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From The Network- WCW Superbrawl II
Posted by Dylan Diot on 03.22.2014

WCW Superbrawl II
Milwaukee, WI

Your hosts are Tony Schavontie, Eric Bischoff, and Jim Ross.

Jim Ross introduces the newest member of the WCW broadcast teamÖ.JESSE VENTURA!!! Ventura comes out riding a motorcycle and he makes his predictions for the evening.

WCW Light Heavyweight Championship- Jushin Liger © vs. Brian Pillman
Both men showcase their speed to start and they reach a standstill when they both attempt a dropkick. Pillman works over the left arm of Liger but Liger fights back so Pillman catches him with a headscissors. Dropkick by Pillman forces Liger to bail and he hits a slingshot dropkick to Liger. Back in, Liger looks to work over the leg of Pillman but Pillman escapes. Liger goes up and hits a moonsault press for 2. Dropkick by Liger knocks Pillman to the floor and back in, Pillman snap mares Liger into a rear abdominal stretch. He converts it into the headscissors but Liger escapes and goes for the Mexican Surfbaord but Pillman makes the ropes to block. Liger throws some shoulders to the gut in the corner and Liger hits a corner dropkick. Crucifix by Pillman gets 2. Sunset flip by Liger gets 2. Saito suplex by Pillman gets 2. Pillman goes for a corner knee strike but misses and Liger begins to work over the left knee of Pillman. Kneebreaker by Liger and he grabs the Figure-4. Pillman is able to turn the hold over so Liger rolls into the ropes to break. Liger stomps away at the knee of Pillman and he grabs a half crab. Pillman breaks the hold with an enzuigiri and both men are down. Tilt-a-whirl headscissors by Pillman and he charges but Liger backdrops him to the floor. Liger goes up and hits a summersault press to the floor!!! Back in, Pillman hits a springboard clothesline and he suplexes Liger to the floor!!! Pillman goes up and he hits a crossbody to the floor onto Liger!!! Pillman leaps off the apron but misses Liger and crashes into the barricade. Back in, Liger goes up and leaps but Pillman catches him with a dropkick on the way down. Pillman goes up for the missile dropkick but Liger also throws a dropkick and they collide on the way down!!! Both men attempt a spinning heel kick and they both crash to the mat again. Powerslam by Pillman gets 2. German suplex by Liger gets 2. Liger puts Pillman on top and goes for a superplex but Pillman blocks. Crossbody off the top by Pillman gets 2!!! Powerbomb by Liger gets 2!!! He goes for a second one but Pillman counters into a weak hurricanrana for 2. DDT by Pillman gets 2 as Liger grabs the ropes to break. They collide mid-ring once more and again both men are down. Pillman goes up but Liger crotches him and follows up. Superplex by Liger gets 2. Liger goes up and he misses a diving headbutt. Cradle with a bridge by Pillman gets 3!!!
Winner and NEW WCW Light Heavyweight Champion- Brian Pillman ****1/2 ( This was a phenomenal match and one of the matches that put the Japanese influenced high flying style of wrestling on the map in the US. The crowd was blown away by the false finishes and got the show off to a rocking start. This match holds up quite well over twenty years later.)

Taylor Made Man says he offered Marcus Alexander Bagwell the chance to be his protégé and become a winner but now heís going to teach him how to be a loser.

Marcus Alexander Bagwell vs. Taylor Made Man
Notable before the match is a kid from Syracuse University who won a chance to be the ring announcer for this match and he decides to wear a tuxedo shirt and bow tie with basketball shorts in public. Unreal. Hip toss by Bagwell to start and he and Taylor exchange some words. Bagwell knocks Taylor down and Taylor hits a knee to the gut before dumping Bagwell to the floor. Taylor follows out and Bagwell hits an atomic drop. He clotheslines Taylor back into the ring and goes up. Crossbody off the top by Bagwell gets 2 and he goes to the side headlock. Taylor breaks with a head butt and he dumps Bagwell to the floor again. Back in, Bagwell overpowers Taylor and Taylor bails. Back in, Taylor hits a knee to the midsection and goes for a suplex but Bagwell escapes into the sleeper. Taylor makes the ropes to break and Taylor pulls Bagwell to the floor. Taylor follows out and he works over Bagwell on the floor. Back in, Taylor hits a jaw breaker and he toys with Bagwell. Taylor rakes the eyes of Bagwell and Bagwell fights back with rights. Gut wrench sit-out powerbomb by Taylor gets 2. Corner clothesline by Taylor and he hits a knee drop for 2. Sunset flip by Bagwell gets 2 and Taylor hits a suplex. Taylor goes up and he hits a flying splash off the top for 2. Taylor goes for a piledriver but Bagwell backdrops out. Taylor rakes the eyes and hits a snap mare. Mr. Perfect neck snap by Taylor gets 2. OíConnor roll by Bagwell gets 3. Taylor lays out Bagwell with a flying forearm and a DDT after the match.
Winner- Marcus Alexander Bagwell ** ( Taylor tried his hardest to make Bagwell look good but Bagwell was botching stuff and still looked too green. Crowd didnít really care and they were left to die after the opener.)

