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411's International News Report #30
Posted by Evan Zivin on 11.25.2001

Brian Cole back here again with the 30th edition of 411's International News Report. Give credit to all the enws below to Zach Arnold of PuroresuPower.com and myself. PuroresuPower.com contains the tons of links to all the major and minor league promotions in Japan as well as the latest news & notes. This edition covers dozens of show results and tons more news.

- Don't forget December 2nd live on PPV that WKMedia will be presenting Japan Hardcore Wrestling hosted by Missy Hyatt & Joel Gertner. Should be a great show on In Demand PPV, don't miss it.

- www.WrestlinGods.com for all your wrestling video needs. Thousands of Wrestling tapes from all over the glove dating as far back as 1920 so be sure to check it out.

- This report is a huge one but before I get to the news I want to say hey to cult followers JDB, Drubabyz & Brizzay for the constant emails and convos we have about puroresu.

- Big ups to fellow 411ers Joshua Grut, PK, as well as Ken Anderson & Craig who seem to be late on their posts. :) Just playin' guyz...

- And now..........................to the news!!!

NEO (Ladies) ran their November 20th rally in Tokyo at Kitazawa Town Hall, claiming 200 paid. Results:

1. Yuka Nakamura defeated Tsubo Genjin in 9 minutes, 32 seconds with a school-boy.

2. Tanny Mouse & Yuki Miyazaki went to a no-contest in 8 minutes, 27 seconds with Acute Sae & Miss Cutie.

3. Yuka Shiina & Chapparita ASARI defeated Hiromi Yagi & Marcella in 13 minutes, 40 seconds when Shiina used a sleeper hold on Marcella for the win.

4. Tomoko Miyaguchi (Ran Yu Yu) defeated Yoshiko Tamura in 7 minutes, 24 seconds with an European Clutch.

5. Genki Misae defeated Mima Shimoda in 6 minutes, 13 seconds with a La Magistral cradle.

6. Kyoko Inoue & Lioness Asuka went to a 10-minute draw.


DDT ran their November 22nd rally in Shibuya, Tokyo at Club ATOM. Results:

1. Kyohei Mikami & Ken Ohka went to a 10-minute draw.

2. Sanshiro Takagi defeated Fake Sanshiro Takagi's brother (Big Mitsuwa)in 5 seconds with the Sanshiro Stunner 2000. Fake Takagi's brother is a heel referee in DDT that gave advantages to Fake Sanshiro Takagi when Fake faced the real Takagi at the last DDT show. Mitsuya replaced normal DDT babyface woman referee Grace Asano (who missed the show due to injury).

3. Showa & Showa 80s w/ Father of Showa went to a double count-out in 12 minutes, 20 seconds.

4. Tomohiro Ishii defeated White Crow in 8 minutes, 16 seconds with a brainbuster.

5. GENTARO, YOSHIYA, & TAKASHI (Takashi Sasaki) defeated Kyohei Mikami, Tanomusaku Toba, & Asian Cougar in 16 minutes, 5 seconds when Sasaki used a lariat on Toba for the win.

6. Poison Sawada & Hebikage defeated the teams of Super Uchu Power & Fake Sanshiro Takagi and Sanshiro Takagi & Tomohiko Hashimoto in 7 minutes, 39 seconds when Sawada used a La Magistral cradle on Uchu Power for the win.


Pro Wrestling NOAH ran their November 23rd rally in Fukuoka at the Western Japanese Exhibit Hall, claiming 1,600 paid. Results:

1. Tsuyoshi Kikuchi & Haruka Eigen defeated Rusher Kimura & Mitsuo Momota in 11 minutes, 50 seconds when Kikuchi used a Samson Clutch on Momota for the win.

2. Tatsuhito Takaiwa & Naohiro Hoshikawa defeated Satoru Asako & Masaji Aoyagi in 16 minutes, 5 seconds when Takaiwa used a lariat on Aoyagi for the win.

3. Michael Modest & Donovan Morgan defeated Naomichi Marufuji & KENTA (Kobayashi) in 13 minutes, 51 seconds when Modest used his "Reality Check" finisher on Kobayashi for the win.

4. Yoshihiro Takayama & Takao Omori defeated Richard Slinger & BJ Whitmer in 10 minutes, 42 seconds when Takayama used a high-angle German Suplex on Whitmer for the win.

