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CHIKARA Review: Throwing Life's Instructions Away
Posted by Kevin Ford on 01.18.2010

Easton, PA – 11.21.2009

CHIKARA returns to Easton, PA with “Throwing Life’s Instructions Away”, the first of two nights to end the eighth CHIKARA season. One man’s career ends tonight, as former tag team partners Hydra and Tim Donst square off one-on-one in a “Loser Leaves CHIKARA” match. For the first time ever, three of the main CHIKARA trainers, Mike Quackenbush, Jorge Rivera, and Claudio Castagnoli, will team up to take on CHIKARA’s evil-doers, The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple. In our main event, long time rivals come to ahead as Jigsaw takes on Gran Akuma.

Commentary is provided by Leonard F. Chikarason, Louden Noxious, Bryce Remsburg, Ultramantis Black, and Mike Quackenbush.

Louden Noxious sings a song about wrasslin’ to open the show.

Hallowicked vs. Ophidian

Match starts with a lock up and an exchange of wrist and headlocks. Ophidian prawn holds Hallowicked for a quick two. They lock fingers and go chest-to-chest. Hallowicked bends Ophidian down, but Ophidian comes back and bends Hallowicked down. Wicked rolls Ophidian down into a headlock on the mat. Ophidian twists the wrist and armdrags Wicked down. Hallowicked rolls back and armdrags Ophidian down into a stretch. Hallowicked crucifix pins Ophidian for two. Ophidian rolls back into a hammerlock into a half nelson stretch. Hallowicked rolls up and takes Ophidian down by his wrist. Ophidian nips up and takes Hallowicked out by his leg. After some back and forth, Ophidian takes out Wicked’s leg again and goes up top. Wicked evades a cross body and La Magistral’s Ophidian for two. Hallowicked armdrags Ophidian into a half-nelson stretch. Ophidian elbows his way out and exchanges chops with Hallowicked. Ophidian uses the ropes to skin the cat into a headscissors on Hallowicked. Wicked comes right back with a clothesline however. Hallowicked pins Ophidian for two. Ophidian tries to come back, and Hallowicked shoves him down. Hallowicked tries a second La Magistral and again gets a two. Hallowicked suplexes Ophidian while locking his fingers. Hallowicked then turns into a straight-jacket choke. Ophidian breaks the hold and gives Wicked some shots. Hallowicked pushes Ophidian to the top rope and hits a super snapmare off the top rope for two. Wicked applies a crossface into a headlock. Ophidian brings both men up and exchanges shots with Hallowicked. Wicked throws a Yakuza kick while Ophidian throws a standing spinwheel kick, knocking both men down. Ophidian ducks a second Yakuza kick and backslides Hallowicked for two. Ophidian takes Hallowicked over with a Japanese armdrag then a headscissors into an armdrag. Ophidian takes over Hallowicked with a Perfectplex for two. Ophidian charges at Wicked and eats an elbow. Ophidian skins the cat again, but Hallowicked pops him up and hits a Go Too Sleepy Hollow! Hallowicked rolls up Ophidian with a small package for two. Wicked pops up Ophidian for the Rydeen Bomb, and Ophidian comes down with double knees to the chest of Hallowicked. Ophidian wraps on the Ophidian Death Grip. Hallowicked crushes Ophidian in the corner multiple times to escape. Hallowicked and Ophidian roll through a series of wheelbarrows and Ophidian reapplies the Death Grip. Hallowicked runs Ophidian head first into the corner. Hallowicked hits a step-up Frankensteiner then wheelbarrows into a prawn hold for two. Ophidian runs top and moonsaults into a reverse prawn hold! That’s all it takes for Ophidian to get the pin in 10:34 This was a good opening match that the Easton crowd was very much into. The ending was impressive, and both men looked real strong. **1/2

The Future Is Now (Lince Dorado & Helios) vs. The Badd Boys (Brad & Chad)

