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From The Network- WCW Halloween Havoc 2000
Posted by Dylan Diot on 05.22.2014

WCW Halloween Havoc 2000
Las Vegas, NV

Your hosts are Tony Schiavone, Mark Madden, and Stevie Ray.

WCW Tag Team Championships- Sean O’Haire and Mark Jindrak © vs. Boogie Knights (Disco Inferno and Alex Wright) vs. Filthy Animals (Rey Mysterio Jr. and Billy Kidman) w/Konnan
Kidman, Jindrak, and Wright start. Wright attacks Jindrak and hits a back elbow. Kidman and Wright double team Jindrak and Wright hits a spinning heel kick. Clothesline by Jindrak to Kidman and he goes for a suplex but Kidman escapes. Double gordbuster in the ropes by Wright and Kidman and Kidman knocks Jindrak off the apron with a forearm. Clothesline by Wright to Kidman and he hits some elbow drops to the back of Kidman. Tilt-a-whirl headscissors by Kidman and he hits a dropkick. Tag to Mysterio and he goes for the Bronco Buster but Wright goes low to block. Tag to Disco and he hits a swinging neckbreaker. Springboard crossbody by Jindrak to Disco and Jindrak counters a springboard attempt with a tilt-a-whirl slam. Tag to O’Haire and he presses Rey into a powerslam. O’Haire cleans house and Disco catches him with a DDT for 2. Drop toe hold/legdrop combo by Disco and Rey. Reverse atomic drop into a spinning heel kick by Disco and Rey gets 2. Dropkick to the back by Rey to Disco and he hits a springboard splash for 2 as O’Haire saves. Side Russian leg sweep by Disco to O’Haire and Kidman hits a back elbow off the top for 2 as O’Haire saves. Sit-out slam by O’Haire to Kidman but he walks into a missile dropkick by Wright for 2 as Kidman saves. Overhead belly to belly suplex by Wright and Jindrak covers for 2 as Wright saves. Jindrak and Wright press Kidman to the mat and Wright hits a flying knee strike for 2. Wright puts Kidman on top and follows up but Jindrak catches him for the TOWER OF DOOM~!!! Jindrak covers Wright for 2 and O’Haire tags in. Dropkick to the leg by Rey and he hits the Drop of the Dime. Disco goes for a powerbomb but Rey blocks and O’Haire dumps him to the floor. Superkick by O’Haire and he and Jindrak double hip toss Kidman from the floor into the ring!!! O’Haire presses Rey into a powerslam from Wright for 2. Bulldog by Disco to Kidman gets 2 as Jindrak pulls Disco to the floor. Slingshot pescado to the floor by Wright to Jindrak. In the ring, Rey hurricanranas O’Haire to the floor and he hits a springboard seated senton to the floor. Back in, Boogie Knights hit the High/Low to Jindrak and Disco goes up. Kid Crusher by Kidman to Wright gets 2 and Rey hits a Frankensteiner off the top to Disco. Bronco Buster by Rey to Disco in the corner and Jindrak presses Rey onto Wright on the floor!!! Last Dance by Disco to Jindrak gets 2 as Rey breaks with Drop of the Dime. O’Haire goes up and hits the Swanton Bomb to Disco for 3.
Winners and Still WCW Tag Team Champions- Mark Jindrak and Sean O’Haire *** ( This was a good way to kick off the show. The action was hot though out even if it was sloppy at certain points. For whatever reason, Alex Wright decided to give one of his better performances in this match, as he looked like a killer at certain points. )

After the match, O’Haire, Jindrak, and Wright lay out the Filthy Animals but Sgt. AWOL saves them from further assault.

WCW Hardcore Championship- Reno © vs. Sgt. AWOL
Reno attacks with a kendo stick to start but AWOL comes back with a big boot. Reno flapjacks AWOL through a table he set up prior to the mat for 2. They go to the floor and Reno nails AWOL in the back with a kendo stick. He slams AWOL’s face off a trash can and he covers on the floor for 2. More trash can shots from Reno and AWOL comes back with a kendo stick shot. AWOL drops Reno onto the railings and he kicks a trash can against the head of Reno. AWOL sends Reno into the railings and they head up the entrance ramp. AWOL goes for the Chokeslam but Reno goes low to block. Roll of the Dice on the floor by Reno and he stacks up some tables on the floor. AWOL back suplexes Reno through the tables!!! Shots to the back by AWOL and they head backstage. Reno sprays AWOL with a fire extinguisher and he tosses AWOL through a table for 2. AWOL drops Reno onto another table and he nails Reno in the head with a computer monitor. He sends Reno into a steel door and they head back into the arena. AWOL tosses Reno down the ramp and sends Reno into the railings. AWOL sandwiches some trash can lids onto the head of Reno and he drops Reno on the railing again. AWOL tries to set up a table but Reno nails him in the back with a chair and hits Roll of the Dice on the table for 3.
Winner and Still WCW Hardcore Champion- Reno ** ( This was a typical WWF rip off hardcore match, so it wasn’t boring but nothing all that interesting happened and both Reno and AWOL were still green. )

After the match, the Perfect Event comes out and they triple team AWOL along with Reno. The other members of the Misfits in Action come out and clear the ring of the Perfect Event.

