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S.H.I.E.L.D. Ep. 18 Review

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Is the Undertaker done as an in-ring talent? Was Eric Young’s TNA Title win a cheap knockoff of Daniel Bryan’s WrestleMania 30 moment? Are we interested in Global Force Wrestling? 411's Daniel Clark, Nick Sellers and Koeddy Laemmle debate these topics and more!
Another day, another Sting/WWE update. Get the latest details on the story that will never end inside!
Is WWE planning a big push for Cesaro with the hope of making him the next Daniel Bryan? Get the backstage details inside!
Truths And Lies 04.15.14: WWE/TNA Week In Review (04.15.2014) - Justin Watry
Raw thoughts! Who is your favorite new NXT talent on the WWE main roster? Why is Eric Young the TNA Champion? WHY? Will Evolution reunite to battle The Shield? All this, my top 30 WM matches of all-time and much more!
The Wrestling News Experience 4.14.14 (04.14.2014) - Stephen Randle
In this Experience, we've got a preview for tonight's Raw, thoughts on Sting eventually signing with WWE, and the new direction of TNA!
(04.17.2014) - Jeremy Thomas
The ground talks about the kayfabe-breaking incident...
(04.17.2014) - Ashish
He still hasn't signed -- what a shock.
(04.17.2014) - Larry Csonka
More news on the happy couple…
(04.17.2014) - Larry Csonka
More on Warrior…
(04.17.2014) - Larry Csonka
The former TNA star speaks…
(04.17.2014) - Larry Csonka
Plus an update on the June TV tapings…
(04.17.2014) - Larry Csonka
And seek Rikishi’s approval…
(04.17.2014) - Larry Csonka
More WWE news…
(04.17.2014) - Joseph Lee
In Saudi Arabia...
(04.17.2014) - Joseph Lee
His picture with the Jarretts means nothing...
(04.17.2014) - Joseph Lee
Plus the opening video for tonight's Impact...
(04.17.2014) - Larry Csonka
Check out the full announcement…
(04.17.2014) - Joseph Lee
More on Cesaro...
(04.17.2014) - Larry Csonka
In a new video interview…
(04.17.2014) - Joseph Lee
Some updates on WWE NXT talents…
(04.17.2014) - Larry Csonka
Let the rumors begin…
(04.17.2014) - Joseph Lee
The latest on CM Punk…
(04.17.2014) - Joseph Lee
They have big plans for him...
(04.17.2014) - Larry Csonka
What changed?
(04.17.2014) - Larry Csonka
Not airing tonight…
(04.17.2014) - Jack McGee
WWE started a tournament on Raw to crown a new #1 contender for the Intercontinental Title. Are they finally serious about reinvesting in the title, or are they just fooling us once again? 411’s Jack McGee takes a look!
(04.17.2014) - Larry Csonka
Is the Undertaker done as an in-ring talent? Was Eric Young’s TNA Title win a cheap knockoff of Daniel Bryan’s WrestleMania 30 moment? Are we interested in Global Force Wrestling? 411's Daniel Clark, Nick Sellers and Koeddy Laemmle debate these topics and more!
(04.17.2014) - Ronny Sarnecky
Every year since 1985, the biggest story in late March-early April happens to be the fallout from WrestleMania. With the 30th WrestleMania taking place on April 6th, that trend seemed destined to continue. Unfortunately, two days after WrestleMania XXX, the Ultimate Warrior shockingly passed away. All of the attention by the middle part of the week shifted to the Ultimate Warrior, and rightfully so. Following it’s huge look back last week at the legacy of the Ultimate Warrior, The Piledriver Report now examines last week’s WrestleMania extravaganza.
(04.16.2014) - Mike Hammerlock
From stalking John Cena and forming a tag team to pretending to be a future Hall of Famer and more, 411’s Mike Hammerlock breaks down the top 8 potential new directions for the Miz!
(04.16.2014) - Mathew Sforcina
Does the Undertaker have the longest entrance in wrestling history? How did WWF get to use the Hart Family Dungeon? Was Summerslam intended to be a tag team-themed PPV? All this and more covered this week in Ask 411 Wrestling!
(04.16.2014) - Nick Marsico
In another in a string of returns, Marsico is back with thoughts on WrestleMania, the current product and the future! Plus, a blast from the past as he lambastes his first 411 column from 2005!
(04.15.2014) - Jack McGee
Some have not been too enthused by the Evolution reunion, but one man is. 411’s Jack McGee explains why the reformation of Evolution is all about making Roman Reigns a star…
(04.15.2014) - Larry Csonka
Cesaro is now a Paul Heyman guy, Eric Young won the TNA World Title, Paige won the Divas Title and more! But who won 411's Wrestler of the Week? Find out inside!
(04.14.2014) - Larry Csonka
From Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H at WrestleMania 30 and Johnny Gargano vs. Ricochet from Open the Ultimate Gate 2014 to Cheerleader Melissa vs. LuFisto at SHIMMER 62 and more, 411’s Larry Csonka counts down the top 10 matches from WrestleMania weekend!
(04.14.2014) - Daniel Clark
Randy Orton and Batista teamed with Kane to battle Daniel Bryan and the Usos, Eric Young won the TNA World Title and more! Wrestling’s 4Rs breaks down the Right, the wRong and the Ridiculous of WWE Smackdown and Impact Wrestling!
(04.14.2014) - Obi Justice
Last week on Raw, Paige came out of nowhere to take the Divas' Championship. Could she have had a better start than that? Obi Justice thinks so, because gold isn't the only thing that matters.