Harley Race says Lex Lugar is in the best shape of his life and heíll walk out tonight with the WCW World Championship.

Cactus Jack vs. Ron Simmons
Cactus hammers away to start but Simmons fights back with rights. He charges in the corner but eats boot and Cactus charges but misses and gets his head caught in the ropes. Simmons works him over and Cactus looks to escape through the crowd but Simmons stops him. Back in, Simmons slams Cactusí face off the mat and he hits a slam. Leg drop by Simmons gets 2. Simmons charges in the corner but eats elbow and Cactus hits a clothesline. Double arm DDT by Cactus and he hits a leg drop for 2. They go to the floor and Cactus works Simmons over. Cactus slams Simmons on the floor and he goes to the second rope. Cactus hits the flying elbow drop of the second rope to the floor onto Simmons. Cactus snaps Simmonsí neck off the ropes and back in, Simmons fights back. Dropkick misses and Cactus covers for 2. Chinlock by Cactus but Simmons escapes and hits a dropkick. Simmons charges but Cactus moves and Simmons crashes onto the entrance ramp. Cactus follows and Simmons hits a spine buster onto the ramp!!! Back in, Cactus rakes the eyes of Simmons and he hits a bulldog. He goes to the second rope and leaps but Simmons catches him in mid-air with a powerslam for 3!!!
Winner- Ron Simmons **1/2 ( This was a decent brawl that for the majority saw Cactus doing his crazy bumps and making Simmons look like a million bucks. )

After the match, Abdullah the Butcher coems out and attacks Simmons with his cane. He and Cactus double team Simmons but Junkyard Dog comes through the crowd. He attacks the security that tries to prevent him from coming in the ring and JYD cleans house of Abdullah and Cactus.

Vinnie Vegas and Richard Morton vs. Van Hammer and Z-Man
Hammer and Morton start. Press slam by Hammer and Vegas tags in. Vegas pokes the eye and he hammers away on Hammer. Vegas goes to leap frog but Hammer collides with him to bring Vegas down. Hammer works over the left shoulder of Vegas, ramming it into the corner multiple times. Rights by Vegas but Hammer fights back with some of his own. Punches in the corner by Hammer but Vegas rams Hammer into the corner to come back. Clothesline by Hammer and Z-Man tags in. He goes up and hits a missile dropkick to Vegas for 2 as Morton pulls him off by the hair. Vegas with a knee to the gut and Morton tags in. Z-Man clotheslines Morton to the floor and he hits a suicide plancha to the floor!!! Hip toss on the floor by Z-Man and back in, Vegas and Hammer tag in. Back suplex by Vegas and he hits a short-arm clothesline for 2. Tag to Morton and he hits a reverse atomic drop to Hammer. Snap mare and Morton hits a fist drop. Tag to Vegas and he hits a face plant to Hammer for 2 as Z-Man saves. Gut wrench suplex by Vegas gets 2. Big boot by Vegas and Morton tags in. Back suplex by Morton gets 2. Tag to Vegas and he hits an elbow drop for 2. Tag to Morton and Hammer catches him with a powerslam for 2. Morton cheap shots Z-Man, drawing him in to distract the ref allowing him and Vegas to double team Hammer. Leaping shoulder block by Vegas and Hammer hits some rights. Vegas pokes the eye and he hits a suplex to Hammer for 2. Tag to Morton and he snap mares Hammer into a chinlock. Tag to Vegas and he and Hammer collide mid-ring. Tag to Z-Man and he backdrops Morton. Powerslam by Z-Man gets 2. Morton pokes the eye of Z-Man and he charges in the corner but Z-Man catches him with a sunset flip for 3.
Winners- Van Hammer and Z-Man **1/2 ( Decent tag team match, as I enjoyed the strategy of Vegas and Morton where Vegas would work Hammer over, Morton would get his shots in but when Hammer overpowered him, he tagged Vegas back in to deal with the larger opponent. Hammerís heat segment dragged however and the finish came too quick.)

