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From The Shelf- WWE Wrestlemania XIX
Posted by Dylan Diot on 01.04.2014

WWE Wrestlemania XIX
Seattle, WA

Your hosts are Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole, and Tazz.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship- Matt Hardy w/Shannon Moore © vs. Rey Mysterio
Mysterio debuts his annual tradition of awesome costumes as he is dressed as Daredevil. Moore distracts Mysterio to start so Hardy charges but Rey backdrops him to the floor. Slingshot spinning pescado the floor by Rey and back in, he gets 2. Headscissors by Rey and he hits a spinning heel kick forcing Matt to the apron. Rey tries a sunset flip powerbomb off the apron but Moore nails him to block. Hardy drops Rey on the barricade and back in, he gets 2. Back suplex slam by Hardy gets 2. Hardy wraps Rey against the ropes and Moore gets some choking in. Hardy goes to jump in the ropes but misses and Rey gets an OíConnor roll for 2. Side Effect by Hardy gets 2. Snapmare and Hardy grabs a surfboard. Rey fights out and Hardy charges in the corner but misses and hits the post shoulder first. Springboard seating senton by Rey and he hits a springboard crossbody for 2. Tilt-a-whirl headscissors by Rey and he hits a Tornado DDT for 2. Rey goes for the 619 but Moore trips him up, allowing Hardy to hit the Twist of Fate for 2!!! Hardy puts Rey on top and he follows up. Hardy goes for Splash Mountain but Rey counters into a hurricanrana for 2 as Moore puts Hardyís foot on the ropes. Hardy goes for Rey but misses s and knocks Moore off the apron. Dropkick to the back by Rey and he hits the 619. West Coast Pop misses and Hardy blocks a Victory Roll attempt, grabbing the ropes for 3!!!
Winner and Still WWE Cruiserweight Champion- Matt Hardy **1/2 ( Man, these two got killed by time constraints so what should have been a phenomenal opening got condensed into a solid sprint.)

The Miller Lite Catfight Girls arrive and begin arguing. I donít remember these girls at all.

Undertaker vs. Big Show and A-Train
This was supposed to be a tag match with Undertaker working with Nathan Jones but he got taken out by Show and A-Train on Sunday Night Heat. Takerís streak at this point was 10-0 heading into the match. Show charges from behind but Taker low bridges the ropes sending him to the floor. Chokeslam to AA-Train gets 2 as Show pulls him out of the ring. Back in, Taker hits some rights to Show. Show tosses Taker into the corner but Taker fights out of the corner. Tag to A-Train and Taker hits a hip toss. Taker goes OLD SCHOOL~!!!! Show grabs the leg of Taker, allowing A-Train to hit the Derailer to Taker. He dumps Taker to the floor where Show rams him back first into the post. Show drops Taker onto the barricade and back in, A-Train slingshots Taker in the ropes for 2. Tag to Show and Taker hits some rights. Show goes for the Chokeslam but Taker counters into the Crowbar. A-Train comes in so Taker catches him in a Cross Armbreaker but Show breaks with a leg drop. Show and A-Train stomp away on Taker and he hits some head butts. Abdominal stretch by Show but Taker starts to fight out A-Train hammers away. He goes to the abdominal stretch but Taker reverses into his own. A-Train fights out and Taker hits a back suplex. Clothesline by A-Train gets 2 and he hammers away while taunting Taker. Taker fights back and he catches A-Train with a DDT for 2 as Show saves. Taker hammers away on Show in the corner and he hits both men with Avalanches. Big boot to A-Train and he hits a flying clothesline to Show. Bicycle kick by A-Train and Show hits the Chokeslam. Nathan Jones comes out and Show goes after him in the entrance way. Spin kick to Show by Jones as A-Train covers Taker for 2. Rights by A-Train but he walks into a big boot from Jones. Tombstone by Taker gets 3.
Winner- Undertaker *** ( A shocking good handicap match. They kept things interesting throughout and went at a pretty good pace for three big guys. This was a pleasant surprise. )

The Catfight Girls meet Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler and they put each other over.

