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From The Shelf- ROH Bloodstained Honor
Posted by Dylan Diot on 01.17.2014

ROH Bloodstained Honor

Back in 2008, ROH released four compellation DVDs nationally, and this along with Stars of Honor were the first two released. This is a collection of some of the most violent matches in ROH history.

Steel Cage Match for the ROH World Championship- Samoa Joe © vs. Jay Briscoe w/Mark Briscoe from At Our Best
Jay goes for the door early but Joe stops him and hits a hip toss. Head butts to the hand of Jay and tosses Jay around by the wrist. Drop toe hold by Jay and he goes for the door again but Joe stops him. Big boot by Jay and he hits a suplex. Joe fires back with chops and he stops Jay from sneaking through the door again. Enzuigiri misses and Joe hits a release German suplex. Joe battery rams Jay against the cage a few times and Joe kicks the door of the cage against Mark. Joe grabs a chain and he locks the cage door so Jay canít escape. Jay is busted open as Joe snap mare him into a chop to the back. Kick to the chest followed by a knee drop from Joe gets 2. Joe sends Jay into the cage and he drives Jayís jead against the cage. Face washes by Joe and he hits the Olay kick into the corner. A second Olay kick by Joe and he goes to battery ram Jay again but he escapes and hits a superkick. Big boot by Jay and he begins to climb. Joe follows and he hits a back superplex taking Jay down to the mat. Joe rolls over into the cover for 2. Joe hammers Jay in the corner and he charges but eats boot. Back suplex by Jay and he climbs again. Joe follows and JAY TAKES HIM OFF THE TOP WITH A SUPER ACE CERUSHER!!!!! They trade forearms and Jay goes low. Lariat by Jay and he begins to climb. Joe follows and they trade chops on the top rope. Big boot by Jay knocks Joe off but Jay collapses to the mat due to the impact of the kick. Enzuigiri by Joe and he hits an Olay kick against the cage. The cage breaks upon impact and Jay tries to get through the new opening but again Joe stops him. Powerbomb by Joe gets 2 and he converts it into the STF. Jay makes the ropes to break!!! Knees to the head by Joe and he slaps away. Enzuigiri by Jay and he hits the Jay Driller!!! Mark starts to climb the cage to get in but AJ Styles comes out and pulls him into a Styles Clash on the floor!!! Jay climbs but Joe follows and HITS A SUPER MUSCLE BUSTER FOR 3!!!!!
Winner and Still ROH World Champion- Samoa Joe **** ( This was the best one sided ass kicking I have ever seen. Jayís game plan was to escape at any chance he got because he knew he couldnít beat Joe straight up. Joe gave him the beating of a lifetime as a result and Jayís ultimate plan backfired. Jayís blade job is among the goriest Iíve ever seen.)

Chicago Street Fight- Second City Saints (CM Punk and Ace Steel) vs. The Prophecy (Dan Maff and BJ Whitmer) from Death Before Dishonor II Night Two
The Prophecy is hesitant to enter the ring to start and they pull the Saints to the floor in order to start their attack. Back in, the Prophecy double teams Steel but Punk pulls Whitmer to the floor and rams him into the barricade. In the ring, Punk and Steel take turns taking shots at Maff. Double backdrop to Maff and Whitmer leaps off the top but Punk catches him with an exploder suplex. The Saintsa dump Whitmer to the floor and Punk goes up. Crossbody to the floor onto Maff by Punk and Steel looks to dive but Whitmer blocks with a chair. Maff tosses Steel around ringside and Steel is busted open. Back in, Maff and Whitmer whip the Saints with their belts. Whitmer clotheslines Steel with the belt as Maff chokes Punk with his. Maff charges in the corner but eats boot and Steel clotheslines Whitmer with the belt. Steel with punches in the corner to Maff and Whitmer hits a back elbow to Punk. They head back to the floor and the Saints toss the Prophecy around ringside. Punk heads into the crowd and gets a running dive back to ringside onto Maff!!! Back in, Steel dropkicks a chair into Maff in the corner and the crowd is hot for the hometown team. Punk puts Maffís head into a ladder and Steel nails the ladder with a chair!!! Punk gives Whitmer some face washes in the corner and finishes with three Olay kicks. Maff is now busted open as Steel places a table against the throat of Whitmer. He places a chair in front of Whitmer and Punk slides the ladder across the table into the chair against the face of