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From The Shelf- WWF Raw is War 2-21-2000
Posted by Dylan Diot on 01.12.2014

WWF Raw is War
Atlanta, GA

Wanted to note this show is in the Georgia Dome, so itís one of the biggest crowds in Raw history.

DX comes out and Triple H says itís going to be a DX night. The Rock comes out and makes fun of the way Triple H cuts promos and says the thought of a DX night makes him want to vomit. Triple H says since Rock is out here alone it is going to be a DX night and Rock has to accept it. Cactus Jack now comes out and says Triple H left him stranded in the middle of the road on Smackdown but he hitched a ride from a trucker named Big Earl. He says they picked up two more passengers and out comes Kane and Paul Bearer. Cactus, Rock, and Kane charge the ring and go after DX. Big Show comes out and he lays out Kane and Rock with a chair. Triple H lays out Cactus with a Pedigree.

Chris Jericho and Chyna vs. Kurt Angle and British Bulldog
Angle claims before the match he hit Chyna with his belt because he suspected Chyna of pawning the belt for more plastic surgery. Jericho attacks Angle on the floor to start and back in, Chyna hits a DDT. Spinning heel kick by Jericho and Bulldog tags in. Double under hook backbreaker by Jericho gets 2. Tag to Chyna and she hits some forearms in the corner. She charges but eats boot and Bulldog goes to the second rope. He leaps but Chyna goes low to block. Bulldog backdrops Jericho to the floor and Angle works him over. Back in, Angle hits some rights and he charges in the corner but misses. Bulldog by Jericho and Angle misses a dropkick. Lionsault by Jericho gets 2 as Bulldog saves. Handspring back elbow in the corner by Chyna to Angle and Jericho blocks the running bulldog attempt. Walls of Jericho by Jericho and Bulldog gives but the ref is distracted. Angle nails Jericho with the European title and he hits the Olympic Slam for 3.
Winners- Kurt Angle and British Bulldog ** ( Decent little sprint as Angle continues to progress nicely as a worker. )

Too Cool is concerned by Rikishiís injury but Rikishi tells them to take care of business while he takes care of Eddie Guerrero.

Al Snow tells Steve Blackman that Too Cool is so over because they dance. Snow puts glasses with yellow lens on Blackman and he starts to dance. Blackman destroys the radio with his sticks.

Too Cool (Scotty 2 Hotty and Grandmaster Sexay) vs. Al Snow and Steve Blackman
Crossbody by Sexay to Snow and Too Cool clothesline Blackman out of the ring. Double elbow drop to Snow and Scotty hits the bulldog. W.O.R.M. to Snow but he and Blackman come back with an assisted superkick for 1 as Scotty saves. Backbreaker by Snow to Sexay and they hit a double suplex to Sexay. Backbreaker by Blackman and he charges in the corner but eats boot. Drop toe hold in the corner by Sexay and he tags Scotty. He cleans house but walks into a tilt-a-whirl slam from Blackman. Snow wants Blackman to dance but he refuses and the distraction allows Scotty to get the OíConnor roll for 3.
Winners- Too Cool *1/2 ( Match had no flow but the action was decent for the time given and Too Cool got a much needed win heading into the PPV. )

Godfather and DíLo Brown w/Hoes vs. Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko
Saturn and Brown starts. Brown blocks a headscissors by face planting Saturn and he hits a backdrop. Dropkick by brown but Saturn comes back with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Tag to Malenko and Brown hits a hip toss. Sunset flip by Malenko gets 2 and Godfather tags in. Slam by Godfather and Brown hits a big splash. Leg drop by Godfather and he goes for the Ho Train but Saturn tackles Gofather to block. Leg lariat by Malenko gets 2 and he works Godfather over in the corner. Godfather charges but eats boot and he comes back with a powerslam. Leg lariat by Brown to Malenko and he hits the Sky High to Saturn. Slam into a leg drop to Malenko gets 2. Malenko blocks a dropkick attempt and goes for the Texas Cloverleaf but Godfather breaks. Saturn comes off the top with a flying elbow drop to Brown for 3.
Winners- Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko *1/2 ( These two teams didnít click at all. Godfather and Malenkoís interactions looked awkward but again the rest of the action was decent and again the right team got a clean win. )

The New Age Outlaws and Dudley Boyz try to show each other up before their tag match tonight.

