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CHIKARA Review: Revelation X
Posted by Kevin Ford on 06.20.2009

Philadelphia, PA - 1.25.2009

2008 served as a break-out year for CHIKARA. The promotion returns with no plans to slow down with “Revelation X.” CHIKARA already looks to be preparing for a big 2009 with this event. For the first time ever in the companies history, CHIKARA has sanctioned a ladder match. In this ladder match, Vin Gerard and Equinox will square off for the recently vacated Young Lions Cup. In addition, the Colony cash in their unprecedented seven points for a shot at The Osirian Portal’s Campeonatos de Parejas. In addition to the match, The Colony got to choose their stipulations. For the first time, the Campeonatos will be on the line in a one-fall-to-the-finish match. Escorpion Egipcio has also been barred from ringside. Double main event aside, this show is stacked, so let us not waste any more time!

Commentary is provided by Bryce Remsburg, Louden Noxious, Larry Sweeney, Leonard F. Chikarason, Eddie Kingston, Mike Quackenbush, and Ultramantis Black.

The Future Is Now (Lince Dorado & Helios) vs. F.I.S.T. (Icarus & Gran Akuma)

Icarus and Lince start off; a rematch from “The Global Gauntlet: Night Two” of sorts. Icarus teases a lock up, but slaps Lince and exits the ring. Akuma comes in and locks up. A feeling out process as each man tries to lock the arm. Akuma kicks Lince and locks him in the Gory Gallows. Akuma bridges into a pin but only gets two. Lince comes all the way around looking for a sunset flip pin but doesn’t get it. Lince swings over the top rope into an arm drag. Helios is tagged in, and The Future Is Now hit a double leap frog and dropkick, sending Akuma to the floor. Lince goes through the middle rope and hurricanranas Akuma on the floor. Helios lands an alita on the now legal Icarus. Helios hits a step up kick then follows up with a cannonball splash. Helios hits the ropes, but Akuma comes in and kicks Helios right in the abs. Helios is able to land a spinning headscissors, and Akuma rolls to the outside. Helios stands up dizzy, and Icarus runs in and spears him. F.I.S.T now keeps Helios in their corner, stretching him out and dishing out punishment. Lince runs in to try and save his partner, but the referee stops him. F.I.S.T continues their dominance, but Lince interjects himself after Akuma hit a Cheetah Swipe and almost got the pin. Helios countered an attack from Akuma, and Icarus comes in to stop him. This doesn’t work, as Helios still hits a cartwheel plancha onto Akuma on the outside! Lince comes in as the legal man with a top rope dropkick to Lince. He then hits a springboard clothesline and a lionsault for the two count. Icarus and Akuma hit an Enzugiri spear combination in the corner. Icarus hits the Blu-Ray DVD and Akuma follows with a frog splash. They go for the pin but Helios breaks it up. Helios and Lince land a double team Hero’s Welcome on Akuma. They then land a sunset flip/double knees combo for a two count, when Icarus breaks it up. Lince blocks Icarus’ Shiranui and looks for one of his own. Icarus pushes Lince off the top rope to the floor. Helios looks for the backslide driver on Icarus. Icarus turns it over looking for the Pedigree. Helios tries to get out of it, but Icarus lands a big time bridging German Suplex for the win! Dang, that was a damn fine opening match-up. The first show of 2009 opens up with some really fun, fast-paced action. I sense big things for both stables this year. **3/4

Incoherence (Hallowicked & Frightmare) vs. The Roughnecks (Brodie Lee & Grizzly Redwood)

This match stemmed from a challenge that Brodie Lee sent out on the CHIKARA Podcast-A-Go-Go. The video can be seen above.