Shane Douglas thanks the Natural Born Thrillers for taking care of Konnan for him.

Kronik tells the medical staff backstage about the injury Goldberg suffered on Thunder and warn them not to clear him tonight.

Perfect Event (Shawn Stasiak and Chuck Palumbo) vs. Misfits in Action (Lt. Loco and Cpl. Cajun)
The Perfect Event attacks to start but the MIA come back with dropkicks. Drop toe hold into a basement dropkick combo by the MIA and Loco clotheslines Stasiak. Knee lift by Stasiak and Palumbo tags in. Dropkick by Loco and Cajun tags in. Back suplex by Loco into a top rope elbow drop by Cajun. Suplex by Cajun gets 2 and he hits a second rope clothesline. Tag to Loco and Pulumbo stun guns him, sending Loco to the floor. Tag to Stasiak and the Perfect Event argue, allowing Cajun to dropkick Stasiak into a roll-up by Loco for 2. Clothesline by Stasiak and the Perfect Event press Loco to the mat. Gut wrench powerbomb by Stasiak gets 1 as Cajun saves. Loco goes for a crossbody but Palumbo catches him and hits the fall-a-way slam. Cocky cover by Palumbo gets 1 and he hits an overhead belly to belly suplex. Tag to Stasiak and he hammers away on Loco. Stasiak goes for a press slam but Loco counters with a faceplant. Tag to Cajun and he cleans house. Stasiak catches Cajun with a hard shot to come back for 2. Tag to Palumbo and he grabs a sleeper. Cajun fights out and hits a springboard DDT on Pulumbo. Tag to Loco and he dropkicks Stasiak. DDT to Palumbo and all four men fight in the ring. Stasiak puts Loco on top and follows up. Loco blocks and Palumbo superkicks Stasiak by mistake after targeting Cajun, allowing Loco to hit a Tornado DDT on Stasiak for 3.
Winners- Misfits in Action **1/4 ( For a last second tag match, this wasn’t too bad. Loco looked really good and every was crisp if not all that exciting. )

Konnan asks Kidman and Mysterio Jr. to replace him but both men use their earlier match as an excuse, so Konnan decides to go through with it.

Shane Douglas and Torrie Wilson vs. Konnan and Tygress
Before the match, Douglas claims he and Wilson are the first couple of wrestling and Tygress and Konnan won’t take that title. Tygress comes out and says even with Konnan injured, she’ll kick both their asses. Torrie gets a cheap shot on Tygress to start but Tygress stomps away to come back. Douglas takes her down by the hair and he stomps away. Konnan finally comes out and Douglas stomps away on him. Konnan catches Douglas and Wilson with a double clothesline and he hits the rolling clothesline on Douglas, forcing them to bail. Double baseball slide by Konnan and Tygress and all four brawl on the floor. Back in, Konnan and Tygress work over the left arm of Douglas and they stomp away on Douglas in the corner. Tygress continues to work over the arm of Douglas but Douglas knocks her down to fight back. Tag to Wilson and she charges in the corner but eats boot. X-Factor by Tygress gets 2. Wilson and Douglas prevent the tag and Wilson rubs Tygress’ face against the mat. Tag to Douglas and he grabs the Camel Clutch. Hammerlock by Douglas but Tygress runs to the ropes, sending Douglas crashing to the floor. Tag to Konnan and he hits a backdrop. Snapmare into a basement dropkick by Konnan and he follows up with a DDT for 2 as Wilson breaks. Punches in the corner by Konnan to Douglas and Tygress goes for the Bronco Buster on the ref but Wilson pulls the ref in the way!!! Douglas gives Konnan the stun gun and Wilson hits the Franchiser on Konnan for 2 as Tygress saves. Double X-Factor by Tygress and Konnan to Douglas gets 3.
Winners- Konnan and Tygress * ( The Wilson and Tygress interactions were beyond awful and were an absolute embarrassment. It was uncomfortable watching Douglas throw punches at Tygress and seeing him sell for Tygress’ shitty offense was quite sad. The Konnan/Douglas interactions saved this from being all time awful, but man this was not good. )

David Flair has two doctors with him and says after the match, he will have the DNA he needs to prove Buff Bagwell is a liar.