Edge, Christian, and the Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff Hardy) vs. Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley) and the New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg and Billy Gunn)
Gunn attacks Christian during their intro to start and he hits a back suplex. Christian escapes a powerbomb attempt and he hits the reverse DDT to Gunn. He dropkicks Road Dogg as he comes in and Gunn tags D-Von. Drop toe hold by Christian and he tags Matt. Double hip toss gets 2 and Matt hits a swinging neckbreaker for 2. Tag to Jeff and they hit Poetry in Motion in the corner. Double suplex to Bubba and Jeff goes up but Road Dogg shoves him to the floor to block. Bubba presses Jeff onto the barricade and back in, Road Dogg hits the knee drop. Gunn comes in and he stomps away on Jeff. Chinlock by Gunn but Jeff fights out so Gunn slides Jeff to the floor to stop the momentum. Back in, Gunn covers for 2. Tag to Bubba and he hits a backdrop to Jeff. The Outlaws assist D-Von with WHATíS UP~!!!! D-Von covers for 2 and he charges in the corner but eats boot. Jeff leaps off the second rope but D-Von catches him with a clothesline. Tag to Bubba and he hits a powerbomb. Tag to Road Dogg and Jeff catches the Outlaws with a double DDT to come back. Tag to Edge and he hits the Spear to Road Dogg. Spear to Gunn gets 2 as D-Von saves!!! Everyone brawls and Gunn catches Edge with the jackhammer. Matt hits an Asai moonsault to the Dudley Boyz on the floor!!! Christian goes for a springboard crossbody to the floor but accidently takes out Matt!!! Fameasser by Gunn to Edge and Bubba nails Gunn with a chair!!!! Swanton Bomb by Jeff gets 3 as the ref counted the fall despite Jeff being pulled off the cover by Christian. I smell a botched finish.
Winners- Edge, Christian, and the Hardy Boyz *** ( Pretty good match, as they had a great heat segment with Jeff an d everything looked crisp with the exception of the epic botched finish. )

The Acoyltes (Faarooq and Bradshaw) and Mark Henry vs. The Hollys (Hardcore and Crash Holly) and Viscera
Everyone brawls to start and the Acolytes hit a double shoulderblock to Viscera. Viscera comes back with a clothesline to Bradshaw. Belly to belly suplex by Viscera and Crash tags in. He goes for a crossbody but Bradshaw catches him and hits a fall-a-way slam. Tag to Faarooq and Hardcore. Powerslam by Faarooq gets 2. Dropkick by Hardcore but Faarooq comes back with a clothesline. Tag to Henry and Crash nails him from behind, allowing Hardcore to hit a clothesline. Tag to Viscera and he works over Henry in the corner. Avalanche in the corner by Viscera and he goes for the big splash but misses. Tag to Crash and Bradshaw. Big boot by Bradshaw and he puts Crash on top. Super back suplex by Bradshaw gets 2 as Hardcore saves. Double powerbomb to Crash by the Acolytes gets 3.
Winners- The Acolytes and Mark Henry *1/2 ( This was probably the best match involving any of these guys that Iíve seen in a while, but thatís not saying much. Again, there was consistent action condensed into a short amount of time so it was enjoyable for the time given. )

After the match, Mae Young comes out and stomps away on Crash!!! Hardcore clotheslines Mae and Viscera hits the big splash!!!

Chris Benoit vs. Test
Test hammers away on Benoit to start but Benoit comes back with chops. He stomps away and hits a dragon screw leg sweep. Gut wrench powerbomb by Test gets 2. Rolling German suplexes by Benoit but Test comes back with a reverse atomic drop. Big boot by Test and Benoit comes back with chops. Test goes for the pump handle powerslam but Eddie Guerrero comes out and helps Benoit escapes. He nails Test in the back with the pipe and Benoit hits a back suplex. He goes up and hits the diving head butt for 3.
Winner-Chris Benoit *1/2 ( I actually wanted this to get more time, the action in the early portion of the match was sweet. Again, too short to mean anything. )

No DQ Match-Rikishi vs. Eddie Guerrero
Rikishi comes out on crutches and Guerrero mocks him as he comes out. Rikishi nails Guerrero with his crutches and he hits the Bonzai Drop for 3.
Winner- Rikishi DUD ( Rikishi got a measure of revenge on Guerrero. I have no problem with this. )

After the match, the Radicalz come out and attack Rikishi but Too Cool saves with crutches of their own. Rikishi gives Saturn the Rikishi Driver and then we dance.

