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Guerrilla Reviewfare: PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2013 - Night 2
Posted by Jake St-Pierre on 10.20.2013

After a really good Night 1, I was very excited to see what PWG was going to do for Night 2. Last year's Night 2 was the second-best show of the year, so this year's edition has some lofty expectations to live up to.

We are TAPED from the American Legion in Reseda, CA.

Your hosts are Excalibur and co.

BOLA Quarterfinal Match: Drake Younger vs. Brian Cage
Brian Cage had a bizarre outing last night, as he was dropped on his head but still managed to get up and have a barnburner with Tommaso Ciampa. The Reseda crowd obviously appreciates that, but Drake Younger is probably the biggest face in PWG now. It's going to be an interesting dynamic.

Drake Younger starts off hot by dropkicking Cage out of the ring, and DIVING DOWN ON HIM WITH A MOONSAULT! Drake tries diving onto Cage with a crossbody from the apron, but Cage catches him and GORILLA PRESSES HIM ONTO A PILE OF CHAIRS! Cage follows up with a powerbomb into the ringpost! A lariat drops Drake on his head for a two count. Alabama Bomb gets another one for Mr. GMSI. Cage drops Drake on his head with a couple of Germans and drops him on his face with some Pumphandle thingy. Drake counters another one and hits a Death Valley Driver! Drake only gets two. CAGE DECAPITATES DRAKE WITH A DISCUS LARIAT! Drake barely kicks out. They head to the top rope, but Younger throws Cage off. Drake jumps down right into a suplex, but he counters with a small package to advance to the semifinals in 7 minutes. *** Perhaps a bit high for such a short match, but they packed a lot of really good stuff into that 7 minutes. It helps that Drake is always massively over, but they did a lot of good stuff here and didn't slow down. This was a fantastic way to kick off the show.

BOLA Quarterfinal Match: Johnny Gargano vs. Kevin Steen
Oh man, I'm salivating over this one. Gargano had a great match with Willie Mack last night, while Steen had it pretty easy with a comedy opener. I'm hoping this one is the former.

They start off trading some forearms. A GENERIC INDY STANDOFF!~! ensues, incredibly the first one all weekend. Steen blisters Gargano with some chops, but Johnny doesn't go down without a fight and nearly gets Garga-No Escape in. Gargano tries to slingshot in with a spear, but runs straight into a knee. Senton from Steen gets two, and now he's firmly in control. Gargano sends Steen outside and looks to do something from the apron, but he's tripped up. Gargano counters the Powerbomb on the apron and dives off of the apron with a somersault! Gargano slides back in the ring and dives for a Tope Suicida, but STEEN CATCHES HIM AND F-CINQ'S HIM IN THE RINGPOST! STEENTON BOMB! GARGANO KICKS OUT! Rolling enzuigiri scores on the mat for Gargano, and he counters a pop-up powerbomb into a Rana! STIFF ROUNDHOUSE KICK! STEEN KICKS OUT! CANNONBALL FROM ST BACK ACE CRUSHER FROMEEN! Gargano kicks out. GARGA-NO ESCAPE! Steen barely gets to the ropes. Gargano nearly Tornado DDT's Steen on the apron, but thankfully Steen sandbags it. Gargano knocks Kevin silly with forearms on the apron and SPEARS HIM THROUGH THE ROPES TO THE FLOOR!~! SLINGSHOT DDT SCORES IN THE RING! STEEN KICKS OUT! GARGA-NO ESCAPE! STEEN BARELY GETS TO THE ROPES! Gargano cracks Steen with a couple dropkicks in the corner and tries to lawndart him, but STEEN COUNTERS INTO A SICK SLEEPER SUPLEX! GARGANO KICKS OUT! Steen goes for the Package Piledriver, but Gargano counters and DROPS STEEN WITH A COUPLE SUPERKICKS! STEEN SPITS IN HIS FACE~! POPUP POWERBOMB FROM STEEN! PACKAGE PILEDRIVER COUNTERED INTO GARGA-NO ESCAPE~! That's it for Mr. Wrestling in 18 minutes. **** Match of the Weekend comfortably. I don't watch much EVOLVE or DGUSA, so I've never exactly been 'wowed' by Mr. Gargano. Not that I ever disliked him, I just hadn't seen enough of his singles stuff to have an educated opinion. If his matches with Shingo and co. are like this, hitch me to his bandwagon. This match was just pure excellence. Steen played the bruiser while he threw Johnny around, but Johnny's heart outmatched Steen's endurance. That's a simple story and I loved how they played it so subtly here. Is it a bit much for the second match on the card? Probably. Do I care? If the match is this good, not a damn bit. Awesome stuff.