Whitmer!!! Now Whitmer is busted open as Punk begins whipping Whitmer with the belt. Steel drives a belt buckle into the bloody head of Maff and Punk has a 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire. He nails Whitmer in the arm and Maff in the back with the barbed wire. Punk goes to nail Maff in the head but he goes low and Whiter gives Punk the side Russian leg sweep using the barbed wire. MAFF NAILS PUNK IN THE GROIN WITH THE BARBED WIRE!!!!! HE NAILS STEEL IN THE GROIN WITH THE BARBED WIRE!!! Whitmer sets up a barbed wire board in the ring and he goes for a suplex but Punk blocks. Forearms by Whitmer and Punk goes for a Tornado DDT but WHITMER BLOCKS AND DUMPS PUNK INTO THE BARBED WIRE!!!! Punk blocks the exploder suplex attempt and Steel suplexes Whitmer as Maff moves the barbed wire board just in time. Maff puts the board in the corner and Punk sends Whitmer into Maff. Forerarms by Punk but Whitmer saves Maff from being send into the board. CANNONBALL INTO THE CORNER BY MAFF SENDING PUNK INTO THE BARBED WIRE BOARD!!!! Steel sends Maff into the barbed wire board!!! Tiger Driver by Steel gets 2. All four men grab chairs and they begin to trade chair shots!!! The Saints win that battle, forcing the Prophecy to bail. The Prophecy begins to toss chairs from the crowd so the crowd begins to toss chairs into the ring!!! CHAIR RIOT~!!!!! All four men entering the ring and begin to brawl!!! Release half nelson suplex onto the chairs by Maff to Punk!!! Punk comes back with a Dragon suplex onto the chairs to Maff!!!! On the floor, Maff places a ladder across the barricades and he puts Steel onto that ladder. Whitmer goes up but Punk pulls him off the top onto the pile of chairs. Steel rams the ladder into Maff a few times and he puts Maff on the ladder. Punk goes up and HITS A SPLASH OFF THE TOP ONTO MAFF ON THE LADDER!!!! Back in, Steel nails Whitmer with a chair and he puts Whitmer on a table. Steel goes up but Whitmer stops him and follows up. Steel blocks a supler Exploder suplex and he HITS A SECOND ROPE TOMBSTONE THROUGH THE TABLE FOR 3!!!!
Winners- Second City Saints **** ( There were some things I didnít like such as no selling the barbed wire stuff and stopping in the middle of the match to have a chair battle but damn did these four take some brutal punishment and put on one hell of a blow off.)

Dog Collar Match- CM Punk vs. Jimmy Rave w/The Embassy from Manhattan Mayhem
Rave attacks Punk from behind and chokes away on Punk. He hammers away on Punk and finally puts the dog collar around him. Punk fights back with rights and he nails Rave in the midsection with the chair. Side Russian leg sweep by Punk and he stomps on every part of Raveís body. Dropkick to the back by Punk and he puts Rave in the tree of woe. He drives his knee into the midsection of Rave a few times and he goes to use a chair but Rave pulls the chain sending Punk into the chair and against the post. Punk is busted open as Rave hits some rights. He sends Punk into the barricade and hits some rights to Punk. Back in, Rave rakes the bloody head of Punk and he drives the chair against the head of Punk. Punk starts to fight back but Rave clotheslines him to stop the momentum. Rave chokes Punk with the chain and he gives Punk a curb stomp for 2. Rave goes for the Rave Clash but Punk goes to the ropes to block. Shining Wizard by Punk and both men are down. Punk cleans house and he hits a clothesline. Back elbow by Punk and he hits a leg lariat. Super kick by Punk gets 2. Punk goes for a powerbomb but Rave blocks and gets a tilt-a-whirl into the Crossface using the chain!!! Punk rakes the eyes to break and Rave goes for Ghanaria but Punk blocks. Punk goes for Welcome to Chicago but Rave backdrops out. Rave goes for the Shining Wizard but Punk rolls through into the half crab. Prince Nana distracts Punk, allowing Rave to go low with the chain and hits the Shining Wizard using the chain for 2!!! Rave goes up for a super Pepsi Plunge but Punk backdrops out. Three powerbombs by Punk gets 2 and he goes for the Anaconda Vice. The Embassy tries to interfere but Punk fights them off. Pepsi Twist by Punk gets 2 as Fast Eddie attempts a moonsault. He misses and lands on Rave. Tornado DDT by Punk to Killer Kruel and Nana distracts Punk with a chair in order to interfere. Punk stops him so Jade Chung jumps on his back. Punk takes her off and Rave begins to hit Punk repeatedly with the chair for 3!!!