Cactus Jack says he could care less about taking a ride on the DX Express tonight and says the only thing he cares about is the look on Triple Hís face on Sunday when Cactus is stnding on top of the cell, getting ready to jump on Triple H. Cactus says he will show up at Wrestlemania with a walker if he needs to.

Tazz vs. Big Bossman
Tazz takes Bossman down and gives him some crossfaces to start. They go to the floor and they brawl for a bit. Bossman goes to nail Tazz with the steps but misses and back in, Bossman hammers away in the corner. Avalanche in the corner by Bossman and Tazz comes back with a clothesline. Tazzmission by Tazz and Bossman nails Tazz with the nightstick for the DQ. Prince Albert attacks Tazz and hits the inverted TKO to lay Tazz out.
Winner by DQ- Tazz ¼* ( This was bad. The match was a mess and I donít understand the need to protect the Bossman when Tazz needs the victories more. )

Big Show, Triple H, and X-Pac w/Tori and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley vs. Kane, Cactus Jack, and the Rock w/Paul Bearer
Cactus and Kane charge the ring before Rock comes out and soon after Rock comes out to even the sides. Rock clotheslines Show to the floor and everyone follows out. They brawl on the floor and Rock nails Show with the ring bell. Back in, Kane stacks Triple H and X-Pac in the corner before nailing them with a double clothesline. Corner clothesline by Kane to Triple H and he charges again but eats elbow. Rights by HHH and Kane comes back with a sidewalk slam. Kane knocks HHH down with an uppercut and he tags Rock. Rights by Rock and he hits a clothesline. HHH goes for the Pedigree but Rock blocks and catapults HHH into the corner. Side Russian leg sweep by Rock gets 2. Tag to Cactus and he bites the head of HHH. He hammers away in the corner but HHH comes back with a facebuster. Tag to X-Pac but Cactus takes him down and slams his head off the mat multiple times. Clothesline by Cactus and he knocks X-Pac down with a head butt. Baseball slide by Cactus knocks X-Pac to the floor and he follows out. Cactus sends X-Pac into HHH but Show lays him out with a head butt. Back in, HHH stomps away in the corner and he chokes away on Cactus. Tag to Show and Cactus jumps on his back. Show catches Cactus with a sidewalk slam and he misses an elbow drop. Tag to Rock and it takes three clotheslines to knock Show down. Rock hammers away on HHH in the corner and he knocks HHH to the floor. He does the same to X-Pac and he hits the spinebuster to Show. Rock goes for the Peopleís Elbow but HHH low bridges him, sending him to the floor. HHH sends Rock into the steps and back in, Show drives his knee into the ribs of Rock a few times. Tag to HHH and he hits a suplex for 2. HHH goes up but Rock takes him off the top to come back. Tag to Cactus and he hammers away on HHH in the corner. Double arm DDT to HHH gets 2 as X-Pac saves. Cactus sends X-Pac into the steps and Cactus pulls out a fire extinguisher. Show stops him from using it and goes for the Chokeslam but Kane breaks with a flying clothesline. Kane dumps X-Pac to the floor and Rock knocks Show to the floor. HHH nails Cactus with the fire extinguisher for 3!!!
Winners- Big Show, Triple H, and X-Pac *** ( Wild and chaotic main event that help reestablish the heated feuds heading into No Way Out that the DX Express crap almost ruined. The finish, however, fell flat and Iím shocked Cactus took the loss considering heís the challenger to the man that beat him. )

After the match, everyone brawls toward the entrance ramp and DX try to make their escape. HHH throws anything in Cactusí way and they head into the DX Express. Cactus rams a giant medal pole through the windshield of the bus to end the show.

The 411: You can tell watching this show the roster was motivated by the huge crowd at the Georgia Dome, as it gave a majority of the matches an added boost and it resulted in some good wrestling combined with some advancement toward No Way Out. I was happy with the in-ring focus this episode of Raw had and while there was still some junk on this show, this was a huge improvement over Smackdown!. This episode is worth a watch.
Final Score:  7.0   [ Good ]  legend


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