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WWE House Show Results 11.23.02 - Bangalore, India [RAW]
Posted by Ashish on 11.24.2002

Thanks to 411 reader KIDMANE (kashif) for sending in this report all the way from India!

We are live in Bangalore and the show begins at 7 P.M. sharp.

The Fink is in the house and the first match pits Rico against Jeff "freak" Hardy. Decent action to begin with and Jeff hits some good moves, whisper in the wind and all and finally picks up the win with the Swanton Bomb. The crowd comprising of people who are mostly watching the WWE for the first time and they are really hot.

They pop big time even for Al Snow and Dí Lo Brown. The match is a triple threat, Tommy Dreamer being the other participant. Some nice triple threat action back and forth Al Snow doing some good moves but finally Dreamer pins Dí Lo for the win.

The Hurricane gets a huge pop from the crowd and he eventually gets in the groove against the deranged Raven hitting all his signature moves and finally chokeslamming Raven for the 1-2-3.

Some mic time for the wrestlers finally as Christopher Nowinski picks up the mic. I have got to tell ya this guy is really good in getting heat. He has the crowd going for him by praising everything about Bangalore and then scoffs at them and says that would a Harvard graduate like really have any appreciation for a second grade third world country. He even goes on to say that it was much better when the Britsí were here. The crowd is really heated up and start a "Harvard Sucks" chant. As a result of this Goldust his opponent gets the biggest pop and an even bigger one when he pins Mr. Harvard.

Some tag team action now as Justin Credible and Steven Richards take on Spike and Bubba. Nice match with a good ending where Bubba and Spike both hit their finishers and the referee makes a double count.

I finally realized why The Nature Boy is what he is i.e. a living legend. As soon as his music hits the crowd starts the A-Ho chant. Ric Flair does a good job on the mic saying that he is used to addressing 50,000 people but this is just a make shift school boy cricket field. He goes on to say that how Triple h is injured and wont able to wrestle but is still man enough to walk down here. As Triple H starts speaking a huge HBK chant erupts and keeps getting stronger (some credit for which should go to yours truly), H can not stand this and does some good heel stuff. He says that just because HBK isnít here it doesnít mean that he is afraid of him or anybody and that includes Kane. A familiar music hits and the Big Red Machine comes out but before he can do anything the whole locker room comes out and there is a brawl between the Faces and the Heels, which ends with only the faces remaining in the ring.

Booker T is standing in the middle surrounded by all the faces who are down on their knees Booker style and are begging for a spinarooni. Booker says that he is gonna come back after a small interval kick some ass and give the people what they came to see. Booker beats Christian in a nice funny match (as we get to see a christarooni) but Christian finally gets his butt kicked by Booker. Test comes out but surprisingly he doesnít speak nor do they play up the "Testicles" card, RVD comes out to a huge pop and does his stuff on Test. He finally hits a very crappy Five Star (maybe still thinking of what he did to Triple H) on Test for the win and does a lot of showboating to the crowd, which is absolutely going MAD.

As Earl Hebner is coming out to referee the main event, he exchanges high fives with RVD. He enters the ring and gets totally carried away going on the ropes to do an R-V-D or whatever it was.

The main event is Kane taking on Chris Jericho who is accompanied by Christian. Both of them do a good job of pissing the crowd off by hugging and kissing each other in a way that would put Billy and Chuck to shame. Jericho and Kane do all their trademark stuff, Christian does all he can until he gets chokeslammed by the Big Red Machine. Jericho tries to use the tag belt but also gets the chokeslam treatment form Kane. Big pop from the crowd as Christian helps the King of the World out. Kane stands tall as the crowd cheers for him big time. The Bangalore crowd was really good as we had an opportunity to see some of the biggest Raw stars strut their stuff, the only regret being that HBK couldnít make it. If he had just flown down and made an appearance dancing and jumping all over the ring basically being the Showstoppa, it truly would have been a once in a life time experience.

The 411
Final Score:  0.0   [ Torture ]  legend


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