Winner- Jimmy Rave ***1/2 ( The match told a great story of Punk trying overcome every attempt by the Embassy to interfere but the numbers game was too great and Rave was able to put his rival down. The match helped establish the Embassy as a force to be reckoned with and it was an another great addition to the awesome Punk/Rave feud. )

Steel Cage Warfare- Generation Next vs. The Embassy from Steel Cage Warfare
Austin Aries starts for Generation Next and Jimmy Rave starts for the Embassy. Rave tries to climb out to start but Aries doesnít allow it. Lefts by Aries but Rave pokes the eye to come back. Rave leaves the cage but Aries follows and he wonít allow Rave to run away. Back in, Rave climbs the cage but Aries dropkicks him causing Rave to get crotched in the ropes. Aries goes up and hits an axe handle off the top to Rave. Aries hammers Rave on the mat and he goes to send Rave into the cage but Rave blocks. Rights by Rave and Aries comes back with a backdrop. Aries stomps away on Rave in the corner and he charges in the corner but misses. Hip toss by Aries and he hits some knee drops. Alex Shelley is the next entrant from the Embassy and Aries dropkicks Shelley as he tries to enter the ring. Backdrop by Aries and he hits a jawbreaker to Shelley. Shelley and Rave double team Aries but Aries comes back with a double springboard back elbow. Aries sends them into the cage and he hits a slam to Shelley. Aries hits the rolling firemanís carry to Rave onto Shelley and he goes up. Rave tosses him off the top and the Embassy hit a clothesline/spear combo to Aries. Rave and Shelley hammer away on Aries and they grab a chinlock onto Aries. Dropkick to the face by Shelley and they cover for 2. Rave sends Aries into the cage and he covers for 2. Matt Sydal is next for Generation Next and he cleans house. Spinebuster to Shelley and Sydal goes up. Moonsault misses but he drop toe holds Rave into the knees of Shelley. Sydal hits a standing moonsault onto the back of Rave for 2. Corner knee strike by Sydal to Rave and Aries hits a corner forearm to Shelley. Aries charges at Shelley in the corner again for 2 and he slams Shelley. Suplex by Sydal to Rave and Generation Next give them a double bow and arrow!!!! Headscissors take over by Sydal and he follows up with a leg lariat to Rave for 2. Abyss is next for the Embassy and Generation Next double team him as he comes in. They block a double Chokeslam attempt but Abyss comes back with a big boot to Sydal. After Shock to Aries and Rave covers for 2. Abyss presses Sydal to the mat and Shelley covers for 2. Abyss chops away on Sydal in the corner and Shelley pokes the eye of Sydal. Aries tries to fight back so Abyss presses Aries into the cage!!! Shelley nails Aries in the head with a chair as Abyss presses Sydal into the cage. Shelley gives Aries the SKULL FUCKER INTO THE CHAIR!!!! Shelley covers for 2 and he hammers the now bloody head of Aries. Roderick Strong is next for Generation Next and he pulls Shelley into a backbreaker. Urinage backbreaker to Shelley and he dropkicks Abyss. Chops to Rave and Strong hits a knee to the back of Rave. Clothesline by Strong gets 2 as Abyss saves. Abyss goes for the Chokeslam but Strong escapes. They trade counters and Abyss HITS A BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX INTO THE CAGE!!!! Shelley covers for 2 and Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam to Sydal. Pedigree by Rave gets 3. Matt Sydal is eliminated.