5. Scorpio & Vader defeated Jun Izumida & Kishin Kawabata in 7 minutes, 2 seconds when Scorpio used a diving guillotine drop on Kawabata for the win.

6. Yoshinari Ogawa, Mitsuharu Misawa, & Naoki Sano defeated Akira Taue, Tamon Honda, & Masao Inoue in 20 minutes, 40 seconds when Ogawa used a back drop suplex hold on Inoue for the win.

7. Kentaro Shiga, Jun Akiyama, Akitoshi Saito, & Yoshinobu Kanemaru defeated Daisuke Ikeda, Takeshi Morishima, Takeshi Rikio, & Takasaki Sugiura in 21 minutes, 37 seconds when Shiga used a Samson Clutch on Sugiura for the win.

New Japan ran their November 23rd show at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, claiming 1,883 paid. Results:

1. Hiro Saito & Tatsutoshi Goto defeated Katsushi Takemura & Kenzo Suzuki in 9 minutes, 1 second when Saito used a diving senton on Takemura for the win.

2. Danny Devine defeated GOKU-DO (Pat Tanaka) in 6 minutes, 23 seconds with a double-arm screw suplex.

3. Yutaka Yoshie & Manabu Nakanishi defeated Dolgorsuren Serjudbee & Osamu Nishimura in 17 minutes, 31 seconds when Yoshie used a camel clutch on Serjudbee for the win.

4. In the Jr. Tag League, Gedoh & Jadoh (5 pts) defeated Kendo Ka Shin & Black Tiger (2 pts) in 9 minutes, 18 seconds by disqualification when Ka Shin got DQ'd for rule-breakings on Gedoh.

5. Kensuke Sasaki defeated Robbie Rage in 4 minutes, 23 seconds with reverse cross-arm scissors.

6. In the Jr. Tag League, Masahito Kakihara & Gran Naniwa (4 pts) defeated Minoru Tanaka & Masayuki Naruse (6 pts) in 15 minutes, 50 seconds when Kakihara used a "Kaki-Cutter" on Tanaka for the win.

7. Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Satoshi Kojima defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi & Yuji Nagata in 20 minutes, 7 seconds when Tenzan used a TTD (Tenzan Tombstone Driver) on Tanahashi for the win.

8. In the Jr. Tag League, Wataru Inoue & Katsuyori Shibata (2 pts) defeated Jushin Liger & El Samurai (5 pts) when Inoue used a "triangle lancer" finisher on Liger for the upset win.


Jd' ran their November 23rd show at Differ Ariake in Tokyo. Results:

1. Ran Maru defeated Obacchi Iizuka in 10 minutes, 13 seconds with a rolling savate kick.

2. Ayako Omori & Keiko Furuta defeated Chiaki Kashida & Teruko Kagawa in 7 minutes, 41 seconds when Koda used a small-package hold on Kashiwada for the win.

3. Chiaki Nishi & Chitose Yamamoto defeated Emi Tohjo & Mizuho Ishikawa in 8 minutes, 29 seconds when Nishi used a diving body press on Tohjo for the win.

4. In a 2-out-of-3-falls match, Hiromi Yagi/Hiroyo Mutoh/Haruka Matsuo/ARIYA (Aya Koyama) defeated Fang Suzuki/Sachie Abe/KAZUKI/MARU 2-falls-to-1.

- Mutoh over KAZUKI in 1 minute, 40 seconds with an avalanche-style brainbuster.
- Fang Suzuki defeated Mutoh in 15 minutes, 56 seconds by submission with a front neck-lock.
- Mutoh defeated Abe in 26 minutes, 48 seconds with the "M-Bomb."

5. In a 60-minute Iron Woman match for the Queen of Ring & AWF Double Titles, The Bloody defeated Sumie Sakai. Time of falls:

- Bloody over Sakai in 30 minutes, 25 seconds with a back fist punch.
- Bloody over Sakai in 31 minutes, 55 seconds with a counter.
- Sakai over Bloody in 41 minutes, 50 seconds with a diving senton.
- Bloody over Sakai in 45 minutes, 35 seconds with the Bloody EX submission hold.
- Sakai over Bloody in 47 minutes, 5 seconds.
- Sakai over Bloody in 47 minutes, 17 seconds with a hurricanrana.
- Sakai over Bloody in 49 minutes, 17 seconds with a fisherman's buster.
- Sakai over Bloody in 50 minutes, 45 seconds with a back-slide.
- Bloody over Sakai in 55 minutes, 25 seconds when Fang Suzuki gave Sakai a back-drop suplex.
- Bloody over Sakai in 59 minutes, 35 seconds with a back-fist punch.