WWE Womenís Championship- Victoria w/Steven Richards © vs. Trish Stratus vs. Jazz
Jazz attacks both to start and she dropkicks Trish for 2. Bridging chinlock by Jazz but Trish comes back with a Thesz press and some rights. Trish looks to go up but Victoria pulls her to the floor. She dumps Jazz to the floor and Trish hits some forearms. Back in, Victoria hits a slingshot summersault legdrop for 2 as Jazz pulls her to the floor. Leg drop by Jazz gets 2 as Victoria saves. Double backbreaker to Trish and Victoria hits a powerslam to Jazz for 2. Shoulders to the gut in the corner by Victoria but Trish catches her in the OíConnor roll for 2. Clothesline by Victoria but Trish comes back with one of her own. Running powerslam by Jazz gets 2. Trish rams their heads together and she hammers away on Victoria in the corner. Jazz goes for a spin kick on Trish but misses and hits Victoria, allowing Trish to roll her up for 2. Victory roll by Trish gets 2. Chick Kick by Trish gets 2 as Victoria saves. Trish charges in the corner but eats knee. Victoria goes up but Trish catches her with the handstand hurricanrana. Clothesline to Jazz and she kicks Victoria to the floor. Jazz catches her in the half crab and then converts it into the STF. Richards dumps Jazz to the floor to break and Trish catches Victoria in the OíConnor roll for 2 as Victoira rolls through with the tights for 2. Clothesline by Jazz to Victoria and she grabs the Chickenwing on Trish. She releases her but walks into a superkick from Victoria. She goes up and misses a moonsault off the top. Victoria backdrops Jazz to the floor and Richards charges with a chair but misses and the chair bounces back in his face. Stratusfaction on Richards by Trish and Victoria goes for the Widowís Peak. Trish escapes and hits the Chick Kick for 3!!!
Winner and NEW WWE Womenís Champion- Trish Stratus *** ( This was during the peak of the womenís division, so these three girls had time to bust their ass and put on one of the best womenís matches in Wrestlemania history.)

Rock says he is a sell out by selling out every Wrestlemania he has ever been in. He cares less about the people and says he is here to fulfill his destiny by beating Stone Cold Steve Austin. Itís the one thing he has never done and it means everything to him. He says act one and two donít matter, everyone remembers act three. He says tonight is the final chapter and he guarantees he will beat Austin. Rock declares after tonight, he will have done it all.

WWE Tag Team Championships- Team Angle (Charlie Hass and Shelton Benjamin) ©vs. Los Guerreros (Eddie and Chavo Guerrero) vs. Chris Benoit and Rhyno
Everyone brawls to start and Hass officially starts with Chavo. Backdrop by Chavo and he hits a back suplex. Dropkick by Chavo and Benoit tags in. Arm drag by Chavo and he hits a back suplex. Tag to Eddie and he hits a Hilo. Eddie hammers away in the corner but Benoit fights back with chops. They collide mid-ring and both men are down. Tag to Rhyno and Eddie hits some forearms. Running powerslam by Rhyno gets 2. Tag to Benjamin and he hits a back elbow for 2. Tag to Hass and Team Angle hits a double dropkick for 2 as Chavo saves. Tag to Benoit and he chops away in the corner. Snap suplex by Benoi gets 2. Back suplex by Benoit gets 2 and he tags Rhyno. Benjamin also tags in and Rhyno hits a running shoulder to the gut in the corner for 2. Eddie tags in and he hits a dropkick. He stomps away and Benoit tags in. Saito suplex by Eddie and he goes up. Benoit follows and he hits a superplex for 2 as Benjamin saves. Benoit presses Eddie into the Crossface but Hass breaks. Eddie escapes a tilt-a-whirl attempt and he catches Benoit with a Brainbuster for 2 as Hass saves. Tag to Chavo and he cleans house. Benoit goes for the Crossface but Chavo blocks so Benoit hits the rolling German suplexes. Benjamin tags in and he hits a superkick to Benoit for 2 as Eddie saves. Eddie and Benoit collide mid-ring once again and Benjamin hits a slam. Leg drop by Benjamin gets 2 as Eddie breaks with the Frog Splash. Chavo tags in and Hass hits an overhead belly to belly suplex. Gore by Rhyno to Hass and he hits the Gore on Chavo. Eddie pulls him out of the ring which allows Benjamin to cover for 3.
Winners and Still WWE Tag Team Champions- Team Angle ***1/4 ( Fun match. This didnít hit the level of crazy and exciting that you would expect from these six guys but the final few minutes were a blast.)