The Badd Boys attack before the bell, taking care of Helios and Lince on the outside of the ring. The bell rings with The Badd’s double teaming Lince. Lince ducks a double clothesline and comes back with a springboard crossbody. Lince then gets popped up by Brad and dropkicks Chad. Brad throws Lince to the ropes and takes him out with a clothesline. Helios comes in with double knees to Brad and sends Chad to the corner with a headscissors. The Badd’s catch Helios out of the corner and hit a dual Alabama Slam. The Badd’s cut off Helios from Lince and beat him down. Helios fights back by evading two attacks and tagging in Lince. Lince and Helios each take a Badd to fight, and the Badds each get sent to the floor with hurricanrana’s over the top rope. Lince and Helios each hit a Sasuke Special on either Badd! Chad and Helios end up in the ring, and Lince comes in to hit a tandem Hero’s Welcome and facebuster on Chad. Lince puts Helios on his shoulders. Helios hops off his shoulders then off the top rope with a moonsault! Lince hits a Lynxsault for a two on Chad. Brad tosses Lince to the floor, and Helios takes him out with a leg lariat. Helios puts Chad on top and follows. Chad punches Helios putting him on the top rope. The Badd’s try a Doomsday Device and Helios works out of it. The Badd’s hit the Badd Move (Demolition Decapitation) on Helios to score the win in 5:00. This was a super hot, fast-paced tag that surprised me and the crowd. Not that anyone expected it to be bad, but it came out of nowhere. I very much approve of matches like this. **1/4, and would’ve been higher with more time.

Carpenter Ant vs. Amasis

Both men lock up with both of men exchanging hammerlocks. Amasis gets sent to the apron and hops back in with an armdrag. Amasis trips Carpenter, flips over Carpenter, then springboards into an alita. Carpenter Ant elbows Amasis in the face then takes Amasis over with a headscissors. Both men hit double dropkicks then come up in a dead heat. Carpenter pops Amasis to the ropes and kicks him in the stomach. Amasis sends Carpenter to the ropes and Amasis comes off with a springboard shoulder tackle. Amasis hops off the ropes and Carpenter Ant catches Amasis with a strike. Carpenter picks up Amasis by his mask and snapmares him over. Carpenter kicks Amasis in the neck then his face. Carpenter drills Amasis in the corner with strikes. The referee tries to stop Carpenter, and Carpenter shows some attitude with a small shove. Carpenter takes Amasis to another corner and kicks away at him. The referee breaks him away at the count of five and gets in Carpenter’s face. Carpenter tosses Amasis off the ropes and Amasis hits a leg lariat. Amasis lands an elbow and a shoulder tackle as well. Amasis goes up top and gets crotched by Carpenter. Carpenter kicks away at Amasis in the stomach in the corner. Carpenter doesn’t break at five, and the referee disqualifies Carpenter Ant at 4:27. I don’t like bullshit finishes, and this was no exception. I get that this was to set up Carpenter Ant the next night but it just didn’t make him come off as strong as it should have. It probably looked okay on paper, but wasn’t as effective in execution. 1/4*

Player Dos vs. Yujiro Kushida

Kushida was a regular in the now defunct HUSTLE promotion and is making his CHIKARA debut tonight. Kushida and Dos feel each other out in the beginning looking for the advantage. After a long sequence of exchanges, both men reach a stand still. Kushida takes Dos down by his legs and locks them on the mat. Kushida stretches Dos back with his knee digging in the small of Dos’ back. Kushida twists Dos’ arm and elbows him in the face. Dos tosses Kushida in the ropes. Kushida sends Dos to the apron, and Dos comes in with a sunset flip. Both get to their feet and after some attempts at offense reach another stand still. Kushida kicks Dos in the gut after teasing a handshake. Kushida locks Dos’ arm and falls back to hyperextend it. Kushida whips Dos to the corner and tries a butt-butt. Dos catches Kushida and hits a back suplex. Dos chopes Kushida on the ropes. Kushida hits a back handspring elbow and a standing moonsault for a two count. Kushida stomps Dos. Kushida gets tossed to the ropes, but knees Dos in the gut and seated dropkicks Dos right in the face. Kushida gets a chin lock and drops the knee and leg. Kushida picks up Dos. Dos fights up and hits the ropes. Kushida takes Dos down with a dropkick for two. Kushida picks up Dos and Dos knees him in the head. Dos takes down Kushida with a pair of clotheslines and spinwheel kick. Dos waistlocks Kushida and Kushida runs Dos face first to the turnbuckle. Kushida then tosses Dos shoulder first into the post and smacks Dos on the butt. Kushida makes a butt-fucking motion before pinning Dos for two. Kushida slams Dos then goes to the corner. Kushida comes out with a falling throat thrust for two. Kushida stretches out Dos’ shoulder as he stands above him. Dos fires up and Kushida throws him to the ropes. Dos comes off with a springboard moonsault and a rolling elbow. Dos hits a twist-out facebuster and Kushida goes to the floor. Dos hits the ropes and hits a tope onto Kushida! Dos brings Kushida back in and gets a tight pin for two. Dos picks up Kushida for a powerbomb, and Kushida fights out. Kushida sits on the top rope and chokes Dos with his (Kushida’s) belt. Kushida hopes off the top, throws the Japanese flag off his gear onto Dos’ face, and hits a a pair of hard kicks to Dos! Kushida heads up top and misses a moonsault. Dos turns a springboard elbow attempt to a German suplex. Dos hits a superkick and spins out Kushida into an X-Factor for two. Dos goes for a split-legged moonsault but Kushida gets his knees up. Kushida applies the tarantula with the Anaconda Vice in the ropes. Kushida kicks Dos in the head and brings Dos up top. Dos looks for the B13 and Kushida fights back. Kushida gets tossed backdropped off the top. Dos hits a big frog splash for the pin in 11:54. A great high-flying bout that strengthened Dos as Young Lions Cup champion and proved Kushida to be a hell of an import and worthy guest for CHIKARA. They pulled out the stops and impressed me and the fans. ***1/4