Rave works over Strong on the floor by sending him into the barricades a few times. Running knee against the barricades by Rave to Strong. Abyss hits the Avalanche in the corner to Aries. Strong chops away on Rave on the floor as Abyss chokes Aries with a chair in the ring. Prince Nana is the last man in for the Embassy as Shelley puts Aries in the tree of woe. Hesitation dropkick in the corner to Aries and Nana throws some stomps in when itís convenient for him. Nana hits some rights to Strong as Abyss holds him up and Rave stomps away. Abyss stomps on the groin of Aries as Rave snapmares Strong into a stomp to the head. Rave stomps away on Aries in the corner and he chokes Aries in the ropes. Rave rakes Ariesí face against the cage as Jade Chung appears on the stage. Jade says that despite all the abuse the Embassy put her through she is still on her own two feet. Nana chases her on the floor as Jack Evans is the final entrant for Generation Next. Evans climbs the cage and HITS A DOUBLE ROTATION MOONSAULT OFF THE CAGE ONTO THE EMBASSY ON THE FLOOR!!!!!!! Generation Next work over the Embassy on the floor and back in, Aries hit a corner dropkick to Abyss. Strong presses Evans into Abyss in the corner and Strong hits the Gutbuster to Abyss. Evans goes up but Rave follows. Strong followas and he holds Rave up. Evans LEAPS OFF RAVE INTO A MOONSAULT ONTO ABYSS FOR 3!!!!! Abyss is eliminated!!!!
Generation Next all work over Rave but Shelley breaks that up. Handspring back elbow in the corner by Evans and he hits a flying knee strike to Shelley. Fisherman buster by Evans and he goes up. 630 Splash by Evans but he eats knees. Shelley puts Evans on top and he hits a super Air Raid Crash for 3. Jack Evans is eliminated.
Double knees in the corner to Aries by Shelley and Aries catches Rave with a powerbomb. Basement dropkick in the corner to Strong by Shelley and he covers Aries for 2. Rave escapes a half nelson backbreaker attempt and rolls Strong up for 2. Spear by Rave to Strong and Shelley hits a superkick to Aries. Aries backdrops out of a Pedigree attempt but walks into the Shell Shock by Shelley for 2 as Strong saves!!! Ghanaria by Rave to Strong gets 2!!! Nana goes for the hip check in the corner but misses Generation Next and he nails his own team. Shelley and Rave charge but miss and they nail Nana. Strong nails FIVE backbreakers on Rave and he locks in the Strong Hold. Aries hits a DDT onto the chair followed by a Brainbuster onto the chair to Shelley for 3!! Shelley is eliminated.
Rave taps to the Stronghold!!! Rave is eliminated.
Nana tries to climb the cage to escape but Aries stops him. Corner forearm by Strong and Aries hit sa double axe handle to the back. Generation Next take turns nailing Nana and Strong gives him the half nelson backbreaker. Aries goes up and he hits the 450 Splash for 3!!!
