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From The Shelf- DGUSA Mercury Rising 2011
Posted by Dylan Diot on 12.06.2013

DGUSA Mercury Rising 2011
Atlanta, GA

Your hosts are Lenny Leonard and Leonard F. Chikarason.

Arik Cannon vs. Jon Moxley w/Trina Michaels and Val Malone
Moxley attacks Cannon from behind to start and he chokes Cannon with his shirt. Cannon comes back with chops and he hits a back drop to Moxley. Moxley chokes away on Cannon and Cannon comes back with an enzuigiri for 2. Cannon backdrops Moxley to the floor and Trina grabs his leg before he can dive. Cannon grabs Trina but Moxley nails him from behind and hits a DDT for 2. Moxley hits some punches in the corner but Cannon comes out with a reverse atomic drop. Moxley rakes the eyes of Cannon and he slams Cannon for 2. Jawbreaker by Cannon and he hits some chops. Sleeper by Moxley but Cannonís arm goes down twice before he fights out of the hold. They trade forearms and Cannon hits a swinging neckbreaker taking both men down. Chops by Cannon and he cleans house. Back elbow by Cannon and he charges in the corner but eats elbow. Moxley leaps off the second rope but Cannon catches him with an Exploder suplex for 2. Moxley escapes a suplex attempt and he hits an Ace Crusher. Lariat by Moxley gets 2. Moxley gets a chair and goes to use it but misses and hits the rope, sending the chair back into his head. Cannon rolls him up for 2 and Moxley rakes the eyes of Cannon. Cannon comes back with a superkick and he hits a Brainbuster. He covers but Val Malone comes in and distracts the ref, allowing Moxley to go low and catch Cannon in a small package for 3.
Winner- Jon Moxley **3/4 ( Solid opening match that could have done with all the B.S. involving the girls. )

After the match, Reby Sky comes out and Moxley sends Val Malone to attack Sky. They brawl and Sky catches her with a DDT. Trina nails Reby in the back of the head with a shoe and Moxley makes out with Trina to celebrate.

Austin Aries talks about how the combo that YAMATO uses is the same one he has used to put many people down. He says YAMATO will be another name on the list and tonight he will find his purpose.

Elimination Match- Hollywood Stalker Ichikawa vs. AR Fox vs. Silas Young vs. Jon Davis vs. Brodie Lee vs. Jimmy Jacobs
Fox and Ichikawa start. Ichikawa plays to the crowd which allows Fox to roll him up for 2. Ichikawa piles up his opponents in the corner and he goes for a springboard crossbody but misses. Everyone gives him an elbow drop and Jacobs hits a back senton. Brodie misses an elbow drop and Ichikawa lines up his opponents so he can slap them. Brodie blocks it and Ichikawa distracts him with an invisible mosquito which he claims is in Brodieís beard. He finally slaps Brodie but eats a hard right on Ichikawa. The rest of the competitors all go after Brodie and Ichikawa botches a handspring attempt in the corner. Davis kills Ichikawa with a lariat for 3.
Brodie and Davis trade chops and Davis blocks a chokeslam attempt. Facebuster into a hard forearm by Davis. Brodie comes back with a hurricanrana forcing Davis to bail. Suicide dive by Brodie but Young dropkicks him off the apron. Fox dropkicks Young for 2 and he hits the Pele kick. Fox dumps Young to the floor and he hits a summersault plancha to everyone on the floor!!! Jacobs brings Ichikawa back into the ring and he goes up. Ichikawa goes to dive on everyone on the floor but he misses. Back in, Davis hits a tilt-a-whirl powerslam on Jacobs. Springboard bulldog by Fox to Davis and he hits a split legged corkscrew senton. Superkick by Lee to Fox and Young and Lee exchange counters until Young hits a German suplex for 2. Fox hits the Kick Flip to the floor on Lee and back in; he hits a Codebreaker off the top on Young for 2. Fox blocks the Contra Code attempt but Jacobs catches them with a double Ace Crusher. Double Contra Code to Young and Fox and he covers Fox for 3.
Jacobs covers Young for 2 as he gets his foot on the ropes. Pounce by Davis to Jacobs and he goes for a running powerslam but Young escapes. Powerslam by Davis gets 2 and he misses the Pounce. Backbreaker into a lariat by Young gets 2. Young blocks a Chokeslam attempt and he dropkicks Lee. Lee blocks a monkey flip attempt but Young comes back with a second rope hurricanrana. Hard right by Brodie but he walks into the End Time from Jacobs. Young breaks it up so Jacobs catches Young with the End Time. Young counters into the Finley roll and he goes for the PeeGe Waja Plunge but Jacobs moves. End Time by Jacobs and Young taps.
Big boot by Brodie to Davis and Jacobs catches him in the crucifix for 3.
Brodie blocks the End Time attempt and hits a big boot to Jacobs for 2. Brodie misses the Ukuza kick and he falls to the floor. Jacobs botches a diving maneuver but he recovers with a hurricanrana sending Lee into the railings. Contra Code on the floor using the ring post by Jacobs and back in, Jacobs crotches Brodie as he was coming in. Contra Code by Jacobs gets 2. Jacobs goes up but Brodie runs up for a super butterfly suplex. Ukuza kick in the corner by Lee and he hits the Truck Stop for 3.
Winner- Brodie Lee **1/2 ( I wasnít all that into this. Ichikawaís comedy was weird, the action was sloppy at times and some of the stuff they did was nonsensical, like Young saving Lee from the End Time and Lee getting right up from a Contra Code on the floor. )