Claudio Castagnoli and The Masters of a Thousand Holds (Mike Quackenbush & Jorge “Skayde” Rivera) vs. The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple (Ultramantis Black, Delirious, & Crossbones)

Delirious and Skayde start with a lock up. Skayde takes Delirious down into a single crab then locks his knuckle. Skayde twists Delirious’ left arm. Skayde picks up Delirious in a fireman’s carry then drops him back into a half crab. Delirious and Skayde roll around looking for the pin or the advantage, with Skayde sending Delirious to the floor. Crossbones comes in and when Skayde drops down, he stomps on him. Crossbones ends Skayde to the ropes. Skayde slides out and Quack comes in with a crossbody. Quack shoulderblocks Crossbone to little affect. Quack hits a series of superkicks to Crossbones and Delirious comes in. Quack backdrops Delirious, sending him out. Mantis comes in and is caught with a spinning backbreaker. Claudio tags in and lands a backbreaker of his own on Mantis. Claudio eats a boot from Mantis, but Claudio comes out of the ropes with a spinwheel kick. Claudio takes over Mantis with a side headlock. Claudio attempts a pin for two. Claudio comes off with the ropes with a shoulderblock. Mantis looks for a leapfrog, and Claudio catches Mantis with a slam and a legdrop for two. Claudio tags in Skayde. Mantis takes Skayde back to the Order’s corner, where they double and triple team him. The Order traps Skayde in the ring until Skayde hits an Ace crusher on Delirious and tags in Quackenbush. Quack is taken down by Delirious and Mantis, but he fights right back against both men. Skayde comes back in and hits tandem armdrags on both men. Skayde then headscissors Delirious while armdragging Mantis. Skayde and Quack dive on Delirious and Mantis on the floor. Claudio and Crossbones trade shots in the ring. Crossbones hits the ropes but Claudio takes him down with a clothesline. Claudio picks up Crossbones and gives him the U.F.O! Crossbones goes to the floor, and Claudio follows with a pescado which he misses. The other four men end up in the ring. Delirious and Mantis throw Skayde to Quack. Skayde monkey flips Quack to Mantis. Skayde and Quack land tandem slams for two. Crossbones sends Quack to the ropes, and he comes with a springboard reverse cannonball. Quack hits a baseball slide on Crossbones, and follows out with double knees to the chest. Skayde misses a dropkick on Mantis. Mantis clotheslines Skayde. Delirious and Mantis whip Skayde off the ropes. Delirious drops Skayde on the ropes with a hot shot. Skayde however sends Delirious to the floor and locks Mantis in a full nelson. Claudio comes off the top with an elbow drop. Quack boots Mantis and looks for the Praying Mantis Bomb. Claudio catches Quack accidentally with a European uppercut and Mantis backslides Quack for the win in 13:20. The beginning and middle part of this match were very good, but when Quack’s team started making a comeback, things got very sloppy and awkward. I don’t know what happened, but things definitely did not come off well at the home stretch. Still, this was a good six man tag to lead into the following night. **3/4

The Throwbacks (Dasher Hatfield & Sugar Dunkerton) vs. F.I.S.T. (Icarus & Chuck Taylor)