Winners- Austin Aries and Roderick Strong ***1/2 ( I felt that forty minutes was way too much time for this match. As each entrant came in, the match seemed to stall at points and it felt as though they were wasting some time until the next series of spots after a new entrant came in. It caused the match to drag significantly. That being said this was still a very good brawl with the performance of Shelley being outstanding. I could watch Abyss toss people around for days and Evans was an absolute maniac for the short amount of time he was in the match. )

Ghetto Street Fight- Homicide w/Julius Smokes vs. Colt Cabana from 4th Anniversary Show
Cabana and Homicide brawl from the backstage area into the ringside area to start and Cabana is relentless in his assault. They brawl in the crowd and back at ringside, Cabana presses Homicideías face against the post. Back in, Homicide hits a back elbow to Cabana but Cabana comes back with a big boot. Cabana hammers Homicide on the mat and he chokes Homicide with his boot in the corner. Dropkick by Homicide knocks Cabana to the floor and he follows out. He sends Cabana head first into the barricade and he rakes the face of Cabana. Homicide sends Cabana into the post and he sends Cabana into the barricade head first once again. Cabana is busted open as Homicide tosses a chair into the head of Cabana. Homicide nails Cabana in the head with the steel banner and he works Cabana over on the floor. Back in, Homicide bites the head of Cabana and he hammers Cabana on the mat. Homicide rakes Cabanaís head with a RAZOR!!!!! Homicide sends Cabana into the steel banner set up in the corner and Homicide hits some rights. Chops by Cabana but Homicide pokes the eye to stop the momentum. Corner knee strike by Homicide and he charges in the corner but misses. Flying asshole by Cabana and he charges in the corner but eats elbow. Tornado DDT by Homicide and he grabs a half crab. Cabana wonít quit so Homicide argues with the ref. Homicide tosses a chair at the head of Cabana and he goes up. Diving head butt misses and Cabana goes for Colt 45 but Homicide escapes. Lariat by Cabana and he grabs a bridging half nelson. He quickly releases and hits a slam to Homicide. Cabana goes up and he misses a moonsault off the top. Lariat by Homicide and he grabs a sitting chinlock. Homicide chokes Cabana with a COAT HANGER!!!!! The ref has seen enough and he orders the match to stop!!!! BUT WAIT!!! As Homicide goes to leave, Cabana says Homicide has to fucking kill him for this match to end!!!! Homicide comes back in and hammers away. Cabana tries to fight back so Homicide catches him with an Ace Crusher. Cabana blocks the Cop Killa and he connects with the Flatliner. Cabana works ove the injured shoulder of Homicide and he rakes the face of Homicide. Cabana bites the shoulder of Homicide and Smokes grabs the leg of Cabana. The distraction allows Homicide to toss a chair at the back of Cabana. Ricky Reyes is now out as well and all three of them work over Cabana in the corner. They tie Cabana into the corner and Homicide hammers away. Homicide throws a chair at the head of Cabana and he rakes the bloody head of Cabana. Homicide throws the chair at the head of Cabana again and once again the ref stops the match!!! BUT WAIT!!!! Cabana says his heart is still beating and he tells Homicide to finish him off. Homicide comes back and Cabana hammers away on him and Smokes. Reverse atomic drop by Cabana and Homicide goes to the apron. Cabana follows and they trade counters on the apron. Smokes pours ALCOHOL into the head of Cabana, allowing Homicide to PILEDRIVER CABANA OFF THE APRON ONTO THE TABLE THAT DOESNíT BREAK!!!! Cabana is finally done for good.
Winner- Homicide ***1/2 ( As a match, it is fine but this was storytelling at its finest. These two hate each other so although Homicide brutalized him, Cabana refused to go down to him no matter how bad Homicide beat him down. You naturally felt the hatred hear and made you want to see what the hell was going to happen the next time they met. )