Hallowicked is back to wearing his old mask, after Brodie revealed that he stole Hallowicked’s mask at “Face With A View”. Incoherence runs in and Wicked takes Brodie to the floor. These two men exchange blows until Bryce Remsburg comes out to set things straight. Frightmare and Grizzly start off. Fright sends Griz to the floor with a rana. Brodie meets Grizzly on the outside, and Frightmare topes onto both men! Frightmare throws Brodie back into the ring where Hallowicked meets him with some chops and forearms. Brodie is able to retaliate and tags in Redwood. Hallowicked takes Grizzly to the corner and tosses him off the top rope by his neck. Frightmare comes off the top rope with an arm drag, and Wicked delivers one as well. Frightmare hops off Wicked’s back and again arm drags Grizzly. While standing on the apron, Brodie runs and lariats Frightmare down to the mat. Frightamare gets clubbered by the Roughnecks. While they continue their beat down, Brodie makes sure to get in Hallowicked’s face as well. Frightmare ducks an elbow and looks for a wheelbarrow maneuver, but Brodie retaliates with an enormous German suplex. Wicked comes in to break up the pinfall. Frightmare evades an attack from Grizzly and tags in Hallowicked. Wicked takes charge and takes it to both of the Roughnecks. Wicked lands the Go To Sleepy Hollow on Grizzly. Brodie grabs Wicked’s leg and brings him to the outside. Brodie chokes Wicked with the chain Frightmare came out on. Brodie throws Wicked into the ring steps. Grizzly holds Frightmare by his arms. Brodie runs at him, but Frightmare moves causing Brodie to give a splash to Grizzly. Brodie runs at Frightmare. Frightmare lowers the ropes sending Brodie to the floor. Frightmare rolls up Grizzly in a wheelbarrow prawn hold for the win! Another fun tag team match-up here between these two teams. Frightmare looks really damn good already, it’s almost scary. These two groups are from being over. **1/2

Sara Del Ray vs. Daizee Haze

was scheduled to be Sara’s original opponent for tonight, but due to Canadian border issues, Daizee Haze will replace her. Some other wrestlers aren’t here tonight because of the border issues, but we’ll get to them later.

A long feeling out process between the two femme fatales starts things off. Sara works over Daizee’s arm. Daizee trips Sara to the mat trying to keep their size equal. Daizee tries to end it quickly with a few roll-ups but Sara’s size is too much. Daizee tries to be quick and out maneuver Sara, but Sara slows it down and keeps Daizee in her grasp. Sara works over the arm of Daizee and goes for a slam. Daizee rolls Sara up twice, only getting a two count both times. Daizee hits a couple arm drags on Sara and then dropkicks her to the floor. Daizee heads up top and dives and completely misses. Sara drops Daizee throat first on the guardrail. Back in the ring, Sara stretches Daizee out while clawing her abdomen. Daizee switches it up into her own stretch, but because Sara is so much larger, Daizee is off the ground and lacks a base. Sara rolls into a pin for the two. Daizee cradles for a two, backslides for a two, then Sara puts her up in the Gory Gallows bridge for a two count. Jesus, these women are killing the concept of near falls. Daizee sunset flips all the way over for the two. Sara comes back with a rolling spin wheel kick. Daizee comes back with a tornado DDT off the ropes. Sara kicks out of that as well. Daizee has a headscissors into a school girl and gets the win. Okay, that finish was cool and the match wasn’t bad, but man did this match have like, 25 near falls. That’s bullshit, and totally killed the finish to the fans. No one gave a FUCK about any of these nearfalls and I can’t blame them. Aside from that, everything else was good. *3/4

Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw vs. The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple (Ultramantis Black & Crossbones)