Stacy, Torrie, and the Catfight Girls argue about who created Wrestlemania, Mr. McMahon or Hulk Hogan. The girls then argue about whether they should fight in the ring or in bed.

Video package for Michaels/Jericho airs.

Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels
Both men look for the early advantage to start and neither man can gain the upper hand. Jericho slaps Shawn so he knocks him down and dumps Jericho to the floor. Baseball slide by Shawn and back in, he goes up. Crossbody off the top by Shawn but Jericho rolls through for 2. He knocks Shawn down and hits a spinning heel kick. Jericho hammers away and he chops Shawn in the corner. He sends Shawn ahrd into the corner and Jericho chokes away. Shawn blocks a bulldog attempt by crotches Jericho against the second turnbuckle. Shawn grabs the Figure-4 but Jericho turns it over forcing Shawn to break. Kneebreaker by Shawn and he goes for the Figure-4 but Jericho kicks him into the post shoulder first. Jericho dumps Shawn but he skins the cat and headscissors Jericho to the floor. Slingshot pescado to the floor by Shawn and he hits some rights. He goes for a dropkick but Jericho blocks and grabs the Walls of Jericho on the floor!!! He releases and enters the ring before the ten count. Jericho rams Shawnís back against the post a few times and he hits a springboard dropkick knocking Shawn off the apron. Back in, Jericho hits a back suplex. Suplex by Jericho gets 2. Backbreaker by Jericho gets 2. He goes to the chinlock but Shawn fights out so Jericho rakes the eyes. DDT by Shawn and both men are down. Rights by Shawn but Jericho comes back with a flying forearm. Jericho nips up and mocks Shawn, allowing Shawn to nip up himself and hit some rights. Flying forearm by Shawn and he hits a reverse atomic drop. Clothesline by Shawn and he hits a backdrop. Jericho charges in the corner but eats boot and Shawn goes up. Moonsault press off the top by Shawn gets 2. Sunset flip by Shawn gets 2 and they trade roll-ups for some near falls. Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho but Shawn blocks. Northern lights suplex by Jericho gets 2. Jericho blocks a backslide attempt and he hits a clothesline on Shawn. Bulldog by Jericho and he hits the Lionsault for 2. Shawn goes for a hurricanrana but Jericho blocks and grabs the Walls of Jericho!!! Shawn makes the ropes to break!!! Small package by Shawn gets 2 and Jericho hits a butterfly backbreaker. Jericho goes up and hits a spinning back elbow off the top. Jericho hits Sweet Chin Music on Shawn for 2!!! Jericho works Shawn over in the corner but Shawn comes out with a springboard crossbody and he hammers away. Shawn catapults Jericho into the corner and rolls him up for 2. Jericho puts Shawn on top and follows up. He goes for a super back suplex but Shawn counters in mid-air sending both crashing into the mat!!! Shawn covers for 2 and he goes up. Jericho kicks the ref into the ropes, causing Shawn to get crotched. Jericho follows up and goes for a superplex but Shawn blocks sending Jericho crashing to the mat. Flying elbow drop by Shawn and he goes for Sweet Chin Music but misses. Jericho catches Shawn in the Walls of Jericho but Shawn makes the ropes again!!! Jericho walks into Sweet Chin Music from Shawn for 2!!! Jericho sends Shawn into the corner and goes for a back supelx but Shawn escapes and gets the OíConnor roll for 3!!!
Winner- Shawn Michaels ***** ( This was amazing. From the constant focus of the back by Jericho to the tit-for-tat war they wedged for over twenty minutes, this is one of the best matches in Wrestlemania history.)

After the match, Jericho and Shawn hug but Jericho gives Shawn a low blow!!!

Sylvan Grenier, the ref from the Hogan/Rock match at No Way Out enters Vinceís dressing room.

Goldberg video plays, saying heís competing at Backlash.

54,097 people announced as the attendance, a Safeco Field record.

Limp Bizkit performs the Wrestlemania theme.