Team CZW (Chris Hero, Necro Butcher, and Super Dragon) vs. Team ROH (Adam Pearce, BJ Whitmer, and Samoa Joe) from The 100th Show
Anything goes here pretty much, as there is an ROH and CZW ref calling the match. All six men brawl to start and it ends with Joe and Hero alone in the ring. Reverse atomic drop by Joe and he follows up with a big boot. Standing senton by Joe which forces Hero to bail. Elbow suicide by Joe to Hero and Butcher slams Pearce onto a chair. Olay kick by Joe knocks Hero into the crowd and he follows out. They brawl in the crowd while Butcher drives a chair into the head of Pearce, busting him open. Pearce nails Butcher in the head with a chair and he suplexes Butcher on the floor. In the crowd, Joe and Whitmer hit a double suplex onto Dragon on some chairs!!! Joe sends Hero into the barricades as Whitmer slams Dragon onto some more chairs. Joe and Butcher trade slaps and Joe ends that with some head butts. In the ring, Pearce powerbombs Butcher onto a chair while Whitmer nails Dragon multiple times with a chair. Joe slaps away on Dragon and Pearce gives him a straight hard right for good measure. In the ring, Whitmer gives Hero a Brainbuster for 2. Butcher nails Joe in the head with a broken piece of table while Dragon goes low on Whitmer. Dragon goes up but Whitmer crotches him. He follows up and goes for a super exploder suplex but Dragon shoves him off. Back senton off the top by Dragon gets 2. Pearce sandwhiches some chairs against the head of Butcher. Dragon charges at Whitmer in the corner but misses and hits the post shoulder first. Butcher rakes the eyes of Joe and he sets up some chairs in the ring. He goes for a powerbomb but Joe blocks so Butcher hits some forearms. Joe returns the favor and he hits a back suplex on Butcher through the chair!!! Joe covers for 2 as Pearce rams Dragon back first into the barricades on the floor. Joe nails Butcher in the head with a chair and they head back into the crowd. Back senton by Hero to Whitmer and he gives Whitmer a big boot for 2. Swinging cravat neckbreaker by Hero gets 2. Pearce goes for a piledriver on Hero but Butcher saves. They proceed to trade jabs and Butcher wins that battle. Pearce fires back and he knocks Butcher down. They slug it out and Pearce catches Hero coming with a back suplex. On the floor, Joe hits a sidewalk slam on Dragon through a table!!! In the ring, Joe slaps away on Hero and he hits a corner knee strike. Butcher and Dragon attack Joe from behind and Dragon dumps Joe to the floor. Butcher whips Joe with his belt as Pearce delivers a spinebuster to Hero. Pearce goes up and hits a flying splash off the top for 2 as Dragon gives Pearce a double stomp off the top to break. Curb Stomp to Pearce by Dragon but he walks into a lariat from Whitmer. Whitmer sets up a chair and he hits an Exploder suplex through the chair on Dragon for 2!!! Butcher nails Whitmer in the head with a chair and he puts Whitmerís head in a chair. He nails that chair with a different chair but then eats a chairs hot to the head from Pearce. Dragon puts Whitmerís head in a chair again and goes up. DOUBLE STOMP OFF THE TOP TO WHITMERíS HEAD ON THE CHAIR FOR 2!!!!! Whitmer is now busted open as Dragon brings him to the apron. PSYCHO DRIVER OFF THE APRON THROUGH A TABLE ON WHITMER!!!!!! Hero chokes Joe with a chair and he dumps Joe to the floor. John Zandig tries to enter the ring so Joe charges at him. Zandig gets the upper hand, pounding away on Joe in the corner. Bryce Remsberg and Todd Sinclair gets into an argument so Team CZW attacks Sinclair!!! Corner forearm by Hero to Joe and he grabs the Cravat. Claudio Castagoli comes out and dumps Zandig to the floor!!! He grabs Hero by the hair and Joe charges but Claudio lays him out with an uppercut!!!! Hero and Castagnoli hug but Pearce nails Claudio with a missile dropkick. Hero stomps away and Dragon chokes Pearce with a chair. Royal Bomb by Hero and Castagnoli to Pearce gets 3!!!
