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NWA: TNA Xplosion Report 01.04.03
Posted by Ashish on 01.04.2003

NWA:TNA Xplosion Review For 1-4-03
By: Phillip McConnell NWA:TNA Correspondent

Hello, and Happy New Year. I hope everyone out there had a great Christmas
and New Years, I know I did. It’s been a few weeks but NWA:TNA returns to
Pay-Per-View this Wednesday, January 8th. It’s been a long last few weeks
but thankfully NWA:TNA got back into action today as Xplosion aired for the
first time since the Saturday before the last PPV. It’s a NFL playoff
Saturday today so lets get under way with this weeks NWA:TNA Xplosion

Show starts off with the usual opening montage. One thing I quickly noticed
was that the old NWA:TNA logo was still part of the opening. More on that

Chris Vaughn and Johnny Slaughter vs. David Young and Ace Steel
Action starts with Steel and Slaughter in the ring. They go through several
feeling out type moves before Slaughter hits a dropkick. Steel with a blind
tag to Young. Slaughter leapfrogs Steel and this nearly leads to Steel
running into Young but they both put on the breaks only to have Slaughter
dropkick Steel into Young. Vaughn tags in and hits a series of armdrags on
Young. This causes Young to forget just where he is in the ring and he
punches Steel by accident. Steel and Yong are now outside the ring and
arguing. Vaughn tried to take advantage of this but gets caught by Young
only to see Slaughter dive over the ropes onto all four men. Back in the
ring, Vaughn charges Young in the corner. Young gets hold of Vaughn, takes
him up for what looks like a powerbomb, but Steel comes off the top rope
with a clothesline while Young has him up in the air. Steel places Vaughn in
the corner as if going for Shattered Dreams but instead nails a vicious
dropkick to Vaughn in the chest. Steel presses Vaughn up over his head but
Vaughn twist down and hits a DDT. Slaughter tag in as does Young. Steel and
Vaughn spill over the top rope to the outside. Slaughter springboards off
the middle rope only to be caught by Young and absolutely destroyed with a
sick spinebuster. Young covers for the win. Steel and Young make a good team
and I would like to see both of them, either as a team or in singles
matches, on TNA PPV on a regular basis.
Winners, by pinfall, David Young and Ace Steel.

Commercial Break

Highlights of the Curt Hennig promo from 12-18-02, complete with Brock
Lesner comment. Vince Russo and the rest of Sports Entertainment Xtreme
(S.E.X) out to attack Hennig including newest members Lo-Ki, Christopher
Daniels, and Elix Skipper.

Next up is the promo from later on during the 12-18-02 PPV when Russo
introduces us to Ki, Daniels, and Skipper and tells why each has been away
and are now members of S.E.X. During the part where Russo says to Skipper
that he will not only line his pockets with money but get him laid twice a
day, the word “laid” was muted out.

Commercial Break

“Underwear Model” Eric Priest (www.theunderwearmodel.com) vs. Danny Dominion
Priest attacks Dominion to start. Crowd chants “put some pants on” at
Priest. Dominion knocks Priest out of the ring. Priest starts hitting on
Adara (great looking woman that came to the ring with Dominion, if I am
misspelling her name I apologize as the announcement by Borash was not very
clear for some reason). Dominion takes advantage of the distraction and hits
a suicide dive through the ropes into Priest on the floor. Back in the ring,
and Dominion off the top rope with a good looking crossbody. Action moves to
the corner. Priest goes for a monkeyflip but waits to long. Dominion holds
onto Priest and turns him around, sitting Priest on the top rope. Dominion
with a few shots to Priest then backs up, charges in and up the ropes and
hit a hurracanarana off the top for two. Both men back up and into the
corner. Dominion off the middle ropes but gets nailed with a sweet looking
spear that would have Edge and Goldberg impressed. Priest with a sidewalk
slam. Priest with some poses ala Rick Rude. Priest hits a full nelson slam.
Back up and Priest misses a charge into the corner. Dominion with a few
forearms then a alley-op on Priest. Back up and Priest hits a reverse DDT.
Priest up to the top rope but waits to long and gets crotched. Dominion up
top with Priest and goes for another ‘rana only to get powerbombed. Priest
goes to the outside to chase Adara. They get in the ring and Priest catches
Adara bouncing off the ropes but she spins herself to where she can DDT
Priest. Dominion picks up Priest as if going for a Razors Edge but instead
drops it down into a powerbomb. Move is called Dominions Deliverance and it
gets this win. Really good match with both guys looking really good in the
process. Both deserve a chance on PPV.
Winner, by pinfall, Danny Dominion

Commercial Break

Sonny Siaki/Jerry Lynn vid from the 12-18-02 PPV shown.

Highlights of Sonny Siaki defeating both EZ Money and Jerry Lynn to keep the
NWA:TNA X-Division Title from the 12-18-02 PPV shown. The Siakalypse Siaki
hit on Money during this match was perhaps the best one yet.

Clips of Vince Russo talking to Sonny Siaki and giving him the beautiful
Desire from the 12-18-02 PPV shown here including the part where Lynn
attacks Siaki only to get beat down by Siaki and Desire.

Commercial Break

Highlights of Vince Russo calling out Jeff Jarrett from the 12-18-02 PPV
shown here including Jarrett turning down Russo then attacking S.E.X. only
to get beat up.

Commercial Break

Highlights of the 3-Way tag team match with Americas’ Most Wanted (Chris
Harris and James Storm) vs. New Church (Slash and Brian Lee) vs. Ron and Don
Harris from the 12-18-02 PPV shown here. Percy Pringle was shown and
mentioned a lot during this segment. Also shown was Athena hitting a low
blow on of the Harris boys and then the Road Warriors (Hawk and Animal)
hitting the ringing and taking out both the New Church and Harris Brothers.

Highlights of the great 6-Man tag match between the Spanish Announce Team
(Jose and Joel Maximo and Amazing Red) vs. Lo-Ki, Christopher Daniels, and
Elix Skipper shown here. Awesome match, a must see.

Post match: all of S.E.X. seems ready to put to rest the S.A.T. only to have
Curt Hennig save the day. David Flair out and attacks Hennig. Jeff Jarrett
out to help Hennig but eventually gets put through a table by Skipper and
Daniels at the same time. Russo chopping down the NWA:TNA set is how the
show ends.

Closing Thoughts and comments:
Once again a great show this week. I know I am very happy to see the show
back. Don’t forget but NWA:TNA returns to PPV this Wednesday night at 8pm
eastern/ 7pm central.
Here is the card so far for the show:

NWA:TNA X-Division Title Match:
Sonny Siaki (champion) vs, Jason Cross (challenger)

Americas’ Most Wanted vs. New Church for the last time

Jeff Jarrett says he will get revenge on Vince Russo and S.E.X.

Plus AJ Styles and much, much more.

Also tonight in Nashville at the TNA Asylum it will be USA Championship
Wrestling. On the show will be all the top local talents headlined by the
likes of Chris Harris, James Storm, and in a Tennessee Street Fight it will
be April Pennington vs. Lolly Pop with Athena as the special guest ref.
That’s tonight at the TNA Asylum at 8pm

Once again I want to thank all of you for your continued support of
www.totalnonstop.com. More interviews and features coming soon as I have a
ton of interviews lined up for January. I hope everyone out there has a
great rest of the weekend and see you all late Wednesday/late Thursday with
the NWA:TNA Live Notes Report. As always…best wishes.

The 411
Final Score:  0.0   [ Torture ]  legend


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