Arik Cannon claims he got fucked tonight and he says it is time for him to do things his way.

Sami Callihan vs. Masato Yoshino
Clothesline by Callihan to start and he hits a corner forearm. Chop by Callihan gets 2 and he hits a slam. Elbow drops by Callihan get 2. Forearms to the back of the neck by Callihan and he rakes the face of Yoshino. Callihan knocks Yoshino down with more chops for 2 and he snap mares Yoshino into a slingshot splash for 2. Yoshino comes back with the Slingblade and both men are down. Callihan misses a dropkick and Yoshino hits a basement dropkick. Hammerlock DDT by Yoshino gets 2 and Callihan comes back with the Zig Zag for 2. Yoshino escapes a powerbomb attempt and he catches Callihan with From Jungle. He converts it into a sunset flip for 2 and Yoshino goes up. Double stomp to the arm off the top by Yoshino and he goes up again. He misses a missile dropkick but lands on his feet and Callihan hits a corner enzuigiri. Face wash in the corner by Callihan gets 2. Callihan goes up for a flying splash but misses and Yoshino goes up. Missile dropkick by Yoshino gets 2. Slaps by Yoshino but Callihan comes back with some open hand chops. Lariat by Callihan gets 2. Screwdriver by Callihan gets 2. Yoshino escapes a slam attempt and Yoshino catches him in the Crucifix for 2 and they exchange some roll-ups for some near falls. Lightning Spiral by Yoshino gets 2. Torbellino by Yoshino and he grabs Sol Naciente. Callihan gives up.
Winner- Masato Yoshino ***1/4 ( Nice little match as they packed a ton of action into less than ten minutes and Callihan got to have a great showing against one of Dragon Gateís best. )

After the match, Callihan declares that he is done fucking around and then leaves.

Jon Moxley says he is in style while Austin Aries is out style and over the hill. He says heís going to join Reby Sky after his match and heíll be out of Dragon Gate forever. He says forever multiple times in homage to Terry Funk.