Dangerous Alliance (Larry Zybysko and Steve Austin) w/Madusa vs. Dustin Rhodes and Barry Windham
Windham has a cast on his hand because Zybysko slammed a car door on it back at Halloween Havoc. All four men brawl to start and Windham backdrops Zybysko. Austin and Rhodes fight in the ring while Windham and Zybysko fights on the ramp. Jabs by Rhodes knocks Austin onto the ramp but Windham clotheslines him back in. Backslide by Rhodes gets 2 and Austin goes up. He leaps off the top but Rhodes catches him with a clothesline on the way down for 2. Tag to Windham and he hits a dropkick. Zybysko tags in and he hits a spin kick knocking Windham to the ramp. He follows and goes for a piledriver but Windham backdrops out. Clothesline by Windham and he dumps Zybysko back into the ring. Flying lariat by Windham and he hammers Zybysko on the mat. DDT by Windham and Rhodes tags in. Double backdrop to Zybysko gets 2. Rhodes goes to work on the left arm of Zybysko and Windham tags in. Gut wrench suplex by Windham gets 2. Windham goes for a piledriver but Austin comes in and breaks with a clothesline. Zybysko dumps Windham to the floor and Austin works him over on the floor. Zybysko crotches Windham on the railings and back in, Austin hits a short arm clothesline. Suplex by Austin gets 2. Windham goes for the lariat but misses and he falls to the floor where this time Zybysko works him over. Back in, Zybysko tags in and steps on the face of Windham. Swinging neckbreaker by Zybysko gets 2 as Rhodes breaks. Slam by Zybysko gets 2 and he tags Austin. Back suplex by Austin gets 2. Snap mare and Austin grabs the chinlock. Windham breaks with a back suplex so Zybysko tags in. Sleeper by Zybysko but Windham breaks with a jawbreaker. They collide mid-ring and both men are down. Tag to Austin and Rhodes. Reverse atomic drop and a dropkick by Rhodes. Snap mare and Rhodes hits an elbow drop for 2. Lariat by Rhodes gets 2 as Zybysko saves. Austin catches Rhodes with a clothesline that turns Rhodes inside out and he sends Rhodes hard into the corner. Tag to Zybysko and he hits a swinging neckbreaker for 2. Rhodes tries to fight back but Zybysko catches him with a DDT for 2. Madusa slaps Rhodes so Rhodes stalks her, allowing Austin to catch him with a clothesline on the ramp. Austin dumps Rhodes back into the ring and Austin chokes him in the ropes. He dumps on the back of Rhodes for 2. Snap amre and Austin grabs the chinlock. Rhodes fights out and he catches Austin with a crossbody for 2. Another clothesline by Austin and Zybysko tags in. Backbreaker by Zybysko gets 2. Suplex by Rhodes and both men are down. Tag to Austin and Rhodes catches him with a small package but the ref was distracted by Windham. Austin grabs a rear chinlock on Rhodes and he uses the ropes for leverage. Rhodes begins to fight out and he catches Austin with the stun gun. Tag to Zybysko and Windham. Windham cleans house and hits the flying lariat to Zybysko for 1 as Austin saves. Windham puts Zybysko on top and he follows up. Zybysko shoves him off but Rhodes shoves Zybysko off, allowing Windham to go back up. Flying lariat off the top by Windham gets 3.
Winners- Dustin Rhodes and Barry Windham ***3/4 ( Excellent tag team match. There was some quality wrestling throughout the match but Iím disappointed there was never any work done on the injured hand of Windham since that was what the match was built around. )

Missy Hyatt tries to interview Ricky Steamboat but the ninja blocking his dressing room wonít let her interrupt Steamboatís meditation. Madusa appear and tries to get in the locker room but the ninja refuses to let her through. She nails the Ninja so the Ninja gives chase.