Quackenbush and Ultramantis Black lock knuckles. Quack, as promised in the promo, keeps asking Mantis why Dr. Cube wanted the CHIKARA Special. While Mantis resists telling him, Quack works over Mantis’ left arm until he finally tells Quack that former CHIKARA commissioner Bob Saget wanted it. Meanwhile, Crossbones and Jigsaw are going at it in the ring. Jigsaw hits an arm drag and a double stomp on Crossbones. Jigsaw rolls Crossbones over and stomps on his shoulder blades. Jig goes for a tag, but Crossbones clotheslines Jigsaw down first. Mantis comes in and works over Jig, till Jig tags in Quack once more. Quack chops away at Mantis then wheelbarrow armdrags him to the floor. Jigsaw runs in and lands a tope con heilo on Mantis! Quack looks to follow up. Crossbones comes in and clotheslines Quack down, following up with a big splash. Crossbones focuses on Quackenbush’s back, which Mike’s had a bad history with. The Order double teams Quack till he rolls to the floor. Jigsaw comes in but is stopped by a spinebuster from Mantis. Mantis beats down Jigsaw as he tries to tag Mike back in. The Order does a good job isolating Jig. Jigsaw is put up top, but comes down with a double stomp on Crossbones and a spinning DDT on Mantis. Jigsaw tags Mike in. Mike delivers some chops to Crossbones and bulldogs him down. Jigsaw comes off with a cross body, and Mike hops up and lands a double knees to the chest. Mantis runs in. Quack lands a chin breaker, Jig hits an Enzugiri, and Quack small packages him for the two. Crossbones back in. A double superkick sends him to the floor. Mantis back in. Quack tossed outside and Mantis lands the Cosmic Disaster on Jig! Mike breaks up the pin. Mantis looks for the Praying Mantis Bomb on Quack. Quack drops to his knees to block and sends Mantis outside onto Crossbones shoulders. Mike dives onto Mantis knocking Crossbones out too! Jigsaw lands the Jig N’ Tonic on Ultramantis back in the ring for the pin! Quack and Jigsaw score their first point. Man, the last few minutes of this match were really awesome. The tag teams are on a roll here tonight. Interesting to see where the Eye of Tyr story goes. **3/4

What is this? A post match promo from The Order?!

Could Mantis be looking to recruit another follower to the Order? Keep your eyes peeled for that.

Cheech Hernandez & KC “Cloudy” Day vs. The UnStable (STIGMA & Colin Delaney)

STIGMA and Cloudy kick this one off. STIGMA knees Cloudy in the gut and applies a headlock. Cloudy evades some of STIGMA’s attacks and takes him down to the mat. He puts STIGMA in a surfboard move. He releases and STIGMA tries to mount a comeback. Cloudy lands a rana, but STIGMA gets up and forearms him down. Colin tags in as does Cheech. These two go at it with some fast paced back and forth, showing flashes of their epic tag matches in the past. Colin slides out to the floor, and Cheech awaits STIGMA to enter. Colin comes from behind however and comes off the top rope into a wheelbarrow arm drag. Cheech goes for a pair of pins but doesn’t get it. Colin rakes the eye of Cheech to slow him down. Cheech is able to send both STIGMA and Colin to the outside. Cheech hits the Fozberry Flop on Colin while Cheech dives onto STIGMA. The fans chant for Cheech & Cloudy as Cheech and Colin come back in the ring. Colin goes back out, holds on to Cheech’s arm, and STIGMA comes in with a slap to the back. From here on, The UnStable look to keep Cheech in the ring on their side of the ring. Cheech back suplexes Colin and makes the tag, even with STIGMA trying to cut him off. Cheech & Cloudy take a member of the UnStable to the corner and hit the 10 punches on the top. They run across the ring, high-five each other, then deliver stereo bulldogs! The surfers double team with a toe hold, ace crusher, and low dropkick to Colin. This only gets them a two count. Colin turns a tornado DDT into a Northern Lights Suplex and a dropkick. Colin lands his signature diving lariat for the two count. The UnStable double team Cloudy with a slam, then STIGMA slams Colin onto Cloudy. Now it’s Cloudy’s turn to be double teamed by The UnStable. Cloudy slips out of a back drop and lands an inverted DDT! Cheech tags in and goes for a splash off the top. Colin immediately stops him with a leg lariat and tags in STIGMA. STIGMA takes out Cheech & Cloudy with a series of forearms. STIGMA sends Cheech to the outside with a back breaker of sorts. Cloudy lands a jaw breaker on Colin, then Cheech ranas him to the floor. The surfers land a sick double team Enzugiri on STIGMA! Cloudy gets on Cheech’s shoulders, and senton’s off the shoulders onto STIGMA! The fans can’t believe this was only two. They look for Partly Cloudy With a Chance of Cheech, but Colin trips Cheech. STIGMA lands a sick suplex on Cloudy. Colin lands a knee strike, then the UnStable hits an Electric Chair/Back Cracker combo. Cheech dives in for the save! Colin lifts up Cheech and hits the Attitude Adjuster! STIGMA and Colin land a spike tombstone piledriver for the three! Man oh man, those last few moments really made this tag match something great. STIGMA is infinitely better than Shane Storm and serves his role in the UnStable well. The other three are obviously great as well. ***

A Special Announcement!

