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From The Shelf- WWF Smackdown! 2-24-2000
Posted by Dylan Diot on 02.11.2014

WWF Smackdown!
Nashville, TN

Your hosts are Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler.

WWF Hardcore Championship- Test © vs. Crash Holly
Test tosses the belt at Crash and takes him out with a big boot to start. Backdrop by Test and Crash bails. Test follows out and they brawl in the crowd. Test puts a trash can on top of Crash and he nails Crash with a chair. Back at ringside, Crash sprays a fire extinguisher into the eyes of Test and he sends Test into the post. Hurricanrana off the apron by Crash as Hardcore Holly watches from the ramp. Back in, Crash covers for 2. Crash nails Test in the midsection with a kendo stick and they go back to the floor. Crash leaps off the steps but Test throws a chair at Crash to knock him down. Back in, Test sets up some chairs and he goes for a powerbomb but Crash escapes. Big boot by Test and he goes for the Pumphandle Slam but Crash escapes. He goes low and dumps Test to the floor. Crash follows out with a slingshot pescado as Hardcore Holly makes his way to ringside with a chair. He goes to nail Crash but misses and nails Test. Crash covers for 3!!!
Winner and NEW WWF Hardcore Champion- Crash Holly ** ( Fun hardcore match and this shockingly led to the peak of the Hardcore Championship in the coming weeks.)

DX is in the DX Express and Triple H makes matches, which includes Billy Gunn vs. Bubba Ray Dudley, Benoit vs. Kane, and Triple H, X-Pac, and Road Dogg vs. Too Cool and Rikishi. He tells DX and the Radicalz to let him take care of Cactus Jack.

Big Show comes out and asks the crowd why they’re booing him. He says he liked the Rock just like everyone else but Rock made fun of him and he won’t stand for it. Show claims he got screwed at the Royal Rumble and he says he’s trying to win the fans back. Show shows the footage from the Royal Rumble that proves Rock’s feet hit the mat first. Kurt Angle comes out and shakes Show’s hand, saying Show was integrity. Kurt Angle tries to tell a story but Chris Jericho interrupts. Jericho says Angle’s speech made Show seem entertaining and he says he wishes he would shut the hell up. He promises a beating he will never forget at No Way Out. Angle says they should have a tag team match tonight with Angle and Show against Jericho. Angle says Jericho will never find a partner with a lack of intelligence to face them which brings out The Rock. Rock says tag team wrestling isn’t his style but he’ll team with Jericho so he can get his hands on the Big Show. He shows Show a video which is of Rock mocking Show’s chokeslam call. Show is pissed at Rock shows the video multiple times at different angles and speeds. Rock claims Show bitches and moans which is why he gets booed. He says Show has to be concerned with how Rock is going to kick Show’s candy ass and go to Wrestlemania.

Kane w/Paul Bearer vs. Chris Benoit w/The Radicalz
The Radicalz drag Kane to the floor to start and Benoit dives to the floor onto Kane. The Radicalz work over Kane on the floor and the ref throws the Radicalz out of ringside. Back in, Kane hits a Gordbuster and Benoit comes back with a dropkick to the leg. Enzuigiri by Benoit and he goes up. Diving Headbutt by Benoit but Kane sits up and goes for the Chokeslam. Benoit breaks so Kane hits a tilt-a-whirl slam. Corner clothesline by Kane and he hits a big boot. Kane goes up and he hits a flying clothesline to Benoit. Kane clotheslines Benoit to the floor and Kane follows out. Tori comes out as Kane works over Benoit on the floor. Tori slaps Paul Bearer so Bearer pulls her hair until Benoit breaks it up. Both men are counted out in the process.
Match ends in a Double Count-Out *1/2 ( Like many Benoit matches lately, it was going nicely but barely had time to develop into some good and the finish was cheap.)

After the match, Kane stalks Tori on the entrance ramp but X-Pac comes out and blasts Kane in the face with a flamethrower!!!