Dasher and Chuck exchange wrist locks before Dasher gets a side headlock. Dasher knocks down Chuck, ducks a leapfrog, then armdrags Chuck a couple times. Dasher splashes Chuck in the corner. Chuck gets a headscissors and a pop-up slam before being cradled for two. Chuck slides to the floor which brings in Icarus. Sugar tags in as well. Icarus waist locks Sugar, but Sugar trips him down. Sugar runs sprints over Icarus’ back. Icarus throws Sugar to the corner. Sugar pops over and punches Icarus. Icarus hops over Sugar but gets caught in a Manhattan drop. Sugar elbows Icarus and pins him, but Chuck flies in to break up the count. Sugar sets Icarus in a tree of woe. Dasher touches the corners as bases and baseball slides into Icarus. Chuck pounces on Sugar and chokes him on the ropes. Icarus leaves to make Chuck legal. F.I.S.T. isolate Sugar for awhile until he is able to fight back against Icarus. Sugar German suplexes Chuck and tags in Dasher, who takes out both members of F.I.S.T with hard baseball related strikes. Dasher splashes both Chuck and Icarus in the corner. Dasher lands a powerslam on Chuck, and Icarus breaks up the pin. Dasher and Sugar land a sidewalk slam/legdrop combination for two. Chuck drags Sugar to the floor. Dasher winds up for a strike on Icarus, but Icarus turns him around. Dasher eats a kick from Chuck and a backcracker from Icarus. Sugar comes in where Chuck and Icarus hit the Death Valley Driver/double stomp combo on him for two. Dasher eats the Sole Food from Chuck. Chuck dives with a pescado to Sugar, and Sugar throws a basketball at Chuck! Icarus looks for the pedigree on Dasher, but Dasher schoolboys Icarus for the three count in 10:09. Another solid tag match between two teams, but I feel something was missing. The crowd was quiet at points which hurt it, but both teams were very solid. The right team won as well, in my opinion. **1/2

Loser Leaves CHIKARA
Hydra vs. Tim Donst

Both men stare down, and Donst pushes Hydra away at his face. Hydra chops Donst before taking the ropes. Hydra Thesz presses Don’t with some shots, and Donst rolls to the floor. Hydra follows and delivers more chops as they circle the ring. Hydra lands some Mongolian chops as well. Donst blocks a chop, kicks Hydra in the gut, then chops him. Donst sets up for a suplex on the floor, but Hydra floats over and pushes Donst face first in the corner. Donst stumbles back into a chair that Hydra places behind him. Hydra runs and kicks Donst right in the side of the head. Hydra tosses Donst pack in the ring and pins him for two. Donst gets up in the corner where Hydra again lays in chops. Donst comes out of the corner and eats a pair of clotheslines from Hydra. Donst drops the top rope, sending Hydra to the apron. Donst knees Hydra right between his shoulder blades sending Hydra to the floor. Donst comes out and works over Hydra’s back. Hydra blocks Donst’s shot into the apron, and throws Donst’s face into the apron. Donst cuts off Hydra from getting in the ring, and drops Hydra off the apron onto his knee for a backbreaker. Donst then slams Hydra right on the floor. Donst brings Hydra back in the ring for a two count. Donst delivers five consecutive gut wrench suplexes before pinning Hydra for two. Donst lifts Hydra up in a delayed vertical suplex and drops him for two. Donst stretches Hydra over his knees. Hydra flips off into a pin for two. Hydra hits the ropes and Donst takes him down with an STO for two. Donst runs Hydra into the corner and crotches him on the top rope. Donst runs with a elbow strike to Hydra’s pack and covers him deep for two. Donst tries ripping off Hydra’s muscle shirt until Bryce stops him. Donst laughs as Hydra tries to get the shirt back on. Donst picks up Hydra with a twisting neckbreaker, and another. Donst hooks the leg for two. Donst heads up top and turns his headgear. Donst goes for a flying headbutt, but Hydra moves. Hydra removes his muscle shirt himself and gives Donst a jaw breaker. Hydra headbutts Donst and ducks a clothesline. Hydra chokeslams Donst and Donst rolls to the floor. Hydra hits the ropes and dives out, but Donst catches Hydra and drops Hydra onto the floor. Donst rolls back in as the referee counts. Hydra makes it back into the ring just before the referee counts 20! Hydra and Donst trade blows with the fans firmly cheering Hydra. Hydra fires up after all of Donst’s shots and lays in hard elbows. Hydra hits the ropes and hits a jumping elbow. Donst and Hydra trade forearms. Donst catches Hydra with a blow to the back as he heads to the ropes. Donst panders the crowd, and Hydra applies the Hydralock! Donst however kicks between Hydra’s legs, and pins him for the win in 14:40. This was probably the best Hydra singles match his entire time in, and certainly he and Donst had a dramatic match with the fans going absolutely crazy for Hydra and were legitimately upset and angry that Donst had won. The match also showed new life for Donst, who is certainly entering a brand new chapter in CHIKARA. Hydra will certainly be missed by the CHIKARA beloved but at least he left on a good note. **3/4

