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From the Bowery: WWE Countdown: Awesome Entrances
Posted by Robert Leighty Jr. on 03.05.2014

From the Bowery: WWE Countdown: Awesome Entrances

-After a full week I will say the Network has been worth every penny. Every now and then there is still an issue with it freezing for a split second when first watching something, but no issues after that. The real test will be WrestleMania and hoping nothing happens during the live feed then.

-The talking heads put over the importance of an entrance and how it sets the tone for the match in a lot of regards.

10: The Sandman

-Amazing they actually put something ECW on here, but I doubt we hear Metallica. Joey Styles and Mankind put over the entrance and how it kept people on the edge of their seats for 7-8 minutes. They cover the fact he made himself bleed with the beer can on the way to the ring and Daniel Bryan mentions that Sandman was like one of the people in the ECW crowd so they related to him. Bryan then buries Sandman and kills him as being a horrible wrestler with a great entrance. Cody Rhodes says the same thing and Joey backs it up as well though in a much nicer way. They continue to bury his skills but take turns discussing how much beer he drank on his way to the ring. Joey mentions Sandman was a construction worker and bar room brawler who become a wrestler, and now that his career is over, Sandman is back to working construction. He then mentions that when he last talked to Sandman they couldn’t meet up because he was in jail for drunken disorderly conduct. Awesome!

9: Goldust

-The letterbox is discussed and yes it was fantastic when it started and is still awesome to this day. They put over the whole package of the gold wig, and feather boa. Dustin mentions that he was supposed to look like an Oscar Award. Bryan kills all as he mentions he loved it as a kid because and I quote “Marlena had huge fake cans.” Yeah, that caused me to spit out laughing. The original character with all the movie quotes and references was great, and kind of sad they got away from that.

8: The Ultimate Warrior

-Daniel tells us Warrior’s entrance was his favorite and that is backed up by a lot of the younger guys. Jericho mentions he had the best ring music and you couldn’t help but get pumped. George Steele mentions that the entrance was the best part of his match. Christian puts over the awesomeness of his promos and we get some great clips here. Raging Elephants! Rocket Fuel! Back to Daniel and he covers the fact that Warrior was just fun and as a little kid you could see that. Christian says that some hate Warrior and some love him, but you won’t forget him.

-Awesome feature as they take a break to cover the lost art of the entrance robe. They start with Gorgeous George as they should. Next up they talk about the art of taking the robe off and how Rick Rude was the master. Valentine mentions he had 15 robes that were about $3000 each. Damn! Obviously we have to discuss Flair and everyone puts over how cool it was that you couldn’t see the belt until he opened up the robe. Sandow brings the awesome when discussing his robe and he doesn’t understand the fuss over people wearing robes.

7: Chris Jericho

-On first thought, Jericho should probably be higher, but guess we will wait to see what comes in the rest of the countdown. Heyman calls Jericho a money wrestler in that he knows how to come off as a star. JR mentions Jericho created the countdown clock and Jericho relates how he got the idea from a post office clock that was counting down to the year 2000. They discuss the various entrances and how it has evolved over the years, but his theme has been the same. He tried to change it at times, but always went back to Break the Walls Down. Jericho tries to recite the lyrics, but he can’t do it. Too funny!

6: Rey Mysterio

-This entrance sure got the shit booed out of it at the Rumble in Pittsburgh and I was there to bask in all the hatred. I will say that his entrance does a great job of getting a response and it matches his persona/character. Beth Phoenix pops up to put over the entrance and I think Kofi is jealous that he doesn’t get to fly up into the air from the ramp. They actually show the set-up and how Rey get’s propelled in the air. The added touch of him giving his mask to a fan and connecting with kids that are wearing one of his masks is pretty sweet. Anything for the kids, I say!

-The countdown is recapped to this point.

5: Triple H

-I can live with this because, I mean, who hasn’t tried to do the water spit? Of course Steph is here to put over the music and how great the entrance is. Intensity is mentioned a lot and that’s what I think of as well. Renee Young brings up Michel Cole doing the entrance, and HHH has a laugh with that as well. Great stuff! They cover the evolution of the HHH character and how the entrance has grown. He is the only one with the lighting below the ramp apparently and then we discuss the water spit. Santino mentions he looks like a dragon spitting smoke and he wouldn’t want to fight a dragon. You have to love Santino!

4: Goldberg

-We are getting into the heavy hitters now. Cena says it best: “Unleash the Kraken.” They discuss the pyro hitting him and then the smoke coming out of his mouth. Arn Anderson thought inhaling the smoke was insane and Kidman says the same. Orton shows up and you can tell he was a massive Goldberg fan as he practically gushes. The Miz brings up Jericho’s parody and damn right that is funny as hell. Goldberg was rather pissed by it as he thought Jericho was making fun of him. Speaking of making fun of him, Gillberg! CM Punk loved Gillberg and loved the fact that it apparently pissed off Goldberg. Unlike Warrior and Sandman, they don’t bury Goldberg’s in ring skills.

-Next they toss out a few honorable mentions that the fans didn’t vote in the countdown: Kane, Eddie Guerrero, and The Brood. Of the three I would put The Brood on this list and probably Top 5. Vickie talking about Eddie brings a smile to my face as you can see the love she has for him. Ambrose, Hawkins, Cody all love The Brood entrance. Ricardo mentions he still has the music on his phone! Yeah, that should have been in the top 10 somewhere.

3: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

-The breaking glass, the music, and the BMF walk made this entrance. Everyone talks about how insane the crowd would go each time they heard the glass break and you know ass kicking was on its way. Punk says the glass breaking was appropriate because Austin was breaking the glass ceiling. Naturally they discuss the beer drinking and Santino is shocked someone got to drink on the job. They cover all the various vehicles Austin drove to the ring. Everyone wanted to be Austin, and Punk mentions that the simplicity of Austin’s entrance is what made it great.

2: DX

-Attitude! Mike Tyson actually pops up and puts over the entrance. Cole is all about the attitude and how every aspect of their entrance was about attitude. Kofi puts over the fact that they made the audience part of the show with Road Dogg’s spiel and the two words for you deal. The pyro forming an X is discussed and then the Miz buries the glow sticks. Though he admits they probably made a fortune off it and he wishes he would have thought of it. Dibiase marked out at SummerSlam when he was standing in the ring to wrestle them and they came out on a tank.

1: The Undertaker

-Yeah, if you thought anything else would be in the top spot then I weep for you. This is the clear #1 choice and I don’t know if you will ever see anything top this entrance. I was there at Mania XXV, XXVI, and XXVII and each time I got goose bumps during Taker’s entrance. Everything about his entrance is perfect and nearly everyone agrees. The Miz mentions that his dad calls him and asks why he can’t get an entrance like Taker, and Miz says he isn’t The Undertaker. No shit! Everyone looks in awe when discussing Taker’s entrance and you know they would all want to know what it would feel like to be Taker and do that entrance just one time. Everyone mentions that they all get goose bumps to this day and Punk says the thought crosses his mind that he could just run away instead of facing Taker. Heh! Hearing Cena talk about the entrance only makes me want to see that match even more. Don’t let me down WWE!

The 411: I enjoyed this one a little more than last week's catchphrase one as the talking heads seemed to have more fun, and it showed. So far love this series on the Network and it's a sweet way to pass some time when you have a free hour.
Final Score:  7.5   [ Good ]  legend


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