FMW ran their November 23rd show at Yokohama Bunka Gym, claiming a worked 4,900 paid figure. Results:

1. "Samurai" San Paul defeated Chocoball Mukai in 6 minutes, 47 seconds with a camel-clutch hold.

2. Hisakatsu Ohya, Yoshito Sasaki, & Masato Sasaki (Yoshito's dad) defeated NOSAWA, Satoru Makita, & Managing Director Yoshida (heel boss character) in 8 minutes, 8 seconds when Yoshito used a German Suplex Hold on Makita for the win.

3. In the "lose by getting your dressed stripped, showing nudity" match, MAKIKO (Mr. Gannosuke's girlfriend) defeated Mirei in 2 minutes, 35 seconds. Afterwards, Gannosuke did the babyface deal and threw a towel over Mirei to not expose her.

4. Ricky Fuji wedding ceremony w/ Shinjuku Shark, Flying Kid Ichihara, Naohiko Yamazaki, Happy Ikeda, Yaz Urano, Masked Sumo (the fat ring announcer under a gimmick), Tomoya Adachi, Survival Tobita, Saitama Pro Wrestling Gorilla, & Mitsunobu Kikuzawa. This turned into a gimmick Battle Royal when Yamazaki started picking a fight with Fuji, and eventually Shinjuku Shark won the battle royal.

5. GOEMON & Onryo defeated Jimmy Snuka & Jason Ray in 5 minutes, 34 seconds when GOEMON used a senton bomb on Ray for the win. They marred the whole match by having heel manager Director Yoshida and his daughter feuding on opposite sides. His "daughter" turned heel on the foreigners and that led to the Yoshida "family" hugging each other.

6. Kyoko Inoue & Lioness Asuka defeated Mima Shimoda & Etsuko Mita in 15 minutes when Inoue rolled up Shimoda.

7. Mr. Gannosuke & Mammoth Sasaki defeated Biomonster DNA & Dr. Luther in 12 minutes, 56 seconds when Gannosuke used a Clutch on Luther for the win. They did an angle after the match where Gannosuke turned in his FMW tag belt.

8. In the WEW Singles Title Match, Kintaro Kanemura defeated The Great Sasuke in 15 minutes, 48 seconds with a Firethunder.

9. Gen'ichiro Tenryu (AJ booker) & Kodo Fuyuki (FMW booker) defeated Tetsuhiro Kuroda & Garuda (Tomokazu Morita) in 23 minutes, 33 seconds when Fuyuki used a lariat on Garuda for the win. Major blade jobs by those involved with Tenryu garbaging up the match on Kuroda with broken beer bottles. They did an angle after the match where Kanemura, Gannosuke, & Mammoth Sasaki ran into the ring to do a run-in.
http://oasis.csidenet.com/oasis-play/momo/photo/momo-07s.jpg - Momoe Nakanishi impersonates Takao Omori

http://oasis.csidenet.com/oasis-play/momo/index.html - Momoe Nananishi fan page (for those interested)

I want to start off this news update by asking everyone for information. I'm not exactly connected much in the joshi (women's) wrestling world in Japan, but I heard recently that Emi Motokawa had hernia surgery (she's been having problems with a hernia along with ruptured/deteriorating discs in her back) and that she still had not recovered a lot of feeling in her lower extremities. Does anyone know how Emi is doing and if she will be getting better any time soon? Also, any place to contact her or for people to send best wishes? It would be most appreciative.

There's a hilarious page in Japanese about RF Video, in which it talks about a single video costing 5,000 yen ($45) or two tapes costing 9,000 yen. Link is http://www.geocities.co.jp/Athlete-Olympia/3198/rf.html

GAEA Japan announced the card for their 12/15 Kawasaki City Gym show. Outside of the main event and match 5, this is not good. Line-up:

1. Akira Hokuto vs. Miho Wakizawa (I think this says it all)
2. Toshie Uematsu vs. Reiko Amano
3. Sakura Hirota & Tiger's Mask vs. Kaori Nakayama & Ebessan
4. Chigusa Nagayo & Kyoko Inoue vs. Dynamite Kansai & Toshiyo Yamada
5. KAORU & Mayumi Ozaki vs. Etsuko Mita & Mima Shimoda
6. Chikayo Nagashima vs. Aya Sakurai (being touted as Chigusa Nagayo's new Crush 2000 Jr. Heavyweight girl - debut match)
7. AAAW Singles Title Match: Aja Kong vs. Meiko Satomura