Just watch this, it’s pretty fabulous.

A slight change of plans; Fabulous Two interview

Mitch Ryder & Larry Sweeney
make their way to the ring. Sweeney talks about his plan to thwart Claudio Castagnoli that finally came to fruition at Duel & Duality. Mitch says if Claudio can make it out to the ring, Sweeney and Mitch will take him on right here, right now.

Leonard F. Chikarason comes out stating Claudio isn’t here, and they both know that. Chikarason makes note that tonight we were supposed to see a Trios match between The Fabulous Three (Larry Sweeney, Mitch Ryder, & Buck Hawke) and The Saturday Night Slam Masters (The Super Smash Bros. (Player Uno & Player Dos) and Create-A-Wrestler), where the winning team got a spot in the 2009 King of Trios tournament. However, due to the Canadian border issues noted earlier, The Super Smash Bros. and Buck Hawke aren’t in attendance tonight. With that said, Leonard F. Chikarason says that because the match isn’t occurring, NEITHER team will be in the King of Trios tournament. However, there will be a replacement tag team contest…

Los Ice Creams (El Hijo de Ice Cream & Ice Cream Jr.) vs. The Fabulous Two (Larry Sweeney & Mitch Ryder)

Junior and Sweeney start off. Junior gives him a side headlock and takes Sweeney down. Sweeney kicks Junior and beats on his back and head. Sweeney runs his shoulder into Junior. Junior hits a butt-butt to Sweeney then hip tosses him out of the corner. Another hip toss to Sweeney, and Sweeney begs him to stop. Junior doesn’t listen and kicks him in the gut. Sweeney claps the ears of Junior and brags. Junior takes him down with a series of see-saw catapults, including one into the posterior of El Hijo. Sweeney gets catapulted to the floor, and Junior fakes out a dive. Mitch Ryder comes in, and Junior tags in El Hijo. These two men lock up and Mitch works on the arm. Hijo reverses and wrings Mitch’s arm. Mitch pokes Hijo in the eyes. Mitch takes Hijo down and poses in the ropes. Hijo pinches his buttocks. Mitch responds with a big slap to the chest, and Hijo cries. The fans sympathize chanting “you’re a bully!” at Mitch. Hijo leap frogs over Mitch and pinches his buttocks once more. An angry Mitch chopes him down to the mat once more. The fans now chant “Say you’re sorry!” at Mitch, which rules. Hijo gets tossed to the ropes and Mitch ducks. Another buttocks pinch and Mitch slaps him in the chest again. Mitch reasons with Hijo, and Hijo kicks him in the hamstring. Hijo ducks a clothesline and blocks a hip toss. Hijo pinches the buttocks. Mitch has had enough and he punches Hijo in the face. Sweeney tags in and hits an elbow from the second rope. The Fabulous Two take turns tagging in and out to optimize the amount of pain delivered to El Hijo. Hijo rolls through a sunset flip from Mitch and dropkicks him to the face. Junior gets tagged in and gives some clotheslines and slams to both members of the Fabulous Two. Junior walks into a double flapjack from the Fabulous Two. Mitch hits an Alabama Slam on Hijo, and Sweeney drops an elbow. Mitch drops Junior right on his cone with the piledriver. Sweeney follows up with the 12 Large Elbow for the three count. This was fine for a replacement match, but I felt it was to far up the card. The stuff with Mitch and Hijo was pretty funny however. A pretty good match overall. **

Delirious vs. Eddie Kingston

This is Delirious’ first singles match in CHIKARA since mid-2006. Isn’t that crazy? It’s true, and he has quite the test in front of him as he faces a member of The Roughnecks, the stable that Delirious’ group (Incoherence) is feuding with.