BOLA Quarterfinal Match: Michael Elgin vs. Roderick Strong
These two had a pretty bad feud in ROH that left me hoping these two would be seperated forever, but I'm a little intrigued by a Strong/Elgin match in PWG. They never got the opportunity to have a really good match in ROH, so I'm hoping they get that here.

Clean breaks on both ends for a slow beginning. GENERIC INDY STANDOFF!~! of course, but not without Elgin showing some of his agility. Elgin catches a Roddy leapfrog and follows up with a nasty shoulderblock. It's a very boring first five minutes. Roddy unloads on Elgin with chops in the corner, but Elgin doesn't shy away and does a barrage of his own. Elgin catches Roddy off of a crossbody and turns it into a delayed vertical suplex! Roddy powers out at 2. Elgin takes control and does the Undertaker leg drop on the apron. Roddy counters a Black Hole Slam with a crucifix, but only gets 2. Deadlift German from Elgin gets a 2 count. Things head out to the apron, where Roddy drops Elgin on the ring apron for 2. Back Suplex gets Roddy another 2 count. Elgin scores with Air Raid Crash for a close 2 count, and a Hawaiian Smasher gets another nearfall. Superplex scores for Roddy, but he only gets 2 as well. Elgin DROPS Roddy with a lariat! Ouch. Hellevator scores for Elgin! Only 2. Elgin locks in the Crossface, but doesn't get anywhere with it. DEATH BY RODERICK! SICK KICK! ELGIN KICKS OUT! GIBSON DRIVER! ELGIN KICKS OUT AGAIN! STRONGHOLD! CROSSFACE FROM ELGIN! RODDY TAPS! Michael Elgin advances in 17 minutes. *** I was ready to shit all over this match until that last stretch began. They just didn't do anything of note and it seemed as though they were going through the motions at half-speed. I didn't sense any conviction in their moves, nor did I sense any urgency. The rating suffers mightily from that dire opening portion, but it wasn't all for naught. It isn't something I'll ever seek out again, but it was decent enough.

BOLA Quarterfinal Match: ACH vs. Kyle O'Reilly
ACH had an average encounter with a hurt Anthony Nese while Kyle O'Reilly had Night 1's best match with Trent Baretta. I'm expecting this to top it.

After some tentative chain stuff, ACH pops the crowd huge with his flips. O'Reilly gets sleazy and climbs over the ropes to top ACH's flips, which ACH takes offense to. Kyle goes for the cross armbreaker immediately, but ACH counters into a Giant Swing and a Texas Cloverleaf! Kyle puts on a Bow and Arrow, which ACH flips out of and puts in an armbar. Running Slap scores for O'Reilly, much to the delight of the crowd. O'Reilly sweeps ACH's leg out beautifully, propping his arm behind him. O'Reilly continues the great work on ACH's arm, hitting a snap suplex with ACH's arm again propped behind his back. We find ourselves outside, where O'Reilly keeps on that armwork. ACH comes back with a dropsault and a running lariat to a seated O'Reilly in the corner. ACH springs in with a nice Flatliner, but only gets 2. We head to the top, where KYLE HITS A SUPER ARMBREAKER! ARMBAR! COUNTERED INTO CROSSRHODES FROM ACH! NEARFALL! REGALPLEX FROM KYLE! NEARFALL! SLINGSHOT CUTTER FROM ACH! KICK OUT! ROLLING STRIKES EXCHANGED! STUNNER FROM ACH...INTO A REBOUND LARIAT FROM O'REILLY!~! CROSS ARMBREAKER! ACH COUNTERS INTO A CLOVERLEAF...O'REILLY COUNTERS INTO A SMALL PACKAGE FOR 2! PUNT TO THE FACE FROM ACH! SPIRIT BOMB COUNTERED INTO A FUCKING GUILLOTINE! ACH COUNTERS INTO THE BIG BANG ATTACK!~! Holy SHIT! NEARFALL! AIR JORDAN FROM ACH!~! DRAGONFLY...COUNTERED INTO A FUCKING TRIANGLE CHOKE!~! ACH TAPS! Kyle O'Reilly advances in the best match of the weekend at the 20 minute mark. ****1/4 Kyle O'Reilly is something else, and so is ACH. These two worked one of the best singles matches in PWG this year, with variety and psychology throughout. If you want awesome chain wrestling, this had it. If you want inhuman countering, here you go. ACH proved once and for all that he isn't just a spotmonkey, as his selling of the arm here was terrific. It's scary how young this guy is, and he's already this good. Kyle O'Reilly is no slouch either, and I'm elated to see him getting a big opportunity in PWG. I remember jumping on his bandwagon at Survival of the Fittest 2011 after his spectacular final with Michael Elgin, but falling off of it during the middle portion of 2012. I'm fully back on, and I don't see an end in sight. I can't harp enough on this match. Spectacular stuff.