12/8 Miyagi, Zepp Sendai
- Chigusa Nagayo vs. Toshie Uematsu
- Sakura Hirota vs. KAORU
- Meiko Satomura vs. Dynamite Kansai
- Aja Kong vs. Toshiyo Yamada
- Akira Hokuto & Chikayo Nagashima vs. Mayumi Ozaki & KAORU

12/9 Niigata Phase
- Sakura Hirota vs. Akira Hokuto
- Toshiyo Yamada vs. KAORU
- Sakura Hirota vs. Toshie Uematsu
- Chigusa Nagayo vs. Mayumi Ozaki
- Aja Kong & Dynamite Kansai vs. Meiko Satomura & Chikayo Nagashima

At an autograph signing today at the All Japan Official Shop in Roppongi, Tokyo, Stan Hansen talked about all the teams in the 2001 Strongest/Real World Tag League. Hansen did a great job of putting over the teams and even figured out a way to sell Ron & Don Harris. Hansen said that a long time ago, two faceless wrestlers received a chance to be challengers in All Japan and they ended up being himself & Bruiser Brody. Hansen said that he likes the idea of fresh faces and that he remembered Kouki Kitahara's powerful kicks. Hansen also said that even though Kodo Fuyuki is an independent wrestler, that the Fuyuki/Tenryu team is a team compromising of "good veteran wrestlers." Hansen kept confusing the Japanese media by calling George Hines "Jackie" (reference to Jackie Fulton). Hansen said that Johnny Smith teaming with Yoji Anjoh isn't natural for him and that he (Smith) will have to figure out a way to control Yoji Anjoh.

Kendo Ka Shin vs. Shingo Koyatsu (K-1) has been booked for Antonio Inoki's 12/31 Saitama, Chiinama Super Arena show. Ka Shin will join the "Inoki Army." New Japan President Tatsumi Fujinami & Katsuji Nagashima (NJ planning director) will be in Santa Monica, CA. to deal with Antonio Inoki.

ARSION is looking for new girls and American/Mexican girls are welcome! The new project, starting on December 20th, will have future trainees (those selected anyways) train in Mexico and if they are good enough, they will make their debut at ARSION's 5th anniversary show in February of 2003. Here are the qualifications:

- Deadline is 12/20 for ARSION receiving letters, so you would want to send your letter/profile from America/Mexico by 12/3 to make sure it gets to gets to Japan in time.
- 155 cm. minimum (5'1-5'2" height), 50 kg weight (105 pounds)
- Resume (listing experience or qualifications plus sports/athletic background) along with medical history (insurance validation) & some photos (wrestling gear shots)

The address to send your packet to is:

ARSION Hyper Visual Fighting
c/o New Face Enlistment Clerk
3-6-24 Nishi-Gotanda Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Sun Heights 1004
There was an photo-op meeting today at Daily Sports newspaper in Tokyo w/ Ayako Hamada (ARSION's ace) & ARSION boss Hiroshi Ogawa. Ogawa announced that he would expand the promotion to run "two big shows" in 2002 and that he basically guaranteed co-promotion with GAEA-Japan & AJW, which shows a lack of vision because Ogawa & ARSION will never have any political leverage over those two groups. The idea of co-promotion will pop a couple of gates, but it's going to be damaging big-time.

At last count, Ticketmaster-J numbers showed that the advance for ARSION's 11/25 Tokyo Bay NK Hall show are slow at best. The best hope for the promotion is to draw a half-full house, or around 3,750 paid for the show.

Let's go through the matches and I'll write any observations I have...

1. Reina Takase vs. Kaori Yoneyama (JWP)
- I'd expect Takase to go over considering she's "ahead" of Yuu Yamagata on the ARSION roster and Yamagata had to put over Yoneyama.

2. baby A (Miho Watabe) & Chapparita ASARI vs. PIKO (Commando Bolshoi) & PIKA
- They are doing the gimmick that since all four girls are very small in height that it will be a faster-paced, more comedy-intensive match. Match could be good if Watabe & ASARI were paired opposite of each other, but it's not so this probably won't be so great. Watabe's developed into the best high-flyer that ARSION has.