Delirious flips out at the bell, and Kingston rolls outside in shame. Kingston comes back in where Delirious speaks his Deliriese to him. Kingston pushes Delirious, and Delirious pushes back. Delirious takes down Kingston with a series of clotheslines. A surprised King of Diamonds heads to the floor, taking a powder. Delirious went outside and under the ring, and reappears behind Eddie! Delirious chops away at Eddie then throws him back in the ring. Eddie throws Delirious head first into the turnbuckle, but it has little effect. They battle for a suplex which Delirious wins. Delirious rams his head into Eddie’s mid-section as he sits in the corner. He follows with some elbows and a kick to Eddie’s lower back. Delirious looks for a butterfly suplex but can’t get it. Eddie turns it into a Urinagi suplex. Eddie chokes Delirious on the mat, then on the ropes. Eddie keeps on top of Delirious, but Delirious fights up with some headbutts and punches. Eddie bits away at Delirious’ face, sending Delirious back down to the mat. Eddie applies a camel clutch, using his hands to rip away at Delirious’ mouth. Delirious floats behind with an O’Conner Roll only getting the two. Eddie trips Delirious and elbows him on the back. Eddie gets a two. Eddie keeps on Delirious, targeting his skull. Delirious uses his skull to headbutt Eddie in the gut. Eddie applies a front chancery, ramming his knee into Delirious’ head. Delirious gets tossed the rope, and blocks Eddie’s attack with a headbutt. He knees Eddie in the gut and follows up with a neck breaker. Delirious delivers some hard shots to Eddie’s head. Eddie knees Delirious in the gut and head and hits the ropes. Delirious follows and lands an elbow smash. Eddie stops him and rams Delirious in the corner with a boot. Eddie goes for a second boot. Delirious side-steps and hits the Never Ending Story clotheslines on Eddie. Eddie switches spots and lays out a plate of chops for Delirious. Delirious tosses Eddie to the corner and hits the Panic Attack. A second Panic Attack gets Delirious a two count. Delirious misses the Shadows Over Hell. Eddie lands a spin out TKO. Eddie hits the Sliding D, and Delirious manages to kick out! Eddie looks for the Back Drop Driver, but Delirious fights out with elbows. Both men stand dazed in the ring. Delirious hits the Chemical Imbalance #2 and only gets the two count! Delirious looks for the Cobra Clutch. Eddie stands up and elbows out of it. Eddie hits the Backfist to the Future and the Back Drop Driver which is enough to score him the win. I really liked this match. The story of Eddie targeting Delirious’ head made sense when it came time for the finish. Eddie just kept targeting it, while Delirious kept using it for offense. So Eddie hitting him real hard in the head with his fist and then dropping Delirious on his head leads to the obvious finish. Good stuff from these two men, as usual. ***

Campeonatos de Parejas
One fall to the finish – Escorpion Egipcio is barred from ringside

The Osirian Portal (Amasis & Ophidian) vs. The Colony (Fire Ant & Soldier Ant)