DNA Match- Buff Bagwell vs. David Flair
A DNA Match is a first blood match, as they need DNA to prove who the father of David Flair’s child is. I guess. Bagwell attacks to start and he hits a back elbow. He knocks Flair down and hits the swinging neckbreaker. Flair goes up but Bagwell tosses him off the top and hits some clotheslines. Punches in the corner by Bagwell and he mocks Flair, which allows Flair to come back with an elbow to the midsection. He dumps Bagwell to the floor and follows out, where he slams Bagwell on the floor. Flair pulls the mats off the floor and goes for a piledriver but Bagwell backdrops out. Bagwell is sent into the railings and he swings a chair but misses. Bagwell crotches Flair as he was coming in and Bagwell nails Flair in the head with a chair. Flair is busted open and back in, Bagwell hits the Blockbuster. The ref finally sees the blood and the match is over.
Winner- Buff Bagwell 1/4* ( Flair was basically doing his fathers’ mannerisms in a poor fashion and there was zero flow to this match. The ending is hilarious as the ref had no idea how the match was supposed to end so everyone looked lost. This was a disaster. )

After the match, Lex Luger comes out and hug, only to have Luger clothesline him. He dumps Bagwell to the floor and he sends Bagwell into the post. Bagwell has a busted mouth and Flair grabs some of his blood.

Scott Steiner complains that people are talking about Goldberg and not him. Steiner says tonight he is going to beat Booker T.

Kickboxing Match for Commissioner of WCW- Mike Sanders w/Perfect Event vs. The Cat w/Ms. Jones
Before the match, Sanders claims he has been training and he promises an ass kicking.
Round 1: Cat fires away with jabs and he catches Sanders with a high kick. Sanders is up at 7. Cat sweeps the legs of Sanders and he gets up at 8. They spare and time runs out in the first round.
Round 2: Cat backs Sanders into the corner and he throws small jabs at Sanders. Sanders fights to his feet and Cat gets another leg sweep. Hard left by Cat knocks Sanders down again. He Perfect Event are fighting about throwing the towel in as Sanders gets up at the count of 9 to end the round.
Round 3: Shane Douglas comes out to create peace between the Perfect Event. Cat pounds away pm Sanders in the corner and he catches him with a cartwheel kick. More shots in the corner from Cat and Palumbo distract the ref, allowing Douglas to nail Cat with a chain. Cat is able to get up at 9 before he round ends. Cat nails Sanders and heads outside to brawl with Douglas. The ref counts him out.
Winner by Count-Out- Mike Sanders DUD ( This was so bad. This was a horribly worked kick boxing match that dragged on and on and ended in a complete bullshit finish when it should have simply been The Cat kicking Sanders’ ass. Just a complete joke. )

Kronik says they get paid tonight where Goldberg competes or not. Kronik reminds him that if Goldberg doesn’t compete, he is out of WCW for good.

Mike Awesome vs. Vampiro
Awesome is doing his That 70’s Guy gimmick. Vampiro dares Mike Awesome to put the title shot he has tomorrow night on the line in this match. Awesome accepts the challenge. They slug it out and Awesome hits a flying shoulder block, forcing Vampiro to bail. Suicide plancha to the floor by Awesome and Vampiro sends him into the railings to come back. Awesome backdrops Vampiro into the crowd and Awesome follows out. They brawl in the crowd and Vampiro attacks Awesome with someone’s cane. A fan throws a head butt at Awesome so Awesome and Vampiro beat him up. Well that’s good. They go back to ringside and Vampiro hits a clothesline off the announce table. They have a chair fight in the ring and Vampiro superkicks a chair into Awesome for 2. Chops in the corner by Vamprio and Awesome hammers away in the corner to come back. Awesome charges in the corner but eats boot and they botch a clothesline. Awesome goes up but Vampiro follows and hits an overhead belly to belly suplex off the top for 2. Vampiro goes up and messes up a seated senton off the top. Awesome covers for 2 and he throws a table into the ring. He tosses the table at Vampiro in the corner and Vampiro catches Awesome with Nail in the Coffin. Vampiro spends time outside of the ring looking for something, which allows Awesome to follow out and hit a sit-out powerbomb on the floor for 2. Awesome goes up but Vampiro stops him and follows up. He goes for a superplex but Awesome blocks and hits the Awesome Bomb off the top for 3.
Winner- Mike Awesome * ( Poor Mike Awesome tried his hardest but my god Vampiro was awful. He was botching stuff left and right and it was embarrassing how poor his performance was. Awesome tried his hardest to make Vampiro look marginally decent but he’s not a miracle worker. )

Hugh G. Rection says he came back to make a point, win, lose, or draw.