3. New York American Aid Relief Charity Box match - Bionic J (Jessie Soto/Bennett) vs. Debbie Malenko
- I've got to believe that the Debbie Malenko booking is a booking that Sakie Hasegawa did. They are doing the "5-minute exhibition match" gimmick here, so no one will lose.

4. Ai Fujita vs. Tomoko Kuzumi (Azumi Hyuga)
- YOW. Two mega-babes going at it. Fujita's not that great of a wrestler in technique, but what she makes up for lack of technique is awesome ring speed. Tremendous charisma as well. Kuzumi's got a lot of her hands to try to carry this match, but could be easily the sleeper of the show. Fujita's very, very popular with the male-dominated ARSION audience and her merchandise tends to sell much better than Ayako Hamada's, so Fujita's push is coming real quick.

5. noki-A (Mika Akino) & Men's noki-A vs. Fabi Apache & Gran Apache
- A waste of booking for both Akino & Fabi Apache, as both girls can bring it and work a great singles match. Fabi's improved leaps and bounds, more than anyone in the last year for this group. Wonder who Men's noki-A will be... you got to think that Men's noki-A will be Ken'ichiro Arai under a gimmick.

6. Michiko Ohmukai vs. Sakie Hasegawa
- Hasegawa's coming out of retirement after 5 years for a "one-time only" match. She'll put Ohmukai over like a champ and it should be good. The word coming out of the re-training sessions for Hasegawa before the show were very good and Sakie, in all of the public photo-op sessions, has been doing heel overtones while Ohmukai is the big babyface. Should be real, real good with Hasegawa trying to get her "rolling savate" kick over. This match will either click or it won't - no middle ground, one extreme or the other. The promotion basically has given away the finish for this match, with the time limit being set to only 15 minutes. A draw is inevitable, but Ohmukai will be the big star coming out of this.

7. UWA Mexican Women's Titles Match - Mima Shimoda & Etsuko Mita (Champions) vs. Rie Tamada & GAMI
- An interesting match based on the fact that this will have some actual heat going into it. It could be a straight match, but it won't in all seriousness - which takes GAMI out of her element and will make Tamada have to carry the load on the babyface team for the death-match style. Won't be great but could be good. It will be good if they keep GAMI in the ring and not have her brawl outside of it.

8. Mariko Yoshida vs. Manami Toyota (AJW)
- Yow. Will be a good technical match but even that has some doubt because of the style clash. If Manami does her traditional bull-rush style right off the bat, then this will not make the fans happy. A lot of the ARSION fans lately have been complaining about the group going away from it's style. That's what happens when you bring outsiders into the promotion. I like Toyota and I think she's smarter as a worker now, but she lacks a lot of patience on the mat and Yoshida will either have to stiff her to cooperate or else all hell could break loose. You got to think that even though she's not the top heel in her promotion that Manami will go over, which makes no business for ARSION but what does any ways. The major problem going into this match is heat-wise, because both girls are heels albeit Yoshida is an awful one at that.

9. QOA Title Match: Ayako Hamada vs. Lioness Asuka
- This will be either good or great, but it won't be bad (thankfully). Hamada's got a lot to learn still, but Asuka should be able to reel in Ayako and bring the psychology. Unfortunately this is going to be garbaged up and Asuka will no doubt use the chain-choke gimmick because there are enough balconies in NK Hall to do it. Asuka will go over to keep heat on herself, but I dislike the idea of having the promotion's top title on a "freelancer." At least affiliate yourself with a promotion. If Asuka loses, then I don't see how she's going to be the promotion's booker much longer. If Hamada loses, it'll be easily justified by her age (20) and that she's "still learning." Asuka winning is the safe bet.

I knew I made typos in the Jd' results, but here are the results more clarified. Bloody had 6 falls to Sakai's 5 falls. The result listings:

- Bloody over Sakai in 30 minutes, 25 seconds with a back fist punch.
- Bloody over Sakai in 30 minutes, 50 seconds with a moonsault press.
- Bloody over Sakai in 31 minutes, 55 seconds with a counter.
- Sakai over Bloody in 41 minutes, 50 seconds with a diving senton.
- Bloody over Sakai in 45 minutes, 35 seconds with the Bloody EX for the give-up.
- Sakai defeated Bloody in 47 minutes, 5 seconds with a roll-up in the corner.
- Sakai defeated Bloody in 47 minutes, 17 seconds with a hurricanrana.
- Sakai over Bloody in 49 minutes, 17 seconds with a Fisherman's Buster.
- Sakai over Bloody in 50 minutes, 45 seconds with a back-slide.
- Bloody over Sakai in 55 minutes, 25 seconds when Fang Suzuki ran-in and gave Sakai a back-drop.
- Bloody over Sakai in 59 minutes, 35 seconds with a back fist punch.

