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From the Bowery: WWE Countdown: Coolest Catchphrases
Posted by Robert Leighty Jr. on 02.27.2014

From the Bower: WWE Countdown: Coolest Catchphrases

-With the launch of the WWE Network, I figured I might as well recap some things as they debut and we start with one of favorite things: A Countdown show. Now it says the WWE Universe voted for these so I expect some ballot stuffing, but can’t complain about the results really since they are up front about it being fan voted. Kind of like how Twilight Movies win MTV Award for Best Movie every year even though doesn’t mean much. The real joy in this type of show should be the various talking heads discussing things.

-Various current WWE SuperStars put over the importance of catchphrases and Christian mentions they caught on towards the end of the Attitude Era, which is kind of a stretch considering they immediately start showing Savage, Flair, Hogan, etc.

10: Whatcha Gonna Do…

-Hogan’s most famous line starts off the countdown and the current WWE guys have a lot of fun doing their impression. They also show some pieces of other Hogan interviews. Vince puts over how outrageous and crazy some of the things Hogan said were, but as the same time you couldn’t help but be captivated. Striker mentions that there is nothing anyone can do when Hulkamania starts running wild. Good point!

9: Can You Dig It, Sucka?

-Cole mentions that it epitomized who Booker was as a character, and Booker mentions he got it from the movie, The Warriors. Jericho is awesome in describing Booker in his Harlem Heat days with his Eddie Murphy mustache. Some great stuff from the Book-Dust team and it’s still pretty damn funny.

8: The Best There Is, The Best There Was, and The Best There Ever Will Be

-Jericho and Nattie come out and say what everyone always though: Bret truly believed and lived by his catchphrase. Truly the wordiest catchphrase on this list, and Bret mentions he took the phrase from the movie The Natural. Awesome! Punk mentions it is the best catchphrase ever, next to “Best in the World” of course. He mentions he believed what Bret said when he watched as a kid and still believes it to this day, that Bret truly was The Best.

7: Rest in Peace

-Nattie says Taker is basically a God which is pretty much how I think most of the younger guys and gals view the man. Wow, Flo Rida of all people shows up and even he puts over the greatness of Taker. They make sure to work in some stuff from the Taker/Mankind Cell Match which will probably be the first of a million clips from that match jammed into some show on the Network. Everyone puts over how respected Taker is and that ends this one.

6: Suck It!

-The Bellas start out and Brie tells us to suck it which seems dirty and awesome at the same time. HHH puts over that it all started with the State of the Union Address that aired on USA Network. Great stuff there! What I always found odd is that they would tell us to “Get Ready to Suck It” and if we weren’t down with it then we still had to Suck It. As I type that Rollins shows up and asks the same question. Then mentions he told a few of his teachers to suck it in High School. I did something similar as I said it to a fan of another basketball team in high school after he threatened to choke me, and yet I was the one tossed out of the game. AJ laughs about what’s wrong with the world in that we cheer when someone tells us to get ready to suck it. Good point though maybe she isn’t that type of girl. Then she comes back a few seconds later and says she’ll never stop doing it. Damn!

-Nice touch as they recap the countdown to this point.

5: If Ya Smell…What the Rock is Cooking

-Entertaining is the first word tossed around and Nattie puts Rock over for getting the catchphrase thing going with all his various ones. Rock cutting HHH off with “It Doesn’t Matter,” is tremendous. Christian mentions Rock can tell everyone to tie their shoes and it would find its way on a t-shirt and get over with the crowd. Bryan tells us that it is more than just the line, as it is also the way the Rock delivers the line. They make sure to run President Obama saying “Do you smell what Barack is cooking?” which everyone was expecting when they announced the candidates would tape pre-recorded messages for RAW. Booker mentions he always walked around saying something similar and jokes The Rock stole it from him.

4: Gimme a Hell Yeah!

