for plundah Foley and Kip are off to the back, Steiner has a trash can and now Devon's head has a trash can. Steiner tosses the can to Booker, AJ catches him with the dropkick and lays some shoulders in. AJ kicks the can into Booker's nuts! Trash can shot by Devon to the head of Kip. Foley takes Booker to the rail, Styles with a can shot to Steiner's head. Foley charges Booker and gets backdropped onto the announce table! Steiner gets a trashcan lid to the head from Styles. Booker gets crotched on the rail by Foley. I have no idea where Kip is. Oh, right there getting creamed. Foley tells Devon to get the tables! Foley climbs onto the broadcast table to jump on Kip, but Booker hits a low blow froim behind. HOLY FUCKING FUCKERY OF FUCKTASTIC FUCKS Frog Splash by AJ to Kip from the top through the table on the outside! Steiner has Devon hooked for the super belly to belly...no! Devon throws him off! Headbutt from the top! Booker breaks it up with the axe kick...Spinaroonie! Foley is in...SOCKO! Steiner with the trash can from behind breaks THAT up, and it's 2 on Foley. Steiner has a chair and rams it into Mick's kidneys. They try to axe kick Foley to the chair...no! Foley fights back with right hands! Chair shots to the gut, DDT to Steiner on the chair! 1...2...3!

Winners: AJ Styles, Brother Devon and Mick Foley via pinfall (on Steiner, DDT to a chair)
Rating: **¼ It was most ungood until they made it hardcore, but then it ended rather quickly with only Styles' bump being memorable.

The Frontline pose and celebrate as we go off the air.


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