WCW Tag Team Championship- Dangerous Alliance (Arn Anderson and Bobby Eaton) w/ Paul E. Dangerously © vs. Steiner Brothers (Rick and Scott Steiner)
Paul E. Dangerously is barred from ringside before the match so Madusa takes his place. Eaton and Scott start. Scott overpowers Eaton to start and Scott grabs a chinlock. Eaton comes back with a swinging neckbreaker and he goes up. He leaps but Scott catches him and hits an overhead belly to belly suplex. Eaton bails and back in, Arn gets the tag. Rick tags in as well and he stomps away on Arn. Arn tries to bail but instead crothces himself against the post. Powerslam by Rick and he hits some rights, forcing Arn to bail. Back in, Scott tags in and he tests his strength again Arn. Eaton tries to assist his partner but Scott gets a double arm drag. Rick clotheslines both to the floor and back in, Arn dumps Scott to the floor. Scott hits a reverse atomic drop to Arn and hits a clothesline on the floor. Back in, Scott grabs a Dragon Sleeper on Arn but Arn dumps him to the ramp to break. Eaton looks to work him over but Scott catches him with a tilt-a-whirl slam on the ramp. Scott slams Eaton back into the ring and he tags Rick. Eaton rakes the eyes and he slams Rick. Eaton goes up but Rick catches him and Scott hits the second rope Doomsday Device. Rick goes up and leaps but Eaton catches him with a reverse atomic drop on the way down for 2. Tag to Arn and he stomps away on Rick. Tag to Eaton and he grabs a hammerlock. Rick fights out and Arn catches him with a clothesline for 2. Arn goes for a suplex but Rick escapes and both Steiners connect with suplexes on the champs. Eaton gets a cheap shot on Rick to regain control and Arn snap mares him. Arn goes to the second rope and leaps but Rick catches him with a clothesline on the way down. Tag to Scott and he hits a backdrop. Suplex by Scott gets 2. Lefts by Arn and he rams Scottís head into the head of Eaton. Snap mare and Arn hits a knee drop for 2. Tag to Eaton and he slams Scott. Eaton goes up and hits a knee drop off the top for 2. Tag to Arn and he hits a DDT for 2. Boston Crab by Arn and he tags Eaton who hits an elbow drop to the back. Sitting chinlock by Eaton and Scott tries to power to his corner so Eaton releases and dumps Scott to the ramp. Arn hits a backbreaker on the ramp and Eaton goes up. Arn presses Eaton onto Scott with a splash on the ramp!!! Eaton works over Scott on the floor and Scott starts to fight back so Eaton pokes the eye to stop that. Back in, Arn tags in and Scott slams Arnís head off the knee of Eaton. Tag to Rick and he cleans house. Rick puts Eaton on top and follows up but Arn catches him. Eaton goes for a Doomsday Crossbody but Rick rolls through for 2!!! Arn charges in the corner but eats boot and Rick goes up. Bulldog off the top by Rick gets 2 as Eaton saves. Madusa handed Arn some powder and he throws it into the eye of Rick. Rick accidently gives the ref a belly to belly suplex and he backdrops Arn to the floor. Scott hits a butterfly powerbomb to Eaton as another ref comes out. Frankensteiner by Scott to Eaton gets 3!!! BUT WAIT!!! Some refs come out and Nick Patrick, the official ref for the match, DQs the Steiner Brothers for hitting the ref!!!
Winners by DQ and Still WCW Tag Team Champions- Dangerous Alliance ***1/2 ( Really good tag match with Arn and Eaton doing using classic tag team tactics to build sympathy for the Steiners. The overbooked finish blew but itís the only bad finish on the show so far so it is what it is.)