(04.13.2014) - Mike Chin
From Dolph Ziggler and Wade Barrett to Natalya and more, 411's Mike Chin counts down the top seven most underutilized WWE talents!
(04.13.2014) - Larry Csonka
Eric Young won TNA’s World Title this week on Impact. Was this an example of TNA copying WWE, or simply a case of rewarding a loyal performer? 411’s Larry Csonka examines…
(04.13.2014) - James Wright
Is Magnus on top? Has Lesnar conquered? Or does the Authority rule over all? Read on to find out the top heel in professional wrestling this week!
(04.13.2014) - Wyatt Beougher
Were WrestleMania XXX and the following night's RAW a changing of the guard, or did the result of one match foretell the return of business as usual? 411's Wyatt Beougher examines this subject in the debut edition of Squared Circle Soliloquy!
(04.13.2014) - Daniel Wilcox
This week's Thoughts from the Top Rope discusses all the major talking points from WrestleMania Week, including a full review of the show and the post-Mania Raw, thoughts on the end of Undertaker's Streak and the death of the Ultimate Warrior and more!
(04.12.2014) - Alex Watt
Brock Lesnar stunned the world by defeating the Undertaker at WrestleMania 30 to end the Streak! But should it have happened? And where do the two go from here? 411's Alex Watt takes a look!
(04.12.2014) - Ronny Sarnecky
This Tuesday night, the wrestling world was shocked by the news that recent WWE Hall of Fame inductee, the Ultimate Warrior, tragically passed away. The Piledriver Report takes a look back at his life, career, and his final weekend on Earth. Ronny Sarnecky gives his thoughts on one of his all-time favorite wrestlers, as well as the thoughts on those within the industry.
(04.12.2014) - Dino Zucconi
Join me this week as we talk about Streaks ending, World Titles changing hands, the Ultimate Warrior, and more! I don't even mention that Sting appears to be in WWE, but that happened, too!
(04.11.2014) - Larry Csonka
The 411 staff gathers to look back on the career of the man born James Brian Helwig; the man we know as the Ultimate Warrior…
(04.16.2014) - Andrew Shillinglaw
This week, the WWE network presents Warrior Week Tonight, we get a special Ultimate Warrior edition of Wrestlemania Rewind! Join us as we see the story behind The Ultimate Challenge at Wrestlemania VI!
(04.16.2014) - Andrew Shillinglaw
This week, the WWE network presents Warrior Week! Tonight, we see Warrior’s best matches! Check out 411’s complete Ultimate Warrior Week report for all the details…
(04.15.2014) - Alex Crowder
A battle royal to determine the number 1 contender for Paige’s Diva Championship at Extreme Rules takes place, while Bad News Barrett faced off against Sin Cara and more! Check out 411’s complete WWE Main Event report for all the details!
(04.14.2014) - Steve Cook
A tournament starts to determine Big E's next challenger, Kane decides he wants to be Daniel Bryan's next challenger, and the Shield runs into Evolution!
(04.14.2014) - Larry Csonka
Evolution officially reformed and laid out The Shield, WWE paid tribute to Warrior, Cesaro, RVD, Sheamus and Bad News Barrett advanced in the IC Title contender’s Tournament and more! Check out 411’s complete WWE Raw report for all the details!
(04.14.2014) - Ryan Byers
This episode was essentially a backdoor pilot for a new HGTV series about the Bella Twins flipping and selling homes. I wish I was kidding.
(04.11.2014) - Larry Csonka
Batista and Randy Orton teamed with Kane to battle Daniel Bryan and the Usos in the main event, Cesaro challenged the Big Show, Fandango replaced Summer Rae and more! Check out 411’s full WWE Smackdown report for all the details!
(04.10.2014) - Larry Csonka
Magnus defended the TNA Title against Eric Young, The Bro-Mans defended the TNA Tag Team Titles against The Wolves and more! Check out 411’s full Impact Wrestling report for all the details!
(04.08.2014) - Alex Crowder
The Shield faced The Wyatts in a 6 man tag. Dolph Ziggler faced Real American Jack Swagger and more! Check out 411’s complete WWE Main Event report for all the details!
(04.08.2014) - TJ Hawke
CM Punk taking his ball and going home was officially for the best.
(04.17.2014) - Dylan Diot
The Wyatt Family and The Shield go to war while we find out who is going into Wrestlemania as WWE World Heavyweight Champion.....
(04.16.2014) - Adam Nedeff
Another just-there week.
(04.15.2014) - Adam Nedeff
Everybody takes a breather.
(04.14.2014) - Adam Nedeff
Featuring a copy-paste of the first thing I ever wrote for 411...
(04.13.2014) - Jack Bramma
The Undertaker gets CM Punk in the Cell for the World Heavyweight Championship, John Cena and Randy Orton vie for the WWE Championship, and DX tries to get revenge on Legacy all in the cell as well.
(04.11.2014) - Adam Nedeff
Bob Wade deserves a raise for being able to walk.
(04.10.2014) - Adam Nedeff
If you can get 18,000 people to drive to an arena and pay money for tickets to see THIS card, you deserve to be a billionaire.
(04.10.2014) - Robert Leighty Jr.
Nothing witty here, just Rest in Peace Warrior!
(04.09.2014) - Adam Nedeff
Okay, we get it, heels don't like black people.
(04.08.2014) - Adam Nedeff
Hulk and Mr. T are in training!

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