While the picture of the participants and campeones is being taken, the Portal attacks the Colony! They take the brawl to the outside, with both teams dishing out pain. The Portal gets the advantage on the outside, and Ophidian and Fire Ant end up in the ring. Fire Ant takes down Ophidian with a series of maneuvers and rolls him up for a quick two. Fire Ant evades Ophidian’s offense and small packages for another two. Ophidian gets tossed outside, and Amasis rolls up Fire Ant with the O’Conner Roll for two. Ophidian trips Fire Ant, and Amasis goes for a baseball slide but hits Ophidian. Soldier Ant comes up from behind Amasis, also looking for the O’Conner Roll. Amasis holds onto the ropes while Soldier Ant keeps trying. Fire Ant runs up the backs of Soldier Ant and Amasis and dives onto Ophidian! Soldier Ant and Amasis switch up the offense on the inside of the ring. Soldier Ant locks on the CHIKARA Special, but Ophidian comes in and locks on the Ophidian Death Grip! While Ophidian is on his back, Soldier Ant sentons onto Amasis! Fire Ant follows up with a splash off the top rope for the two count. Amasis gets out of the TKO and immediately grabs his ankle (this is Amasis’ first match back since injuring his ankle back in November). Ophidian helps out his partner, but Amasis delivers a big time superkick to Soldier Ant! He then dances to show he was faking all along. Ophidian takes out Fire Ant with a spinning headscissors from inside the ring! Soldier Ant becomes isolated in the ring, with Amasis and Ophidian working him over in their corner. Some emphasis has been put on Soldier Ant’s back. I must say, Amasis doing the “Walk It Out” elbow drop was pretty fantastic. Fire Ant makes a tag in, and comes in with the Heat of the Moment (leaping Enzugiri from the top rope). Ophidian catches Fire Ant in the ropes with a headscissors position. Soldier Ant comes and hits the saluting headbutt between Fire Ant’s legs! The Colony hits some double team maneuvers on Amasis, including the Ants Marching dropkick and neck breaker. This only gets the Colony the two count. Amasis hits a flying knee strike to Fire Ant as he comes off the ropes. Soldier Ant comes in as Fire Ant rolls out and his a flying saluting headbutt. Ophidian cracks Soldier Ant in the head with a spinning heel kick! Ophidian follows up with the flying double knee strike for the two count. Soldier Ant tosses Ophidian over his shoulders onto his face and chest. Amasis comes in and hits a double underhook face plant on Soldier Ant. Fire Ant lands the wheelbarrow stunner and heads up to the top rope. He hits a senton and only gets a two count! Ophidian gets tossed outside from Fire Ant, but he slithers back up with a headscissors to Fire Ant. Fire Ant spins Ophidian around and powerbombs him for two. A few rolls ups occur with everyone getting a two count only. Fire Ant connects with an Enzugiri to both Portal members. Amasis shows some fighting spirit by responding with a clothesline before laying on the mat. All four combatants are now down. Fire Ant places Ophidian up top looking for a Fireman’s carry. Amasis slams Soldier Ant off the top rope, and Ophidian tosses Fire Ant off the top onto Soldier Ant! The Portal heads up top and each hit a 450 splash on the Colony! Both of the Colony kick out! They pile The Colony on top of one another and head up top for the Osirian Sacrament. The Colony moves out of the way as The Portal crash and burn. Fire Ant hits the Beach Break on Ophidian while Soldier Ant hits the TKO on Amasis! Both of the Osirian Portal kick out! Ophidian holds down the top rope which sends Fire Ant to the floor. The Portal charms Soldier Ant, but Soldier Ant resists and holds Ophidian’s head. Fire Ant comes off the top with a splash onto Ophidian’s back! A nervous Amasis drops down and grabs his ankle, but no one falls for it this time. Hilarious spot. Soldier Ant blasts him with a spinning saluting forearm. Soldier Ant tope’s onto Amasis through the ropes! Fire Ant fires up and lands a series of Enzugiri’s on Ophidian! He hits the Beach Break and goes for the pin. Ophidian gets his foot on the ropes to break it up. Fire Ant places Ophidian on the top rope. He looks for a top rope Beach Break, but Ophidian flips it into a top rope Egyptian Destroyer! Ophidian locks on the Ophidian Death Grip! Amasis prevents Soldier Ant from breaking it up, and Fire Ant passes out! The Osirian Portal retain in an AMAZING tag team match. Wow, this ruled. The fans were on their feet the entire time, and the story they told was amazing. These two teams are incredible. It will be hard to top this tag team title defense. ****1/2

Ladder Match for the vacant Young Lions Cup
Equinox vs. Vin Gerard

For the sake of practicality, a medal representing the Young Lions Cup is placed above the ring instead of the actual cup itself.