Open the Brave Gate Championship- PAC © vs. Akira Tozawa
Both men look for control early and they reach a standstill. Forearms to the back by Tozawa and he takes PAC down with a shoulderblock. Dropkick by Tozawa and PAC bails to regroup. Back in, Tozawa chokes PAC with his boot in the corner and he snapmares PAC into a kick to the back. PAC returns the favor and he chops away on Tozawa in the corner. They trade chops and PAC goes for a suplex but Tozawa blocks and reverses to his own for 1. Chinlock by Tozawa but PAC gets his foot on the ropes to break. Slam by Tozawa and he hits a back senton for 2. Tozawa chokes PAC with his boot in the corner again and he goes back to the chinlock. He converts it into a rear abdominal stretch but PAC breaks with a hip toss. Dropkick to the midsection in the corner by Tozawa and he slams PAC. Tozawa goes up for the diving headbutt but eats boot from PAC. PAC chokes Tozawa with his boot in the corner and he hits a butterfly suplex for 2. Double stomp by PAC and he hits the standing SSP for 2. PAC steps on the head of Tozawa and he hits a Northern lights suplex for 2. Slam by PAC and he goes to the headscissors. Tozawa gets his foot on the ropes to break. Forearms by PAC and Tozawa comes back with a dropkick. Dropkick to the leg into a basement knee strike by Tozawa and PAC bails. Tozawa follows out with two suicide dives followed by a summersault senton off the apron to the floor!!!! Back in, Tozawa hits a corner forearm and follows up with a Saito suplex for 2. PAC blocks a German suplex attempt so Tozawa hits another Saito suplex for 2. Enzugiri by PAC from the apron and he hits a springboard dropkick to Tozawa. PAC hits a springboard dropkick to the back of Tozawa for 2. Corner enzuigiri by PAC and he hits a springboard 450 splash for 2. They trade forearms and Tozwa hits a spinning enzuigiri. Enzuigiri by PAC but Tozawa comes back with a hurricanrana followed by a Shining Wizard, taking both men down. Bicycle kicks in the corner by Tozawa but PAC comes back with a release German suplex. Bicycle kick to the back of the head by Tozawa and he hits a release German suplex. PAC presses Tozawa to the mat and he hits a basement superkick to knock both men down again. They trade forearms and Tozawa hits another bicycle kick. Tozawa charges in the corner but eats boot and PAC misses a second rope Phoenix Splash. Standing Meteora by Tozawa gets 2!!! German suplex by Toawa gets 2!!! PAC blocks a Straight Jacket German suplex attempt and they trade counters until PAC hits a German suplex for 3!!!
Winner and Still Open the Brave Gate Champion- PAC **** ( Excellent match. They followed up their tag match from last night by going at a slower, more methodical pace to reserve energy before kicking into overdrive in the final few minutes and had an insane finishing stretch. The finish was kind of out of nowhere but thatís a minor complaint. )

After the match, the Blood Warriors come out and attack both PAC and Masato Yoshino who was in PACís corner for the match. Brodie Lee lays out the tag champs and CIMA says he and Ricochet will win the championships tomorrow.

Ronin declares that they can defeat Blood Warriors. They promise to bring the fight to them.

Danny Steele and Charade vs. Sin City Saints (Scotty and Billy Rayz)
Before the match begins, Sami Callihan comes out and lays out the Sin City Saints with a double Saito suplex. He says heís in a pretty fucked up mood after tonight and he says itís time for the other two guys to die. Arik Cannon comes out and he calls Callihan a fucking bitch. He says Fuck You to Callihan and they get into a shoving match. He lays out Charade and Steele and it leads to a brawl between Cannon and Callihan. They end up brawling to the back.

PAC says the Blood Warriors now have his attention.