WCW US Championship- Rick Rude © vs. Ricky Steamboat w/Ninja
This is another match where Paul E. Dangerously is barred from ringside but that was previously announced. Rights by Steamboat and he hits some arm drags. He slams Rudeís face off the mat fort 2. Arm bar by Steamboat and he slams Rudeís arm off the post a few times. Back in, Steamboat goes back to the arm bar but Rude fights out. Forearms by Rude but Steamboat stomps away to come back. He goes back to the left arm of Rude and hits a hammerlock slam. Fist drop by Steamboat and he goes right back to the arm bar. Rude escapes and Steamboat gets a cross body for 1. Arm drag and he goes right back to the arm bar. Rude tries to fight out again so Steamboat chops away. Rude comes back with a crossbody, driving both men against the ropes in a botched attempt to fall to the floor. Rude stomps away and Steamboat falls to the floor. Rude follows and he drops Steamboat on the railings. Rude hammers the chest of Steamboat and suplexes Steamboat back in. Rude rakes the eyes and he hammers away on Steamboat. Clothesline by Rude and he snap mares Steamboat into a chinlock. Steamboat starts to fight out so Rude clotheslines him again to stop the momentum. Rude drops Steamboat on the ropes and he hits a swinging neckbreaker. Piledriver by Rude gets 2. Back suplex by Rude gets 2. Side headlock by Rude but Steamboat breaks with a knee breaker. Figure-4 by Steamboat but Rude makes the ropes to break. Steamboat goes for it again but Rude kicks him into the corner to block and he hits a Northern lariat. Rude goes up and he hits an axe handle off the top. Snap mare and Rude goes up. Another axe handle off the top to the back of the next by Rude and he hits a clothesline for 2. Chinlock by Rude but Steamboat tries to fight out so Rude hammers him back down. Sitting chinlock by Rude but Steamboat powers up and breaks with the electric chair. They collide mid-ring and both men are down. Sleeper by Rude but Steamboat escapes and grabs one of his own. Rude breaks with a jawbreaker and he goes up. Steamboat crotches him and follows up. Superplex by Steamboat gets 2. Clotheslines by Steamboat and he hits an enzuigiri to the back. Backdrop by Steamboat and he hits a basement clothesline for 2. Steamboat presses Rude to the mat and he goes up. Flying chop off the top by Steamboat and he looks to go up again but the Ninja NAILS STEAMBOAT WITH A CELL PHONE!!! Rude covers for 3!!! The Ninja is PAUL E. DANGEROUSLY!!!!
Winner and Still US Champion- Rick Rude ***3/4 ( This was an excellent, as to expect from these two. It filled with brilliant psychology like Rude selling his left arm on a clothesline attempt and when he flexed because Steamboat worked it over so much. The ending, while clever, still took the wind out of my sails.)

WCW World Heavyweight Championship- Lex Luger © w/Harley Race vs. Sting
They talk trash to start and Luger hits a knee to the mid section. Luger charges in the corner but misses and Sting hits the Stinger Splash. Luger comes right back with a clothesline and he hits a powerslam. Sting escapes a Torture Rack attempt and he hits a release German suplex. Torture Rack by Sting but Luger escapes. DDT by Sting and Luger bails. Race distracts Sting, allowing Luger to pull him to the floor but Sting slams Lugerís head off the railings. Back in, Sting chokes Luger with his boot in the corner and he hits a backdrop for 2. Sting grabs the Scorpion Deathlock but Luger quickly makes the ropes to break. Luger pokes the eye of Sting and he rakes Stingís face off the ropes. Sting chokes away on Luger in the corner and the ref tries to separate them so Luger goes low on Sting. Reverse atomic drop by Luger and he hits a press slam on Sting. Piledriver by Luger gets 2. Luger hits some front elbow drops for 2. Sting fights back with some rights and he kicks away at the ribs of Luger. He slams Lugerís face off the mat and he rubs Lugerís face off the mat. Sting rakes Lugerís face off the ropes and he drops Luger in the ropes. Sting rakes the back of Luger and he hits some rights. Sting charges but misses and he falls all the way to the floor. Luger follows and he works Sting over on the floor. Race goes for a pile driver on the floor but Sting backdrops out. Sting goes up and hits a crossbody back in on Luger for 3!!!
Winner and NEW WCW World Heavyweight Champion- Sting **3/4 ( I loved the first portion of the match as it was quick and furious but after that the energy lacked and the finish came out of nowhere. This was Lugerís last night in WCW and it seemed like his heart wasnít all that into the match, unfortunately.)

The 411: This was one of the best shows in the history of WCW. The company was finally hitting their stride after losing Ric Flair to the WWF, with the Dangerous Alliance becoming one of the best stables in wrestling and the boys being motivated due to the creation of bonuses for having the best matches. The wrestling on this show was excellent for the most part, as the Dangerous Alliance matches were all great and the opener is one of the best matches in company history. Go out of your way to see this one.
411 Elite Award
Final Score:  9.0   [  Amazing ]  legend


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