WCW US Championship- Lance Storm © and Jim Duggan w/Major Gunns vs. Gen. Rection
Storm claims Rection’s never say die attitude is propaganda and primises to give him the beating of his life. They play the Canadian National Anthem. If Rection wins, he also wins the freedom of Major Gunns. Duggan starts and he slugs it out with Rection. Rection clotheslines him to the floor and Storm attacks from behind. Backdrop by Rection and he cleans house, forcing Storm to bail. Back in, Storm chops away in the corner but Rection no sells and returns the favor. Punches in the corner by Rection but Storm comes out with the inverted atomic drop. Rection backdrops Storm to the floor and Storm low bridges Rection sending him crashing to the floor. Back in, Duggan chokes Rection in the ropes and he stomps away. Tag to Storm and he covers for 2. Jawbreaker by Storm and he hits a Superkick for 2. Tag to Duggan and he hits some rights. Slam by Duggan and he goes for the Three Point Stance but Rection catches him with a clothesline to block. Tag to Storm and he grabs a sleeper. Rection breaks with a back suplex and both men are down. Tag to Duggan and Storm charges but misses Rection and nails Duggan. Rection cleans house and he hits an Avalanche to Duggan in the corner. Storm goes for the Canadian Crab but Rection blocks. Powerslam by Rection to Storm and he knocks Duggan down with an ugly knee lift for 2 as Storm saves. Rection and Storm collide mid-ring and Storm accidently knocks the ref down. Piledriver by Duggan to Rection and he covers but there is no ref. The ref finally covers and counts 2. Elix Skipper comes out on the apron but Major Gunns nails him with the Canadian Flag to prevent interference. Duggan goes to nail Rection with the 2x4 but misses and Rection hits the side Russian leg sweep. Rection goes up and hits No Laughing Matter (which he overshoots) for 3!!!
Winner and NEW WCW US Champion- General Rection ** ( After the stretch of crap preceding this match, this felt like an Undertaker/Michaels classic compared to everything else before it. It had overbooking with a purpose and General Rection overcame the evil Canadians to win the US Championship and the freedom of Major Gunns. This was good booking and one of the very few highlights of this show. )

Jeff Jarrett says tonight he converts Sting from a has been to a never was.

Video package for Jarrett/Sting airs.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Sting
Sting attacks Jarrett on the floor to start and he nails Jarrett in the back with a chair. Sting drops Jarrett on the railings and back in, Sting hits the Stinger Splash. Inverted atomic drop by Sting and he clotheslines Jarett to the floor. Suddenly, someone dressed at 80s Sting comes out and Sting attacks him in the entrance way. Sting hits the Scorpion Deathdrop on the ramp on the fake Sting and Jarrett attacks. Sting sends Jarrett in the railings and they brawl in the crowd. Another version of Sting comes out through the crowd as Sting suplexes Jarett on the floor. The second imposter goes to attack but Sting fights him off. Back in the ring, Sting dumps the imposter Sting to the floor and follows back out. Sting sends the imposter into the set and he delivers a hip toss on the ramp. Scorpion Death Drop on the ramp again by Sting and he heads back in. Now the NWO Wolfpack version of Sting comes out and Sting now attacks him. Sting nails him multiple times in the midsection with a bat and he hits yet another Scorpion Death Drop on the ramp. Jarrett nails Sting with the bat a few times and he hits a suplex on the ramp. They brawl in the entrance way and Jarrett drives a chair into the midsection of Sting. Back in, Jarrett stomps away and hits a back elbow for 2. Sleeper by Jarrett but Sting’s arm only goes down twice. Sting fights out and catches Jarrett in a sleeper of his own. Jarrett breaks with a back suplex and both men are down. Jarrett covers for 2 and Sting hits some rights. Jarrett misses a dropkick and Sting grabs the Scorpion Death Lock. A current version of Sting appears through the ring and drags Sting down with him. Sting comes back out with the imposter and he dumps him to the floor. Sting hits the Stinger Splash to Jarrett and goes for the Scorpion Death Drop but now the lights go out. A version of Sting repels from the rafters and Sting kicks his ass. Sting gives him the Scorpion Death Drop through the announce table. Back in, Sting grabs the Scorpion Deathlock on Jarrett but another Sting comes out and nails Sting with a guitar. Sting no sells and gives him the Scorpion Death Drop. Jarrett nails Sting with a guitar for 3.
Winner- Jeff Jarrett ¼* ( The crowd could not have cared less about the idiotic story of Jarrett trying to play mindgames by going to Stings’ past. The endless Stings were cheesy and this whole match is Vince Russo at his absolute worse. It’s not hard to have Sting and Jarrett have a good match, let them do their thing. The minimal amount of wrestling they got to do keeps this from DUD but holy crap this is one of the most ridiculously overbooked matches I have ever seen. )