Edge, Christian, and the Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff Hardy) vs. Al Snow, Steve Blackman, Dean Malenko, and Perry Saturn
Blackman and Christian start. Side Russian leg sweep by Christian gets 1 and Snow pulls his hair, allowing Blackman to hit a superkick. Tag to Snow and he hits a Northern lights suplex for 2. Tag to Malenko and he hits a knee to the midsection. Suplex by Malenko gets 2. Tag to Saturn and he throws some knees at Christian. Clothesline by Saturn and he goes for a back suplex but Christian escapes. O’Connor roll gets 2 and both men clothesline each other to take each other down. Tag to Jeff and he hits Whisper in the Wind. Jeff cleans house which leads to a brawl involving all four men. Backdrop to Malenko and Jeff hits a summersault pescado to Saturn on the floor. Matt goes up but Malenko shoves him off the top onto Edge on the floor. Leg lariat/Tiger suplex combo by Malenko and Saturn on Jeff gets 3.
Winners- Al Snow, Steve Blackman, Dean Malenko, and Perry Saturn ** ( Match was packed with action but again it was way too short.)

After the match, the Hardy Boyz and Edge and Christian argue which leads to a pull-apart brawl between the two teams.

Too Cool (Scotty 2 Hotty and Grandmaster Sexay) and Rikishi vs. DX (Triple H, X-Pac, and Road Dogg) w/Stephanie McMahon Helmsley and Tori
Dogg and Sexay start. Stroke by Sexay and he goes to the second rope. Second rope dropkick by Sexay gets 2 and he misses an elbow drop. Tag to HHH and he stomps away in the corner. HHH charges in the corner but eats boot and Sexay hits a second rope clothesline. Tag to Scotty and he goes for the Worm but eats a spin kick from X-Pac. Tag to Dogg and he hits some jabs. Scotty comes back with a back elbow and he tags Rikishi. Hip check in the corner by Rikishi and he cleans house. Rikishi goes for the Rikishi Driver on X-Pac but HHH breaks with a chop block. DX works over the injured ankle of Rikishi and Dogg hits a knee drop onto the bad ankle. X-Pac throws some kicks but Rikishi presses X-Pac into an Ace Crusher to come back. Tag to Sexay and he cleans house. Powerslam to X-Pac and he tags Scotty. Bulldog by Scotty and he hits the W.O.R.M~!!!! Scotty covers for 2 as Dogg breaks. Belly to belly suplex by Rikishi to X-Pac and he goes for the Bonzai Drop but HHH nails Rikishi with a chair to block. Double elbow drop by Too Cool to Dogg while HHH nails Rikishi in the ankle with the chair. Sexay goes up and misses the Hip Hop Drop. X-Factor by X-Pac gets 3.
Winners- DX **1/2 ( Fun sprint with Too Cool and Rikishi getting the chance to look good against the top faction in the company. The match also served to help the Rikishi ankle story heading into the PPV match with the Radicalz so this accomplished a lot. )

Godfather and D’Lo Brown w/Hoes vs. Big Bossman and Prince Albert
Bossman starts with Brown. Bossman charges in the corner but eats boot and Brown hits a second rope dropkick. Spinebuster by Bossman and he tags Albert. Albert slingshots Brown in the ropes and he goes for a press slam but Brown escapes. Brown misses a second rope moonsault but he comes back with a DDT. Tag to Godfather and he cleans house. Ho Train misses as Brown hits a flying clothesline off the top to Bossman. Albert works over Godfather in the corner and Tazz comes out and attacks Bossman. He nails Albert, allowing Godfather to hit the DVD for 3.
Winners- Godfather and D’Lo Brown * ( Match was sloppy and D’Lo flying all over the place was the only redeeming value of it. )