Open the Freedom Gate Championship- YAMATO © vs. Austin Aries
Aries claims he will retire if he does not win the championship tonight. Jon Moxley comes out with YAMATO but YAMATO sends him to the back, claiming he is a fighting champion. Feeling out process to start and neither man can gain the early advantage. Aries catches YAMATO with the Brainbuster for 2!!! Aries goes up and hits the 450 Splash for 2!!!! YAMATO rolls to the floor but Aries follows and he gets sent into the railings by YAMATO. He charges but Aries backdrops him into the crowd and he follows out. Back in, Aries hits the Hilo for 2. Knees to the back by Aries and he hits an uppercut to the back for 2. Kicks to the leg by Aries and he drives YAMATOís leg into the mat. Corner forearm into a bulldog by Aries gets 2. Aries looks for the Last Chancery but YAMATO gets to the ropes to block. Dropkick to the leg in the corner by Aries and he snaps YAMATOís leg in the ropes. YAMATO goes under the ring to escape him and Aries goes up. YAMATO sneaks back in and he shoves Aries to the floor to retake control. YAMATO follows out and he nails Aries a few times with a broom. He chokes Aries with the broom and he chops away on Aries. Back in, YAMATO stomps away and he hits an elbow drop to the leg of Aries. He works over the leg of Aries and hits a dropkick to the leg. He chokes Aries with his boot and he stomps away on the bad leg of Aries. YAMATO grabs a variation of the Ankle Lock but Aries makes the ropes to break. STO by Aries and he goes for the Pendulum Elbow but YAMATO catches him in the Ankle Lock again. Aries makes the ropes to break so YAMATO grabs the Figure-4. Aries turns it over so YAMATO makes the ropes to break. STO again by Aries and this time he hits the Pendulum Elbow. Forearms by Aries and he grabs a sleeper. YAMATO counters into his own but Aries breaks with a jawbreaker. Release German suplex by Aries and he clotheslines YAMATO to the floor. YAMATO goes under the ring again to escape but Aries is wise to his tactics so he sidesteps a charging YAMATO sending him to the floor. Heat Seeking Missile by Aries and they trade counters on the apron. It ends with Aries hitting a Twister suplex back in for 2. Aries goes for the Brainbuster but YAMATO blocks and he hits a Gordbuster. Aries hits the knee breaker into a dragon screw leg sweep. Rear Cloverleaf by Aries but YAMATO fights out of it. YAMATO escapes a knee breaker attempt into a sunset flip for 2. Boston Crab by YAMATO and he converts it into the Half Crab. Aries escapes and YAMATO hits a corner forearm. YAMATO grabs a sleeper and he converts it into the Sleeper Suplex for 2. Aries blocks a Brainbuster attempt but YAMATO backdrops Aries to the floor to come back. Aries catches him with a DVD on the apron and back in, he gets 2. Aries goes up but YAMATO crotches him and follows up. Superplex by YAMATO and they both roll each other up for 2!!! Forearms by Aries and he hits the knee breaker into the back suplex. Corner dropkicks by Aries and he hits the Brainbuster for 2!!! Aries goes up for the 450 Splash but misses. Enzuigiri to the back by YAMATO and he hits a kick to the head. Aries rolls through the Brainbuster attempt for 2 and he kicks YAMATO in the head. YAMATO counters a Brainbuster attempt into his own for 2!!! Brainbuster by Aries gets 2!!! They trade forearms and Aries hits the rolling elbow. YAMATO counters the Brainbuster attempt into Gallaria for 2!!! Kick to the head by YAMATO and he follows up with a kick to the face. Gallaria by YAMATO gets 3!!!
Winner and Still Open the Freedom Gate Champion- YAMATO ****1/4 (Aries wrestled this match with a sense of urgency and purpose and it made for incredible drama. The opening with him trying to get the quick finish was awesome and the Brainbuster sequence toward the end was out of this world. This was just a fantastic match all around. )

Jimmy Jacobs says Brodie Lee was a roadblock that knocked him down for the second time. He says he will get back up tomorrow. He says tomorrow isnít just about his road to the title, it is about wrestling Aries in his last DGUSA match. Jacobs says Aries will go out with a bang and claims it is his end time.