Booker T tells Scott Steiner that if he wants some, he can get some. Booker T says he is going to buy Goldberg some time, as he will defend the title right now.

Video package for Booker T/Steiner airs.

WCW World Heavyweight Championship- Booker T © vs. Scott Steiner w/Midajah
Steiner freaks out and attacks one of the agents before coming out here because he wanted to be in the main event. Booker goes for a hammerlock but Steiner quickly breaks with a back elbow. Steiner hammers away but Booker comes back with a flying forearm for 2 and Steiner bails. Back in, Steiner hammers away again and Booker comes back with a spin kick. Clothesline by Booker gets 2. Punches in the corner by Booker and Midajah distracts him, allowing Steiner to clothesline him to the floor. Steiner follows and sends Booker into the railings. Steiner nails Booker in the back with a chair and they fight in the crowd. Back at ringside, Steiner powerslams Booker through the announce table. Back in, Steiner hits a clothesline followed by an elbow drop for 2. Standing surfboard by Steiner but Booker fights out and catches Steiner with a neckbreaker. Knee to the gut by Booker and he goes for the Axe Kick but Steiner blocks with a clothesline. Steiner puts Booker on top and follows up with a Samoan Drop off the top. Steiner works over Booker in the corner and he goes low when Booker starts to come back. Belly to belly suplex by Steiner gets 2. Steiner charges but Booker leap frogs over him sending Steiner crashing to the floor. Booker follows and sends Steiner to the railings but Steiner comes right back with a clothesline. Back in, Booker gets a sunset flip for 2. Side kick by Booker and he goes up. Steiner stops him and follows up. Booker fights him off and Midajah crotches Booker, allowing Steiner to go back up. Booker fights him off again and Booker hits the missile dropkick for 2. Axe Kick by Booker and he goes for the leg lariat but Steiner nails him with a pipe to block. Steiner attacks the ref as Steiner hits a butterfly powerbomb to Booker. Steiner Recliner by Steiner and he attacks another ref as he comes out. A third ref comes out and calls for the bell, so Steiner nails him with the pipe. Steiner attacks WCW staff members who come out to help and he nails Booker multiple times with a chair. Jeff Jarrett finally comes out and calms Steiner down.
Winner by DQ and Still WCW World Heavyweight Champion- Booker T *** (HOLY CRAP GOOD WRESTLING!!!! I enjoyed the story of Booker standing up to and hanging with Steiner who was acting like a bully and playing just a great, dominant heel. The finish sucked but it played to Steiner’s character and compared to the finishes on this show, I really have no right to complain about the finish here. )

Video package for Kronik/Goldberg airs.

Kronik (Bryan Adams and Bryan Clark) vs. Goldberg
If Goldberg loses, he’s fired from WCW. Kronik claims before the match that Goldberg has not been cleared so he can’t compete tonight. Kronik double teams Goldberg to start and they dump him to the floor. They follow out and continue to double team him. Back in, Kronik overpowers Goldberg and Clark hits a DDT. They bring a table into the ring and set it up in the corner. Goldberg fights back and hits a superkick that knocks Adams to the floor. Goldberg escapes a suplex attempt and he spears Clark through the table for 3. Adams attacks from behind and hits a full nelson slam for 2 as I guess this is an elimination match. Spear to Adams and Goldberg hits the Jackhammer for 3.
Winner- Goldberg * ( They only had three minutes, Goldberg squashed WCW’s most dominant tag team, there were two pin falls in a non-elimination match, thank god this show is over. )

The 411: In a year of terrible PPVs and booking for WCW, this show somehow topped them all. That middle stretch of the show featured some of the sloppiest wrestling, horrendous booking, and business embarrassing moments I have ever seen in one show. This show does not have any redeeming value and it is a shame that some great talent on this show had to endure such horrible booking and were given complete garbage to work this. Avoid this show at all costs, it is one of the all-time worst PPVs in history.
Final Score:  2.0   [ Very Bad ]  legend


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