Hydra had a chance to give a farewell speech after his match that was quite similar to another historic sports farewell…

The Colony (Fire Ant, Soldier Ant, & Green Ant) vs. The UnStable (Vin Gerard, STIGMA, & Colin Delaney)

The Colony now have entrance capes! Vin and Green Ant start. They circle each other, and Colin trips Green Ant and brings him outside. Fire Ant comes in and rolls around in a lock-up with Vin. Fire Ant takes down Vin with a series of armdrags and a fireman’s carry. Vin rolls up Fire Ant for two. Vin knees Fire Ant in the stomach and pushes him back to the corner. Fire Ant forearms Vin and tags in Soldier Ant. Soldier drops a headbutt on Vin for two after Fire Ant hits a fireman’s carry. Soldier grabs a wrist lock and twists Vin’s arm. Vin mocks Soldier Ant with a salute. Solider Ant trips Vin and knocks him down with a shoulder tackle when he gets up. Vin mocks Soldier with a salute, and gets slapped by Soldier Ant. Soldier lands a gut buster and a spinning salute forearm. STIGMA breaks up a pin attempt and locks Soldier Ant in a full nelson. STIGMA forearms Soldier Ant across the back and drops him in the corner of the UnStable. Soldier Ant chops Vin and Colin after STIGMA chops him. Soldier Ant then chops STIGMA in the corner, runs across the ring, and Fire Ant comes in with a crossbody. Fire Ant tempts Colin and Vin to come in and they take a crossbody from Green Ant. Vin and Colin reply by taking Fire and Soldier Ant to the floor, leaving Green Ant alone with STIGMA. The UnStable trap Green Ant in the ring, making frequent tags to maximize their efforts. Green Ant evades Colin Delaney and low-bridges Vin out of the ring. Green Ant kicks STIGMA away and tags in Soldier Ant. Soldier rocks Colin with some clotheslines and a shoulder tackle. Soldier Ant reverses the Future Endeavor into an electric chair flying mare. Soldier Ant dives out onto Colin, and Fire Ant nails Vin with an Antzugiri and a brainbuster. STIGMA comes in with shots to Fire Ant. Fire Ant lands the wheelbarrows stunner, and Green Ant comes in onto STIGMA as Fire Ant topes onto Colin! Green Ant locks STIGMA in the Texas Cloverleaf. STIGMA gets Green Ant with a jawbreaker and places him up top. STIGMA follows but Green Ant knocks him down with headbutts and a kick. Fire Ant and Soldier Ant climb up with him, and The Colony hit a triple dropkick off the middle rope onto STIGMA. They follow with the Ants Marching dropkick in the corner. The Colony all pin STIGMA, only for Colin to break it up. Vin comes in as well. Vin and Colin chop Fire Ant and Soldier Ant. The Colony do-si-do with Vin and Colin, and miss dives in the corner. All hell breaks loose with all six men fighting. STIGMA picks up Fire Ant in an electric chair. Colin hits the Twist of Fate on Soldier Ant, and Vin lands the Doomsday Device on Fire Ant. Vin locks the STF on Fire Ant. Green Ant comes off with a crossbody onto STIGMA. Colin picks up Green Ant, and Green Ant pushes Colin onto Vin. Green Ant and STIGMA remain in the ring with the others hitting the floor. STIGMA facewashes Green Ant in the corner, but misses the big kick. Green Ant splashes STIGMA, and STIGMA picks him up for the Stigmata. STIGMA lands it, and Soldier Ant flies in to break up the pin. Soldier Ant tries a German suplex but can’t get it. STIGMA tries himself but Soldier Ant holds onto the top rope. STIGMA dumps Soldier Ant to the floor, and Fire Ant flies in with the Heat of the Moment. Fire Ant prawn holds STIGMA for two. Fire Ant lands the Yahtzee Kick and STIGMA goes to the apron. Vin runs in with an STO for two on Fire Ant. Vin Gerard looks for the Northern Lights Bomb. Soldier comes in and he and Fire Ant hit a tandem reverse brainbuster! Colin breaks up the pin and slams Soldier Ant. Colin kicks Fire Ant, and Fire Ant sends Colin into the corner a couple times. Colin still lands a DDT. Soldier Ant tries a monkey flip which Colin resists. Soldier Ant monkey flips Colin into the corner. Soldier Ant picks up Colin and hits a reverse TKO for the pin in 15:00. A fun trios match, with the UnStable looking much better than usual. The Colony look strong going into their title match tonight, and Green Ant certainly looks like he’s improved since the last set of shows. ***

