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TCW Show 13-48 Recap and Review
Posted by Jesse Nguyen on 12.30.2013

Match #1 - Submisson Only: Sigmon vs. Vordell Walker

The two lock up in a test of strength, where Sigmon kicks Walker for an advantage. Walker powers up and hits a Northern Lights suplex. Walker goes for a single leg, but Sigmon stops it and attempts to control the wrist. Walker powers Sigmon up and slams him down to the mat. Walker goes for the wrist, but Sigmon kicks his way out. Sigmon backs Walker to the corner and attacks with a headbutt. Sigmon sends Walker to the ropes, but misses two attacks. Walker knocks down Sigmon with a dropkick and quickly latches on an armbar. Sigmon gets the ropes and the match is back to even. Sigmon pushes Walker to the corner and chops at his chest. Walker is sent across the ring, and Sigmon charges. Walker sends Sigmon to the apron. Sigmon grabs Walker arm and drapes it across the ropes. Walker is dragged outside and sent to the steel steps. Walker stops himself short and moonsaults off the steps! Walker continues the attack with chops to the chest. Sigmon is rolled back into the ring. Walker attacks with a chop block before applying a heel lock. Sigmon tries to kick out, but Walker continues to attack the leg. Walker slams Sigmon's knee against the mat before locking in another leg lock. Walker tries to reapply the hold, but Sigmon kicks him off and into the steel post of the ring!

Sigmon goes to the outside and sends Walker to the steel steps shoulder first. Both are back in the ring, and Sigmon uses his knees against the weakened arm of Walker. Walker attacks with forearms and headbutts, getting himself free. Sigmon manages to knock Walker back to the mat, stopping his momentum. Sigmon goes for a suplex, but Walker counters and locks in a Figure Four Lock. Sigmon manages to reverse the hold. Sigmon gets out of the Figure Four and attacks Walker. Sigmon headbutts the shoulder. The two trade strikes until Sigmon manages to slam Walker to the mat while holding the wrist. Sigmon goes for a triangle choke, and seems Walker is being worn down. Walker gets a base and picks up Sigmon, slamming him into the corner. Walker tries to roll through with a leg lock, but Sigmon counters and goes for his own submission. Walker picks up Sigmon and slams him into the mat. Walker hits a flying knee and locks in the Stretch Muffler! Sigmon fights and gets to the ropes. Sigmon goes to the apron, and Walker charges. Sigmon gets the elbow up and stuns Walker across the top rope. Sigmon grabs the ring bell and takes it to the ring with him. The ref tries to take the bell, but Sigmon shakes him off. Walker hits another flying knee, sending the bell to Sigmon's face! Walker locks in the Stretch Muffler, but Sigmon is out cold! The ref calls for the bell!
Winner via KO: Vordell Walker
Pretty good match between the two, but I feel like this is lower on their list of matches they have had in the past. The fact that it was a Submission Only match did not really come to play too much. There was not even a lot of submission attempts for a so called Submission Match. This rivalry also seems to be overstaying its welcome. Hopefully the next match will be their last and best match in the feud.

TCW Tag Team Championship - Hounds of Hell (c) vs. Genetic Perfection

Genetic Perfection dive to the outside, attacking the Hounds. Michael Barry slams Roosevelt's head against the guardrail, and Cerebus slams Alan Steel against the post. Cerebus attempts a powerbomb on the floor, but Steel reverses with a back body drop. Barry chokes Roosevelt with a camera cord. Barry gets Roosevelt onto the apron and chokes him, but Cerebus comes to his rescue. Roosevelt is bleeding from the head now. Cerebus slams Barry's head against the steel steps. Roosevelt cleans Steel's clock with a hard right hand. Roosevelt gets into the ring, and Barry follows him. Barry gets Roosevelt into the corner and attacks with shoulder thrusts. Barry gets a tag, and the two double team Roosevelt in the corner. Steel slams his rear end into Roosevelt's face in the corner, and then GP hit a double back body drop. Barry bashes Roosevelt's head against the turnbuckles. Roosevelt avoids a charge and Cerebus gets a cheap shot in. Cerebus goes to the top and hits a headbutt. The Hounds stomp at Barry. Roosevelt stomps at Barry in the corner, who appears to have a bloody nose.

Cerebus is tagged in and the Hounds double chop at Barry's chest. Cerebus holds on to Barry, who was trying to make a tag. GP gets the tag, but the ref was distracted. Barry attacks with elbow and a back suplex to get out of Roosevelt's chinlock. Roosevelt mows down Barry with a clothesline. Hounds get a tag, and they attempt another double chop, but Barry dodges. Barry gets a tag, but the ref does not see it again. Cerebus slingshots Barry's throat into the bottom rope. Barry is sent to the corner. Cerebus charges, but Barry avoids the attack and schoolboys. The ref is once again distracted, and Cerebus gets out. Roosevelt is tagged in, but Barry hits a German suplex and finally gets a tag. Steel mows down the Hounds with a double clothesline and cleans house of the champions. Cerebus is sent into Roosevelt before being DDT'd. Roosevelt saves the match, but is attacked with a forearm. Barry slams Roosevelt with a sitout spinebuster as Steel is sent to the floor. Roosevelt goes over the rope and lands right on Steel. Roosevelt tears apart the steel steps as Cerebus grabs one of the title belts. Barry is knocked down by the title belt. Rich Rude comes in and attacks Cerebus with the briefcase, causing a DQ.
Winner and still champions: Hounds of Hell
I mentioned how the Sigmon/Walker feud is getting a little long, but it is a short stint compared to these two teams going at it. I feel like I have seen everything these two teams have to offer against each other. Albeit there are not too many regular teams in the TCW Roster. Still, this match was a bit boring to me. I did not feel invested in it as I have grown a bit tired of seeing these teams fight each other.
A brawl breaks out between the teams. Cerebus manages to attack two refs in the process.

Main Event: Tarver vs. Titan
Tarver attacks with strikes, hitting a hard forearm. Titan counters with a big boot to the face. Tarver is stretched between the ropes. Tarver is sent to the apron. Titan goes to the outside and stalks Tarver. Tarver attacks with a pair of knees, but Titan powers Tarver into the turnbuckle. Titan sweeps the legs, bringing Tarver to the floor. Titan picks up Tarver and slams him onto the apron. Tarver rolls in and retreats to the corner. Tarver stands up and the two trade strikes. Tarver collapses after a knee to the gut. Titan hip tosses Tarver. Tarver fights back with strikes, but Titan grabs the throat. Tarver gets out and nails a backfist. Tarver charges, but Titan mows him down. Titan goes for a leg drop, but Tarver rolls away. Tarver hits a DDT. Tarver tries to attack a kneeling Titan, but Titan shoves him away. Tarver hits a knee to the back of the head of Titan before hitting a roaring elbow! Tarver goes for another strike, but Titan brushes it off and hits a hard right hand. Titan charges at Tarver in the corner, but the attack is dodged. Tarver nails a hard right hand right to Titan's chin! Pinfall, 1...2...3!
Winner via pinfall: Tarver
This is the third time these two have met, and I have to say, this match is their least entertaining. It felt like they were holding back the entire time. A big disappointing, especially if you go back and watch the match they had not too long, which was a great outing.

Learn more about TCW here:

The 411: This was easily the worst TCW show I've seen so far. That being said, the wrestling is solid enough, just not entertaining enough to suggest to someone. This show just seemed to be a setup to the upcoming final matches in some of these rivalries, or at least I hope so. Sigmon and Walker had the best match of the night.
Final Score:  6.0   [ Average ]  legend


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