The Miller Lite Catfight Girls come out and there is a bed on the stage. They get ready to fight but Stacy Keibler comes out. She says the only thing better than two girls in bed is three so she wants in. Now Torrie Wilson comes out and says they need a Playboy cover girl. Torrie joins in and the girls begin a catfight. The girls then strip Coach of his pants and beat him up with pillows.

Video package for Triple H/Booker T airs.

World Heavyweight Championship- Triple H w/Ric Flair © vs. Booker T
Booker knocks HHH down to start and he works him over in the corner. Booker knocks HHH down with a chop and he hits a backdrop. Booker charges in the corner but eats elbow and HHH goes up. Booker follows and he arm drags HHH off the top, forcing HHH to bail. Booker follows and he sends HHH into the post. Back in, Booker hits a clothesline for 2. Booker hammers HHH on the mat and he throws some kicks to the head. HHH backdrops Booker to the apron and he sends Booker into the post to knock him off. HHH follows and he sends Booker into the steps. Back in, HHH stomps away and hits a neckbreaker for 2. HHH hammers Booker on the mat but Booker fights back with rights. Spinebuster by HHH gets 2. Corner clothesline by HHH gets 2. He chokes away on Booker and goes for a suplex but Booker escapes. DDT by Booker and both men are down. They slug it out and Booker hits a spinning heel kick. Sidewalk slam by Booker and he hits a flying forearm for 2. HHH goes for the sleeper but Booker runs into the corner to break. HHH catches Booker with a high knee for 2 and he hits a facebuster. Booker comes back with a spinebuster for 2. Booker charges in the corner but eats boot and HHH goes up. He leaps off the second rope but eats a dropkick on the way down for 2. HHH escapes the Scissors Kick attempt and Booker goes for the side kick but misses and falls to the floor. Flair hits a kneebreaker onto the steps on Booker!!! Back in, HHH grabs the Indian Deathlock but Booker makes the ropes to break. HHH works over Bookerís knee in the corner and he goes for a kneebreaker but Booker counters into a sunset flip for 2. HHH goes for the Pedigree but Booker blocks. HHH kicks Booker into the ref but Booker comes back with a roll-up for 2. Back elbow by Booker and he hits the Scissors Kick for 2. Booker goes up but HHH stops him and follows up. Booker fights him off and he prevents Flair from interfering. Booker hits the Harlem Hangover for 2 as Flair puts his foot on the ropes!!! Bookerís leg gives out on a Scissors Kick attempt and HHH hits the Pedigree for 3.
Winner and Still World Heavyweight Champion- Triple H ***1/2 ( This was a very good match. They were going for a classic but the crowd was still burnt out from Jericho/Michaels, so they didnít have as much heat. I love that the injured leg played into the finish. )

Video package for McMahon/Hogan airs.

Street Fight- Hulk Hogan vs. Mr. McMahon
If Hogan loses, he must retire. Vince slaps Hogan to start so Hogan takes him down and hammers away. Rights by Hogan and he hits a clothesline. Hogan chokes away and he hits some rights. Hogan stomps away in the corner and McMahon comes back with a clothesline. McMahon works Hogan over in the corner and he brings to work over the left shoulder of Hogan. Hammerlock by Vince and he wraps Hoganís arm off the post a few times. Back in, they go to the test of strength and McMahon dumps Hogan to prevent Hogan from over powering him. Vince follows out and he hammers the back of Hogan. He rams Hogan shoulder first into the post and he goes to nail Hogan with a chair but misses. Hogan sends Vince into the post and he nails Vince in the head with the chair. Hogan hammers the now bloody head of Vince and back in, Hogan hits some rights. Vince bails so Hogan follows and nails Vince in the back with the chair. Hogan goes to nail him again but misses and nails one of the Spanish announcers!!!! Vince goes low on Hogan and he nails Hogan in the face with the chair. Vince sets up a ladder and he climbs but Hogan stops him. Vince nails Hogan with a TV monitor and he puts Hogan on the announce table. Vince climbs the ladder and HE HITS A LEG DROP OFF THE LADDER THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!! Back in, Vince covers Hogan for 2!!! Vince grabs a pipe while putting on the most awesome, evil look on his face. Vince goes to use the pipe but Hogan goes low to block. RODDY PIPER ENTERS THE RING!!!! Piper grabs the pipe and he nails Hogan with it!!! Vince covers for 2!!! Vince dumps the ref out of the ring in frustration and he calls out Sylvan Grenier. Vince nails Hogan with the pipe and hits a leg drop for 2!!! Hulk is HULKING UP~!!!! Hogan nails Vince and he hammers away on Sylvan. He dumps Sylvan and hits some rights to Vince. Big boot by Hogan and he hits the Leg Drop. Hogan hits two more leg drops for 3!!!
Winner- Hulk Hogan ***3/4 ( God damn, put Vince on a big stage and man delivers. Obviously, the high rating isnít due to the wrestling, but there was storytelling at itsí finest. Vince was at his most evil and tried to pull every trick in the book to put down Hogan. A great brawl that lived up to the hype.)