Jigsaw vs. Gran Akuma

Jigsaw starts of chopping the bajeesus out of Akuma. They trade hard kicks before Jigsaw trips and double stomps Akuma. Jigsaw dropkicks Akuma to the floor, then dives through the ropes right away. Jigsaw chops and kicks Akuma in the chest on the floor. Jigsaw throws Akuma in the ring and slingshots in with a legdrop for two. Akuma gets sent to the corner and takes an elbow and a high kick from Jigsaw. Jigsaw pins Akuma for two. Jigsaw sends Akuma to the corner again, and Akuma blocks the elbow. Akuma misses the Enzugiri. Jigsaw kicks at Akuma. Akuma grabs his leg, and get a dragonscrew leg whip in the ropes. Jigsaw falls to the floor, and Akuma kicks away at his leg. Back in the ring, Akuma goes back to work on the leg. First he kicks away at it, then stretches out the leg in the middle of the ring. Jigsaw turns a figure four leg lock in his favor and Akuma grabs the ropes. Jigsaw evades an attack from Akuma in the corner, and kicks Akuma to the floor. Jigsaw hops off the corner with a plancha. Jigsaw pushes Akuma back in the ring. Jigsaw heads up top and comes off with a dropkick for two. Jigsaw misses a superkick and Akuma picks him up for the Rubix Cube. Akuma picks up Jigsaw in a tombstone and changes into a lung blower! Akuma looks for the Yoshi Tonic which Jigsaw escapes. They go back and forth and Jigsaw drops Akuma with a Death Valley Bomb for two. Jigsaw calls for a brainbuster, which both men try and fail. Jigsaw stops a suplex and Akuma blocks a crucifix. Akuma hits an inverted Death Valley Driver, driving Jigsaw’s bad knees into the mat. Akuma lands the Yoshi Tonic and Jigsaw kicks out. Akuma goes up top for a moonsault, and Jigsaw stops him. Jigsaw goes up and is knocked down. Jigsaw facepalms Akuma and goes back up. Akuma looks for a super Rubix Cube, but Jigsaw twists into a super Frankensteiner for two! Akuma fights back with aggression in the corner with hard kicks and shots. Jigsaw cracks Akuma with a superkick which doesn’t effect Akuma. Jigsaw backslides Akuma for two, then rocks him with another superkick for another two. Jigsaw goes up top and Akuma shakes him to a crotched position. Akuma goes up. Jigsaw rolls through a suplex and places Akuma in the tree of woe. Jigsaw goes up top and hits a springboard dropkick from across the ring! Akuma grabs the bottom rope just in time. Akuma looks for a powerbomb and Jigsaw floats out. Jigsaw looks for a powerbomb and Akuma escapes. Akuma grabs Jigsaw’s leg, and flips with it so it slams against the mat. Akuma lands a top rope moonsault but only gets two. Jigsaw gets picked up from Akuma. Akuma and Jigsaw exchange kicks to the chest with neither man backing down. Akuma knocks down Jigsaw with a clothesline for two. Akuma places Jigsaw up top. Akuma sets up for the Yoshi Tonic up top. Jigsaw hits a scary looking Jig N’ Tonic from the ropes and gets the win in 15:54. Wow, that was a hell of a main event with both men putting on one of their best matches in CHIKARA, period. The crowd was also really into this match, between the great backstory and hard work from both guys. The ending was dramatic, impressive, and to my knowledge never before done in CHIKARA. A great way to end 2009 in Easton. ****

The 411: Throwing Life’s Instructions Away has a fantastic main event with every other match at least being good and worth watching. It’s a nice compendium to the Finale in Philadelphia, so you can see how things get set up. Recommended.
Final Score:  7.0   [ Good ]  legend


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