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Break It Down: PWG Ninety-Nine
Posted by Ryan Rozanski on 08.25.2009

Ninety-Nine on April 11th, 2009.

Opening Match: Phoenix Star, Zokre, and Scorpio Sky vs. Brandon Cutler, Dustin Cutler, and Scott Lost
Sky lands a hurricanrana on Dustin and tries a series of pin attempts. Zokre and Lost trade hurricanranas and take the action outside for a moment. The faces take control of Brandon until Lost blind tags in and hits a german suplex on Star. The heels isolate Star, with the Cutlers hitting a Konan-esque double team and Lost using an innovative double stomp. Zokre is able to tag in and the match starts to break down. Sky hits a barrage of moves until Lost stops him with a dropkick. Los Luchas hit a double team backbreaker on Lost. Brandon lands a 450 splash on Zokre followed by a spinning slam on Sky. Star hits an olympic slam on Brandon. Lost spikes Zokre with a DDT. The Cutlers hit a lungblower on Star followed by a heel kick from Lost for the win at 12:46. An enjoyable opener that kept a good pace and was fun to watch. Everything looked clean and the finishing stretch featured some nasty looking moves. As far as openers go, nothing to complain about. ***

Match #2: Bryan Danielson vs. Chuck Taylor
Taylor offers a clean break and celebrates his sportsmanship. Danielson feigns weakness in a knucklelock but Taylor gets to the ropes and screams for a break. Danielson almost taps to another knucklelock but barely escapes in time. Danielson helps Taylor escape from the mat but dodges a dropkick. Taylor can't escape a headscissors so he goes to the ropes. Danielson has an easy time escaping a headscissors and giant swings Taylor. Taylor finds an opening by eye poking Danielson and he controls for awhile. Danielson gets fired up and comes back with some strikes. Danielson hits a corner dropkick and they trade pin attempts. Taylor connects with Sole Food but Danielson responds by kicking him to the outside. Taylor springboards back in with an armdrag and locks in a single leg boston crab. Danielson avoids an Awful Waffle and hits a leg lariat followed by Cattle Mutilation. Danielson transitions into MMA elbows then back to Cattle Mutilation for the victory at 17:38. The early comedy was fantastic. When Taylor started to get serious, I felt the match lulled for a bit. Also, while there were some nice exchanges down the stretch, I never thought Taylor had a chance except for the boston crab. Still an enjoyable match and a decent exhibition. **¾

Match #3: B-Boy vs. Joey Ryan
Ryan tries a forearm and B-Boy shows him how its done. Ryan catches B-Boy with a german suplex and a dropkick. B-Boy hits an ace crusher followed by a sick enzuigiri and rolling fisherman buster. Ryan comes back with a spinebuster but can't land a Pedigree. Ryan does hit a spear and a powerbomb for a two count. He follows with a pumphandle exploder suplex but is met with a slap. Ryan answers with a superkick but runs into another slap. B-Boy hits an overhead suplex into the turnbuckles followed by a death valley driver into the turnbuckles. Ryan goes low and hits the Mustache Ride for a nearfall. B-Boy answers with a shining wizard and a PILEDRIVER ON THE RING APRON! Jesus. People come out to check on Ryan and the crowd chants for him. As Ryan is carried to the back, he suddenly returns to life and comes back into the ring to roll up B-Boy for the win at 12:21. They just went out there and threw bombs at each other, simple as that. While it doesn't necessarily make for a tremendous match, it was fun to watch. I love the finish when it's used every once and awhile as well. **½

Match #4: Kenny Omega vs. Davey Richards
In a cool nod to BOLA 2008, Richards tries to irish whip Omega, but Omega purposely stops himself from hitting the ropes. They trade pin attempts and Omega baseball slides under the ropes to avoid them on an irish whip. Richards runs the ropes to show Omega that they are safe. Omega trips Richards up and lands a dive to the outside. Back in, he follows with a flying crossbody. Richards catches Omega with a spin kick and takes over with some more kicks. Omega uses his agility to make a comeback. He lands a missile dropkick and the Kotaro Krusher. Richards doesn't fall for the stop enzuigiri but Omega regroups with a hurricanrana and a dragon suplex. The Hadouken gets a nearfall. Richards hits a top rope german suplex on Omega followed by a kick into the corner for a two count. Richards misses a shooting star press and Omega hits another Hadouken. Richards connects with the Alarm Clock but Omega responds with a reverse hurricanrana followed by Croyt's Wrath for the victory at 16:40. Great contest that further cemented Omega as a regular in PWG. They played around with the ropes breaking in a fun way and the finishing stretch had some incredible exchanges and moves. Surprising that Omega went over, but I'm glad he did. ***½

Match #5: Sonjay Dutt vs. Roderick Strong
They wrestle to a standoff. Dutt uses his quickness to send Strong to the outside. Strong catches Dutt off of a moonsault attempt and rams him into the ring apron. Back in, Strong starts to work over the back and midsection of Dutt. Strong wins a chop battle and hits a backbreaker. Dutt lands deja vu and follows with a springboard moonsault to the outside. Back in, Strong catches Dutt with another backbreaker and hits a slingshot falcon arrow. Dutt connects with some kicks and lands a lionsault. Strong answers with another backbreaker and locks in the Stronghold. He follows with a gutbuster but a Tiger Driver attempt is countered into a rollup. Dutt hits a superkick followed by a standing sliced bread #2 and a 450 splash for the win at 11:00. This was a fine exhibition for Dutt that was held back by some sloppiness. Strong provided a solid base for Dutt to show off his agile moveset and Dutt used his flashiness to hide some of his off moments. I may not like this as much as others, but I think they have a better match in them. **½