Video package for Rock/Austin airs.

The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
Rights by Austin and he goes for the Stunner but Rock blocks and bails to the floor. Austin follows and clotheslines Rock. Austin slams Rockís face off the steps and he chops away. Austin drops Rock on the barricade and he clotheslines Rock over the announce table. Austin drops Rock on the barricade again and he sends Rock into the steps. Back in, Austin stomps away and he hits a back suplex for 2. Clothesline by Austin and he chokes Rock in the ropes. Rock comes back with a chop block forcing Austin to bail. Rock follows and he hits another chop block to Austin. Rock slams Austinís knee off the announce table a few times and back in, Rock stomps away on the bad knee. Rock slams Austinís knee off the apron and he wraps it against the post. Austin fights back with rights but Rock kicks the knee to stop the momentum. Rock slams Austinís knee off the mat and he grabs the Sharpshooter. Austin makes the ropes to break and Rock wraps Austinís leg off the post again. Rock puts on Austinís vest and back in, Austin hits some rights. They clothesline each other and both men are down. Rights by Austin and he hits the Thesz Press before hamming away on Rock. Front elbow drop by Austin gets 2. Austin stomps away in the corner but Rock comes back with a flying clothesline. Austin catches Rock with the Rock Bottom for 2!!! Rock blocks the Stunner and hits one of his own!!!! Rock covers for 2!!! Rights by Rock but Austin catches him with the Stunner for 2!!! Rock goes low and goes for the Peopleís Elbow but misses. Rock blocks the Stunner and he hits the spinebuster. Peopleís Elbow by Rock gets 2!!! Rock Bottom by Rock gets 2!!! Austin blocks another Rock Bottom but Rock is able to connect with it on the second attempt for 2!!! A third Rock Bottom gets 3.
Winner- The Rock ****1/2 ( First off, considering Austin had to go to the hospital the night before with neck issues, his performance in this match was nothing short of incredible. These two canít have bad matches together and the Rockís facial expressions after every attempt at putting Austin down took this match to another level. This ended up being Austinís last match and this was one hell of a way to go out. )

Video package for Angle/Lesnar airs.