B-Boy, Willie Mack, & Tommaso Ciampa vs. Best Friends (Joey Ryan, Trent?, & Chuck Taylor
It's no Team Statutory, but it'll do.

Old rivals B-Boy and Joey Ryan start, and Joey wastes no time getting sleazy. He takes a Chest Hair Toss for his troubles. It's a full moon in Reseda, as Joey Ryan waits but two shows to show his ass. Chuck Taylor tags in and attempts to do so with a chair in his tights, and when questioned, he asks, "How did that get there?" Willie Mack tags in now. Willie shows off his speed, but runs right into a belly-to-belly from Chuckie T. Trent jumps at the opportunity to face Tommaso Ciampa, but runs right into a boot. Trent comes right back with a hurricanrana, but EATS a lariat. CHIKARA makes a comeback for a second, as everybody ties each other up in one long headscissor. Willie finishes it off with a super Boston Crab. Chuck Taylor stomps a Kentucky Mudhole in everybody, but finds himself the recipient of multiple attacks in the corner from his opponents. Trent catches Tommaso with a tornado DDT off of B-Boy, but eats a pop-up elbow and a Superman punch from B-Boy. STRONG STYLE EYEPOKES!~! Rick Knox takes a poke to the eye! POKES TO THE EYE FROM EVERYBODY! This is like the Young Bucks superkick sequence, except with eyepokes. Chuck Taylor sticks a grenade down Tommaso's trunks and ATOMIC DROPS HIM! THE GRENADE EXPLODES! EVERYBODY'S DOWN! Anthony Nese substitutes as referee for Rick Knox, who was blown the fuck up. TOPE CON HILO FROM WILLIE MACK! Chuck Taylor tries to dive out himself, but hangs himself up something AWFUL. The fans ask if he's okay and Chuckie retorts with, "I am not in any way okay!" Everyone piles up outside and TRENT SUPERPLEXES TOMMASO ON TOP OF EVERYBODY OUTSIDE!~! I saw that in a Superstars six-man a couple years ago, one that Trent was in nonetheless. Still an incredible spot. Chuck Taylor is legitimately hurt. Willie goes for rolling Wastelands on Joey, but eats a superkick. Trent hits B-Boy with a Busaiku Knee and PLANTS HIM WITH A BACK PILEDRIVER! TOMMASO BREAKS IT UP AND HITS PROJECT CIAMPA! JOEY BREAKS IT UP! Tommaso heads outside with Joey, sets up a few chairs, and teases the powerbomb on the chairs! "That man has a family!" says Chuck Taylor. Brian Cage comes out, and Tommaso Ciampa LETS HIM POWERBOMB HIM THROUGH THE CHAIRS! CHUCK TAYLOR HITS B-BOY WITH THE AWFUL WAFFLE! That's it in an incredibly fun 17 minutes. ***1/2 In terms of pure entertainment, I enjoyed that a good bit more than Night 1's main event. They threw all seriousness out the window but still kept up a good pace, which resulted in some pretty smooth sequences. Tommaso letting Brian Cage powerbomb him was priceless, as was Rick Knox's epic ref bump off of the grenade. As far as I can think of, Chuck Taylor's whiff on the dive is the only thing that was went wrong here, but everything eventually turned out okay. This was a blast to watch from start to finish.

BOLA Semifinal Match: Johnny Gargano vs. Michael Elgin
This is the good shit, my friends...