Winners- Team CZW ***3/4 ( Another great brawl where as you were watching you felt the hatred and pride coming from all six men who wanted to cement their claim that their promotion was the best. There was too much crowd brawling for my taste plus the ridiculous amounts of no selling, especially from Super Dragon, got annoying and I canít label this as all time great ROH brawl. )

Windy City Death Match- Colt Cabana vs. Jimmy Jacobs w/Lacey from Fifth Year Festival: Chicago
Cabana swings a chair at Jacobs who avoids it which triggers a slug fest. Cabana whips Jacobs with his jacket and he dumps Jacobs to the floor. Cabana follows and he sends Jacobs into the barricade. Cabana puts Jacobs on a table and goes up but Lacey stops him. Cabana brings her into the ring and the distraction allows Jacobs to clip Cabana. Jacobs hammers Cabana on the mat and Lacey looks to go low but Daizee Haze comes out and attacks Lacey. Daizee chases Lacey to the back as Cabana puts Jacobs in the tree of woe. Cabana grabs a ladder but Jacobs catches him with a baseball slide. Jacobs follows out and he hammers away on Cabana. Back in, Cabana hits some bionic elbows to Cabana and he is busted open. Cabana has SCISSORS in his elbow bad and he drives the scissors into the cut of Jacobs!!! Cabana charges in the corner but misses and Jacobs nails him in the back with the chair. Jacobs looks for his spike but canít find it. Cabana has the spike and he nails Jacobs in the head with it!!! He chokes Jacobs with his shirt and he drives the spike into the head of Jacobs!!! Cabana dumps Jacobs to the floor and he nails Jacobs a few times with a Chicago flag. Cabana tries to come in but Jacobs crotches him. Jacobs nails Cabana in the back with the flag pole and he drives the flag pole into the head of Cabana. Cabana is now busted open as Jacobs chokes Cabana with the flag. Jacobs nails Cabana in the head with the spike and he drives it into the head of Cabana. Jacobs nails Cabana in the head with the chair and he hammers away on Cabana. Jacobs puts a chair on Cabana and he hits some double stomps into an elbow drop onto the chair for 2. Cabana fights back with rights and he blocks an attempt by Jacobs to use the flag pole. He blocks the Contra Code and he nails Jacobs in the head with the scissors!!! Jabs by Cabana and he knocks Jacobs down. He nails Jacobs in the head with the chair and goes for the Colt 45 but Jacobs blocks. Brent Albright comes out and hits the half nelson suplex to Cabana. He puts Jacobs onto the cover for 2 and BJ Whitmer comes out to brawl with Albright. Jacobs nails Whitmer from behind and Jacobs charges with the chair but Whitmer blocks. Whitmer dumps Albright to the floor and he clotheslines Jacobs to the floor. Cabana hits a springboard Asai moonsault onto Jacobs and Albright on the floor!!! Back in, Cabana grabs a hammer and he nails the spike with a hammer driving it into Jacobs skull!!!! Flying asshole in the corner by Cabana and he tosses some chairs at Jacobs in the corner. Slam by Cabana and he puts a chair on Jacobs. Cabana goes up and he hits a moonsault off the top onto the chair on Jacobs for 2!!! Cabana sets up a table on the floor but Jacobs hammers away on him. Cabana drives the flag pole into the head of Jacobs and he tosses a chair at the head of Jacobs. He puts Jacobs on a table and goes up. Lacey comes back out and she shoves Cabana onto the ropes, crotching him. They put Cabana on a table and Jacobs climbs a ladder he set up in the ring. BACK SENTON OFF THE LADDER THROUGH THE TABLE ON THE FLOOR!!!!! Back in, Jacobs covers for 2!!! Jacobs sets up a table in the corner and he goes for a Spear but misses and Cabana sends him through the table!!! Lacey comes in and goes to nail Cabana with a shoe but he blocks. He nails Cabana with the shoe and connects with a lariat. Colt 45 by Cabana and he gives Lacey a Colt 45 as well!!!! He covers both Lacey and Jacobs for 3!!!