-Best use of this catchphrase may have been when he dropped it on Mike Tyson with “Do I think you can beat me? Hell No! Do I think I can beat you? Oh Hell Yeah!” Various Austin vehicle mayhem is covered and really shows how much Vince was abused back in the day, which kind of shows what HHH is lacking as the evil owner this day. Arn Anderson mentions that he can believe that Steve is a guy who probably walks around in his underwear at his house and screams Hell Yeah on a daily basis. Leave it to Arn to sum things up.

Special Mention: You’re Fired!

-This isn’t part of the countdown as it didn’t get voted (which is a crock), but they make sure to include it. Beth Phoenix pops up and mentions Vince could make and break you with just those 2 words. Cena and Clay both mention that Donald Trump stole the phrase from Vince and Punk calls him a gangster for firing guys on air. They show Vince going crazy and firing everyone in the live crowd. Good times!

3: You Can’t See Me

-So I see a lot of Cena fans stuffed the ballot box on this one. Cena mentions he got the hand gesture from the 50 Cent video “In Da Club.” Booker says he stole it from him and Miz calls the motion stupid. Miz also puts over how awesome the Rock was when he ripped apart the catchphrase. Bryan mentions that he doesn’t get the phrase as Cena is a very large man in a bright shirt. “We can see you in the dark!” Too funny! Ziggler bags on it as well, and this is pretty funny watching the younger guys bury it while others defend it.

2: Yes

-Bryan is shocked to hear his catchphrase made the list. Miz mentions he loved the fact that he was going to be paired with Bryan on NXT as he knew they were complete opposite and made for each other. We get footage from that first season of NXT and scrawny, clean shaved Bryan is quite the site to see after some 4 years later. Ryback with the cowboy hat and bare chest/combo making him look like a stripper is the quite the site as well. We get a cool sequence from NXT where Miz asks Bryan to come up with a cool catchphrase. Fast forward all these years later and Bryan has the most over phrase in years. Bryan mentions he started doing it on the way to the ring when he won the World Title as a way to be obnoxious and says things took off at WrestleMania XXVIII and then went crazy the following night on RAW. Cesaro does the chant in 5 different languages in what may be the greatest thing ever! The RAW after Mania this year should be fantastic if they continue to go through with Batista vs. Orton. Miz calls it the new What and Bryan mentions a promo with him and Austin would be the most infuriating thing ever. I tend to think it would be the greatest thing ever and needs to happen at some point. They bring up Bryan using “No” to turn things on the fan and they show the battle of “Yes”, “No,” and “Woo” that Kane, Bryan, and Flair had at RAW. Daniel says he hates schilling and pushing merchandise, yet here he is with a “Yes” towel!

-Recap of things to this point and seems pretty clear there can only be one choice left for the top spot.


-Yeah, this one was a no brainer and good on the fans (if legit voting) on getting this one right. Renee Young gets awesome points for mentioning you have to tuck the hair back before saying the phrase. Jericho says he think it was an instinct word that Flair threw in there to give himself a second to pause, but hit on something with it and never looked back. Steamboat mentions that anytime Flair’s name is mentioned in any setting, you will have someone go “wooo.” Show calls Flair the biggest influence of his career, and even Maria Menunous mentions she uses “wooo” in all her tweets. You know Flair had to have hit on her if he met her. They show the awesome Wooo off between Angle and Flair that HHH broke up. Dusty calls it the worst catchphrase in the history of the business. Keep that grudge alive Dusty, keep it alive! They naturally discuss how nobody can get chopped in wrestling anymore without the crowd delivering a “wooo.” That’s a wrestling tradition that needs to live on until the Earth explodes into the sun.

The 411: Funny show and I will continue to watch these as new ones become available. I have always been a fan of countdown shows so this is easy show to get through and the talking heads seem to be having a blast. As for the list the only real big miss I can think of off the top of my head is Savage's "Oh Yeah." I am sure you the reader can think of others.
Final Score:  7.0   [ Good ]  legend


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