Match #6: Tyler Black vs. El Generico
Generico wins an exchange, which is a good omen for his new tights. Black gets frustrated and refuses a handshake. Black lands a stomp to the head but Generico responds with punches in the corner and a leg lariat. Black dumps Generico to the outside and slams him into the ring apron. Generico fires back with a back body drop and a flying hurricanrana which sends Black to the floor. Generico follows out with a tope to the outside. Back in, Black blocks a yakuza kick and hits a neckbreaker. Generico ducks a springboard clothesline and hits a michinoku driver. Black misses a lionsault and Generico plants him with a half nelson suplex. Black responds with a pele kick and Paroxysm for a two count. He blocks another yakuza kick and hits the bucklebomb followed by a superkick for a nearfall. Generico hits a yakuza kick and follows with a brainbuster for the victory at 13:40. Black heeling it up was a nice touch, as the crowd was really behind Generico. I feel like I'm repeating myself, but the finishing stretch featured some crazy action. Even before then, these two clicked well and put on a nice sampling of what they can do together. ***¼

Match #7: PWG World Title: Chris Hero vs. Austin Aries
Aries shows off his mat skills and starts stalking Candice LeRae, which everyone should know is a bad idea by now. Aries seems more concerned about showing off while Hero is taking the match more seriously. Aries escapes a headscissors but can't follow up with a dropkick. Aries actually lands a roaring elbow, which fires Hero up. Aries does whatever he can to dodge Hero's elbows, but Hero catches him with a baseball slide and takes over. Aries skins the cat but gets met with a roaring elbow when he comes up. They brawl on the outside. Hero misses a roaring elbow and connects with the ringpost, which just looked brutal. Aries takes advantage by working over Hero's right arm back in the ring. Funny spot as Aries takes entirely too long on a powerdrive elbow attempt. Hero hits a blockbuster, some kicks, and a rolling neckbreaker. He follows with a powerdrive senton. Aries tries a corner dropkick but is met with a yakuza kick. Hero connects with a roaring elbow followed by a powerbomb for a two count. Aries catches Hero in the Last Chancery. He hits a corner dropkick and kisses LeRae. She slaps him, so Aries hits her with a roaring elbow. Hero stops a dive with an elbow and hits another one back in the ring to retain his title at 19:07. They worked in some cool psychology with Aries copying the roaring elbow and working over Hero's arm. I would have liked to see Hero not go back to the elbows after the body part work although I did like that they kept the idea of Aries' lack of focus going to the point where it cost him the match. Good title defense. ***

Joey Ryan is in the ring dressed as Paul London. Ryan says that the PWG fans won't make London happy. London thinks that WWE broke his spirit, but Ryan is going to break his body. London comes out to interrupt the segment. He runs down Ryan and says some incoherent lines.

Match #8: PWG World Tag Team Titles: Matt and Nick Jackson vs. Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley
Matt and Sabin wrestle to a standoff when both try dropkicks. Nick sends Shelley to the outside and follows with a moonsault. Sabin tries a dive but misses, allowing Nick to land a corkscrew dive onto the Motor City Machine Guns. The Young Bucks take turns working over Shelley's left arm. They continue with some double teams on Shelley until Sabin blind tags in. The Guns show off some double teams of their own. Matt gets worked over until he hits Sabin with a springboard ace crusher and makes the tag. Nick hits a flying crossbody on Sabin and catches Shelley with two dropkicks. He follows with a springboard facebuster on Sabin. The Guns hit a double team neckbreaker on Nick and dropkick Matt to the outside. They hit Nick with stereo kicks and follow with another double team for a two count. Matt hits a spear on Shelley followed by a frog splash from Nick. The Young Bucks can't hit More Bang For Your Buck. The Guns hit dropkicks on Matt in the corner and a double team sliced bread #2 for a nearfall. Sabin sends Nick to the outside and follows with a dive. The Guns hit a doomsday dropkick on Matt followed by a Cradle Shock from Sabin for a two count. Nick catches Sabin and Shelley with superkicks. The Young Bucks hit More Bang For Your Buck on Shelley to retain their titles at 14:49. The last five minutes were incredible wall to wall action. A huge aspect of tag team wrestling are double teams and this match featured some of the crispest double teams you'll see. The whole match clicked and it's pretty easy to tell that these are two of the best tag teams going today. I could say that fifteen minutes wasn't enough time, but they packed in enough action to fill a twenty-five minute match. ****

The 411: Ninety-Nine features the one thing I like most in shows, consistency. From start to finish there is not one match that is not worth watching at least once. An engaging opener is followed by some good comedy with Danielson and Taylor. Omega has a breakthrough performance while Generico and Black put on a solid exhibition. Hero and Aries have a worthwhile title match while the main event is something special. Even the two matches I've left out are enjoyable. There's nothing to dislike here and that earns a high recommendation.
411 Elite Award
Final Score:  8.5   [ Very Good ]  legend


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