They waste no time going straight at it, and Elgin goes straight for the vertical suplex. Gargano knees out of it and sends Elgin out of the ring, and follows up with three tope suicidas! Elgin plants Gargano with a sick side slam for 2. Elgin MURDERS Gargano with an Irish Whip into the corner, which basically amounts to half a Flair flip and a hard bump. Yikes. Elgin follows up with a freefall drop for two. Elgin hoists Gargano up for a Veritcal Suplex, and he SQUATS before he drops him down after a minute or so. Elgin connects hard with a dropkick, but Gargano catches him in the corner with some kind of Octopus Stretch in the ropes. Enzuigiri gets two for the whole Shabang. Elgin hits a Black Hole Slam for a close nearfall and follows it with the deadlift German, for another 2 count. They do the obligatory strike exchange in the middle of the ring, until Gargano builds up a head of steam with a barrage of forearms. Elgin dodges a lariat with his arm, bypasses Gargano a few times, and BLASTS him with a lariat for 2. BUCKLE BOMB...INTO A SUPERKICK! GARGA-NO ESCAPE! Elgin counters into a Fireman's Carry and climbs to the second rope, but Gargano elbows out. Gargano gets caught on a super rana, BUT POWERS THROUGH FOR ANOTHER ONE! NEARFALL! GARGA-NO ESCAPE! Elgin finds the ropes. Gargano finds himself out on the apron, and Elgin DEADLIFTS GARGANO UP FOR A SUPERPLEX! NEARFALL! BUCKLE BOMB! ELGIN BOMB...COUNTERED...NO, ELGIN ROLLS THROUGH FOR 2! Elgin looks for the super Elgin Bomb, but Gargano flips over, superkicks Elgin's knee out and NAILS SISTER ABIGAIL FROM THE SECOND ROPE! THEY DODGE EACH OTHER'S MOVES! CROSSFACE FROM ELGIN! GARGANO FINDS THE ROPES~! SUPERKICK FROM GARGANO! SUPERKICK FROM ELGIN! BICYCLE KICK! BACKFIST FROM HELL! BUCKLE BOMB! GARGANO ROLLS THROUGH WITH A JACK-KNIFE! BUZZSAW KICK SCORES!~! SUPER ELGIN BOMB~! Michael Elgin advances to the finals in 20 minutes. ****1/4 Another incredible match for this show. Michael Elgin is just a juggernaut. I don't think I've seen the guy have a bad match since I've started watching him. The guy is a star and deservedly so. Johnny Gargano is spectacular as well. He took so much punishment here that his comebacks meant something, and his energy really brought the crowd along with him. That's one of the reasons everybody loves guys like El Generico so much; their babyface energy. Sure, he's a heel in EVOLVE/DGUSA, but he's played a great face in this tournament. He has a good future in Reseda. For the match itself, there's not much else I can say other than I loved it. It differs from ACH/O'Reilly in such a way that I can't really compare them, but they're both incredible in their own ways. Really great stuff once again.

BOLA Semifinal Match: Drake Younger vs. Kyle O'Reilly
Oh boy, am I looking forward to this too. What a tournament.

Kyle dodges a chop early, leading into a GENERIC INDY STANDOFF!~! They trade forearms until Kyle hits the running slap. That pisses Drake off, so Drake DROPS HIM WITH A DISGUSTING PILEDRIVER! Drake does it his way, brawling with Kyle around the American Legion. Back to ringside, Kyle sets a pile of chairs on top of Drake AND DOES A TOPE ATOMICO ON TOP OF HIM FROM INSIDE THE RING~! Jesus. Drake takes control in the ring and hits Scoprion Death Drop for 2. He lays Kyle on some chairs, but MISSES A CANNONBALL INTO THE CHAIRS! KYLE GETS UP AND MISSILE DROPKICKS HIM THROUGH A CHAIR! Back in the ring, Drake counters a running elbow into a belly-to-belly, and FOLLOWS THROUGH WITH A MAGNUM DRIVER IN THE CORNER! Kyle meets Drake on the top rope and hits a back superplex! Regal Plex gets two and he locks in a triangle! Drake counters out. HALF NELSON SUPLEX...INTO A REBOUND LARIAT...COUNTERED BY DRAKE WITH AN ELBOW...INTO A REBOUND LARIAT THAT SCORES! O'Reilly puts in a Sharpshooter, but Drake gets out and HITS DRAKE'S LANDING! KYLE KICKS OUT~! TORNADO DDT FROM KYLE! GUILLOTINE! DRAKE PASSES OUT! Kyle O'Reilly advances to the finals in 14 minutes. ***3/4 There wasn't a slow spot in this match. No restholds, nothing. They went at it hard for 14 minutes and that's an accomplishment in and of itself. Drake Younger doesn't please everybody, but I appreciate him for what he is. He goes out there and tears the house down for the fans, even if it means he has to take some mean bumps along the way. That being said, Kyle O'Reilly is the MAN in this tournament. He may not have found some sort of elite personality like Adam Cole did last year, but he's showing why he's the future of independent wrestling. This was another excellent match in a long, long line of them for Night 2. I'm getting exhausted.