The two men exchange blows to start off. Equinox takes down Vin, but Vin responds quickly by taking Equinox to the mat. Vin takes Equinox to the apron and tries to throw him to the floor. Equinox blocks and comes off the top turnbuckle with a big dropkick. Equinox goes for the ladder in the entrance. Vin attacks him on the floor and sends him back first into the retaining barrier. Vin goes for the ladder and Equinox attacks him. Vin gets thrown to the steps and then chops him for good measure. Equinox tosses Vin back in the ring and grabs the ladder. Vin looks to baseball slide the ladder into Equinox’s face, but Equinox moves. Some more blows are exchanged on the floor. Vin lands a Russian Leg Sweep on Equinox into the guardrail. The ladder is then placed between the ring apron and the guardrail. A few moves through the ladder are teased but do not come to fruition. Instead they go back in the ring where Vin again targets Equinox’s back. Equinox punches Vin hard right in the face! Equinox tries to bring the ladder into the ring, but Vin dives on the ladder so it see-saws into Equinox’s face. Vin clubbers on Equinox’s face while they lay on the mat. Vin continues to meticulously beat on Equinox before deciding to go for the ladder. Vin throws it in the ring and goes right back to beating on Equinox in the corner. Vin sets up the ladder and begins to climb. Equinox leaps up and drags him down. Vin throws Equinox to the ladder. Equinox rolls under then forcefully pushes the ladder right into Vin’s face and body! The ladder is now folded up and laying on the mat. Jimmy goes for a kick, but Vin’s catches his leg and throws him down forehead first into the side of the ladder! Vin baseball slides Equinox out of the ring, takes a short breather, then heads to the outside of the ring himself. Vin begins to work over Equinox’s leg, attempting to “Pilmanize” it as well. Vin continues to target Equinox’s leg both inside and outside the ring. Equinox does his best to escape the abuse, including trying to roll to the outside when Vin locks on his STF. Vin hooks on a Quarter Crab which wrenches his left leg. Equinox struck his palm into Vin’s face to break it up. Vin brings the ladder back inside the ring and suplexes Jimmy to the mat. Vin places the ladder in the corner, heads up top, and falls with the ladder across the left leg of Equinox! Equinox continues to get his left leg worked on, but with some help from the ropes, Equinox is able to strike an Enzugiri. Equinox comes back with some chops and a dropkick, which takes a lot out of him. Vin picks up the ladder only for Equinox to take him down. Equinox then hits a low headscissors take over sending Vin into the ladder! Both two men brawl, only for Vin to hit the 2k1 Bomb. Vin goes to the outside and gets a second ladder from under the ring which is set between the ring apron and guardrail again. Equinox cuts off Vin as he heads up the ring steps. Vin grabs Equinox and hits a DDT on the steps! Equinox stops and just flops to the floor, laying unconscious. Vin demands the camera come over, as Vin unmasks takes of Equinox’s masks, obviously revealing Jimmy Olsen. Normally this could be a DQ, but obviously there isn’t any in this match. Vin smiles and brags about the mask to the commentators, who tell Vin he’s dumb for not winning the match right here and now. Jimmy uses the ring apron to get to his feet while Vin climbs up the ladder. Jimmy yells at Vin that he’s still standing. Vin is tempted, and climbs down the ladder and attacks Jimmy. They walk on the apron towards the ladder, so you know some shit is up. Some more moves are teased till Jimmy lands a Death Valley Driver onto the ladder! Jimmy manages to use the ropes to climb into the ring, crawl up the ladder and grab the medal to win the Young Lions Cup! Alright, so, I had a problem with Vin being so stupid as to not grab the medal when it was in his grasp. Aside from that, everything else was great. These two busted their ass for this match-up. The working over of Equinox’s back, leg, and head all worked really well. Equinox sold like a champ and it made sense when he used his arm strength more than anything else to win the match. And if anyone were to look stupid, it should be Vin, so Vin failing to grab the medal when he had the opportunity can be forgiven. A very good first time ladder match for CHIKARA, and it’s nice to see they use big blow-off stipulations such as this sparingly. ***3/4

The 411: The double main event, especially the Campeonatos de Parejas match, make this a must buy DVD. The undercard was also very solid, with the Fabulous Two and women’s match being the only skippable things on the show. Definitely group this in with your next order from Smart Mark Video, you won’t be disappointed.
411 Elite Award
Final Score:  9.0   [  Amazing ]  legend


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