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From The Network- World Class Championship Wrestling #43
Posted by Dylan Diot on 03.23.2014

World Class Championship Wrestling #43
Dallas, TX

Well, YouTube took down the 2000 WWF TV I was watching so until I can find those again, Iíll cover random TV shows from the WWE Network.

Your hosts are Bill Mercer and Jay Saldi

Frank Dusek vs. David Von Erich
Dusek works on the left arm of Von Erich to start but Von Erich takes him over and goes to the arm bar. Dusek pulls Von Erich into the corner to break and he throws a head butt to the midsection of Von Erich. Flying knee strike by Von Erich gets 2. Knee to the midsection by Dusek and he works over the ribs of Von Erich in the corner. Von Erich comes back with a knee lift and he hits a back drop for 2. Abdominal Stretch by Dusek but Von Erich takes him over to break. Shoulders to the gut in the corner by Dusek and he takes a swing at the ref so the ref nails him, allowing Von Erich to get a small package for 3.
Winner- David Von Erich ** ( Entertaining start to the show, as Von Erich shoved off a bit of a mean strike since having a bounty put on his head by Gary Hart.)

Jose Lothario and Al Madril vs. Magic Dragon and Checkmate w/Arman Hussain
Madril and Dragon start. Madril beats Dragon with quickness to start and Checkmate tags in. Tag to Lothario and both men battle for control. Lothario takes Checkmate down and he begins to work on the left leg of Checkmate. They go to the test of strength but then break and battle on the mat before reaching a stand still. Tag to Madril and he grabs an arm bar but Dragon takes in and hammers away on the back of Madril. Hammerlock by Dragon but Madril runs to the ropes, causing Dragon to fall to the floor. Back in, Dragon and Madril trade chops and Madril hits a flying shoulder tackle. Dragon rakes the eyes and he hits a flying shoulder tackle of his own. Flying forearm by Dragon and both men are down. Tag to Checkmate and Lothario. Rights by Lothario and he goes for a backdrop but Checkmate lands on his feet and goes into the fetal position. It allows Checkmate to take Lothario down and he grabs a chinlock. Knees to the back by Checkmate while he applies the hold and Madil distracts the ref by accident, allowing Dragon to come in and work the left arm of Lothario. Checkmate comes back in and he grabs the arm bar. Lothario escapes and he hits a backbreaker for 2 as Dragon saves. Tag to Madril and he hammers the head of Checkmate. Tag to Lothario and he goes up. Flying stomp to the midsection of Checkmate gets 2. Tag to Madril and he covers for 2. Checkmate with a head butt to the midsection to come back and he tags Dragon. Superkick by Dragon and he goes to the second rope. Summersault senton off the second rope misses and Madril hits a backdrop for 2 as Checkmate saves. Tag to Checkmate and he hits a flying head butt to the midsection. Checkmate stomps away and he tosses Madril back into the ring. Checkmate charges but misses and he falls to the floor. Back in, Madril goes for the mask but Dragon breaks it up. Checkmate chokes away on Madril but Lothario saves. Flying shoulder block by Checkmate and Dragon tags in along with Lothario. Lefts by Lothario and he hits a dropkick. Backbreaker by Lothario gets 2. Tag to Madril and he hits a flying forearm for 2. Sunset flip by Madril but the fifth teen minute time limit is up!!!
Match ends in a Draw *** ( It was unique to see the masked team doing feats of athleticism the likes of which you would see today in 1982. Match was solid although I think that 15 minutes was a bit too much for these four. )

A sit down interview with NWA World Champion Ric Flair airs and he heard about the bounty on Kerry Von Erich and what the Great Kabuki did to him. He says he feels terrible but if you canít make it in the business, then go home. Ric Flair says he didnít place the bounty on the Von Erichs and he is a rich man, so if he wanted it done, it would have been done already. Flair says Kerry Von Erich is not in the class of Ric Flair and he claims heís the greatest ever. Ric Flair says if Kerry gives him a contract and an incentive, heíll give him a title shot.

Grand Marcus 2 w/Arman Hussain vs. The Samoan
Head butt by Samoan and Marcus 2 takes him down and begins to work on the left wrist of Samoan. Side headlock by Marcus 2 but Samoan counters into a headscissors so Marcus escapes. Botched slam by Marcus 2 gets 2. Judo toss by Marcus 2 and he grabs a chinlock. Marcus 2 releases after some time and Samoan comes back with a head butt. Dropkick by Samoan and he arm drags Marcus 2 into an arm bar. Marcus 2 escapes and he hits a clothesline. Slam by Marcus 2 and he hits a back senton for 3.
Winner- Grand Marcus 2 * ( Grand Marcus 2 was a generic wrestler with a mask and he wrestled like a generic worker as well. This is only noticeable for the laziest naming of a wrestler I think I have ever seen in The Samoan. )

Roberto Renesto vs. Michael Hayes
Feeling out process to start and Hayes dumps Renesto to the floor. He slingshots Renesto back into the ring and he hits a second rope axe handle. Elbow drop by Hayes but Renesto rakes the eyes to come back. This fires Hayes up and he throws a hard right knocking Renesto back to the floor. Back in, Renesto charges in the corner but eats boot and Hayes hits a bulldog. Piledriver by Hayes gets 3. Ronesto attacks after the match but Hayes backdrops him and Renesto is sent packing.
Winner- Michael Hayes ¼* ( Squash city by Hayes, who came across as a huge star with both the look and his mannerisms. Itís weird seeing him work as a babyface in WCCW, but that wouldnít last long. )

Michael Hayes grabs the microphone and says Freebird nation is going to take over Texas and he promises the next time you see him; it wonít be a single Freebird. Heís bringing Terry Gordy with him.

Bill Irwin says next week he will make Michael Hayes run and cry on Terry Gordyís shoulders.

The 411: This was before the territory got hot and the roster became filled with some of the most charismatic and exciting workers in the business, so this episode isn't up to the quality of the shows that would take place over the next two to three years. It was still a decent show though, with the tag match being a nice unique blend of styles and you got to see Michael Hayes and David Von Erich show their stuff. You can watch it if you have an hour to kill, but there are better episodes to come.
Final Score:  6.0   [ Average ]  legend


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