The Young Bucks & Adam Cole vs. AR Fox, Rich Swann, & Candice LeRae
This is certainly a different spot for Candice LeRae, but I'm all for seeing how good of a worker she really is. Plus, she's adorable. This show is ridiculous.

Matt starts off hot, but AR Fox drops him with a spinning brainbuster. Rich Swann comes in, but is quickly taken over by the Bucks. Adam Cole asks the crowd to stop singing "All Night Long", but since they don't oblige, he just leaves. His facial expressions are the best. He even tells Rick Knox to tell the crowd to shut up. Then he calls Candice a whore! HA! CANDICE JUMPS HIM! An awesome "Suck Her Dick" chant starts up as she drops the Champ with a reverse DDT. Cole pussies out and tags out to Nick. Nick BITCH-SLAPS HER! Adam Cole's selling of it is priceless. Candice SPIKES HIM ON HIS HEAD FOR REVENGE! That was just great. Swann and Fox do a double Rolling Thunder off the top rope. This action is getting too fast to keep up with, but it's awesome and already going better than the main event last night. Nick misses a Stinger Splash and EATS a spinning enzuigiri from Swann. Fox backflips on top of Matt outside the ring, setting Candice up for a dive...but Adam Cole comes in and levels her with a clothesline mid-stride. Candice plays Ricky Morton from there. Cole tries a Bronco Buster on Candice (ha!) but Candice boots Cole right in the dick! Superkick scores, and she gets the hot tag! DOUBLE BACK ACE CRUSHER FROM FOX! DOUBLE BACK HANDSPRING ACE CRUSHER FROM SWANN! Fox cracks Cole with an enzugiri, but runs right into a Nick Jackson back kick. Nick Jackson puts Fox on top, but FOX DIVES OUT WITH AN IMPLODING FRONT FLIP TO THE OUTSIDE ON COLE AND MATT! CANDICE MOONSAULTS OUT! FOX WITH A 450 ON NICK! NEARFALL! COLE TAKES FOX OUT AND WHEELBARROWS HIM ON THE APRON! NO HANDS PLANCHA ON RICH FROM NICK! SLICED BREAD AND TWO SHINING WIZARDS ON FOX! NEARFALL! Codebreaker scores for Fox on Matt, and Nick goes flying off the top rope after Matt runs into him. Swann misses a Frog Splash and tags Cole in, but Cole eats an enzuigiri! Candice comes in, and FOX DIVES OVER HER AND THE RINGPOST ON TOP OF THE BUCKS! CANDICE COMES OFF OF THE SECOND ROPE WITH A REVERSE RANA ON COLE! FROG SPLASH FROM SWANN! COLE KICKS OUT!~! CANDICE WALKS RIGHT INTO A SUPERKICK! Cole decides it's time for Candice to suck his dick, but CANDICE GRABS IT! THE YOUNG BUCKS TRY TO KICK HER BUT END UP HITTING COLE'S DICK! DOUBLE BALL-PLEX~! SHE DIVES OUT ONTO COLE WITH A TORNADO DDT! STEREO 450'S BY SWANN AND FOX! ANOTHER NEARFALL!~! Fox looks for Lo Mein Pain, but COLE FUCKING CATCHES HIM MID JUMP WITH A GERMAN!~! SWANN EATS PANAMA SUNRISE~! That leaves Candice all alone with the three heels, AND SHE EATS TRIPLE EARLY ONSET ALZHEIMER'S! EARLY ONSET ALZHEIMER'S INTO THE FLORIDA KEY! It's finally over in 21 incredible minutes. ****1/2 If Cole/Callihan from June didn't exist, this would be your PWG Match of the Year. Yes, I gave it the same rating as the six man tag from ASW Night 2, but I was entertained by this even more. This was just so amazing on so many different levels. They blended personality, drama, and insanity in one beautiful package and the end result was one of my favorite PWG matches of the last couple years or so. Candice played into this match so well that I'm surprised she hadn't been used like this sooner. Sure, she may not have the pure athleticism of a Rich Swann, but she has the timing to do things that garner the same type of reaction. The way she fit her spots in here was something I haven't seen done so well before. This stole the whole weekend in a rousing way, and I don't see anything else matching it for a while. Just incredible.

After the match, Cole & The Bucks give Candice a triple Tombstone! They leave to a chorus of boos.