WWE Championship- Kurt Angle © vs. Brock Lesnar
Kurt loses the title on a DQ or Count out. Both men wrestle for control to start and they reach a standstill. Arm drag by Lesnar and he grabs an arm bar. Angle backs Lesnar to the corner to break and he hammers the back of Brock. Back elbow by Lesnar and he hits some shoulders to the gut in the corner. Lesnar charges in the corner but eats elbow and comes back with a powerslam for 2. Lesnar stomps away in the corner but Angle comes back with a release German suplex. Lesnar comes back with a clothesline and he throws some knees at Angle. Angle bails to the floor but Lesnar follows. Angle draws Lesnar back in and he stomps away as Lesnar entered the ring. Press slam by Lesnar and he charges in the corner but eats boot. Angle hits a release German suplex into the corner, forcing Lesnar to bail!!! Angle follows and he hammers the back of Lesnar on the apron. Back in, Angle hits a back suplex for 2. Angle stomps away in the corner and he hits a suplex for 2. Inverted rear naked choke by Angle and he converts it into a chinlock with his knee in the back of Lesnar. Lesnar powers up and rams Angle into the corner a few times to break. Lesnar stomps away but Angle comes back with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Knees to the back by Angle knocks Lesnar out of the ring. Back in, Lesnar catches Angle with a spinebuster and both men are down. Rights by Angle but Lesnar comes back with some knees. Angle rakes the eyes but Lesnar comes back with a flying forearm. Shoulders to the gut in the corner by Lesnar and he charges in the corner but eats elbow. Overhead belly to belly suplex by Lesnar and he hits a second one for 2. Angle blocks a third and he hits the Rolling German suplexes. Lesnar escapes an Angle Slam attempt but Angle counters the F-5 into the Ankle Lock!!!! Lesnar tries to escape so Angle catches him in the half crab. Lesnar makes the ropes to break. Lesnar backdrops Angle to the floor and back in, Lesnar hits some shoulders to the back in the corner. Angle comes back with a release German suplex sending Lesnar crashing onto his face for 2!!! Angle Slam by Angle gets 2!!! Angle goes for another angle Slam but Lesnar counters with a cradle for 2. F-5 by Lesnar gets 2!!! Angle catches Lesnar with the Ankle Lock and he locks the Grapevine!!!! Lesnar makes the ropes to break. Lesnar kicks Angle away to block another Ankle Lock attempt and he goes for the F-5 but Angle counters with a small package for 2. Lesnar escapes an Angle Slam attempt and Lesnar hits a second F-5!!! Lesnar goes up and goes for the SHOOTING STAR PRESS BUT UNDER SHOOTS IT AND LANDS ON HIS HEAD!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!! Angle covers for 2!!! Lesnar catches Angle with a third F-5 for 3!!!
Winner and NEW WWE Champion- Brock Lesnar ****1/2 ( The fact that Lesnar didnít break his neck on that fall is a miracle. Much like Austin, Angle was hospitalized before the show with neck problems so his performance is nothing short of spectacular. Itís unfortunate the match is remembered for the botch spot cause the wrestling here was top-notch and worthy of the main event spot in a show filled with epic matches. )


World Tag Team Championships- Lance Storm and Chief Morley © w/ Dudley Boyz vs. Kane and Rob Van Dam from Sunday Night Heat 3-30-03
This match got cut from the PPV due to time constraints. Morley and Storm attack to start but Kane dumps Storm to the floor. Spinning heel kick by RVD to Morley and Morley bails. Summersault plancha by RVD to the champs and Kane follows up with a slingshot pescado to the floor!!! We go to break.
Back and Morley chops away on RVD in the corner. He stomps away and hits a corner clothesline for 2. Chinlock by Morley but RVD fights out. Sleeper by Morley but RVD escapes and grabs one of his own. Morley counters with the Protobomb to break. Morley goes to the second rope and misses a second rope elbow drop. Spin kick by RVD and he tags Kane who cleans house. Backdrop to Morley and he hits as sidewalk slam to Storm. Big boot to Morley and he goes for a Chokeslam but Storm blocks. Tilt-a-whirl powerslam by Kane gets 2 and he goes up. Flying clothesline by Kane gets 2 as Morley breaks. Flying superkick off the top by RVD to Morley and Kane stacks them up in the corner. Double corner clothesline by Kane and RVD hits the monkey flip to Morley. They clothesline Morley to the floor and Kane choke slams Storm. Tag to RVD and he goes up. Morley shoves RVD off the top onto the barricade so Kane goes after him on the floor. In the ring, the Dudley Boyz hit the 3D on Storm and they put RVD on top. However, Bubba hits an elbow drop to the back of RVD and puts Storm on top for 3.
Winners and Still World Tag Team Champions- Lance Storm and Chief Morley ** ( Solid, action packed match to get the crowd warmed up before the show. Anyone remember Val Venis as Chief Morley? )

The 411: In recent years, this show gotten increasingly more praise and many say it's up there with Wrestlemania X7 as one of the best Wrestlemanias of all time. I completely agree, as there wasn't a single bad match on the card and the five matches this show was built around all lived up to or exceeded expectations. The only bad thing on the show was the Miller Lite girls skits but it is what it is. Jericho and Michaels had an all-time classic, Austin competed in his final match against his greatest rival, and Angle and Lesnar put on a wrestling clinic in the main event. This is a must see show and is up there with Wrestlemania X7 as an all-time great show.
411 Elite Award
Final Score:  10.0   [ Virtually Perfect ]  legend


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