Ronin (Chuck Taylor, Johnny Gargano, and Rich Swann) vs. Blood Warriors (CIMA, Naruki Doi, and Ricochet) w/Brodie Lee
CIMA attacks Stalker Ichikawa as the Blood Warriors made their entrance, just because he wants to. The Blood Warriors attack to start and it leads to a big brawl. Blood Warriors take turns jumping on Swann, ending with CIMA hitting a double stomp to the chest off the top to Swann. Doi and Swann officially start. Dropkick by Swann and Gargano tags in. CIMA dropkicks him and he hits an elbow drop. Double stomp to the back off the second rope by Gargano and he hits a knee lift into a neckbreaker. Springboard dropkick by Ricochet to Gargano and Taylor attacks from behind. Tilt-a-whiurl headscissors by Ricochet and Taylor comes back with a springboard firemanís carry roll-up for 2. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Taylor into a basement knee strike by Gargano. Double superkick by Gargano and Taylor into the Pele by Swann. Tag to Taylor and he and Gargano hit a double back elbow. They stomp away on CIMA and Doi tags in. Dropkick to the leg by Doi and he tags Ricochet. Taylor backs Ricochet into the corner and tags Gargano who stomps away in the corner. Ricochet sweeps the leg and goes for the standing moonsault but Gargano blocks with his boots. Tag to Taylor and he hits a dropkick. Tag to Gargano and he and Taylor double team Ricochet. Inverted STF by Gargano but Ricochet makes the ropes to break. Snapmare and Gargano hits some knees to the back. Ricochet comes back with a headscissors and CIMA tags in. Kick to the chest by CIMA and he hits a summersault senton for 2. CIMA hangs ten on Gargano and Ricochet tags in. Hilos by CIMA and Ricochet gets 2. Gargano takes Ricochet down and hammers away on Ricochet. Tag to Swann and Doi nails him from behind. Dropkick by Ricochet and he hits a standing moonsault for 2. Snapmare and Ricochet hits a spinning kick to the back for 2. Tag to Doi and he and CIMA hit a double back elbow. Assisted inverted lungblower by CIMA and Doi. Doi puts Swann in the tree of woe and he stomps away. Dropkick by Doi and Ricochet tags in. Spinebuster by Ricochet and Doi hits a neckbreaker into the knees of Ricochet. Summersault senton by Doi and Ricochet covers for 2 as Taylor saves. Double Curb Stomps by Doi and CIMA and they hit one onto a chair. Dropkick to the back by CIMA and he charges in the corner but misses and Swann hits an enzuigiri with CIMA on top. Leaping Frankensteiner off the top by Swann and he hits the rolling splash. Tag to Taylor and Gargano and they clean house. Anaconda Vice in the ropes by Gargano to CIMA as Taylor hits a summersault plancha to the floor onto Blood Warriors. Gargano rolls CIMA into a kick to the head and he hits a basement Ace Crusher for 2. CIMA bails and Gargano hits a suicide dive to the floor. Ricochet sweeps the legs on the apron but Gargano comes back with a slingshot Spear to Doi. Springboard moonsault by Taylor followed by a springboard splash by Swann gets 2. Sole Food by Talyor and he hits the Urinage. Kick to the chest by Taylor gets 2. Slaps by Doi and he dropkicks Talylor in the ropes. Doi goes up and hits a summersault senton onto the back of a hanging Taylor. They trade counters and Doi hits the Rydeen Bomb for 2 as Swann breaks it up with a superkick. Swann botches a springboard and CIMA dropkicks him. Release Electric Chair by CIMA gets 2. Superkick by Swann and he leaps of CIMAís back into a Guillotine leg drop for 2. The Blood Warriors triple team Swann ending with a standing SSP by Ricochet for 2. Ricochet goes for a springboard moonsault but Gargano catches him with a dropkick. Lawn Dart by Gargano and he hits a superkick. Sliced Bread Driver by Gargano gets 2. Flatliner by Ricochet and he hits a standing 630 splash for 2 as Taylor saves. Taylor and Ricochet slug it out and they trade chops. Ricochet charges in the corner but misses and eats kicks from Ronin. Gargano hits the Hurts Donuts on Ricochet on top of CIMA. Swann leaps off of Ricochet and hits a Tornado DDT on CIMA. Standing moonsault on CIMA while Gargano and Taylor hits a double sit-out slam on Ricochet for 2 as Doi saves. Wheelbarrow roll-up by Doi to Gargano gets 2 and he slaps Gargano. Venus by CIMA and he hits the Iconoclasm on Swann onto Gargano. Reverse hurricanrana by Ricochet to Taylor gets 2. Kicks to the leg by Ricochet and he eats a spinning enzuigiri from Swann. Sick kick by Taylor to Ricochet. Doi blocks a handspring attempt by Swann with a dropkick and he hits Doi 555. Bakatare Sliding Kick by Doi gets 2 as Gargano saves. Blood Warriors all attack Swann in the corner and Ricochet and CIMA hit stereo coast to coasts on Swann. Ricochet botches a dive to the floor onto Gargano and Taylor and CIMA hits Schwein onto Swann. CIMA goes up and hits the Meteora. Muscular Bomb by Doi gets 3.
Winners- Blood Warriors ***1/2 ( A good chunk of the match was the usual fun, exciting, and breath taking action you get with these six man tags. However, the match was really sloppy at times, it was too one sided for most of the match for my tastes, and the crowd wasnít losing their minds like these matches tend to make them do. This is probably the worst six man tag they have done, but itís still pretty good.)

The 411: Another damn good show from DGUSA. The PAC/Tozawa and YAMATO/Aries matches were excellent and the rest of the show consisted of good matches. The six man tag was not near the levels of the previous Wrestlemania weekends tags but it was another solid addition and it continued the emergence of Johnny Gargano as a rising star in the promotion. This show was a breeze to sit through and it is more than worth your time.
Final Score:  8.0   [ Very Good ]  legend


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