BOLA Finals: Michael Elgin vs. Kyle O'Reilly
These two had one of the best finishing stretches of Survival of the Fittest two years ago, so I'm hoping this lives up to it. This has been a monstrous show thus far, and this could be the perfect way to cap it off.

It's a tentative start so far, neither guy willing to engage all the way. Elgin finally catches O'Reilly, but Kyle gets away before he really finds himself in trouble. Okay, nevermind, he catches him for real the next time. Kyle locks in the guillotine early, but Elgin counters effortlessly with a suplex. Elgin plants Kyle with a Hellevator for 2. Elgin finds himself on the apron and NEARLY sunset powerbombed on the dead zone. Instead, Kyle back suplexes him on it! Back in the ring, Elgin hits the corkscrew somersault right into a crossface! Kyle COUNTERS A DEADLIFT SUPERPLEX INTO A TRIANGLE! ELGIN COUNTERS INTO A SUPERBOMB~! Kyle kicks out. Elgin hits the Buckle Bomb, but O'Reilly COUNTERS THE ELGIN BOMB INTO A DRAGON SUPLEX! REGALPLEX! Kyle only gets 2. Kyle puts in the Triangle. Elgin just batters O'Reilly to try and escape, and he eventually does. Kyle kicks him, and Elgin ain't happy. Elgin CHALLENGES Kyle's kicks, and Kyle does the same for Elgin's chops. The sweat goes flying off of O'Reilly's chest. They trade forearms in the center of the ring, and ELGIN BRAINS KYLE WITH A BACKFIST! GERMAN SUPLEX...INTO A REBOUND LARIAT...BUT NO, ELGIN HITS A LARIAT OF HIS OWN~! KYLE KICKS OUT AT ONE!~! ELGIN DECAPTITATES HIM WITH ANOTHER LARIAT! ST-Joe from Elgin, and HE KNOCKS KYLE'S MOUTHPIECE OUT WITH A BICYCLE KICK! CRUCIFIX BOMB FROM O'REILLY! TORNADO DDT INTO A BRAINBUSTER! CROSS ARMBREAKER! TRIANGLE! ELGIN HITS AN ELGIN BOMB OUT OF IT...BUT KYLE KEEPS IT ON! ELGIN TAPS!~! Kyle O'Reilly wins BOLA in 15 minutes. Wow. **** That was one of the best matches you could have had under those circumstances. For two wrestlers who had two grueling matches before this, this was incredible. Kyle O'Reilly absolutely deserves this BOLA win and I can't wait to see how he capitalizes on it. Michael Elgin may have not been the BOLA MVP like he was last year, but damn, he played his part so well in this match. I don't know what to say other than bravo and congrats to Kyle O'Reilly on a well-deserved win. Awesome stuff.

Adam Cole comes out to passive-aggressively congratulate his former partner. You knew this was coming. Cole calls Kyle the "second-best member of Future Shock." KYLE ROUNDHOUSES COLE! The Young Bucks come out and stop things before they get any worse. HERE COMES CANDICE! She doesn't have a chance, so Kyle tries to protect her to no avail. Joey Ryan of all people comes out clapping. He takes the mic and says "Nobody appreciates a heel faction like I do, but guys, one thing; nobody beats this girl up but me." JOEY SUPERKICKS COLE! EARLY ONSET ALZHEIMER'S ON JOEY! HERE COMES RICK KNOX AND KEVIN STEEN! KEVIN STEEN PACKAGE PILEDRIVES RICK KNOX!~! HE HUGS COLE AND THE BUCKS! PACKAGE PILEDRIVER ON CANDICE! Holy shit. The roster clears the ring, but they were a little late. So I avoided spoilers going into BOLA, and THIS happens? Goddamn, man. That's a close second to Super Dragon's return as the best show-closers in PWG history.

Kyle finally gets the mic and says "I won't let those fucking dickheads ruin my celebration." Kyle thanks the crowd and the wrestlers as we end scene. Wowzers.

The 411: I might have to think about it for a while, but this is indeed one of the very best shows Pro Wrestling Guerrilla has ever held. It had the perfect blend of comedy, brawling, insane spotfests, and storyline. That is the definition of a perfect show to me. A few matches could have been better (especially Strong/Elgin) but everything ranged from pretty good (at the very least) to MOTYC. It was 3 hours of near perfection. If you're so tight on money that you can only afford two PWG shows this year, make it BOLA 2013. You won't regret it.
411 Elite Award
Final Score:  10.0   [ Virtually Perfect ]  legend


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