Nikita Allanov of the NWA group out of Pittsburgh, PA. sent me word on the size of the "NWA Sportatorium" in Mckeesports, PA. This building has been talked about due to its size, and I figured that I'd post the quotes to clarify the situation.

"NWA East/PWX has made it's home in the Sportatorium since June 2001. The building is a "work in progress" to a large extent, as the building is being converted from a warehouse to an arena capable of handling high quality television tapings. The current seating configuration has a "sell out" of 200 seats. The building is capable of being configured to comfortably seat 700... without any further renovation to the building. The plan is to configure the seating differently on 12/15 than from how it is now set up, to allow more seating for the event."

All Japan ran their November 24th show at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, claiming 2,000 paid. Results:

1. Nobukazu Hirai defeated Tomoaki Honma in 9 minutes, 25 seconds with an uranage (Rock Bottom).

2. Masato Tanaka & Hideki Hosaka defeated Nobutaka Araya & Ryuji Hijikata in 16 minutes, 38 seconds when Tanaka used his Diamond Dust finisher on Hijikata for the win.

3. Vampiro & George Hines (2 pts) defeated Yoji Anjoh & Johnny Smith (0 pts) in 14 minutes, 55 seconds when Vampiro used his GBH (I think AJ meant GHB, the name of the date-rape drug... I don't know) finisher on Anjoh for the upset win.

4. Ron & Don Harris (2 pts) defeated Gen'ichiro Tenryu & Kodo Fuyuki (0 pts) in 5 minutes, 19 seconds when Ron used the horrific H-Bomb finisher from WCW on Fuyuki for the upset win.

5. Toshiaki Kawada & Mitsuya Nagai (2 pts) defeated Arashi & Kouki Kitahara (0 pts) in 13 minutes, 59 seconds when Nagai used a kick on Arashi for the win.

6. Keiji Mutoh & Taiyo Kea (2 pts) defeated Steve Williams & Mike Rotunda (0 pts) in 22 minutes, 22 seconds when Mutoh used a Shining Wizard on Rotunda for the win.


New Japan ran their November 24th show in Kanagawa at Fujisawa City Cultural Gym, claiming 3,000 paid. Results:

1. Robbie Rage defeated Katsushi Takemura in 7 minutes, 25 seconds with a shoulder-buster.

2. Tatsutoshi Goto, GOKU-DO, & Hiro Saito defeated Dolgorsuren Serjudbee, Hiroshi Tanahashi, & Osamu Nishimura in 15 minutes, 3 seconds when Goto used a back drop suplex on Serjudbee for the win.

3. In the Jr. Tag League, Kendo Ka Shin & Black Tiger (4 pts) defeated Masahito Kakihara & Gran Naniwa (4 pts) in 8 minutes, 5 seconds when Ka Shin used a cross-arm scissors hold on Naniwa for the win.

4. In the Jr. Tag League, Gedoh & Jadoh (7 pts) defeated Wataru Inoue & Katsuyori Shibata (2 pts) in 14 minutes, 25 seconds when Gedoh used a chair attack and Jadoh used a cross-face hold on Inoue for the referee stoppage.

5. In the Jr. Tag League, Jushin Liger & El Samurai (7 pts) defeated Masayuki Naruse & Minoru Tanaka (6 pts) in 16 minutes, 40 seconds when Liger used an avalanche-style brainbuster on Naruse for the win. That sets up Liger/Samurai vs. Jadoh/Gedoh for the Tag League finals tomorrow at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo.

6. Danny Devine & Kensuke Sasaki defeated Kenzo Suzuki & Manabu Nakanishi in 12 minutes, 26 seconds when Devine used a double-arm screw suplex on Suzuki for the win.

7. Satoshi Kojima & Hiroyoshi Tenzan defeated Yutaka Yoshie & Yuji Nagata in 18 minutes, 59 seconds when Kojima used a lariat on Yoshie for the win.