Jim Ross conducts an in ring interview with Cactus Jack. Cactus lists off his accomplishments over his career and says the last few months he was disappointed in what he was doing in the ring despite making people laugh and being part of the Rock N’ Sock Connection. He talks about the Thrilla in Manilla and says that fight was the damnest thing he had ever seen. He says the final image was seeing Joe Frasier sit on a stool, unable to finish the final round. Cactus said he did not want to end his career sitting on a stool. He says he tore the house down at the Royal Rumble and in the greatest match of his life, he lost to the better man. He says his reaction was to challenge Triple H to Hell in the Cell as he is the king of the Hell in the Cell. The last Hell in the Cell match with Undertaker, he got his ass kicked and he lists off the injuries he suffered in that match. He says it was the greatest day of his career as he finished the match on his own two feet and he says that the last couple retirement matches involved guys prostituting themselves and come back six weeks later. He promises that if he loses, it will be the last time he competes in the ring. He says this might be the last time he has a chance to talk and he thanks the crowd. Cactus declares he will go down swinging or he won’t go down at all. He promises to fly off the cage on top of Triple H which brings out Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. She says she has dreams too but they became a nightmare when Cactus put a battery ram through her new bus. She says Cactus caused $5,000 worth of damage and she paid for it. She says Cactus will pay Sunday with his career. Stephanie says she has a warrant for his arrest and some cops come out to take Cactus away. Triple H comes out to watch Cactus get taken away by the cops.

The cops lock Cactus Jack in a cage in the building and Triple H has them give him the keys.

Stephanie taunts Cactus Jack with pizza as he is trapped in the cage and Triple H wanrs to poke him with a stick.

Mr. Ass vs. Bubba Ray Dudley w/D-Von Dudley
Clothesline by Bubba and he hits some rights to Ass. Bubba works over Ass in the corner and Ass comes back with a hip toss. Slam by Ass and he hits a clothesline. He sends the Dudley Boyz into each other and Bubba falls into the groin of D-Von. Neckbreaker by Ass gets 2. Bubba counters the Fameasser into a powerbomb and he goes to the second rope. Second rope senton misses and Ass hits some rights. Stinger Splash by Ass and he hits the Jackhammer. Ass goes for the Fameasser but D-on low bridges him for the DQ.
Winner by DQ- Mr. Ass *1/2 ( I was actually enjoying this until the DQ finish, which sucked.)

After the match, The Dudley Boyz set up a table in the ring and D-Von hits the D Bomb. Road Dogg comes out and he goes low on Bubba. He dumps D-Von to the floor and Ass hits the Fameasser through the table!!!!

Triple H reveals to Cactus the cage he’s in is actually attached to the DX Express. He promises to give Cactus a hell of a ride all the way to Hartford.

Kurt Angle and Big Show vs. Chris Jericho and The Rock w/Chyna
Angle attacks Jericho to start and Jericho comes back with a clothesline. Chops by Jericho and he hits a double under hook backbreaker for 2. Tag to Rock and he hits some rights in the corner. Angle comes back with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Tag to Show and Rock hits a spinebuster. He hammers Show on the mat and Rock goes low on Show. Tag to Jericho and he hammers away on Show. Show presses Jericho to the mat and Angle works him over. Clothesline by Angle and Jericho comes back with a flying forearm for 2. Knee to the back by Show and Angle goes for a powerbomb but Rock breaks with a clothesline. Angle charges in the corner but misses and Jericho hits a bulldog. Tag to Rock and he cleans house. Spinebuster to Angle and he goes for the People’s Elbow but Show breaks it up. Jericho goes up and hits a missile dropkick to Show. Show comes back with the Chokeslam and Chyna comes in with a chair. She nails Show in the back for the DQ.
Winners by DQ- Kurt Angle and Big Show **1/2 ( Again, another match that getting exciting but was marred by a cop out finish to keep everyone strong for the PPV. )

After the match, Show goes for a Chokeslam on Chyna but Rock saves her and hits the Rock Bottom. Jericho grabs the Walls of Jericho on Show until officials break it up. Jericho and Angle brawl in the ring until Chyna takes him out with a DDT. Jericho grabs the Walls of Jericho on Angle as Rock and Show brawl to the back. Show TOSSES ROCK THROUGH A GLASS WINDOW!!!! Triple H and Stephanie give Show the thumbs up and he gets into the DX Express. The bus starts to drag Cactus out of the arena as the show ends.

The 411: I thought this was a very solid show heading into No Way Out. A couple of solid matches combined with a fantastic Cactus Jack promo and some good build to each of the big matches for the PPV made this an easy and fun show to watch. The Cactus arrest stuff was the only thing I hated, as it was way to goofy and ruined what was a great promo that should have been the final build for the Hell in the Cell match. This episode of Smackdown! is worth a look and now we head into Wrestlemania.
Final Score:  7.0   [ Good ]  legend


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