Winner- Colt Cabana ***3/4 ( This was a great blow off for months of storyline, with the interference from Haze, Whitmer, and Albright making sense and I loved some of the spots such as Cabana outsmarting Jacobs by pulling out his spike and the scissors getting stuck in the turnbuckle only to be used later in the match. Again, there were some no selling issues and I wasnít a fan of the big ladder spot, as it seemed pointless in the grand scheme of the match plus it too forever to set up. But this was still an excellent blow off. )

Boston Street Fight- The Briscoes (Jay and Mark Briscoe) vs. Kevin Steen and El Generico from Death Before Dishonor V Night One
Jay backdrops Steen into the crowd as they were making their entrance and Mark sends Generico into the barricade. Jay and Steen slug it out in the crowd while Generico tosses a chair into the head of Mark. Steen sits on a chair pressed against Jayís throat and Mark hits a CROSSBODY OFF THE TOP INTO GENERICO IN THE CROWD!!!! Steen nails Mark in the head with a chair and he powerbombs Mark through a table set up in the crowd!!!! Jay nails Steen with the chair and he tosses the same chair at Generico. All four men brawl in the crowd for a bit as they toss each other around all the chairs. Steen pounds Mark with his show as Generico drives Jay against the barricade. Steen hits the Fishermanís buster onto a chair to Mark!!! At ringside, Generico hits an assisted Tornado DDT on the floor to Jay!!!! Generico hammers away on Jay but Jay comes back with a superkick. Steen tries to enter ringside but MARK CATCHES HIM WITH AN ACE CRUSHER OFF THE BARRICADE AND ONTO THE FLOOR!!! Generico looks to springboard but the Briscoes pull him off the apron and ram him against the barricades!!! Steen spears Mark against the barricades but a now bloody Jay catches him with a big boot against the barricades. Steen tosses the barricades at Mark but Mark moves out of the way just in time. Big boot by Mark but Generico HITS A MICHINOKU DRIVER ONTO THE BARRICADE ON MARK!!!! Jay back suplexes Steen through a table on the floor!!! DDT on the barricade by Generico to Mark and Steen suplexes Jay on the floor. Steen sets up a table and goes for the Package Piledriver but Jay blocks. Back in, they slug it out and Steen rakes the eyes to end that. He bites the face of Jay and he hammers away on Jay. Big boot by Jay to Steen but he eats a crossbody off the top from Generico. Springboard superkick by Mark to Generico but he walks into a powerbomb from Steen. All four men are down!!! All four men grab chairs and they proceed to nail each other with the chairs in a chair battle!!! All four men are down again!!!! Jay clotheslines Steen to the floor as Mark hits an exploder suplex to Generico. He sets up some chairs and Mark goes for the Cut Throat Driver but Generico escapes. They trade counters and Jay hits Generico in the back with the chair. PIZZA TOSS TO GENERICO SENDING HIM THROUGH THE CHAIRS BY THE BRISCOES!!!! Jay covers for 2 as Steen saves. Mark sets up a chair and goes for the Cut-Throat Driver but Steen escapes and hits the Fishermanís Buster through the chair for 2!!! Steen goes up but JAY SHOVES HIM OFF THE TOP SENDING HIM THROUGH A TABLE ON THE FLOOR!!!!! Yakuza kick by Generico to Jay and he goes up. Jay blocks a Brainbuster attempt and Mark follows up. The Briscoes hit the SUPER RAZORíS EDGE/NECBREAKER COMBO for 2 as Steen pulls the ref out of the ring!!! SUICIDE PLANCHA BY MARK TO STEEN ON THE FLOOR!!!! Springboard Doomsday Device to Generico gets 2 as Steen saves again!!! Steen backdrops Mark to the floor and follows out. He brings out a ladder and nails Mark in the head with it. Steen brings the ladder into the ring and he sets it up in the corner. Steen goes for a powerbomb on Mark but Mark backdrops out, sending Steen crashing into the ladder!!! Mark climbs the ladder in the corner but GENERICO SPRINGBOARDS IN WITH AN ACE CRUSHER TO BRING MARK DOWN!!!!! Jay nails Steen in the head with the ladder and he goes for the Jay Driller but Steen blocks. Steen goes low and hits the Package Piledriver onto the ladder for 3!!!
Winners- Kevin Steen and El Generico ****1/4 ( This was an awesome brawl. Both teams relentlessly beat the hell out of each other and put together some tremendous spots where someone from one team would be so preoccupied with a member of the other team that their partner would catch them off guard and take them out with a sick maneuver. This was total insanity and a great chapter in one of ROHís best feuds ever. )

The 411: This was a great collection of matches that showed that ROH put some of the most spectacular and violent matches around despite their known reputation for pure technical wrestling. The great thing about this set is that it showed how great ROH is at setting up and putting on blow offs to feuds. All these brawls were either the final chapter of a major feud where the violence was necessary or the brawl was violent but yet did not satisfy the ending of a feud so they would have to take things up a notch down the road. I would recommend this DVD, especially to someone who is new to ROH and wanted to see just a glimpse of what they did back in the early years.
411 Elite Award
Final Score:  9.0   [  Amazing ]  legend


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