Pro Wrestling NOAH ran their November 25th show at Nagoya Aiichi Prefectural Gym, claiming 4,600 paid (half-full building). Results:

1. KENTA (Kobayashi), Mitsuo Momota, & Rusher Kimura defeated Kishin Kawabata, Makoto Hashi, & Haruka Eigen in 12 minutes, 9 seconds when Momota used an assist from Kobayashi (dropkick) to get the 3-count on Kawabata.

2. Kentaro Shiga & Yoshinobu Kanemaru defeated BJ Whitmer & Donovan Morgan in 13 minutes, 54 seconds when Shiga used a cross-arm scissors hold on Whitmer for the submission.

3. Masao Inoue & Tamon Honda defeated Masaji Aoyagi & Daisuke Ikeda in 14 minutes, 26 seconds when Inoue used a Torture Rack on Aoyagi for the submission.

4. Naomichi Marufuji & Naoki Sano defeated Richard Slinger & Scorpio in 14 minutes, 32 seconds when Sano used a Northern Lights Bomb on Slinger for the win.

5. Jun Izumida & Akira Taue defeated Satoru Asako & Takao Omori in 11 minutes, 17 seconds when Izumida used a meteorite punch on Asako for the win.

6. Yoshihiro Takayama defeated Takashi Sugiura in 7 minutes, 55 seconds with a high-angle German Suplex hold.

7. Mitsuharu Misawa & Yoshinari Ogawa defeated Takeshi Rikio & Takeshi Morishima in 14 minutes, 6 seconds when Misawa used a running elbow smash on Rikio for the win.

8. In the GHC Jr. Title Match, Tatsuhito Takaiwa defeated Tsuyoshi Kikuchi in 20 minutes, 47 seconds when Takaiwa nailed Kikuchi with two death valley bombs, then a lariat, and then an avalanche-style DVB off the ropes for the win. This sets up Takaiwa to defend the GHC Jr. title against Naomichi Marufuji at the promotion's 12/9 Ariake Colosseum show in Tokyo.

9. Akitoshi Saito & Jun Akiyama defeated Michael Modest & Vader in 16 minutes, 35 seconds when Saito pinned Modest.


All Japan ran their November 25th show in Mie at Tsu Messe Wing, claiming 1,100 paid (half-full building). Results:

1. Hideki Hosaka defeated Tomoaki Honma in 11 minutes, 30 seconds with a building bomb.

2. George Hines & Vampiro defeated Masato Tanaka & Nobukazu Hirai in 15 minutes, 44 seconds when Hines used a Michinoku Driver on Hirai for the win.

3. In the Tag League, Ron & Don Harris (4 pts) defeated Yoji Anjoh & Johnny Smith (0 pts) in 11 minutes, 7 seconds when Ron Harris used an H-Bomb on Smith for the win.

4. Gen'ichiro Tenryu, Arashi, & Kouki Kitahara defeated Taiyo Kea, Nobutaka Araya, & Kazushi Miyamoto in 14 minutes, 35 seconds when Kitahara used a powerbomb on Miyamoto for the win.

5. In the Tag League, Mike Rotunda & Steve Williams (2 pts) defeated Toshiaki Kawada & Mitsuya Nagai (2 pts) in 18 minutes, 15 seconds when Rotunda used a Blockbuster Hold on Nagai for the win.


Jd' ran their November 25th show at Nagoya City Sports Center. Results:

1. Chiaki Nishi defeated MARU in 11 minutes, 14 seconds with a diving foot stomp.

2. Teruko Kagawa defeated Mizuho Ishikawa in 7 minutes, 21 seconds with a roll-up in the corner.

3. KAZUKI defeated Obacchi Iizuka in 13 minutes, 46 seconds with a Tiger Driver.

4. The Bloody & Sachie Abe defeated Chiaki Nishi & Haruka Matsuo in 14 minutes, 38 seconds when Abe used a Sky Canal Hold on Nishi for the win.

5. Fang Suzuki defeated Chitose Yamamoto in 11 minutes, 26 seconds with a back drop suplex.

6. In the TWF Women's Tag Title Match, Hiroyo Mutoh & Sumie Sakai defeated ARIYA (Aya Koyama) & Ran Maru in 23 minutes, 19 seconds when Mutoh used a brainbuster on Ran Maru for the win.


Big Japan ran their November 25th show at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, claiming 1,500 paid. Results:

1. Fantastik defeated Ryuji Ito in 13 minutes, 15 seconds with a stretch bomb.

2. Hiromi Yagi defeated Yagi in 9 minutes, 22 seconds with an arm-submission.

3. Hardcore Nick Gage & Trent Acid defeated Justice Pain & Ruckus in 12 minutes, 11 seconds when Acid used a nodowa-otoshi (choke-slam) on Pain for the win.

4. Kamikaze, Men's Teioh, & Shunme Matsuzaki defeated Daikokubo Benkei, Abdullah Kobayashi, & Naoki Numzawa in 14 minutes, 7 seconds when Teioh used a spinning toe-hold on Numazawa for the win.

5. Daisuke Sekimoto defeated Wifebeater in 8 minutes, 32 seconds with a lariat.

6. John Zandig defeated The Winger (substituting for Van Hammer) in 4 minutes, 20 seconds with a spiral bomb.

7. Jun Kasai & Bad Boy Hidoh defeated Shadow WX & Madman Pondo in 11 minutes, 56 seconds when Hidoh used a lariat on WX for the win.

The All Japan Women's group ran their November 23rd show in Nagano at Ueda City Gym, claiming 1,060 paid. Results:

1. Tomiko Yamane defeated Saki Maemura in 7 minutes, 10 seconds.

2. Chiemi Kitagami pinned Ryoko Sato in 7 minutes, 27 seconds.

3. Momoe Nakanishi & Miho Wakizawa defeated Kaoru Ito & Kayo Noumi in 21 minutes, 8 seconds when Nakanishi used a dragon suplex hold on Noumi for the win.

4. Kumiko Maekawa pinned Miyuki Fujii in 13 minutes, 24 seconds.

5. In the Tag League, Yumiko Hotta & Manami Toyota (6 pts) defeated Tomoko Watanabe & Nanae Takahashi (4 pts) in 19 minutes, 33 seconds when Hotta pinned Watanabe.


AJW ran their November 24th show in Chiba at Mitsu Town Gym, claiming 1,180 paid. Results:

1. Chiko Morii pinned Ryoko Sato in 9 minutes, 32 seconds.

2. Chiemi Kitagami pinned Tomiko Yamane in 9 minutes, 5 seconds.

3. Manami Toyota defeated Miyuki Fujii in 14 minutes, 20 seconds with a JOC Suplex Hold.

4. Yumiko Hotta defeated Tomoko Watanabe in 11 minutes, 35 seconds with a Pyramid Driver.

5. Kaoru Ito defeated Kumiko Maekawa in 16 minutes, 30 seconds with a diving foot stomp.

6. Momoe Nakanishi & Nanae Takahashi defeated Miho Wakizawa & Kayo Noumi in 23 minutes, 27 seconds when Takahashi used a Nana-Momo Star Dive on Noumi for the win.


New Japan Pro Wrestling ran their November 25th show at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, claiming 1,908 paid. Results:

1. GOKU-DO (Pat Tanaka) defeated Katsushi Takemura in 6 minutes, 14 seconds with the "complete shoot" finisher.

2. Kenzo Suzuki defeated Dolgorsuren Serjudbee in 9 minutes, 31 seconds with a spear.

3. Hiro Saito & Tatsutoshi Goto defeated Yutaka Yoshie & Robbie Rage in 11 minutes, 19 second when Goto used a back-drop suplex hold on Yoshie for the win.

4. Black Tiger & Kendo Ka Shin defeated Gran Naniwa & Masayuki Naruse in 7 minutes, 54 seconds when Tiger used a Death Valley Bomb on Naniwa for the win.

5. Masahito Kakihara & Minoru Tanaka defeated Katsuyori Shibata & Wataru Inoue in 12 minutes, 24 seconds when Kakihara used a "Kaki Cutter" into a cross-arm scissors hold on Shibata for the submission.

6. Danny Devine & Kensuke Sasaki defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi & Yuji Nagata in 12 minutes, 19 seconds when Devine used a double-arm screw suplex on Tanahashi for the win.

7. Manabu Nakanishi & Osamu Nishimura defeated Satoshi Kojima & Hiroyoshi Tenzan in 18 minutes, 59 seconds when Nakanishi used an arm-submission on Kojima for the win.

8. In the G-1 Jr. Tag League Finals, El Samurai & Jushin Liger defeated Jadoh & Gedoh in 21 minutes, 10 seconds when Samurai used a chicken-wing arm lock on Jadoh for the win.

WOW that was a long report. I hoipe you got your fills for a day or so. I'll be back soon wiht another International news report. Hopeyou had a great holiday & I'll see ya!

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